Nerd to Jock



I turned around to face him and sat down on the Soloflex. I saw something in Noah that I hadn't noticed before. He didn't have sex with girls constantly, or with guys either. He was as lonely as I was! I was sure of it. His own gayness isolated him from his friends, and here I was, and I was the only friend he had.

That might not have been completely accurate, but I would have rationalized anything to make it so that he hadn't used me as thoroughly as it felt like he just did.

"What do I get?" I asked him.

"What do you mean what do you get?"

"What do I get. I mean, I only gave you that blowjob because I made a bet, and I'm an honorable guy, so I figured what the fuck."

"Yeah right, like you didn't love it. You know you love my stick you haven't been able to take your eyes off it."

That just made me stare at it more.

I leaned back on the Soloflex.

"What if I got you big?" he asked, his eyes lighting up, like he had something to trade for sex. He may have been stupid but I think he was determined not to have to get me off.

"Big?" I asked.

"Yeah, remember the bet, if I couldn't bench the 250 for ten reps you wanted me to work you out until you could bench the 250?"


"Well what if I did that anyway, what if I worked out with you, and you got me off?"

"Really?" It was for me, a dream come true.

"Yeah, dude, I'll help you bulk up, then I don't have to fuck the mouth of such a twig."

I thought about it, for a whole three seconds and then agreed.

"OK, we'll start tomorrow after school."

I thought about what was going on a lot that night and I wasn't really sure what to make of it. All that I really knew for sure was that I was going to get big. I had all sorts of visions of me, and I don't know why but I wasn't really thinking about Noah's favored way of getting blowjobs. I wasn't into the rape scene particularly. It made me feel weak and that was just the type of thing I was hoping muscle would get rid of for me forever.

I also kept thinking about his cum. He wasn't lying when he said it tasted good. It really did. I've since swallowed a lot of the stuff and most guys taste questionably OK at best, but Noah really was producing some gourmet boywad. His was the stuff that French sauces are made of.

I walked to his house the next day after school. It was good we talked about everything there was, although he made fun of me on half the points I brought up. He wasn't smart and he knew it, and he seemed OK with it, but he didn't want to be reminded of it. I made a point to remind him how dumb he was whenever he told me I was a wimp.

He told me to change into my gym clothes that I had worn that day in class. So I did and he was in sweats. He took off his shirt and I of course stared.

"You'll blow me after we work out," he informed me, "Otherwise I'll be too tired to get a good pump."

"OK," I told him.

We proceeded to work out. He even had me doing some work at home.

100 sit-ups when I woke up, and 100 push ups when I went to bed. It was grueling for that alone. He told me to buy a pair of Rollerblades too.

We worked out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, on Tuesdays we bladed and on Thursdays we ran. The workout sessions lasted about 2 hours every day, all of them completed on Noah's Soloflex in his basement room.

On Thursdays we ran or walked (me usually) 5 miles. He made me finish walking it or running it, no matter how long it took, and in the beginning it was way more than 2 hours, but because it was less intense, I didn't mind so much.

The sex was also very regular, and not as violent as my first encounter with Noah. He would sit naked on the edge of his bed and I on my knees in front of him would suck away on his rod. Eventually I did pick up that head bobbing thing, and he made me lick his nuts too, and eventually had me tonguing his asshole. He always acted like he was making me swallow his load, but in reality he never made me do it. Like I said it tasted awesome, and I started to be able to detect differences in taste to the point where I could tell him what he had for lunch that day. Sometimes he even made it into a contest, he liked me guessing what he ate.

Occasionally if I was feeling particularly horny I'd suck him off twice and at least once I remember sucking him off 4 or 5 times in a row. I had told him I wanted to suck him dry and I did. That impressed him a lot.

