By Ty Blair

"Oh, man! This is not happening!" I whispered under my breath as I looked in the mirror. "This is too incredible for words."

I had gone earlier in the day to see a hypnotherapist on a whim. The guy was not highly recommended and I figured nothing would come of it, but I just had to try. I had been doing some research on size and for years it had been my secret fantasy to be able to alter my size at will. It suddenly struck me one day that if I could access that area of my brain then I should be able to do it. I called around but everybody thought I was nuts....except for Dr. Fischer. He at least thought there was a possibility of doing it. We set an appointment and I went in to see him a week later. He greeted me and we immediately set to work. He explained that in order to do what I wanted he would have to take me deeper into a state of hypnosis than anyone he had ever hypnotized before and he then explained the inherent dangers in what he would have to do. I agreed and signed some papers, and he then sat me down in a comfortable chair and the procedure began.

The next thing I remember I was awake and being ushered out of his office into the lobby. he gave me an envelope and I hurried home, eager to see if the procedure had worked.

I opened my front door and rushed into the bedroom, tearing open the envelope from Dr. Fischer.


I have reason to believe the procedure was a complete success. Go to a mirror and concentrate hard and you should be able to alter your size as you desire. You may also find that you can change the size of others around you as well. Enjoy your new toy!

Dr. Fischer

I laughed as I tossed the letter on the bed. I was so eager to try it out. I pulled off my shirt and loosened my slacks and turned to the mirror. I gaze at my reflection in the mirror. Iím tall and solidly built. Most people find me quite handsome...even sexy.

I gazed into my eyes for several seconds, getting my breathing under control. Slowly, I began to concentrate and envision myself smaller. nothing happens for several minutes. I concentrate harder and suddenly I can see myself visibly getting smaller. I feel my dick get hard as my pants fall off of me as I lose a foot in height in a matter of seconds. oh, my god! it worked! I canít believe it actually worked! I run my hands over my now substantially smaller body. iíve just gone from tall to short in a few seconds. I look around the room and at the new perspective I suddenly have on everything. I suddenly have the desire to be with other men and to compare my size with them. to walk among the land of the tall. I reach in a drawer and grab an old pair of shorts and a t shirt and hurriedly dress. I laugh at how ridiculously long my shirt is and I go out the door and begin to walk across campus. I go over to a guy I recognize from class. I donít figure heíll recognize me, but I remember us both being approximately the same size before. I walk over and realize iím only chest high to him now. I look up into his eyes and for a moment I think he is going to recognize me, but then he doesnít. I move past him and decide to go visit a friend of mine in the dorm, Todd James. Todd was by all accounts a waste. Short and skinny he was the classic college nerd. I walked up the steps of the dorm and to his room. I knocked.

I hear the knob turn and Todd opens the door and for a moment looks confused. This is so wild! I stand there eye to eye with this 5í2" guy whom Iíve towered over for as long as I can remember. Now weíre exactly the same size.

"Hi, Todd," I say, trying to mask the nervous excitement in my voice. His eyes get wide as he realizes who I am.

"Holy cow, Tyson! What the heck happened to you?!"

I walk into his room and turn around as if modeling my new proportions. "You like my new look?" I say with a grin in his direction.

"Uh, yeah. I guess so. Howíd it happen?"

"Remember that hypnotherapist we went and saw a month or so ago? Well, I went back to see him this morning to talk about the idea of altering my size. He said he thought it would be possible, and he put me under. Deeper than heíd ever taken anyone he said. Anyway, when I came too, he sent me home with a letter that said he thought the process had worked. Well, as you can see; it worked amazingly! I shrunk myself down just about an hour ago! He also told me I should be able to alter the size of other people as well. I came over to see if you were game to try it out, Todd. Whadya say, man? You wanna see what itís like to be big for once?"

"Are you serious? Do you think itís possible, man? Can you reverse it?"

"Of course, man. it is totally safe. Címon. Letís go give it a try. What have you got to lose?"

He looked around for a moment and then agreed to try it. "Iíd hate myself forever for not at least trying it, and what the heck, itís summer. No one much is around anyway. Letís do it."

We head out across campus toward my fraternity. We pass no one we know on the way, and we go in and climb the stairs to my room. I shut the door and lock it behind us.

