By Josef Howard


When I returned to the house, Clint and Antonio were the only ones there. They were sitting opposite each other in the living room, staring at each other. They looked up at me, then back at each other. Antonio smiled.

"Come in and join us," Antonio offered. He patted the sofa next to him and put his ham-sized left arm on the back of it. He dropped his hand down on my shoulder when I sat down.

"Out for a walk?" Clint asked me, as Antonio laid his right hand on my thigh. He was wearing a sleeveless top. Tufts of his black hair stuck out from under his arms, and long, thick hair grew on his arm from the elbow to his knuckles. I had dropped my dick down my pant leg when I dressed back at the gym. It ran more than halfway down my thigh, and as Antonio squeezed my thigh, he squeezed my dick too. It swelled.

"I went to the gym, actually," I said.

Antonio dropped his left hand from the back of the sofa to the solid ridge of my pec. His forefinger located my left nipple.

"Kind of futile wasn't it?" Clint said. "Except for picking up guys."

Antonio's "thigh" massage had my dick stone hard. It stood out in relief through my pants like a third leg. My breath became irregular. My eyes were dilated. They darted from Clint's face, to Antonio's hand, to odd objects around the room. Clint registered no reaction to what his lover was doing to me. He looked like he might be chatting to a stranger about the weather.

"You slept like a rock last night, you know?" Clint said.

Antonio lifted his hands from me and pulled his shirt over his head. Dense fur coated his bulging lower pecs, and feathered gradually into a light dusting near his clavicle. His stomach was completely hairless except a single line that dropped down his sternum, through the deep ridge between his abdominals, and disappeared into the top of his sweat pants. As I stared at Antonio's chest I could see Clint smile at me at the periphery of my vision.

"Antonio always had a beautiful, tight chest with rock hard pecs, but since his transformation, his pecs have gotten as big as boulders." Antonio leaned into my lap and sucked on my dick through my pant leg. His hot spit soaked the material around my dick head. My jaw dropped. I grabbed his head and pushed him harder against it. He dropped to his knees between my wide spread legs, and pulled my T-shirt over my head. His fingers twisted one of my nipples gently. The other one he worked with his tongue.

Antonio raised his head and our lips locked. Our tongues entangled and dove for each other's throats. As we licked at each other's hot spots we closed our eyes. For a while we were just tongues and throats and the rest of the physical world was gone. Antonio's tongue thrusts became more forceful and rhythmic. At the edge of my orgasm, he withdrew.

I opened my eyes. Clint had his pants down to his knees. His dick was free, rock hard and stuck straight up like a flagpole. He was watching us intently and slowly, lightly jacking it with one hand. Slouched down on the couch, his dick reached through the valley between his enormous pecs. A stream of precum dribbled down that valley and into the crevice between his abs. As his hand jacked his dick, I watched his biceps bunch and stretch. I noticed that even on his relaxed arm, his biceps were peaked, even through they completely overfilled the space between his delts and his forearms. The muscle shape was phenomenal.

Meanwhile Antonio had pulled down my pants. His mouth engulfed my prick. As he inhaled it and worked it deep into his throat he shook his head from side to side, reveling in the sensations it created in his throat. When he had taken all sixteen inches completely down his throat, he began to bob up and down on it very fast. The feelings he created all along my dick were so intense I couldn't concentrate anymore on what his lover Clint was doing. My eyes dropped to my groin. All I could see was Antonio. Tiny veins were protruding from his flushed, broad, densely muscled back as he went crazy on my dick. Suddenly his lips went slack around it. His throat tensed and he moaned loudly. He worked the last eight inches of my steely dick hard against the sides of his throat for several minutes as he grunted like an animal. But before I could cum too, he relaxed and pulled back, sliding my dick back out.

"Antonio can be such a pleasure pig," Clint said.

I looked up. Clint bent down and drew his own dick into his throat. A couple long sucks and he had drenched it with his saliva. He slid it back out and spread the spit down its length with both hands. A tiny geyser of clear precum erupted at the tip. It shot up a couple inches out the piss slit. Clint caught it with his hand and rubbed that into his dick too.

"Since my transformation I've had so much precum I never need to lubricate before fucking. But I kind of miss fucking someone dry, now and then. It always felt so tight and hot to fuck someone like an animal without even caring whether it hurt them or not."

Antonio dove down on my dick again, and vigorously rubbed the head of it along the back of his throat. He wrapped each of his hands around one of my softball-sized balls and pulled them down, stretching the sack out. He squeezed them like cow teats. I swear I could feel cum forced out of them and into the base of my dick. I pushed down on his head with both hands, determined to cum this time. At each stroke, when his lips encircled the base of my dick, Antonio's tongue slipped outside his mouth and slurped on my balls. Occasionally he sucked one of them into his mouth.

"Antonio's back looks impossibly huge from over here," Clint said, although I couldn't concentrate much on him. "The crevice where his thick lats attach to the spine is so deep now. And his lats spread so wide." Clint inhaled his dick again, moaning at the double pleasure he was giving himself. He sounded close to cumming himself.

Antonio sucked hard up the length of my dick. His long snake tongue was wrapped around it, pulling. The head of my cock was swollen. On the down stroke I knew I would finally cum, but Antonio let my cock fall out of him mouth. He stood and dropped his pants. His dick rose up to his chest in an instant. It was darker than the olive skin on the rest of his body. It was cocoa brown, latticed with hundreds of veins, thick and thin. The head was purplish-brown. It brushed through the field of his straight chest hair. Antonio raised my legs by the ankles and positioned my ass to impale it. Antonio slid just the head inside at first and strained.

"Antonio's unique talent is that he can make just the head of his dick swell to half again the thickness of his cock. It makes the strokes more intense," Clint said.

Antonio dropped his hands to his side so that only his dick was touching me. Slowly, he slid it deeper and deeper. "You can feel it, can't you? You can feel it sliding in, and every inch is ecstasy."

At the deepest point Antonio strained again. He and I both groaned loudly. Another pool of precum had collected in the valleys of my abs. Antonio pulled back, just as slowly, then pushed in.

"Antonio has remarkable control. He can fuck you real slow like that on the verge of an orgasm for hours. Eventually every stroke is such pure ecstasy you don't care if you ever cum."

Clint chomped down on his dick some more and jacked it with both his hands. He sucked and fucked himself quicker now. I could see his throat tense and heard him scream a muffled scream. His hands jacked more vigorously along his dick. It swelled too, and cum began to gush out of the sides of his mouth. He pulled it out and it squirted six feet in the air. His head flopped back on the sofa and he just laughed as he stroked it.

Finally Antonio's pace quickened. He was so excited now, I could tell even he was beginning to loose control. He poked and jabbed the length of my ass, and I rewarded him with anal orgasm that milked his dick to a climax. While he came, he pulled my dick back in his mouth and I shot down his throat. •

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