By Josef Howard


During my first week at the house, I fucked around with just about everyone who lived there, and a lot of the people they brought home. The only man who remained unseen was David, the owner of the house. Clint and Antonio, who had been lovers even before they were infected, kind of adopted me as a regular third.

In June of 1981 an article appeared in the New York Times that sent a chill through the straight world. A number of doctors that treated homosexual patients told reporters that several of their gay patients had reported an unusual condition. The patients reported significant increases in their libido as well as rapid weight gains & as much as 10 pounds in a single week -- and enlargement of the genitals. Doctors had no clues as to the cause of the condition. Some suggested that it might be cause by a sexually transmitted virus, since the behavioral profiles of the patients reporting the condition often included frequent sexual encounters, often with multiple sex partners before the condition developed. Other suspected a mutagenic condition brought on by drug abuse. Many patients reportedly were frequent users of recreational drugs. Although the initial effects of the condition did not seem to endanger the patient's health, Doctors were concerned that there might be long term ill effects. They also speculated that the condition could lead to a serious rise in STD infections among the population as a whole, due to the increased sexual activity of those infected.

The whole situation seemed a little unreal to the majority of the gay community. A virus that turned men into studs was fantasy come to life. That made most gay men skeptical of the whole story. Nevertheless the story spawned countless jokes. Friends teased each other that they were infected if they seemed more horny than normal, or if they started to out on a little extra size. Not many took it seriously. Then someone would encounter one of us somewhere and then, for at least a few hours, they became a believer.

Clint, Antonio and were on our way across the country that June. They were taking me to see Key West. Clint bought a 1978 Cadillac convertible and the three of us took turns driving -- not that we got very far in a day. It took us a few hours to get out of bed every morning, we made too many fuck stops, and usually knocked off early. Clint really got into seducing truck drivers. It had been a fantasy of his for years. We must have lost three days total at truck stops.

We were finally getting close to Florida after two weeks of traveling when we decided we weren't going to be able to drive long enough that day to get over the Georgia state line. Antonio was driving. Clint had opened the fly of his 501s and was slurping on his dick. Antonio nearly drove off the road when he came, but it wasn't enough of a release for him. We pulled over to a small, dilapidated motel along the highway at the edge of a town so small the welcome sign hung on the first tree and the farewell sign hung on the second. The man behind the counter in the office didn't care much for us. At first he didn't want to rent a room to us. He said he didn't have one with enough beds for three men. Clint finally agreed to rent two rooms next to each other, a single and a double.

I was laying face down on the bed in the double room with Antonio plowing my ass, when there was a knock on our door. Neither one of us was interested in who was there, but the knock was persistent.

"Sheriff's Deputy, sir! I'm afraid I have to insist you answer the door."

Antonio ground harder into my ass with the full length of his sixteen incher, and all I could concentrate on was that hot poker sliding up my super-sensitized large intestine. When the door burst open, we still couldn't stop fucking, but both our heads turned.

"Holy shit the guy at the desk was right!" It was a deputy sheriff. He stood spread eagle, gun drawn. "Both of you are under arrest! Sodomy is against the law in the state of Georgia. Stand up and put your hands on your heads!"

Nothing he said stopped us. In fact Antonio decided to have fun with the situation. He groaned with intense pleasure as he pulled his dick back from my ass real slow until only the head was inside, exposing almost its entire length to the deputy.

"I'd be happy to help you out, officer," Antonio said, "but I got my dick up this stud's tight ass."

The officer's eyes were as wide as saucers. It was plain that he was staring at the Antonio's groin, my ass and the fourteen inches of giant bone that connected them, as if the sight of over five hundred pounds of naked muscled man flesh wasn't enough already! "You ever seen a sixteen inch dick before, officer? I don't suppose you have. Let me tell you, all these extra inches make fucking three times as much fun! Makes it kind of hard for me to concentrate on anything but my dick, you know? See how it glistens? That's cuz it's covered in my own precum." Antonio slides it in again real slow. He moaned and shivered. "Makes his ass real slick inside. Makes it feel soooo good." Antonio decided it was time to give the cop his next shock. He reached under my stomach and pulled me to my knees, exposing my own sixteen-inch stone-hard boner. It curled away from my rocky abs and then back into my sternum, just below the tremendous bulge of my pecs. It was nearly purple from the stimulation of Antonio's fuck. Precum dribbled from its fist size head to a pool on the bed. The deputy gasped.

I tensed my arms and my legs as Antonio continued fucking me. I was already flushed, but now the veins in my body started to swell. The cuts between my muscles deepened so that each muscle looked like an individual steel cable. All the cop could do was stare.

Clint walked in the room behind him wearing a bathrobe. He had been showering in the next room. He stood behind him and reached around in front to take his gun out of his hand. Then he shut the door. "I see we have a guest. Let's make him more comfortable." Clint let the robe fall to the floor. I suppose our arresting officer was quite big by most standards. He definitely lifted weights. His arms and legs were snug inside his uniform. He must have been around five feet ten and probably weighed about 220. But with Clint behind him he looked small. Clint's shoulders were huge round balls of muscle. His biceps were so big and thick there was barely room for them to fit between his deltoids and his forearms. Each of his quadriceps were so large they looked like normal-sized thighs struggling to get loose from the others. Clint reached around from behind and undid the officer's belt. Clint reached into the officer's pants and pulled out a sizable dick and the officer's balls. The dick was rock hard.

