Nerd to Jock



I'm a student at a tech school in NJ, and have just finished my fourth year here. I am excited about it, finally a senior! Not excited because I am a senior but because I am an architecture student and to an arch student there is nothing more exciting than when the projects get real, because any of us can tell you that the first few years, our brains are fried with exercises and assignments more akin to art school than the architectural type.

My name is Tristan. My family calls me Tristan, but I am Tris to all my friends, and I'm gay too, but only my friends at school know... haven't had the balls yet to tell the family. Although in last year I promised me that if I got into a real relationship that I would let the cat out of the bag with them.

I think I've had a pretty active sex life some of it normal and some of it not so normal but I decided to actually tell the story, since I've read and beat off to many stories I see online, I figured it was time to give some pleasure back.

So I am a twenty-three year old in New Jersey, about 30 minutes from New York City, a major gay Mecca, but I have no idea how much. I know that gays hang out in NYC, and I roughly know where, but I am still very new to the whole thing and am not really sure where to go or what to do to get sex, and actually having sex.... that is something completely different.

I'd have sex with several people so far, but the first time is always a special one and with a special guy too. My best friend of course.

When I was 13, my best friend Jay and I hung out, did everything together, and by everything I mean; watched videotapes, played wargames with G.I. Joe, and even though we'd deny it at the time to outsiders, we built cities of Lego bricks and even still occasionally whipped out the Transformers and set up some kind of battle scenario. We were new teenagers at the time and like any fresh teenagers we had three things on our minds... freedom (from the parents), war (G.I. Joe) and sex (ah! but what kind!?).

Jay's dad worked nights, and his mom worked days, so most days we played at my house because his dad was sleeping, but his yard was much better for playing games in, as mine was mostly paved, but his house also had another big attraction. Jay's dad was a porno freak. He kept playboys in a magazine rack in the bathroom (I took long shits in that house every time I went over there, just because I wanted to spend time in the bathroom). Occasionally a Penthouse magazine was also in there. I enjoyed Penthouse more because there was always a layout with both a guy and a girl. The first time I saw dick in a magazine I almost blew my wad right there. His dad also kept a seriously hardcore stash of porno in his bedroom which Jay discovered and would routinely steal mags from, but I didn't learn about that stash until much later.

I'd been jerking off since I was 9 which as I understand it is pretty early. I didn't know what it was, I just knew that it felt good. I used to (and still do) rub myself through my underwear, I didn't learn about the fist and stroke method until much much later. Eventually Jay and I started talking more and more about sex. We asked each other about jerking off but we were still embarrassed and neither of us admitted to doing it, and cumming was a mystery to each of us, we'd both done it of course, but we weren't quite willing to admit that we had done it, and neither of us got a talk from our parents. Well, that's not true... I got the talk. It consisted of my dad telling me he had to talk to me. Who likes to be told that a parent "has to talk to them". So I avoided my dad until he cornered me in the basement and asked me if I had been having nocturnal emissions. I must have looked at him weird because he asked me if I knew what they were. Of course, I told him "wet dreams" and then I denied it, and I never heard from him again. I suppose that my mom had told him something. I never altered my jerk off technique which meant that when I came, I was blowing my boywad in my undies and I guess my mom must have thought that I was having wet dreams like crazy. Maybe they thought I didn't need "the talk" because they figured I couldn't be having sex with other people if I had so much left over at night in my shorts.

Jay's family built a large addition to their house one summer after they failed to sell it, and we would hang out in the crawl space beneath the house and browse porn mags together. Then we discovered the storied in the beginning of Penthouse mag. It was great. We were sitting there one night, reading a story by flashlight with unsalted unbuttered popcorn, sipping seven-up.

Now I'm a normal guy so to speak... I'm on the dory side, but I'm OK with that. I have brown hair and eyes, and I've always been skinny, although as I remember it I've been lanky forever, and one of the faster runners in my class. Ever since I was 5 years old I wanted to be muscular, in a beefy sort of way, and I tend to fall for those guys today quicker than others. Jay's dad was a beefy guy, but naturally so, and so was Jay.

I don't know what his stats were when we were 13, but suffice it to say that he had light brown hair and the most delicious and bright colored dark blue eyes you can imagine on anyone. He'd inherited his father's build, so even though he matched by height, in fact, he might have been a little shorter, he still outweighed me by at least 10 lbs.