This had all started in October of my Sophomore year. By the end of my junior year I weighed 176 lbs. And had 10% bodyfat at 5'10" tall. I thought I was gorgeous, and I like Noah had grown long hair. It was funny too. Noah really enjoyed my blowjobs and load taking that he actually started researching stuff. When he graduated he weighed 225 and was 6'1"

but he wasn't as lean as I was. He didn't want to stop training with me didn't want to stop getting head from me so he was always looking for new techniques new bodybuilding information. As a senior in high school, (Noah attended a local community college) we followed an intensity training program that had me at 195 pounds with 7% bodyfat when I graduated from High school.

And then I went to college.

College was a totally different life for me. Even though I attended a school that was within a couple of hours of home I insisted on living on campus. Even though the very first time I had sex was with Jay on my bedroom floor with my parents downstairs, I recognized that it wouldn't always be that way. I knew that I needed my own place. Even if I shared it with a roommate.

Ironically I did see Jay before I went away to school. I wrote him a letter and told him that I wanted to see him. I did. I wanted to show off my body. Wanted to make him jealous, because we had always competed over things like that. I also wanted to pay him back for the blowjob he had given me, especially since I had so much experience with oral sex by that time.

I didn't know how to invite him over though.

One day while walking home from high school I walked down Jay's block. Normally I avoided this street, but I thought what are the chances.

Jay's Dad saw me, and came over to me.

"Hey what's up, Tris," he asked? "Nothing much."

"So where ya going to school?"

"NJ Tech," I told him.

"Whatcha studyin?"


"Awesome. Yeah yeah," He says to me, "Jay is out in Erie Pennsylvania, up at Gannon."

"What's he studying?" I asked. We always dreamed of becoming oceanographers or marine biologists together.

"Well, I don't know if he's studying, but I knew he's screwing!" he smiled and made a gesture with his arm implying a fucking motion. I was sort of shocked. But I guess having sent his son by his own choice to a private, catholic all boys high school, that he was relieved to know his oldest boy wasn't a fag. I always wonder what he would have said if I told him that his son gave great head.

I did see Jay that summer though. I wrote him a letter and asked him to call me which he did and then he agreed to come over. He came over and he sat in my room. I stared at him a lot. He looked dirty. If I saw him today I would describe him as "skanky". He looked dirty in the kind of way that guido types look. Men who don't respect women always seem to come across as particularly disgusting. I didn't know if he hated women but that's the image he projected. He was still skinny, and better looking than I was at the time even though I had a body to die for. He had close cropped hair, and more than the normal amount of gold chains on his chest which I could see through an unbuttoned shirt, and cut off shorts that looked like they came out of my grandfather's closet.

We talked about everything that had interested us before, and then I put in a straight porn tape in the VCR, and closed the door. It showed Tom Byron getting head from some blonde. He made a comment about it, "Damn, that guy has staying power."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He explained to me something that I don't remember, but he must have explained to me that he cums pretty quickly when he gets head. I made a mental note of it, but there was no curiosity in his voice. If he had asked me to blow him then I would have done it, that was the whole reason I invited him over.

"How is your sex life?" I asked.

"Depends… It kinda alternates," he said, "Active, and then dead, active and then dead."

I nodded my head like I knew what he was talking about, all the while kicking myself for not writing to him before he went to college, when he was still at an all boy's catholic high school (where incidentally, he was a very talented wrestler). He didn't have the build of a wrestler though when I saw him that day, even though he did have a Soloflex in his house (something I was previously very jealous of, because I had always wanted huge muscles).

We spoke some more and promised to call each other but never did.

I don't know why, and it wasn't until this writing that I am even considering again the possibility that Jay was and is gay.

My parents got divorced when I was in high school, and I remember meeting Jay that last time and him telling me that he was sorry to hear that. Within two years his own parents would be divorced. Our families had friends in common, and the stories go that that year Jay did so poorly in college that he was thrown out. I have no idea where he is now. I never heard of or from him again, even after searching the internet. If you're out there Jay, and you know who you are, write to me dude!

