By Max Mann


I saw the notice on the bulletin board at the new gym I started working out at just a couple of weeks ago. According to what it said, they were looking for an audience of men interested in muscular growth, steroids, and such, for an informercial featuring former Mr. Olympia Steve Cummings. It was for a new product called Mass-X, which claimed to be the newest in bodybuilding technology. I read when and where the taping would be, and realized I was going to be off from work that night. I was very happy, especially to see the man of my fantasies, Steve Cummings. That man could make my seven-inch cock faster than a speeding bullet since he looked a lot like Superman (the Dean Cain version) with a mustache.

I got there early and met a man named Greg, who was the director of the infomercial. He looked at me and asked me if I might be interested in appearing in it. I immediately said yes, thinking of me standing next to Steve, maybe holding his huge arms or touching his beefy pecs. He told me that I might be a perfect candidate for Mass-X, but I'd have to take a blood test first to confirm whether it would work on me. As it turned out, Mass-X was similar to Rogaine in many ways, including the fact that it wouldn't work for every man. My curiosity was piqued, and I agreed to the test. I walked to a small office, where they drew out some blood, then went into a back room. Less than five minutes later, they told me that I was a perfect candidate. Would I agree to appear on camera and take Mass-X so that everyone could see the results?

"Are you telling me the results are instant?" I asked.

"Of course. Within thirty minutes, you'll have the body you've always dreamed of.

Actually, it was Steve's body I dreamed of, night after night. Again, I said yes quickly. I had joined the club to put some muscles on my 5'11", 140 lb. frame. Now I could look just like him! It sounded incredible, and hoped it was true.

They asked me to take off my clothes, even my underwear, and put on a pair of over-sized pants. Were my legs going to fit into these? I wondered if my erection was going to be visible inside them.

After I put them on, I waited in the wings as they started taping. When Steve walked out, I gasped. He was always big, but now he was massive! His arms looked to be at least 30" unflexed, and his huge, hairy chest had to be at least 70". His shoulders were as big as basketballs, and his neck made his head appear tiny. He wore the same type of pants I had on, so I couldn't really see his legs, but I knew they had to be just as large as the rest of his body. The audience cheered and shouted, and he began to flex for them. I could've came in my pants when he hit that double-biceps pose!

He talked about Mass-X, but it was hard for me to pay attention as I stared at him. He caught me looking at him, then flashed me a quick wink. I almost had a heart attack! Suddenly, I was being pushed out of the wings and I stood in front of Steve and the host. I felt so small next to him, but he put a huge arm around my shoulders and said in my ear, "Kid, just wait until this is over. You're gonna love what you'll look like!"

They asked me my name, Joe Killian, and asked if I was ready to drink the Mass-X shake they had made for me. It was full of protein powder, milk, bananas, and the clear liquid they called Mass-X that they drained into the shake. I put it to my lips and drank it down as quickly as I could.

Almost immediately, I felt this strange burning sensation inside my gut. They led me to a workout bench on the stage and told me to sit down. I could barely pay attention to their words as the burning soon spread throughout my body. I could hear them talk about how it would make you drowsy, so don't take this before driving or working out. I noticed a camera had been placed on me, staring at me now.

Then I felt a spasm, then another, and soon my whole body was twitching. I was scared, as was the audience, but Steve and the host assured me that this was my body responding to the formula. Soon, they said, my muscles would start growing. As soon as they said this, my spasms stopped and I could feel the first spurts of growth. It felt like orgasms around my body! I watched my arms bulge outward, my shoulders widen, my abdominals solidify. And something else; I seemed to be getting hairier! I already had a decent amount on my chest, but it seemed to be thickening, and my face felt itchy. I reached up, and could feel a short, thick beard on it.

The audience was applauding as they watched me growing. I looked into a monitor off to the side and almost fainted. I had been a decent-looking guy, but now I made Tom Cruise look like Steve Buscemi! I almost could not believe that the handsome, thickly-muscled stud on tv was me! And then I felt a final surge. I screamed loudly with the thrill of growth, and didn't stop until the feeling evaporated.

Steve came up with a tape measurement and began reading off figures as I flexed for the audience. My arms - 34" around! My chest - 71 1/2"! My waist had grown to accomodate my eight-pack abs, but was still under 40". I hopped up onto the scale, where they read my weight - 373 lbs. of sheer muscle, and I was still the same height! I thought I was going to throw a boner, but oddly enough I felt numb down there.

"So what do you think?" they asked me.

"This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, this is what I've always wanted!" I hugged the host, and almost squished him because I didn't realize my newfound strength. But when I hugged Steve, he whispered in my ear, "Meet me in my dressing room as soon as we're done."

The show ended, and I followed Steve's hard-muscled butt down to a big room. He quickly shut the door behind me and said, "Now it's time for you to see just how much you've grown." He grabbed my pants and threw them down to my ankles, then hefted a long, thick piece of flesh that looked similar to a penis. It started to stiffen, and then realized that the huge thing was a penis, and it was mine! This couldn't be real, could it?

His touch was strong, but gentle, and soon my dick was rising further upward, running up against my abs, reaching a point just under my big pecs. I was breathing heavily as Steve, the man of my dreams, ran his wet, pink tongue under the sensitive skin of my schlong. He rubbed it against his hairy face, and it was driving me to the point of no return. He knew this, and quickly took the head, as big as an orange, into his mouth. I exploded what felt like gallons of cum down his hungry throat, and he drank every single drop without any of it passing his lips.

He stood up and said, "Now it's your turn, Joe." I almost ripped his pants off as I pulled them down and felt his huge, heavy cock slap me in the face. His was even bigger, reaching the center of his mighty chest. I pulled down what had to be two feet of thick, veiny cock and wrapped my lips around the head. It was really happening; I was sucking the giant dick of the man of my dreams! I tried to deep throat as much of it as I could as he caressed the back of my head, running his thick fingers through my hair. His moans were soft as he urged me to take it all. I tried, but had to give up after more than half. But I kept up the action, and soon he was shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I had trouble taking his huge load, and a lot of it dribbled down my chin and rested in my chest hair.

I stood up, and Steve licked my big chest, tasting his cum and my sweat. He kissed, then nibbled, my nipples. Soon my dick was hard again, as was Steve's, and he suggested the wildest thing I'd ever heard of. He said I should fuck his ass while he fucked mine! He then proceeded to take my dick, lower it between his legs, and slip it between his ass cheeks. He then did the same with his dick, which was soon nestled between my massive glutes. We then proceeded to take each other's cocks, found our anuses, and each of us stabbed our cocks into each other as we faced each other. The feeling was so intense as I fucked his ass while he fucked mine. He told me not to cry out, as someone might try to open the door, but it was such pleasure and pain! He grabbed me by the neck and kissed me roughly. Our tongues darted in and out as we humped each other. I couldn't take it any longer, and my dick spasmed my man fluid into his tight, velvety hole. That was enough for him to cum, and he flooded my butt with his jism.

When we were finished, he handed me a towel and we began to wipe off each other's bodies. We kissed and cuddled, and he said, "I picked you out of the audience. I was glad your body reacted to Mass-X the way it did. You are even more gorgeous now. Why don't we go to my place? I could give you your first real workout." His leer was so sexy.

Needless to say, it wasn't weights I was lifting when we got to his place. That was a couple of months ago, and we've been together ever since. The infomercial has been a big hit, and Steve has plans for making another one with me as his co-star.

And, this time, I get to choose the lucky man from the audience! •

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