I was sitting next to him on a cold summer night intently reading this tale, and it was amazing... a tale of a girl who managed to get a guy all dressed up in a leather jockstrap (I only vaguely knew what a jockstrap was) and leather boots, and straps and she made the guy jerk off in front of her before she let him eat her out and fuck her.

I was a quick reader, and finished the story first, and was on to the next one when Jay spoke to me.

"Would you do that?"

"Do what?" I asked.

"Would you jerk off like that?"

I figured I would be the first to give in and admit to it, because by this point in our relationship I imagined having sex with Jay, not anal sex, although I knew that happened, but just jerking off and lust licking.

I had no concept of how you got or gave a blowjob, but I knew I wanted him to "lick" my dick until I came, so I told him, "Well, we both know we jerk off right?"

He smiled and said "yeah" and then paused. "So what you do it?"

"Fuck yeah, I'd jerk off, I do that already."

"No, I mean would you do it for someone else, like so someone else could watch?"

I looked at him with a weird face.

"You'd do that for me right?"

I said yes.

"And you would for me too, right?" I asked him.

He nodded his head quickly and went back to reading the magazine.

We didn't have sex that night but when I went home I felt like I had just taken a massive step in getting him to lick me off, which being 13years old was of course, my goal at the time.

We kidded around the rest of the summer, but nothing happened until November. On November 13, I returned from a weekend vacation with my family to Pennsylvania and I was horny as a toad so I invited him over.

We did the usual, namely jerked off on opposite sides of a bean bag chair facing away from each other. Then I got the idea to suggest to Jay that he could fuck the beanbag chair, unzip the opening and fuck the "beans" inside. He liked the idea, and I moved across the room, sat with my back to my bedroom door and watched him lay on top of the chair. I had my pillow over my own lap, my sweats at my ankles with a mag on top of the pillow.

The room was so charged with sexual tension, that lesser people would have orgasmed just from being there.

He finally looked at me and said, "What if I want to do more?"

"What do you mean, 'more'?"

"What if I came over there?" he asked, implying moving across the room to where I was.

"Keep going," I told him. I didn't have the balls to tell him outright to come over and get frisky with me.

"But you wouldn't mind?"

I shook my head no.

He then pulled out of the bag. And I got very excited. I knew he had on a small dark blue T-shirt, and socks and nothing else. I wanted to watch his dick as he walked over to me, and I thought I would finally see it. He looked like he was working on his dick for a while, and I didn't know why so I asked.

"I'm picking these little Styrofoam balls off my cock." The beans were charged with static electricity and a bitch to remove from pubic hair and dick. And then he did it, he crawled over to me.

I looked but he had put his dark underwear back on. Why did everyone always seem to have darker underwear than I did? He sat down about four feet from me and said, "so what do you want to do?"

"I don't know."

"Well what would you be OK with?"

I shrugged.


"No." I said. It has since occurred to me that even though I said no, because I didn't want to be 'gay' at the time, Jay if I had told him I wanted to fuck his ass, would have gladly let me, and it would have been unlubed, unprotected and I would have let loose with my wad inside him, and he would have let me. I think in the movie Stand By Me, Gordy as an old man asks "I never had friends as close to me as I did when I was 12 years old. Does anyone?" I never have had someone so willing to please me, just because he was my best friend.

"Jerking off?" he asked.

"We do that already."

He nodded.

"Sixty nine?"

"Maybe but not right now."

"Just blowjobs?"

I nodded, and he lay down on his stomach in front of me with his chin on the pillow over my lap. My parents had instilled a dramatic sense of modesty in me, and I was ashamed of my body at the time, so I was terrified of removing that pillow.

"What are you going to be doing then?"

"What?" I asked.

"If I give you a blowjob what are you going to be doing." I think he was trying to talk me into 69. I told him I'll be watching him.

We continued to talk, but about what I have no idea. I can't remember, and I was slowly sliding that pillow down my body until I could clearly see my dick and Jay's face about a foot from it, and I asked him couldn't he see it by now? He said no, and I just through the pillow across the room. He smiled and nodded and said "It's not hard."

Now, I do get hard, but not fully hard, and even fully hard, my dick has a severe downward bend to it. It was made to be deepthroated I think, but it doesn't stick out or point to the sky like so many other guys dicks. Of course I was 13 years old and I hadn't seen anyone else's hard dick, so I had no idea why he told me it wasn't hard.