I joined a gym that summer. I had to. Noah moved away, and that meant all my workouts could no longer be done on his Soloflex, and having graduated from high school I couldn't use their weight equipment either.

Luckily however, at that time, a gym opened about three blocks from my house, and of course I got a job there. At first it was just a glorified towelboy, and eventually I got to work the desk YEA! Which meant I had a delicious view of everyone entering and leaving, and I even automatically knew their names because everyone had to show ID and sign in.

I loved the job it really was cool. Of course most of the guys who came to work out in the gym were no where near as fit as you expect most gym go-ers to be, but as I understand it, new gyms draw new crowds and new people and most of them haven't had the time to bulk up yet. I understood that. I managed to maintain my physique though and when I entered college in the fall I was in the best shape of my life. I had just reached 200 lbs. at 7% bodyfat. I got lots of looks and stares, mostly but not entirely from women.

I've had several experiences with women, but I won't detail them here. I am a gay guy, and enjoy other gay guys, brains bodies, genitals and all, and most other gay guys don't get off on pussy the way that I do every now and again. Suffice it to say that I was not limited to a single gender. Like most gay guys, all throughout high school I had that one female friend who informed me if I ever decided to switch teams, she wanted me to bat for her. I fucked her for her birthday when she turned 19, and the following year I fucked her younger sister when she turned 18. But don't tell her that! Most of my female experiences were one nighters, or one momenters one time going so far as to fuck an employee of a linen place while I was there with my mom shopping for sheets and towels for college. My mom asked me where I had been! I don't think I've ever been so red my face or my dick. That had to be the most violent fuck of my life. I've never since had a hickey on my dick. But I was whistling. In college my junior year roommate informed me I whistle after I get laid. I wonder if my mom knows that.

So I went off to college! And what an experience! Keep in mind now that I had a spectacular body but I wasn't so sure about my brain. I had brains no doubt underneath all the muscle was in fact the brain of a nerd, but I still had the nerves of a nerd too and believe it or not I didn't know I was gay at the time. Of course it's easy to write about these experiences in retrospect, but at the time I had had sex with women, and I just assumed that my experience with Jay and Noah, and even my constant man sex fantasies were just because I liked my muscular body so much. I always thought that a girlfriend for me was just around the corner, when in reality I hung out with and banged the skankiest girls around. I thought that a thick muscular shell would provide me with thick muscular balls too, but it didn't. I was still as insecure as my dad, and that really pissed me off.

But I was determined. My mom helped move me in, along with some cousins and my younger sister. When all my shit was out of the car I had to convince them to leave and when they did I cried my eyes out. My roommate had not shown up yet. His name was on the door though "David" I began to wonder about David. I wondered if he would be gay, if he would be muscular, if he would make me suck his dick like Noah did. It's ironic to me now, as a senior looking at me as a freshman, a 200 lb. Muscle-bound nerd of a freshman wondering if he would *make* me suck *his* cock. If anything it should have been me who was doing the making but it was never a role I was taught how to fill. It may seem odd to say, but I know that if I say it, lots of people will relate to it. But my dad never taught me how to be a man. Never taught me about masculinity, or power, or even attempt to teach me about women. Just that one little chat about wet dreams, and the promise that if I ever had questions I would come to him. Yeah like any teen faggot with esteem problems, an oral fixation and an inferiority complex I of course went straight to my insecure dad with his superiority complex, Italian heritage, and roman catholic upbringing RIGHT! I wore wrestling shoes, and sweats almost my whole first year of school. I bought wrestling shoes originally to work out in, but then I discovered that they were so comfortable and I'll tell you the truth too They're hot. If I see a guy walking around, and he has a pair of Asics wrestling shoes, with its distinctive logo on the side, or even the Adidas ones with the three stripes down their sides, I always stop and stare. I am not interested per se in a guys feet, but those shoes turn me on, and they'll always make me do a double take of the guy in them. It makes me think of all the hot guys on the wrestling team in high school. I bought them to work out in because they were so comfortable, but I think they got me a couple of stares too. I didn't wear jeans until my 3rd year of college, because like I said I was a social moron, but no one really noticed because I was a gymrat.

