She Gave Him My Muscles

By spinpenna

We met in the gym and my dick was hard the second I saw her. There was something irrestable about her toned body, beautiful face and confidence. With one word we were on the way to her apartment. Her name was Sheila and she told me to take off my shirt and show her my muscles and I obliged. After all, I was proud of being 220 and built like a bodybuilder. Muscles had always come naturally to me and I had to do very little to keep my mass. I was a natural mesomorph. Two days a week at the gym and I had the body most guys dream of, thick, ripped and hard. There was a big mirror on the wall and I stood in front of it and flexed for her. She ran her hands over my muscles admiring each bodypart. My arms peaked up to 19 inches and she caressed the baseball bicep. She traced my pecs and abs with her fingers and then ran her hands over my ass. Just as I started fondling her and feeling her toned body the doorbell rang. In walked a tall, scrawney, slacker boy about 20 with spiked up hair. This is Tony, she said. Tony meet Joey. I shook the kids hand. It was like a fish and I squeezed it till he winced in pain. He was a little wimpy prick, interrupting my fun, and I tensed my pecs and biceps just to intimidate him. Hey jerk, he replied. Look at Joey's muscles Tony, nice huh? Joey, show Tony your big muscles. I obliged and put up a double bi. She reached up and felt my bi and I peaked it up even more. Feel that, she said to him. The kid reached up and grabbed it and squeezed it hard. I flexed it and it he couldn't even dent it. Wouldn't you like to have muscles like that Tony? she said. Yeah, Tony said, and reached up and pinched my nipple squeezing hard and twisting. I was caught by surprize and squealed in pain. See, he's just a pussy, he laughed. I was just about to deck the kid when she stepped between us. Joey wants muscles like yours. Wouldn't he look good about your size, all big and buff? Take off your shirt Joey and let's see your muscles in the mirror. The kid took off his t-shirt and he was pitiful. He was tall, about 6'2", but skinny and scrawney with veins showing on his armsand shoulders. He had a little waist and kind of wide shoulders but no muscle at all. I walked behind him in the mirror. Flex your arms Tony, I said. He put up his biceps and flexed. They were flat with no tone at all. I grabbed his arm and said, I've seen little girls with more muscles! and I squeezed until he hurt. Damn, you brused me, he said. Tony needs some muscle, she said, but look at his little waist and wide shoulders. With some size he'd look great. How much do you weigh Tony? About 150 he said. How about you Joey. Two hundred twenty pounds of pure muscle, I said as I popped up my pecs and hit some poses in the morror. I bet at 170 you'd look real nice, let's see. All of a sudden I reeled with dizziness. The room went black and I fell backward like I'd been hit with a hammer. The room swam as I struggled to stand, I felt so weak. I felt like I was being drained of all my strength. I looked up and saw Tony, he was fairly glowing and smiling. When my head cleared I heard the kid say, wow, look at me! He was standing in front of the mirror tensing each bodybpar. His shoulders, chest and arms had filled out and I could see a definite 6 pack of abs. Ooh, you look good, Sheila said, flex for me. He put up his arms and nice little lemon size biceps popped up. Look, muscles! he said. And he flexed his pecs and made them bounce. Sheila ran her hands over the new muscles on little Tony. Wow, you look great with muscles. You're about 170 now. and look at your little waist and broad shoulders. With more size you'd be like a bodybuilder. Let's see you legs, she said, unbuttoning his jeans. Tony stripped to his briefs and flexed his quads. Nice legs, and nice ass, too, Sheila said, feeling his butt. Look at Joey, he's down to 200 now. It was true, I was smaller. I flexed my arms and they were down a couple incles. What did you do to me? I asked. Oh, just took some of your muscle. Some people have the gift of being able to grow muscle almost without effort. You are one of those supermesomorphs. You hardly have to do anything and you look like a bodybuilder. And I have the gift of being able to take muscle from people like you and give it to others. I could tell in the gym that you were one I could take from. Now let's make Tony a little bigger. How about 20 more pounds. Bring him up to 190 and you to 180. No, I said, and lunged at her. But it was too late. I fell back, dizzy, reeling, weak. When I looked up again Tony was smiling. Look at me Joey boy, who's