I turned around and looked Todd over and smiled. "Hey, man. Indulge me a little." I went over to my dresser and pulled out an old pair of workout shorts and a tank top. "Put these on."

I tossed them to him and he quickly changed. He looked ridiculous in my work out clothes and I couldnít help but giggle at the sight of him in those huge clothes.

"Well, you ready to be a big man, Todd?" he grinned nervously.

"Letís get some serious muscle on that little frame of yours." I stepped back from him and looked at him intently, concentrating hard. Within a few seconds I could see something was happening to him. His muscles were growing! He glanced over my shoulder at his reflection in the mirror.

"Oh my God! Itís working!" I watched in amazement as his thin arms filled out, becoming huge and solid. Blood vessels arced gracefully over his thick muscle bellies which led up to rapidly growing shoulders. His chest swelled and filled the tank top. His abs were visibly knotting beneath the fabric of the tank top and his lats grew wide and thick. His legs also swelled and filled the legs of his shorts and his glutes grew firm and tight. His neck also grew huge as his traps rose up, lifting the straps of the shirt.

"I canít believe it! Look at me!" he pushed past me and flexed his chest in the mirror. "Look at my muscles! Oh my God, I got big!" He reached down and grabbed the hem of the tank top and pulled it off over his head, revealing his awesome torso. His abs were more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.

He grinned back at his reflection in the mirror. "Alright, Ty. Donít stop now, baby! Give me the height to go with this body!"

I stepped back, caught off guard by the tone of his voice. I concentrated and sent out a wave of power just as he hit a double bicep pose in the mirror. As he held the pose his entire body began to grow as he rose taller and taller. His eyes widened at the realization that he was becoming tall right before his own eyes! Within a few seconds my view in the mirror was totally obliterated as he grew into my field of vision, his thick back totally blocking my view. He grew to a full 6í4" before his growth stopped. He turned and looked down at me and I looked up into the eyes of a god. He totally filled out the shorts iíd handed to him and I can assure you that if he pulled that tank top back on, it would look incredibly hot on him now. My eyes were level with his nipples .

"Wow," was all I could bring myself to say as I looked up at this mountain of perfect manhood standing in front of me, and I was surpised to find that I was feeling really uncomfortable and ill at ease in his gaze. I suddenly felt small and inadequate as I had never felt before. Toddís confidence, on the other hand, seemed to have grown right along with the rest of him. He suddenly seemed incredibly self assured and at ease with his awesome new body. It was almost as if he had been born to have the body he suddenly found himself possessing, and he quickly began enjoying it very much.

"Hey, Ty. Why donít you come up and join me?"

"Yeah...I think iíll do that." I concentrate hard and watch my reflection in the mirror. I focus all my energy to make me grow to my normal size.....but nothing happens. I try again....nothing. I start to get frantic and Todd turns around and sees me still small.

"Whatís takiní so long, little man?"

I couldnít mask the fear and terror in my eyes. "I donít know. Todd, itís not working!"

"What do you mean itís not working? Look at me, man! You just turned me into a first class stud! How can it not be working?"

"I donít know, Todd, but iím telling ya, I canít change my size! Not one inch!"

We looked at each other for a minute and slowly a weird grin crossed Toddís face. "Youíre serious arenít you? For whatever reason the power no longer works! Then that means youíre stuck in that runty little body! And I suddenly have the body of my dreams! Oh man, is this gonna be fun! The only thing that would make it any better is if I was even bigger!"

Suddenly, Todd began to grow even bigger. He added 4 more inches of height and he gained at least 25 pounds more muscle.

My eyes grew wide as I watched him grow into a 6í8" massive man! "But how....oh god! Somehow Iíve transfered the power to you, Todd."

"Thatís gotta be it!"

I chuckle. "Oh, man. What a relief. Now you can restore me to normal."

"Yeah, I guess I could do that.....if I wanted to."

"What do you mean? If you wanted to?"

"Itís just that the rules have changed now that itís me who has the power over size and not you, and I think Iíd much rather do this." He fixed his gaze intently on me and smiled, and I felt myself begin to shrink!!! In moments I was eye level with his crotch. Todd looked down at me and erupted in laughter.

"What are you doing?! Come on Todd, man. Turn me back!"

