Day Laborer, The


By sunquestor

"Manny you have grown" I said "Yes, I did guys, thanks to Mr. Kim" he said proudly "While you guys have been doing back breaking work, tearing down your bodies, I have been building up mine by lifting big and eating big" "Look at those arms" Manny proudly said flexing a double bicep pose. His arms were about the size of Julio's head. Julio looked at them with awe. "Can I feel them" said Julio "Sure little man" Manny was just glowing in the admiration he was receiving. He loved standing close to us and comparing his behemoth body to our little bodies. Manny was right. Work tears a body down. Exercise builds it up. Our bodies were proof of that. Thin limbs and a slight paunch we all had from back-breaking work and beers afterwards.We truly looked pathetic next to Manny and he knew it.

"Remember how you use to boss me around. No longer! Look at this superior body. I could crush all three of you with my arms". We stood silent

"Guys remember that boulder there" Manny pointing to the rock garden. "Remember how it took all 4 of us to move it in place?" "Watch this"

As Manny moved to the garden the patio seemed to tremble. I knew Juan and Julio were trembling with fear as I did. We were wondering what was in store for us.

The boulder was huge and pressed into the earth, but Manny wrapped his massive 23" brown arms around it and pulled it out, and heaved it overhead. He moved closer to us. This time his footsteps were amplified by the added weight. The shadow of the boulder cast over us. We looked in amazement, because we remembered how we had to use our legs to position it, and here was Manny lifting it only with his arms. Mr. Kim nodded to Manny and Manny tossed it onto another boulder where it smashed int pieces.

We were cowering in fear while watching Manny's every move. Just like campers would watch a grizzly. We didn't know what to expect from him. Yet at the same time we got excited from the display of strength by such muscle.

"Muscle Manny" called Kim "These guys built you a this wood platform for you. It is for you to stand on while I and others worship you as a Muscle God.

Now we knew what it was for! " Yes, Manny, I mean Muscle Manny get on it" I said.

Manny with all his bulk got on the newly constructed platform. It creaked slightly under his 300lbs. On it he stood two feet taller so that his protruding pecs hung over our heads. We looked up. So did Kim proudly. Manny arrogantly displayed his physique. His favorite pose was th double bicep, and it was ours too. We were all getting erections looking up at this Samoan muscle monster. As Manny was flexing his muscles his cock grew under the tight white trunks. It was 11 inches and thick. We no longer could take it. We all stripped down to release our cocks and worship the muscle god before us.

'Worship me you pathetic little Mexicans. Look at your pathetic bodies and compare it to mine. I'm as large as 2 of you put together. My cock is even twice as large." Manny was right. Our uncut Mexican dicks were about 5.%" long erect.

Manny roared with superiority on the platform while doing a double bicep pose. The platform started to creak more. Nails popped out, wood buckled, and before the platform came crashing apart, Manny jumped off. His wide muscular feet impacting the patio,cracking it.

"You dickheads" yelled Manny "you can't even build a platform to support me." Mr. Kim was equally angered. Stepping forward he demanded we build another platform made of concrete.

We were standing naked before this muscle god who was breathing deep, heaving his massive chest in our faces. We shook in fear but our cocks were erect with excitement.

"OK guys" said Kim "As promised I will have an on-going job for all of you. After you build a platform you will serve Manny as muscle slaves.

Manny approached Juan. Juan looked up with fear as Manny took one hand to his crotch to lift him overhead. All the while flexing his small privates. Manny pressed the 155lb Juan eight times. "Let me down you muscle freak" screached Juan "Not until your buddies service me" said Manny "Service this muscle god you two."

I gladly approached Manny's ass to give him a rim. Julio was a little more hesitant, but couldn't resist Manny's 11" cock. While I rimmed,Julio sucked. Manny continued to press Juan getting a pump through his arms. Juan was helpless up there , and we were the only ones that could help him. We had to get this Muscle god off!

"Make this muscle god cum" roared Manny. Mr. Kim looked on. "treat yourself to this huge muscle" While I rimmed my cheeks were getting bruised from Manny's huge global butt cheeks. Manny began to quiver.

"Enough" and he tossed Juan into the pool. "Enough" Julio and I crawled away. With his biceps now pumped thanks to Juan his arms measured 24". He did double bicep poses and pumped his arms more moving them back and forth.

Juan and I laying at his feet saw his peach size balls expand and contract. Something was going to blow!

He stood proudly flexing and his big cock bobbing up and down. Kim approached him with a beer pitcher. " Now Manny my muscle god" Manny shot into the picher filling it half way. "very good Manny" said Kim I will now drink.

Arrogantly Manny stood there with his muscle slaves on the ground. "Now you guys will be my live in muscle slaves. You will no longer have to do day labor. You will live for my muscular existence, so that I can grow more in size and stregth."

"Julio, you will be my feeder. You will cook my muscle meals. Juan, you will be my masseur, gym slave and human dumbbell. Jose, you will be in charge of personal hygiene, trims, baths and rims.

Manny continued to grow larger than other bodybuilders,because he now had muscle slaves at his disposal. •

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