I wondered who David was the entire day but he didn't show up. I decided to go outside, but first I changed into a cut off half T-shirt. If you have abs like mine, you make sure that you show everyone else whenever you possibly can, and since it was warm out and I was interested in meeting new people I thought this would be a cool way. Since most hot people are shallow, the best way to meet them is to be shallow yourself.

I knew the guy who lived next door to me Brian. He seemed a nice enough guy, very hot, very cute face, very Irish looking, with dark brown hair, and big blue eyes. He was short and wide with a semi muscular build.

He was a definite jock into rock climbing. I met him at orientation and was happy to know that he would be close by. I met his roommate too Mark.

Mark had the reddest hair I had ever seen on anyone, and even though he wasn't my type at all, I did recognize that he was the type that women went for very quiet, very intense, and he flirts like a motherfucker with every woman that breathes.

The office of residence life was holding a barbecue for the resident students, freshman in particular. It was cool. Brian banged on my door to announce to me that he was going outside.

I opened it.

"Dude!" he said, "You coming to the party outside? There'll be chicks."

I smiled. Damn I wanted to suck him off.

"Shit man, you're big."

I flexed, double biceps for him, which raised my half T-shirt another 4 inches, showing off more abs which I also bent forward with and flexed.

"Fuck. I am working out with you from now on."

I waved at him, "Yeah sure, that's what you say now wait until you whine about how much it hurts, and then we'll see if you are still interested in working out with me."

"Come outside with me, we'll cruise chicks."

He reminded me of that moment of the 13yo boy in the movie ON GOLDEN POND who announced to an aging Henry Fonda that he and his friends liked to "Cruise chicks".

"Yeah sure OK." I picked up a baseball cap (Houston Oilers!) and slipped it on sideways and went outside with Brian.

I saw lots of people, more than I ever thought I would. Smoking and beer appeared to me to be much more common than I ever thought they would be on a college campus, but like I said, I was a social moron.

I listened to him talk to girls. He liked being around me, because I got a lot of stares. I still love to feel eyes on me. But I was shy, so he would introduce me to the girls who were equally shy and intimidated by me. It was a kinda symbiotic relationship.

He was annoyed with me when I bolted and went back to the room before he wanted me to leave. Apparently there was still a lot of meat to cruise and he wasn't even close to getting a girl back to his room.

When I was walking back to my dorm room, there was a guy who caught my eye, because of the way he stared at me he was skinny, with longish blond hair, and golden rimmed glasses. I'd never seen a guy so obvious about looking and then he winked at me.

I winked back. I didn't think anything of it until later in the day.

I made it back to my room after enjoying the movie on the green. I don't remember what it was though, I was watching the audience more than the movie.

I was a freshman living in the second floor of Redwood Hall Room 222, and it was a cozy room. The second floor was great. It meant I didn't have to wait for the slow ass elevator and I didn't have to climb six flights of stairs to go to class or bed.

I left my door open into the hallway, giving myself the chance to meet other people. A friend of mine once said the easiest way to meet people in school is to leave your door open. I proceeded to put up posters. Mike Mentzer was my hero at the time, so were Rich Gaspari, and Lou Ferrigno, all huge bodybuilders. I was hanging shit on the walls, when I saw that skinny blond guy pass by my hallway door, and he actually stopped and took a step back, as if to talk to me. He paused and was about to turn when I asked him, "Can I help you?"

"I dunno." He answered, "What can you do?"

I answered him, "I dunno, lots of shit."

He walked inside and stood at my closet. "Hey you don't have a roommate yet?"

"No. I mean his name is on the door, Dave McCall, but I haven't met him and his stuff isn't here."

"Hey my name's Seth," he said, offering me his hand.

"I'm Tristan." I said shaking it.

"You're huge."