the wimp now? Tony, at 190, was impressive. Six feet two, with a 28 inch waist tapering up to broad thick shoulders. Pecs bulging at the slightest move and biceps laced with bulging veins. His abs were a deep cut 8 pack. Tony put up his arms, flexed in the mirror, and a nice peak stood up. Baseball biceps, Sheila said, feeling them both, and hard as a steel. Look at your broad shoulders and powerful chest she said, running her hands over his muscles as he flexed them. Tony said, so this is what real muscle feels like. I feel fuckin huge. And look at little Joey. Show us your muscles now, puny boy, now that I'm 10 pounds bigger. I stood beshide him and put up my arms and saw about 16" biceps. Mine are bigger Tony said and put up an arm beside mine. And look at that peak. He was right, his genetics made his peak stand up like a little mountain. And look at those legs, Sheila said. I watched as Tony flexed his quads and Sheila ran her hands over the powerful muscles. I had had enough and decided that I had to get out of there. When Sheila turned to feel his legs I made for the door and was out. The next thing I remember I was waking up on the floor. Sheila and Tony were looking down at me. Your not fast enough little boy, Tony said. And as my head cleared I couldn't believe what I saw. Tony was huge. He had to be 230 at least. His shoulders were massive and broad and his pecs were like carved marble. He tapered down to a tiny waist with deep cut abs rippling down to his briefs. His powerful quads flaired down to the knee. What do you think now little Joey? he said as he flexed his pecs and made them stand up like rock hard slabs of muscle. And who has biceps now, he said, as he flexed his arm up. Must be 20 inches and peaked up like a mountain. Wanna have some fun with all these muscles, he said to Sheila. And I watched as she took off her clothes and started feeling him. He flexed every muscle for her and she felt him and licked him and ran her tits over his muscles. Then he pulled off his briefs, lifted her onto his rock hard dick and held her with massive biceps as he fucked her. The veins in his biceps bulged as he lifted her up and down untill his cock exoploded. Now it's your turn Joey boy, he said. He reached down and lifted me under the arms. I'd say you're about 140. Soft and puny as a little girl. Let's see your biceps. Now! he said, and he shook me in his iron grip. I put up my arms and tiny little bulges stood up, barely like golf balls. Hey, Sheila, look he still has some muscles. I want em, he said. And my head swam again. I came to still in his grip. ten more pounds of your muscle, he said. I'm up to 240 and it feels great. Let's see your muscles now and he lifted me off the ground and sunk his fingers into my back and chest until I winced in pain. I put up my arms and there was no muscle, just skin and bones. You're down to 130, think your friends will recognize you? Look at me with 90 pounds of your muscle. And he stood up and started to flex and pose. Awesome, so much muscle. The more I pose the more pumped I get. Look at the sweat running off me making the muscles shine. . You were such a smart-ass prick when I came in here putting those muscles in my face. Now mine are gonna be in your face. Lick em! he commanded, lick the swet off my muscles. Lick me clean. Do it, Sheila said, or I'll take ten more pounds. And Tony flexed each body part as I licked him clean. I cleaned the cut between his massive pecs and he grabbed my head and made me work his nipples. I licked between the cuts in his abs, cuts that could hide a quarter between the bricks of muscle. I licked his powerful legs and worked my way up to his ass. Heavy squats had given me a muscular tight ass and now it was his. Clean it out good, he ordered as he flexed his glutes. And I put my face in and licked as he groaned with pleasure. Now the front he said, my favorite muscle. And I slid his hard cock down my throat. He held my head and worked me as I sucked and worked it till he came. I can't wait to try out these muscles at the club tonight, Tony said. Gimme your shorts, he ordered. I took off my gym shorts and watched Tony put them on over his muscular ass. Then he pulled my tank top on and checked himself out in the mirror. I think I have a better body than you did, he said. Six two, wider shoulders, better abs, and look at the peak on this bicep, he said, as he flexed it up and kissed his own arm. There's a couple chicks I wanna have some fun with and a couple guys I always wanted to fuck. With this body, I can do anything. •

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