"Have you ever seen two men with such gigantic dicks?" Clint whispered into the deputy's ear as he massaged the deputy's dick with his broad, muscular hands. "It's hard to believe anyone could take a dick that size up his ass, isn't it? But you want to try it badly don't you? I can tell. Antonio and Dick are both my lovers. I take them up the ass all the time, and it feels so goood! Antonio can fuck better than any man I've ever had. He can fuck you so fast it feels like there's a two-foot vibrator up your ass, and cum every couple minutes for hours. Or he can slide it in and out so slow its like exquisite torture, and not give you relief until you almost pass out."

As he worked the deputy's dick over, Clint was rubbing both his nipples with the forefinger and thumb of the other hand and poking at his ass with his own giant prick. The deputy was completely oblivious to Clint's manhandling. He was mesmerized by Antonio's dick sliding in and out of my ass, our loud moans and the glistening of our rock hard muscles as we slammed into each other. Clint popped the buttons on his shirt and pulled him out of it. He pulled his pants down and positioned him under me, with his lips less than an inch from my dick. He was on his back under my chest.

"Go ahead, officer. Take it in your mouth," Clint coaxed.

The deputy opened his lips and I stuck in my prick as deeply as I could without losing hold of Antonio's hot dick. The first contact of his tongue on my dick head made me spurt precum again. He swallowed it like honey.

"Stick your chin up, officer. Line up your mouth and your throat, and you can take him deeper."

It was hard to tell where genuine lust left off and Clint's super seduction power began, but the deputy obeyed and I pumped three more inches inside.

"Suck on it, officer. Suck it hard, like a teat. What you get from that monster dick is going to be the biggest reward of your life. That's it! Suck it in deeper. You can get another couple inches in if you try!"

He already had about ten inches inside. Antonio was laughing at the sight of him beneath me and bucking at my ass harder to force my dick deeper in his throat. I leaned down to the deputy's groin and sucked down his dick. It was all he needed to convince him to go deeper on mine. The veins on his neck stood out farther as he drew in all but the last two inches. My softball-sized nuts were already high and tight against my enormous prick. They beat him in the face with every one of Antonio's strokes. I wrapped my elongated tongue around his prick and pulled along its length. He sucked harder. Antonio bucked. The last two inches hit home. My dick swelled, straining his stuffed throat further, as my cum shot down its length and hit his throat hard. It kept firing as I pulled the head back up to his mouth so he could taste it. His own prick splattered in my mouth and he vacuumed mine down again. Eventually he stopped cumming, but I couldn't. He let me pull my cock from his mouth and I poured cum over both our chests. The clenching in my ass pulled Antonio over the top. He fucked me fast and emptied himself inside until it became too much for my ass to hold, and the cum started splashing out around his prick.

Clint pulled the deputy to his feet before I collapsed on the bed. But Clint wasn't finished with him. I felt Antonio's hands spread my ass cheeks as Clint continued to narrate. "Look at Dick' ass, officer. See how deep the valley is between these enormous glutes. Look how tight his ass puckers, even after being fucked by Antonio's monster prick. And see how the cum still seeps out of it. Don't you want to lick it up, officer?"

I felt the deputy's hands spread my ass cheeks and his tongue lick my asshole.

"Suck it down! Don't let it go to waste! That's right, stick your tongue inside and pull it out."

His tongue inside my ass started my heart racing again. In the deep groove between the twin totems of my abdominal muscles, my dick was getting hard. I stuck my hand under my stomach and pulled at it.

"Why don't you fuck him, officer? He's ready. He wants it. Don't you, Dick?"

Clint guided his prick to my asshole. The deputy pushed. I relaxed enough to let him in the first few inches, then squeezed. He groaned. I pulled at his prick with my ass muscles and gradually drew him in. He dropped to his hands and slowly fucked in and out. He was no where near Antonio's size, but he didn't have to get too far in to hit my hot spot.

"Look how thick his back muscles are! And those shoulders! You could play basketball with them! Does he have your dick in that hot vice grip of an ass? Doesn't that make you want to scream?"

I couldn't see Clint or the officer, but Antonio was standing in my line of sight, and he was slowly pulling on his hard dick as he grinned. Precum was shooting out of his dick head every few minutes. He spread it on his cock, massaged his balls with it, and worked it into his chest.

The officer was so frantic that he couldn't keep a steady rhythm. He poked hard and fast for a couple strokes, then slowly. It drove me wild. My ass muscles started to undulate around his dick and drool started dripping out of my open mouth. Finally I felt his dick swell inside me and his hot moist cum squirting. He collapsed on my back, panting.

"Oh, I bet that felt real good, didn't it, officer?" I could hear the crackle of Clint's moist hands working spit into his dick behind the cop. "But this is going to feel even better!" The officer's dick jerked inside me. Clint had mounted him from behind. As Clint fucked the cop's ass, the cop's dick started to get harder again. The cop himself, though, was limp as a dishrag on top of my back. I could feel Clint having a field day with the cop's ass. He was poking and prodding it from all angles. Antonio held his slick dick in front of my face. I opened my mouth and inhaled it. When it hit the hot spot in my throat, I moaned. Clint provided the motion for all of us. As he shoved his prick up the cops ass, it pushed the cops dick deeper into my ass, which shoved me forward and drove Antonio's dick deeper down my throat. When Antonio's dick had worked my throat past the point of no return, it spasmed and pulled him to orgasm. Simultaneously the cop's dick brought my other end to orgasm. The jerking of my ass muscles around his dick drew another load of cum out of it, and the cops rectal spasms milked Clint's dick dry. •

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