I smiled, "I didn't crack your hand did I?"

He giggled like a girl and said "No. You have a pussy handshake actually."

"Well thanks how about I tear your tongue out of your mouth through your ass?" I said calmly.

"No thanks, but if I ever want it done, I'll know who to call."


"So who are these guys?"

"Professional bodybuilders. This is Rich Gaspari, Mike Mentzer, and that's Arnold Shwarzeneggar of course, and Lou Ferrigno on the wall over there."

"Hey he's familiar."

"He used to play the Incredible Hulk."

"Yeah! I remember that! Whoa it's like a blast from the 80's."

"I used to watch that TV show all the time."

He walked around the room while I continued to straighten the posters.

"Did you paint these?" he asked, pointing to my paintings on the wall.

"Yeah. I am an autobiographical painter, they abstractly tell the story of my life."

"And what's this page about?" he asked pointing to one.

"That's about how I beat the shit out of this guy who kept askin' me about my paintings."

"Oh, okay, I gotcha."

I continued to unpack as he looked over my room, scanning it for something.

I wanted to fuck him. Right there, I wanted to plunge into him with every inch of maleness I could find in me, but I really wasn't so aware of it at the time. I just knew that I was getting horny and I was beginning to tent my sweats, so I was constantly turning away from him.

"Nice system you got here."

I looked over at him, he was leaning over my computer.

"Yeah I just got it, it's a Pentium 33"

"No Way!"



"Of course."

"Cool. May I?"

"Yeah, sure knock yourself out."

He turned my computer on and waited for it to boot up and I swear he saw my crotch and my obvious state of arousal.

"Is there anything that isn't big about you?" he asked.


"Forget it."

"Got any games on this?"

"Were you talking about my dick?"

"Forget it."

He was turning red.

"I don't want to forget it."

"Well I do."

"And I don't."

"Well I'm bigger than you," I said, getting how my Dad gets. When my Dad can't win an argument with logic he either uses threats of force, or he just gets louder, as if that could make up for the lacking logic. Of course I see that now, but at the time I was a brilliant moron with a big body.

"Oh yeah, great Tris, whatcha gonna do? Gonna beat it out of me? What I meant?"

I had him. I was pretty sure. I walked over to the door and closed it, and took off my shirt.

"What are you doing?"


I took off my pants, just wearing a jock.

"What are you doing?"

"Forget it." I told him.

He started laughing, and then so did I.

I plopped down on my bed and he said, "Yes! OK? If you must know, I *was* talking about your dick. It looks big."

"It is."

"How big is it?"

"Seven and one quarter inches."

"That quarter inch is important to you huh?"

"Shut up! It's not thick though."

"How would you know? Seen a lot of hard cock?" he asked as if he could embarrass me.

"I dunno. Just some guys in the showers at school every so often.

Not a lot."

"I'm not into sports, so I never saw any of that. I'm a brain."

"So what? So am I."

"You are not!"

"Everything about me is big, you said so yourself, except my balls which are HUGE." I laughed. "My brain is big too though."

"Prove it."

"The square of a hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides."

"No I meant about the balls."


"Forget it."

"Are you gay?" I asked him. He paused, and was very red.

"I have to go."

He got up to leave and was halfway to the door when I said, "Don't go. It's OK dude. I don't care. I won't tell anyone."

"Yeah but man you're so hot. I can't stay here staring at you I'm leaking here, thinking about sucking you off and getting with you."

"You want to suck me off?" I asked him.

"Yeah who the fuck wouldn't?"

"Lot's of people."

"Shut up" I took my jock and slipped it to my ankles and leaned back on my bed with my hard dick laying across my stomach.

"You can do it if you want." I told him.

His face lit up, and he was quickly on his knees on the floor, one hand on each of my knees. He pried them apart gently, like he thought he would break me, put one hand on the base of my dick, kicked it up and quickly popped the head in my mouth.