"So?" I asked.

"Well don't you think you should get it hard before I start?"

"I kinda think that's your job."

He half smiled and cocked his head, and wrapped his hand around my dick. It was awesome to have someone else touching me. He jerked it a quick four or five times and then leaned in and wrapped his lips around it.

I leaned my head back and waited to feel the amazing sensations of a blowjob which I'd read descriptions of for months now, and instead I felt shooting pain through my dick. I think Jay wrapped his lips around the head and blew, like he was trying to force air into my dick.

"Ow, Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop, it hurts!" I told him. He didn't stop, and then suddenly the pain turned into the most unbelievable pleasure I had ever imagined. Neither of us knew anything about how to give an expert blowjob, and all I wanted was to be licked until I came, but he didn't lick. He held his mouth over the head of my cock and just stayed like that, and then I think that all he did was use his tongue and rub it all over and under the head of my dick. I remember staring at the back of his head, but his hands were on the floor and so were mine.

The sensations were so good I knew I was going to cum any minute.

I stared at the toys on my dresser, the stuff on my bed, anything to think non sexual thoughts, but I couldn't hold it back, and like lots of guys in magazines, I figured I had to tell my cocksucker that I was going to cum, and just before I let loose I said to him, "Jay, I'm going to cum." in a very calm voice.

Now if I had been sucking him, I would have pulled off. I know I would have. I don't even like to try new foods, let alone, something that to me seemed more related to piss and shit, than erotic activity.

But after my announcement, Jay did nothing, he just kept on going with his blowjob, holding my crown in his mouth and whipping his tongue around it.

And then I came. It was probably the best orgasm of my young life, and semen poured out of me. I felt the pop and I felt myself squirting and I listened as Jay drank from me. It was such a tremendous turn on, and after four or five squirts my jets cooled. But Jay's didn't. He kept sucking. Now... I had been jerking off since I was 9 years old and I know they say that before you can cum you can have orgasm after orgasm, but I never in my life experienced that and believe me I tried. But this time... after I came, I immediately reset, and felt the tension building again, felt that if he kept going I could have unloaded in his mouth again.

But that was not to be. After I came, like most Christian boys, my feelings reset too, and I realized that I was on the floor of my bedroom, with my cock in my best friends mouth, feeding him my juice. I shouted to him, "Jay. Jay, Jay stop. stop it!" It took him a while to hear me, I guess he was so caught up in what he was doing. He pulled off me, and sat up to look at me. I looked at my dick and noticed how wet it was, I loved the way it looked. I looked at him, just in time to see him, wipe his mouth with his hand. I swear I could see myself running down his chin. I told him, "Stop this, this is stupid. We shouldn't do this."

He nodded, almost apologetically, and then jumped up to get his pants, "I have to go... I have a science project to work on that's due next week."

As he was getting dressed a fear crept over me and I asked him a terrifying question, "You're not going to tell anyone about this, are you?"

He shook his head no, and left.

I didn't see him again until the following summer, we were so embarrassed.

The following summer of course, we did start talking again, and hanging out, and we were much more open with each other, and much more likely to undress in front of the other person or make remarks.

One time Jay was on my bed, and I went to answer the phone. It was Jay's mom, asking me to tell him to come home for dinner. He lived 2 blocks away. I told Jay. He immediately spread his legs, grabbed his pouch (which at that time, seemed really big to me, or maybe it was just that his shorts were tight) and said to me, "I have five minutes, how about a quickie?" I threw a pillow at him and told him to get out of here.

Eventually he got me in his room, this time with his back to the bedroom door, an more or less flat out asked me for a blowjob. I probably could have been talked into it, but I refused him, and then the more he pressed, the more I resisted. This time we were so embarrassed we didn't talk again for four years.

Even though we only lived two blocks apart, he went to a private high school, he said the public one wasn't good enough, and that he wanted to get into Harvard. We were both honors students, and I remember that one student in the same class that Jay was in (he was one year ahead of me in school, even though he was only a month older than me) went to the public high school, and when I was a junior, that student got into Yale University. I was proud of that, and it made me resent Jay for going to private school.

When I was a sophomore I took a drafting class, it was one of two my high school offered, both of them prerequisites for architectural drafting. Little did I know that the football coach taught the drafting class, and that of course, every single player on the team took drafting because it was an easy grade, although I do give the coach credit, because I know for a fact that he didn't pass everyone on the football team automatically.