"Oh, yeah? And whoís gonna make me?" Todd turned back to the mirror and reduced himself back to 6í2" and regained his athletic build. "Thatís more like it." He turned his back to me and stripped off his shorts and underwear and I was staring at his incredible muscle butt. He looked down at his crotch. "Oh, my. Look at this. This wonít do at all. What do you think, runt?"

He turned around to show me his tiny weenie. "A man my size deserves better than 4". Letís try out 10" just for kicks." I watched in amazed horror as his penis lengthened and swole to massive, porn star proportions. "Ha-Ha! Check that crap out, man!" He stroked himself hard and two fisted his enormous pole. "Now thatís what I call manmeat! What do you think, runt?" He walked over to me and just looked down over me. "Man, I hope you wonít hate me later, but there is something I absolutely have got to do."

Having said that he grabbed his enormous erection and slapped me hard across the face with it. Ireeled backward from the force of the blow and felt my face get hot with the sting of it. My hand went to my face where he struck me and he erupted in laughter.

"Oh, man! I always wanted to be the big man on campus but I never dreamed it would be like this. Come here, little man and worship this giant studís body!" He began to hit pose after massive pose as I stood there unable to believe what was happening.

"Man, Iíve gotta find Carl and show him whatís happened to me!" Without even asking Todd went to the phone and called up Carl Wilkins, his buddy for years and one of the biggest geeks iíd ever come into contact with. Carl was without a doubt one of the most annoying people ever born on the planet, and I had hated him for as long as I could remember. Carl apparently answered the phone and a lengthy conversation ensued. "Heís coming over right now! Man, is he gonna freak!" Todd lay back on my bed and crossed his ankles as he brought his hands up behind his head. "Damn, I love the way my body feels!" He looked at me cowering in the corner and laughed, remembering how I was the big man on campus not so very long ago. My how an afternoon can change things he thought and laughed gently to himself as he looked down across his new long, athletic body. He stroked himself hard again and enjoyed the feel of his huge cock in his hand.

"Come here, runt." he said as he looked over at me. His deep, blue eyes were hypnotic and I went to him without even thinking about it. "Get your scrawny ass up on the bed and see what you can do with this," he said as he nodded at his enormous dick.

I quickly assessed the situation and realized it would be futile to resist him, and the reality of the situation was that I was beginning to become very aroused at the current state of affairs taking place in my room. I scrambled up on to the bed with no help from Todd. As I struggled I remembered how I had loved to stretch out my long body on this bed. Now it was Todd who was quickly learning the pleasures of being big, and he was really starting to enjoy the role. I climbed up on his chest and stretched my short body out along his torso and began to stroke the giant cock which was fully one third the length of my entire body now. I started to get into it, undulating my own body against his firm chest and ripped pecs. I licked the length of the massive phallus and Todd moaned.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Carl! Thatís the only person it could be. Todd sat up without even thinking about me and I tumbled into the floor. He swung his long legs over the edge of the bed and stood up to his full size and stretched, causing all the muscles of his upper body to contract.

"Who is it?" he asked as he pulled on a pair of trousers from my closet. He stepped into my loafers.

"Itís me, Carl. Todd, is that you? What is this all about?"

Todd laughed quietly. "Coming, Carl. Hold on just a second."

"What are you doing in Tysonís room? Heís gonna kill you when he gets back."

Todd looked over at me and stifled a laugh. "Uh, Carl. I donít think we have anything to worry about." He went to the door and turned the knob and opened it and looked down into the eyes of his buddy, Carl.

"Who the hell are you?" Carl began to say, but he stopped himself as he recognized the new and improved Todd James. "Oh, my god! What happened?! How?!"

Todd reached out and yanked Carl inside the room and shut the door behind him. "Itís a long story, but suffice it to say that I now have total power over my own size and the size of other people thanks to my ole buddy, Tyson here." he reached down and pulled me up to my feet. I looked up at Carl as he smirked down at me.

"Holy shit, Todd! Heís a first class runt!" He jumped to his feet and looked up at Todd. "Alright, man. Make me big like you."

"I thought youíd never ask, buddy, but I wanna have some fun with this okay? Enjoy the ride and trust me. Itíll all come out in your favor in the end." Todd looked down at Carl and slowly Carl began to shrink!!!

