Muscle Harem


By Troy292

My name is Bill, I work as an accountant for a large company in Chicago. I'm 5'6" 150 pounds very gay, and very single. I love huge massive submissive bodybuilders but they are hard to find. I thought I was the only one who knew about my desires but i found out differently today. The experience completely changed my life. When I arrived at work this morning, I received an urgent message to meet the president of my company as soon as I arrived. As i was going to his office, I was wondering what he would want. When I arrived at his office, his secretary sent me right on in to see him. "Bill, I'm very impressed with the work you've been doing and I'm offering you a promotion," he said. "Thank you, Sir, What is my new position?" I answered. " Your highly qualified for this new job, but its highly top secret. I'm placing you in charge of a major lifetime project, you will receive everything thing you will ever need, including a mansion to live in." "Tell me more, sir," I replied. "Our company has been doing experiments on gay bashers. Instead of a prison term they agree to work for us. They are brought here to a very secure area and are given a drug called TXM. TXM transforms them into gay submissive musclemen very gradually. We have four different groups of men, decided by their weight and penis size. The men leave here for a tropical island,which will be your new home. When the men leave here they are Group IV 175 lbs 7 in. Each man is named with a first name his group weight and penis size. Group IV is 175-200 lbs and 7-8 in cocks. Group III is the next level 201-250 lbs and 9-10 in cocks. Group II is 251-300 lbs and 11-12 in cocks. Group I is over 300 lbs and over 12 in cocks. As I said I'm placing you in charge of the whole project. Do you accept the position?"

"Yes Sir, when do I start?" "Right now, I have a plane ready for you now to take you to the island. You will be taking a couple of Group IV s to the island with you. Let's go meet them now." He led me behind a secret wall in his bookcase and into an elevator. We went straight to the basement. He introduced me to men I was to be in charge of. Both were very handsome with swimmer builds, both 6'4". All men on TXM are 6'4". Tony had short black hair and a goattee and mustache that got me drooling. Chris had the most beautiful long blond hair. Both are tanned. Tony, Chris, and I were lead to the back seat of a limo and sent to the airport. Our private jet had everything I would ever want. There was a hot tub, and a private gym. I had both boys strip for me and I enjoyed their nice tight young bodies. I had Tony suck me as Chris kissed me deeply. I enjoyed the workouts as i forced Tony and Chris to flex and lift for me. About 15 hours after we took off we arrived at the island. A limo came to pick us up. The driver was huge. He introduced himself as Lance III 235 9.5. He was dressed in tight shorts and very tight tank top. I told him to strip for me and had Tony and Chris stand beside him. I jacked both Lance and Tony comparing the size of the two of them. I asked Lance how long he had been on TXM, he said about 6 months. I felt Lance's muscles and compared them to Tony's. I then said we had better get home. As we drove up to the mansion there was a large number of Group III and IVs working the vast estate. Lance said Group III and IV do all the work on the island and Group II and I just work out and what ever I wanted of them. Lance showed Tony and Chris where the Group IV men lived and worked out. And then showed me to my office. I met my secretary Rob IV 185 7.75. He was very handsome with short blonde hair. He showed me files on all the men on the island. He had done all the work himself. I told him I was impressed with his work and lead him into my office. "Strip," I said. "Yes, Sir," he replied. I reached for his cock and felt it grow in my hands. I felt his nice tight swimmer build. I told him he was getting a promotion and told him to drink the vial i had in my hand. Instantly Rob grew to the size of Lance. I got down and sucked him and had him flex for me giving me a double biceps as I sucked him down. I handed him his new Group III shorts and tank top and I told him I wanted Tony IV 175 7 and the largest man on the island (Lars Group I 350 15) to be in my bedroom tonight. Tony to arrive at 7 and Lars to join the two of us at 8. •

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