What it did mean however was that I had plenty to stare at. John sat in front to me, my desk facing the side of his, which was great! because it meant I could stare at him legitimately, and he wouldn't feel he was being stared at. This boy also had the most beautiful arms on the planet, and I was convinced I would never have arms that big, even though I would have given an arm to have a body like his.

Noah sat next to me to my left... Now I don't know why but Noah I always thought was gay. It's really hard to say exactly how I came by that information, but he hung out with another John who I also thought was very cute. Noah had longish hair, to his shoulders, was about 6'1, and had to be at least 180 with a genuine football player build. His upper body was very well made, even though he wasn't anywhere near 0% bodyfat, his face had feminine/fine/babyface features which made him very attractive. I also remember him being very broad shouldered, something else I thought I would never be and which I found very attractive. Noah and John were always making gay jokes, or gay references to the other players but never enough to let anyone in, and the only reason I think I noticed was because I had a proclivity for that kind of talk *smile*.

There was only one lead pointer in the class. For those of you non-architectural folk, a lead pointer is a fancy-ism for a pencil sharpener used to sharpen mechanical pencils. It was clamped to a desk at the front of the room, so it was common for drafting students to talk, and move about class freely, we even had a radio playing in the room, lightly.

Noah was at the front of the room sharpening his lead and I had to go up there to get some ellipse templates. When I did he went up there and he spoke to me like I never expected or heard from anyone ever before.

I bumped into his ass with my front, accidentally, because the room was tight, and we were both wearing sweats. I wore sweats all through high school, and strangely enough, I think Noah did too, well he must have felt something, although I swear I wasn't hard or even thinking about it.

I passed him got the template, and on the way back he blocked my way.

"You want it don't you?" he said under his breath. And he said it with the implication that I was a no good dirty whore if it was true, it wasn't spoken well... but hey it was a football player, did I really expect him to quote Shakespeare? Plus, I may have heard him speak degradingly to me, whether he actually did or not, I have no idea.

I was still shocked and had no idea what he meant, "Want what?"

H turned to me and grabbed himself "Want this." He had what looked to me to be a huge lump in his pants... it never occurred to me that it was mostly sweats and jock though.

I got very nervous, very flustered, and said "No." I walked passed him.

He leaned over and whispered to me "You want to suck my cock." When he whispered it to me, I felt his lips actually brush my left ear. I got even redder and then... he pinched my ass! I was shocked.

I turned around and looked at him and collected myself, "No way... I don't do that." I said nervously with as much courage as I could.

He pinched my ass every time he passed me that day. It amazes me that today no one noticed it, that class was packed. When the bell rang that day, he stayed at his desk, which I had to pass by in order to exit the room. As I walked passed, he grabbed my arm, and turned me around, with enough force to get my attention but not enough to make anyone else notice anything was up and said to me, "Just 'cause you haven't done it, doesn't mean you won't." He then paused and smiled, "But don't feel bad, everyone wants my cock in their hole."

As soon as he said it I got an instant hard on, the kind that you only get when you're 12 years old, the kind that hurt. I wasn't 12 though, I was 15. He noticed it and put his hand on it, and pushed me backward, "Go to class asshole." he said to me and winked.

A look of terror probably crossed my face and I went to class. I didn't know what to think, except to generate hundreds of fantasies of making all sorts of love to Noah. I never ever fantasized about anal sex before. I always thought it was bad and just plain gross, but thinking about Noah was the first time I ever fantasized about getting fucked. I thought about him sliding his dick into my asshole. I wanted to feel every ridge on his rod, wanted to feel his cream. I don't know how I came to this conclusion, but I somehow thought that he must have a huge dick, and must blow his wad in buckets. I think that idea came from the fact that he was so much bigger than I. I was 120, and 5'10" very lanky with long hair, and glasses too big for my face. By my standards Noah was gorgeous, and a year older than me, and I thought that even if he was gay, that he already had someone, in John, that guy who was as hot as he was, and who seemed to always be with him in that way that girlfriends are always with boyfriends.

Noah would wink at me or grope me in class or in the hall, whenever he felt like it or whenever I passed him. I don't know what he felt for me, but it was more than just that he wanted to use me and I learned that when he actually showed some compassion for me after school one day.