Now, I'd given lots of blowjobs to know what I like. I had years of experience with Noah, but in all that time, he had never sucked me off.

My muscles were my reward, not sexual pleasure, so even though I'd had a lot of sex by this time, I was usually the bottom. I hadn't had a blowjob from a guy since Jay, so Seth's ministrations were great from my homosexually oriented brain. He took the head in deeply, and he had to have done this before, but I wasn't sure so I asked, "You ever done this before?"

He pulled off, and as he did so I felt the pop of his lips with my dick, and I looked down to see that wonderful sight of my own spit coated cock. "Yeah," he said, "I've done this before, but you're the first big guy I've had."

"Keep going Seth, suck me off dude." I urged him on. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, mighty pathetic, but hey, I wasn't really aware of what constituted good sex at the time. I rubbed my hands around the back of his head, because that's what Noah always did for me. Before too long, I was blasting away. He had pulled off me and was stroking my cock while he rubbed his lips loosely along the underside of the shaft when I let go of my jizz. Loose ropes of boywad squirted out of my cock, taking him by surprise up his nose, and up his cheek. I dumped the rest of my healthy fuck juice on my deep abs and pecs, some of it sloshing across my neck.

I was glad that Seth didn't get any of it in his mouth Jay had told me once that my cum tasted like shit. He really knew how to boost a guy's self esteem, and I figured maybe Seth could regularly have me blowing my load, and the longer it took him to figure out I tasted like shit, the more blowjobs for me.

Seth pulled off me and licked his lips, where a dribble of me had rolled down them and said to me, "Not bad."

"You give a great blowjob dude." I told him.

"Whenever you need one let me know." he told me.

"I'll think about it."

He got up as if to leave, and I could tell he was disappointed.

"I'm not gay." I told him. Of course I was gay, but I wasn't so clear on admitting it to myself. I mean I knew I liked guys, liked seeing them naked, and someone shirtless always got a second look from me, but what I meant was that I wasn't gay. To me, a gay man was someone who was a flaming faggot, ready to set off fires if he came into contact with paper or brush of any kind. I didn't know at the time, that a gay guy was someone who loved other guys.

"Yeah whatever." he said and left.

How come fags always say "whatever"? What is it with that word? They can't say please with one syllable either but that word whatever! AHHHH! It grates on me. I once left a guy on a date, mid date because he said to me "whatever" when we had a disagreement over what movie to see.

It's peculiar too because I remember Jay, when we were kids always saying "fine" I guess it was his version of whatever. Maybe he really was gay.

*smile* Now as much as I enjoyed my body and as much as I liked the stares believe it or not I was modest. It's very peculiar because I've read lots of stories about roommates trying to get their roommates attention by stripping in front of them, but that was out of the question for me. I don't sleep naked. I've never been comfortable completely naked, or even completely shirtless. That half T is about as much skin as I can bare and still feel decent, and even that's when I only want to attract attention.

My roommate didn't show up that night, so I thought I would go and take a shower and go to bed. There were no classes the next day, as the upperclassmen would be moving into Cypress Hall across the quad, and the freshmen would have time to sort out all of their stuff. So I grabbed my shorts and a towel and I strip to my undies, carrying a bag with all my toilet shit in it you know razor, toothbrush, that stuff. Redwood Hall unlike all the other dorms on campus had a community bathroom, but individual and curtained shower stalls. I walked into the bathroom and one of the showers was already occupied, the last one of the three, the largest, because it was meant for possible handicapped usage. I put my towel on the hook, pull off my undies, turned on the water, and put my bag in the shower. Soon the water was hot enough and I was about to climb in when the curtain next to me pulled back and the water stopped. I turned to look, and there was Seth. He smiled when he saw me, and I got instantly hard.

"Hi Tristan" he said.