"Hey! Stop it, man! Make me bigger! not smaller!!!" but this was Toddís show and he was making the rules. Craig dwindled down to about equal to my size before his shrink stopped.

"Chill out, little man! I told you it would all work out in the end. Besides you gotta love that view of me from down there." He chuckled as he contracted his abs in Carlís face. "and thereís not much you could do about it if you didnít. Now whereís Tyson gotten off to now?" He looked around and spotted me in the corner of the room. "Come here, little man," he called and I quickly came over to where they were. "I wanna watch you suck Carlís little weenie."

Carl grinned. Who would ever have thought Tyson Blair would ever be caught sucking geekie Carlís dick?

"No way, Todd! Please donít make me suck geekboyís weiner." I protested, but Todd would have none of it and he reached down with his big hand and pushed me down on my knees.

"I said, suck his dick!"

There was no way of escape. I took a deep breath and swallowed hard to keep from puking at the thought of sucking Carlís puny dick. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and Carl guided his dick into my waiting mouth. "Maybe heíll shoot quick and this will be over," I thought to myself. His pathetic dick didnít hardly pose any challenge at all at its tiny size. Even at his full size it would have been less than average and now it was even more of a joke even though we were both now the same size.

I kept my eyes closed as Carl pushed his dick in and out of my mouth. He was totally getting into it. After several minutes I noticed his dick seemed to be somehow bigger. I opened my eyes and looked up at him for the first time, but he didnít seem to notice the change. Maybe Iím dreaming, I thought. I looked over at Todd and he was watching us and stroking his monster dick and running his hands over his ripped torso. Again I felt Carlís dick seem to expand in my mouth and now I was having to actually work harder to take it. He noticed it this time and he pulled it out of my mouth and stroked it a few times enjoying the feel of his bigger dick in his hand.

"Oh, yeah! Thatís more like it, Todd!" he said to his friend. He looked down at it and watched as it grew even bigger, becoming proportionately huge. "Letís see you try to choke this down now, boy!" he said to me as he shoved it in my gaping mouth. My mouth now stretched wide to take the thick cock and I almost choked when he pushed deep and it went down my throat. I noticed that even his nuts had grown bigger.

Todd stood up and walked over and looked down over us. "Alright, Ty. If you know whatís good for you, keep sucking that big cock no matter what happens in the next few minutes." Carl shoved in harder and suddenly his thrusts grew stronger and I noticed that his frail body was slowly filling out with muscle!

"Oh, yeah! Make me big, Todd!" Carl screamed as he thrust his huge meat in and out of my mouth and I looked up and watched as his body grew hard and ripped with muscle and size and power. His arms grew massive with muscle as his swelling lats pushed his arms away from his hulking torso. His abs knotted into a perfect six pack as his growing quads forced his legs apart. In moments his weak body was replaced with the body of a stud! Powerful and totally masculine in every way.

"Just keep suckiní, Ty," Todd instructed. "No matter what happens just keep sucking."

I suddenly realized I was reaching up for his dick. Carl was growing! Now not only was his cock growing, but his entire body was growing as well! His thrusts continued and with each powerful thrust his cock drove deeper down my throat and my mouth was stretched even wider. Instinctively I tried to pull off the huge organ but Carl reached down and held me on his giant dick. In moments I had to rise from my knees and stand on my feet to reach his cock on his growing body. He was back to his normal size after a few minutes and still he grew. I felt the sides of my mouth stretch wider and split and blood trickled down my chin as his cock stretched my mouth wider and wider. He soon passed the 6 foot mark and he released my head and I shoved myself off his giant cock and rolled on the floor in pain as he and Todd laughed. I struggled to hold back the tears and squeezed my eyes shut against the incredible pain.

I heard Carlís voice above me. "I guess he ainít big enough to take a man sized dick anymore!"

"Look up here, runt!" I heard Toddís voice command. I rolled onto my back and wiped the tears from my eyes as my vision cleared. I was looking up at two of the hottest studs I had ever seen. Carlís acne wasted face had completely cleared up and his greasy hair was clean and blonde against his deeply tanned skin. His eyes were a dazzling blue.

"Stand up, you pathetic fuck!" Carl ordered and kicked me.

I scrambled to my feet and stared straight ahead at their massive, man sized cocks. •

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