While walking to get to the science wing of the school I was passing a group of lockers belonging to juniors and one of them named Jim started harassing me. As a nerd I was subject to harassment anytime and anywhere by anyone in high school. Jim starts making sexual comments and getting mock angry at me, accusing me of fucking his girlfriend. All of his friends were laughing of course... I guess to them the thought of me having sex with any girl let alone Jim's (Brenda... hottest girl in the school hands down) was impossible. I decided to fight back though and decided to tell Jim, "Yeah well... you caught me dude... Brenda let me blow my wad in her, let me plant it in her ass too, and without the rubber she makes you wear!"

That was all it took, and before I even finished the sentence I felt a fist impact my head and a second later I was examining the linoleum at really close range when I felt one kick to the ribs. Whenever I see someone getting kicked while down on TV I always turn away thinking it must be impossibly painful, but as someone who experienced it, it's not bad... my face hurt more. I was on the ground when I heard someone shout at the top of his lungs "WHAT THE FUCK!"

I looked up, and had to stretch because my eye was rapidly swelling closed. I saw Noah. He came over.

"What the fuck are you guys doing?"

John, the one who sat in front of me in drafting who had been there laughing turned to Noah and said, "Jim found out this fucker here is was banging his babe"

Noah walked over to Jim and said, "This fucker hasn't been banging any babe. He's a faggot. He doesn't like pussy.

"If you find cum that's not yours in Brenda's panties then it's mine, asshole!"

Jim got visibly frustrated and then just walked away. Jim was on the wrestling team, and the football and wrestling team did not really get along.

I had managed to sit up against a wall while Jim and his buddies were walking away.

Noah came over to me knelt down next to me. He took my glasses off and put them in his pocket, and then ran his fingers through my hair, and said, to me, "Are you OK?"

I was crying (visibly not OK!) and I just looked up at him. He was blurred by 20/50 vision and teary eyes.

He poked at my left eye and I winced.

"Ow!" he said and winced himself. He then turned around and walked to his locker about five feet away, opened it, and pulled out one of those icy-hot packs. He activated and then sat in front of my limp body Indian style, activated it and applied it to my eye.

"You keep these in your locker?" I asked him "Hell yeah, you never know when a football game is gonna break out."

I smiled and so did he.

"Thank you Noah. I didn't know what they were gonna do to me."

"Hey no problem. I can't have anyone hurting my favorite faggot."

I was shocked.


"Forget it dude," he got up and grabbed his bookbag and mine. "Can you walk?"

"Yeah I think so."

He offered his hand to me and helped me up. I took it, and I swear I almost unloaded in my shorts when he held my hand. I was still crying though, and sex wasn't really on my mind, even though the thought did occur to me, I quickly forgot about it.

"My dad is going to kill me."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"My dad is going to kill me if he thinks I got into a fight."

"But you didn't get in a fight, someone took a shot at you and then lost interest."

"No that's not it you don't understand."

"Well why don't you explain it to me on the way to my house."

I took one step and stopped when I heard that, "Your house?"

"Yeah, I have a cream there that will make the swelling go down in a few hours, then it will just be red, you can make up some story for your parents."

"Oh... well OK."

So we walked to his house. It wasn't that far away.

"What did you mean your dad would kill you?" he asked as soon as we got outside.

"Give my bag back." I told him.


"Come on, give it back."

"Nope, I'm carrying it, just tell me what's up with your dad."

It didn't occur to me then but I think he was trying to make sure that I went to his house, and he was more or less holding my bag for ransom.

I couldn't believe what was going on either. I felt great like I was making it into Noah's friendship, and that was great. He wasn't the hottest guy in school, but he was up there.

"I don't like my dad."

"I know that dude... my old man's a dick too."

"Well, no he's not a dick, but like... ok, see, he was like a total jock in high school, a running back in football, even played some in college."

"Yeah OK, so?"

"SO! Well as much as he appreciates having a brainiac of a son, I think he wants someone he can cheer for at home games, and someone he catches fucking the shit out of cheerleaders in the basement."

Noah laughed... "Shit dude, not every football player fucks cheerleaders."

I smiled, "Well yeah but you get the idea right?"

"Yeah sure, so how come you never went out for football?"

"Me, " I asked, " Are you kidding?" I paused where I was walking and held out my arms... if I weigh over 100 pounds, I'd be surprised.

"Not all of football is about size"

"Easy for you to say, Atlas."