I put a hand on his neck, sort of on the back, sort of on the side, and led him into my shower stall and then I push myself in after him closing the curtain. I was by this time rock hard of course, and he didn't say a word to me, just dropped to his knees on the tile and grabbed the base of my cock with his left hand, his right hand reached around and began kneading my ass. I love the feeling of my dick caught in his mouth. He really was an expert cocksucker. He rubbed the head of my cock all over his mouth, over his nose, even poking its big head at his nostrils and against his ears, over his eyes, before returning it to his lips, occasionally allowing his tongue to snake out and momentarily lick the head, or the underside of the head, or the point where the dick meets the balls, or the top of it just for a second before he returned to rubbing its length over his lips. His tongue snaking out was what was really lighting my fire. I had one of my hands on the partition between the stalls, sort of holding me up, and the other one I used to let my fingers roam around and in his thick blond hair. The pleasure built up inside me, especially when he got that hand on my ass near my asshole, and I said out loud, "suck my cock already!" I didn't realize that there were other people on floor who might be in the bathroom. If I had I would never have said that loud in the bathroom, which you can often hear the goings on of in the hallway.

I pushed his head down when he was rubbing my cockhead with his lips and it popped into his mouth, I don't think he was expecting his mouth to open but when it did, he just let it slip inside, and I wouldn't let him pull off it, he tried to a few times, but I clamped both my hands on the back of his head, and let him know that he couldn't pull off it. I wanted my cock in his mouth, I was tired and I didn't want to be rubbed off I wanted to be sucked off. I fucked his mouth. I'd never done that before and it was exciting and awesome. I know that when I was sucking Noah every other day or so I got a lot of pleasure watching the pleasure in his face as I was going down on him, or the look of ecstasy as he blew his load, but the idea that you could get off on the control you have over the suckee was amazing.

I held his head down on my love spike, not letting him even slip the head of my cock out of his mouth. Then he tried to deep throat me.

I'd never had that done before, and he was working my dick real slowly, kind of slithering it back and forth in his mouth, working it gradually deeper and deeper into his head. Now I know that your cock is a sensitive instrument on your body, almost as sensitive as your lips and fingers, but I couldn't feel a damned thing. His lips pressed into my pubic hair, and my cock was bent down his throat and I couldn't feel anything. I grabbed his head and tried to pull him off of me, but he locked both his arms around my ass and legs, and I felt his cock against my lower leg sort of spasming against my calf, and then I felt him cum.

I knew he came, because I felt a liquid much warmer than the shower water suddenly spray my legs and feet, and he reached down to take control of his cock with one hand while he still clamped to my body with his other arm and with that clamped hand continued to knead my ass.

"Get off my cock, I said to him," quietly of course, "suck the head."

He shook his head no, and that just flat out angered me, so I grabbed his hair, and gripped it in my fist, started to pull him off my cock, and he bit down on me. On Me! The fucker actually sank his teeth into me. I got the idea quickly enough, and let go of his hair. I know that lots of guys admire deep throaters, and that deep throating to them is the be all end off of sexual oral experience, but in my experience up to that point there really wasn't much there. In the two previous blowjobs I'd had the guys stayed around the head, and that's what truly got me off.

But then I felt this boy with all of my mansteak stretching his lips out enormously, (It looked so crude and erotic, I LOVED IT!) and I felt absolutely nothing and I wanted to get off, and take my shower. I tried to pull him off me again, but instead of him biting down on me (if he did that again I would have yanked him off and beat the shit out of him right there in the shower) I felt the most incredible ecstasy I'd ever felt in my whole 18 years. My cock was wedged in his throat. Now I am not thick but I am pretty long so I had to be in there pretty deep, because his lips were touching my tummy. He swallowed. He was swallowing! It was so cool. When you swallow, this little fibrous tissue in the back of your throat lets the food at the back of your mouth fall into your esophagus, and sort of helps it along, by giving it a little shove to get it out of the way so the tissue can close. He pulled off me some what and took in a breath (I don't know how he was breathing previously). Then he had his lips about half way down my weapon and my head was at the back of his throat. He swallowed again and I felt his throat grip my dick, and that tissue folded over and rubbed against the underside of my weapon, just tickling under the hood of the head, and I almost hit the ceiling, it was amazing, my calves actually went weak, and I almost fell. His arms clamped around me helped a lot though.

