Muscle Sponsorship Out of Control


By sunquestor

Ted stood in the driveway to wait for Rico's arrival. Once again Pedro delivered his bodybuilder brother to Ted, driving up with the old Firebird. As Rico emerged out of the car with a white tank top, Ted's heart palpitated fast. "Ah, Mr. Ted I am so glad you came to such a quick decision.Rico told me himself that he thinks you will be a good sponsor." Rico stood quietly, and majestically near his smaller brother with only a large duffle bag slung over his shoulder. "He is ready to grow for you! I have one request Mr. Ted" said Pedro "I supply all of Rico's supplements. If you get my drift. I have the best suppliers in Florida. Here is my card. Send the funds to my address." "Oh, ah, of course" Ted stammered unaware of Pedro's sales pitch, because Ted was so captivated by Rico's physique. Although Rico never finished school and was penniless, he knew that he could make any wealthy,educated,powerful gay American turn into a blubbering fool just by flexing, and flashing a smile. He had power, and he knew it. "Adios, Rico" Pedro quickly embrace his brother. His embrace only encircled half of Rico's body.Ted was surprised how anxious Pedro was to leave. Ted stood in the driveway with Rico alone. "Come on Rico, let me show you your room." Ted gave Rico a tour of his spacious house and grounds. To see Rico's large, brown body swagger through the white interior, gave Ted a sense of ownership. All the while, Rico was in quiet awe of this American wealth. " Rico, this is your room. It is big and airy. And these glass doors lead to the pool patio." As if to read Ted's desires. Rico removed his tank top. bounced his pecs, and stretched. Ted drew in a large column of air. "Mr. Ted do you want to measure my body?" all the while flexing. "Yes, Rico I must record your growth." While Ted fumbled with a tape measure, Rico stood in a double bicep pose ready to be measured. Arms 19.5" Chest 51" Waist 33" Quads 31" Neck 20" "My weiner is big too" said Rico. Ted chuckled at the term he used. "How big" inquired Ted. "This big" Rico pulled down his yellow trunks and stepped back so that his 10 in "weiner" could bounce straight out pointing to Ted. "Yes it was big, thick,brown and erect enough to pull back the foreskin. Ted gasped. "Rico I think you and I will have a good partnership"

JULY 1999 (4 months after Rico moved in)

Yes, Rico grew! His brother, Pedro was now sending Rico human growth hormone. Rico was now up to 255 lbs. 90 lbs. more than Ted. His strength increased also. Ted's friends Rob and Will were in disbelief when they saw Ted being lifted and pressed overhead while laying in a lawn chair, sipping a beer. "Put me down Rico" Ted introduced Rico to his two gay friends. Rico stood among the three smaller men, heaving his chest to catch some breath after all those overhead presses. Rob and Will took note of Rico's awesome physique, especially the pecs that were glistening with sweat. "Rico, why don't you wash yourself off" Rico lumbered away. "Oh my God Ted is this the guy you took in, he is a muscle monster" said Will. "Not yet, he wants to get larger with my help" "Just what are you getting out of this arrangement Ted?" asked Rob "Oh I have my desires, but if you're thinking I'm getting a lot of sex, you're wrong. I just like to have him in my presence and see him grow." Both Rob and Will were into leather, so they thought Ted was wasting an oppotunity by having "baby sex" with Rico. " Gosh I would like to have a guy like that fist me. Now that is sex". said Rob Since you guys are two good friends. maybe I could make it happen. "Hey Rico come here" Rob and Will stood mesmorized as Rico swaggered over, his shadow casting over both of them. "What are you guys waitng for, strip!" While Rob and Will stripped Ted explained to Rico his friendship with these two and what fisting was. "If it makes you happy Mr. Ted. Will and Rob laid naked fingering their holes on the patio. Rico really not knowing what to do began to put his large brown hands into their anus. Both at the same time. Rob and Will were not prepared for what was to happen next. Rico like a child not knowing his own streghth lifted the two. They each weighed about 155 lbs, the same weight as Rico's dumbells. Gleefully Rico displayed his strength to Ted. "Hey Ted I do flys with the guys!"

JAN 2000 (10 months since Rico moved in)

Rico was now up to 295 lbs. Ted had to hire a cooking staff of 4 guys that would shop and cook his meals. Rico was constantly eating, and it was fueling his muscles. The staff was in disbelief in the amounts of meat, eggs and milk Rico was able to down in one sitting. Ted had to make renovations with Rico's room. Wider doors for Rico's shoulders. Stronger bed for Rico's additional weight. Wall to wall mirrors so that Rico could always see his freaky big body.Even a more powerful flushing toilet for Rico's megadumps. Ted seemed to exist for maintaining Rico's muscle growth. At times it was draining, and kept Ted from his business.

Just how big does Rico grow? Does Ted feel this sponsorship has gone to far? Who was power over whom?

To be continued! •

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