I giggled, and he pushed me in the shoulder, enough to make me step back twice.

"Atlas is a giant, he holds up the world."

"No shit."

"No shit," I told him, "and he gets laid every single night."

Noah laughed and took out the keys to his house.

We went inside. It was a modest house, one of the smallest in the nicest neighborhood of town, very cool.

"My room is downstairs," he said, and led the way.

I went with him down the stairs into the basement, where he immediately pulled off his shoes, and his jersey. He was wearing only royal blue sweats and a white tank top. His brown blond hair shimmered in the fluorescent lights, and he went into a bathroom there off to the side.

I sat down on the bed.

The room was stereotypical teenagers. There were Rangers and Giants posters all over, and even a couple of Bon Jovi posters (that should have been a huge hint), even an IDK poster.

IDK is a band, originally called Animosity whose original members all went to our high school.

He came out of the bathroom and kneeled on the floor in front of me, let me look at that eye.

"Hey what did you do with my glasses?" I asked him.

He patted his crotch (not his pocket) and said to me, "I have them here in my pocket.

Then he moved over and began applying the cream to my face. I was sensitive there but not so much as I was earlier. I felt much better actually.

"Why are you shaking?" he asked me.

"I dunno." I did know... I thought I was going to have sex... and that was nerve wracking.

He had a Soloflex in one corner of the room. Clothes were strewn everywhere, and on a small home made piece of furniture was a TV/VCR and stereo. The bed was a double bed, and next to the Soloflex was the door to outside.

"Wow" I whispered.

"What is it?"

"Nothing, it's just this room is awesome."

"Yeah dude it is."

He finished working on my eye, and I walked over to the Soloflex... grabbing the floating lever arm, and straddling the bench, pretending to pump out weight of tremendous proportions even though there were no weight straps on the machine at the time. Noah walked over, "Do you like it? My dad bought it for me last season."

"Damn I wish I could afford one."

He gripped my triceps and moved me over, and then quickly got on the bench on his back.

"Here," he told me, "Put these on." He handed me two 100 lb. and two 25 lb. weight straps, "put these on."

"Oh come on, get the fuck out of here, you can't bench 250!"

"I can do it," he said seriously, as though I had insulted his honor, (or his body).

"I bet you can't."

He turned to face me and said, "What's the bet?"

I was shocked and I didn't expect him to say that. Here it was, this was the chance, if ever there was a chance.

I thought for a minute and said, "OK, the bet is... 10 reps, 250 lbs. If you can't do it, and I mean do it in one set, not with 5 minutes rest between each one. If you can't do it, then um.... (here it comes I thought, and then changed my mind at the last second into something I thought was much better), have to help weight train me every day, until *I* can bench 250 lbs. for ten reps."

"OK," he says, "I'll accept that, but not the every day part. I do have a life you know."

I was only slightly insulted, him telling me he didn't relish spending every day with me until his next question really got to me.

"What do I get if I do it," he asked.

"Well... um, what do you want?"

He smiled and said "Head."



"What's head?"

"You don't know what head is?"


He laughed and said, "It's a blowjob dude... it's when you get a blowjob, you're getting head."

"No way dude, I'm not giving you head."

"Oh come on why not!? You want me to spend hours and hours of my free time training that pathetic wimpy body of yours, and if I do this you won't even suck on the head of my dick for a while? It doesn't really seem fair, and besides you don't think I can do it anyway."

"Yeah but I'm not a fag."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

He adjusted his grip on the bar, and said, "Yes you are, ya fag, I see the way you look at me and at other guys in our gym class." (We did have the same gym period, and both of us were in the weightlifting gym class.) I didn't know what to say, "I'm not gay dude." was all I could muster.

"Fuck dude, I don't care what you are... ok, I believe you, you're not a fag, you like chicks, pussy tits, and ass, but I still want a blowjob from you."

"You want one from me? But you're a football player you could have anyone you wanted."

"Yeah right!"

"Yeah Right! Lots of girls look up to you, I hear them talking about you, everyone thinks you've done everyone worth doing, even Ms. Smith. (divorced English teacher)."

He really started laughing. "Dude, yeah OK, so I've been with girls, but you know what they want dude? They want to own you, claim you, have them be your own, they want you to call them and spend all your time with them, and fall in love with them, they want a wedding ring before they'll let you get em in bed and that will be cool when I am thirty, but just fuck man... I need to get off now."