His suckling was sending me so close to orgasm, but not quite over the edge, plus I was also holding back and trying to concentrate on anything but sex, just to slow down the experience. The water was continually washing over his hair and down my chest, dripping off my nipples and pecs, and flowering into water blossoms across my abs, and then there was this cute blond boy with my manhood in his mouth working it like a five dollar hooker in a high school locker room. He swallowed again, and this time, it caught on the head of my dick as it rubbed against it, and I almost couldn't hold back this time, and this time, he slid his lips forward, and I swear to God, that I felt his throat, not his lips, but his throat, grip the head of my cock by the rim around the head, and actually tug it back into his throat. He was literally swallowing my cock whole, like a snake digesting a rat it was awesome. I felt like I was being eaten alive by the most erotic sensations imaginable. It's still indescribable and I am fumbling here trying to describe it. Just take my word for it it was fucking good. He then sped up his process, and swallowed twice more, each time pulling in more of my cock, little swallows, shifting his head from side to side, allowing his mouth to take more of my cock, and but his lips were pretty loose on the shaft, instead it was his throat that was literally pulling me into him, and my hands were once again on top of the stall wall, gripping for dear life while my toes flares and gripped the tile while I fucked hard into his mouth. When he had my by the cock with his lips wetting my belly again, I couldn't hold it. My balls climbed up close to my body, and I put both hands on the back of his head.

Fuck that shit about not cumming in his mouth. I was not going to plant my bleach anywhere but the inside of his stomach, if he didn't like the taste of it too bad.

He must have felt my balls pull close to my body or my head flare in his throat because suddenly he jerked his head to pull off my shaft, but I just pressed down harder with my hands holding him on top of me, and him in me. And then I exploded. I don't cum much, 3 squirts, 4 maximum, and they shoot further, the more turned on I am with girls the shit just dribbles out. But this time, I felt like I was launching cum torpedoes deep into this other boy's mouth, and not just 3, but a full spread. I didn't count how many times I came in him, but each time I unloaded, I heard him gag underneath me, and I felt my own juice flow out of his mouth around my dick. I always read that guys came 2 teaspoons, and that in porn stories, the guys and girls sucking dick could never lap up two teaspoons quick enough. That always amazed me. But this time it really happened. I felt myself leaking at his mouth, and I felt him spasm underneath me choking on me seed. It was so damned hot. And then I let go of my mouth, and he pulled off me so quickly he pushed his head against the stall wall and the look on his face looked like he was as surprised as I was. He looked up at me, and my cock shot its last torpedo, hitting him just under the left eye on his cheek. He flinched and wiped myself off him before looking up at me. I tend to have a lazy squirt when I am really turned on, like it forgets to load properly so it gets fired late.

He jumped up off the floor of the shower and climbed out quickly gathered his things, slipped on a robe and left the bathroom.

I had hoped that getting head from Seth would become a regular thing. In fact that was the last time I got head from him. I didn't have sex with him again for three years, but I'll get to that in time. It seems that I had treated Seth exactly how Noah had treated me the first time he fucked my face, holding me down until he came in my throat nearly choking me to death. Apparently that was not the kind of sex that Seth was looking for, and as hot as I was, he never looked at me again, which severely pissed me off. I didn't know what I had done to upset him so much, because Noah had treated me similarly. I thought that's how you treated guys who sucked you off. It took me many more lovers and a year and a half to learn why he left me in the shower without saying a word, and refused to talk to me again. Of course looking back on the incident, I am amazed that campus police weren't at my door an hour later. It seems that Seth was a closet case, despite being a whore, and pressing official charges required official testimony. Perhaps he thought that was as much an impossibility then, as I did. •

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