"So is it a bet?"

"Just one blowjob right?"


"And if I lose and do it, you promise you wont tell a living soul right?"

"I promise."

"OK, it's a bet."

He held out his hand and I shook it. Damn was I nervous. I think he was too. His palms were sweating so much that as he was gripping the bar, I actually saw the sweat pool there and drip to the rusty colored carpeting on the floor.

He picked up his feet and put them on the short bench very close to his ass, and had his legs spread wide, I could see his huge package nestled nicely there between his legs through his loose sweats.

He let go of the bar and took several quick breathes before letting the air out slowly. Then he took his hands off the bar and made several quick reps, imitating the motion he was going to be doing but without the weight. Then he gripped the bar, hands shoulder width apart, and pushed up. As he reached the peak each time I counted for him, "One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six!"

Then he started to slow down. I was amazed as I watched his pecs flare on his chest to a size that I hadn't noticed, and pecs were and are my favorite muscle on a guys body. His triceps really took on some blood too and his face flushed as he continued to pump the bar... "Seven!"

"Eight!" I told him, "Nine!"

Then I started to get worried... I mean here I was honor bound to suck off the guy of my dreams and I wasn't even sure it was something I wanted to do. And then he did it, and he said it, but I only mouthed it "TEN!"

He immediately slid out from under the bar, and started flexing his arms.

"Whew, that was intense dude."

I nodded, and I am sure I looked ghost white, "yeah" was all I could say.

He then pulled his tank top off and went into the bathroom, but didn't shut the door. I heard water running and then he stepped out and shucked off his sweats. He faced me wearing only a jock. He was gorgeous though. He had much more muscle on that body than I thought he did, and his hair was hanging to between his shoulder blades. I didn't think it was that long. His arms and shoulders were huge, so were his hands, his waist wasn't pencil thin, and although you could see pecs you couldn't see abs on him. His jock was the Champion type, and it looked like it was packed to overflowing. He asked me, "are you ready?"

"Well I dunno."

"Yeah you are. Come here." It was more a command and I recognized it as such.

I walked over to him and stood there. He placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me down quickly. I was on my knees.

"Lick it through my jock." He told me.

I didn't move, so he placed his hands on the back of my head and grabbed my hair, forcing my face forward. He used his hands to rub my face and mouth up and down on his jock. I could feel his meat inside it, and I felt it starting to get hard, harder than I ever felt on my own cock.

"Yeah babe" he said to me, but I hadn't done anything on my own.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, licking what I could and then he stopped rubbing my face on his jock, just holding my head against his loins. "take my jock off he told me," after it was soaked with my saliva.

I grabbed the straps between his legs and tugged on them, and the whole thing slid down to his ankles. he stepped out of them and kicked them across the room to land on his bed.

He grabbed my hair, and brushed my hair back out of my face, and gripped his own dick with his other hand.

I was just sitting there staring at it. To me in that position it seemed huge, but that wasn't just because I was up close. My own dick was 7 inches hard, but it always looked smaller because it wasn't thick and because it had a peculiar downward bend to it, but this thing was huge.

Later on I found out its true dimensions, it was 8.75" long and a hair under 2" thick. at its thickest near the base. Although Noah didn't appear to have hair on him anywhere, his crotch and pits were loaded, along with a nice dusting on his calves.

"Suck my dick Tris." he said to me.

I couldn't do it though, I couldn't bring myself to do it. He gripped the base of his dick and started hitting the head of his cock against my cheeks. "Suck my dick baby."

I could see the precum oozing out of it, and I wasn't sure I wanted this to happen to me so I tried to pull back and managed to fall over, onto my ass on the floor.

I looked up at him and smiled "Think it's funny little faggot?"


"I don't think it's funny."

He grabbed my by my shirt and walked me over to the bed, forcibly of course, and threw me back on it. Within seconds, and way before I could react, he had jumped on top of me, his knees under my arm pits and his cock brushing against my chin.

"Yeah babe, I like you there. Don't you like it?" he asked, "With my massive cock rubbing against you like that. Yeah man you better like it."

I wasn't flat on my back, his bed had a headboard, and lots of pillows on it, so I was propped up actually and my head was facing his crotch almost directly.

He grabbed the base of his cock and put a hand on top of my head, and bucked is hips trying to push his head in, but I didn't part my lips and his steel hard rod just slid up my face. When it hit my nose something weird happened. He jetted.

He didn't cum, but he did squirt once. I never saw or heard anyone doing that before. I barely precame at all, but this guy actually squirted it.

He slapped my face, hard with his dick.

"Take my cock faggot."

He pushed my forehead back and tried again to pry his cock into my mouth and this time I let him in. I was delirious by this point, and I decided then to just let him use me, maybe that would get it over quicker.

I let him slip the head in and as he did so I ran my tongue over it and under it, being sure to tickle with my tongue all the spots on my cock which I remembered Jay working over with his tongue years earlier. But he didn't stop. I still had no idea that girls bobbed their heads when they gave a guy a blowjob, so I didn't know about that and I didn't know about face fucking which was what he proceeded to do.

He pushed his cock in deeper, the apple of his rod slipping past the gag reflex of my mouth and I started to choke.

"Ya gonna gag on me! Gonna fuckin' gag on my stick cocksucker! Better not boy!"

Then he pulled out, and just as I managed to catch my breath he pushed it back in. We kind of got a rhythm going with me sucking hard on his cock on the outstroke, and my lips being really loose on it on the instroke. It was weird. I remember looking up at him, seeing his body, and pecs sweating profusely, and his face lost in ecstasy. I knew it was awkward, his pumping, and I don't think I was satisfying him, because he did two things that I'll never forget.

He was only pumping half of his practically 9 inch cock into me, because that was about all I could take, and even I'll admit that the threat of more physical pain, does a great deal to suppress one's gag reflex, but I remember seeing him reach around himself and finger his asshole from behind.

"Take my cock you faggot" he admonished to me over and over, "Oh yeah, you give great fuckin head" and then he laughed, and imitated me, "but Noah, I don't know what head is, I don't know if I could take that big cock of yours." and then he laughed some more, almost giggling to himself.

He fucked my face for a long time, almost 20 minutes probably, but I don't remember, I really couldn't stare at my watch, and then he started to go faster and faster, and finally he grabbed my head and he pushed so hard, that he literally knocked the wind out of me, and all nine inches of his manhood disappeared past my lips. I only know that because I remember feeling his cold sweaty balls bang against my chin a few times.

He held his rod that deep and I remember thinking I was going to die because I suddenly couldn't breathe at all, and my hands raised up and pushed hard on his stomach to try to pull him out of me, but he just held on, and gripped the headboard tighter, keeping himself buried in me.

He was cumming in me. I couldn't feel it squirting, I mean his head must have been halfway down to my stomach at that point, and he was probably unloading directly into it, but my tongue was crushed against the underside of his dick, and I could clearly feel the pulses of his cock as he was cumming. I counted them. So bizarre I know, to have one's life on the line, and to be counting the pulses his cock was pushing out. I counted 7 of them, and then he pulled away, and actually slid my head off his cock. I felt his rod moving up past my throat, felt like he was pulling one of my organs out of me as he withdrew.

He then leaned back on the bed in front of me, his dick totally wet, flopped over to one side, and the head of it totally covered in his own cum.

The first thing I did of course was breathe deep and then I felt this incredible urge come from deep within me and I bolted for his bathroom and puked out everything he'd just planted in me into his own toilet.

I was gripping the toilet when I heard his voice. He was standing, still naked in the doorway of the bathroom. "What a waste."

I must have looked at him questioningly because he answered my question immediately, "I have awesome tasting cum dude, you shouldn't waste it like that."

I continued to cough and as I did so, I did actually notice more than the normal bitter puke taste in my mouth... I actually could taste his cum, and this is going to sound so weird to any cum junkies out there, but the fucker tasted like lemon cake. Duncan Hinds lemon cake... no icing, no sugar, just the cake part, sort of like cream soda. I actually licked my lips. It was a amazing. It wasn't delicious per se, but something about it was definitely amazing.

I wanted to seem powerful in that situation, I felt like I had to do something, so I got up and walked over to him and grabbed his half soft dick roughly and made sure to rub my palm around the head. It felt so good to grip the slick wetness of it, and I said to him, "not bad, really" and then I walked past him into the room, grabbed my stuff and quickly walked for the basement door.

I brought my hand up to my face as I was walking away from Noah and I licked my hand clean of his juice... Damn but it was good! I heard him say something as I touched the doorknob that stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Want some more?"

I stopped without turning around and said "more what?"

"More of my cock ya faggot." •

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