By Sean P. McCoy

Over a period of just a few hours, Chad called a local ironworker, and a glass fitter to deliver some glass and welding equipment to Chad's house the following day. Upon preparation for the jump back to the present, Chad anticipated either Ken, or his transformation to be in effect during the hop back to the present, so a casing to carry six people back was engineered to attach to the flux capacitor, and its nuclear powered equipment. After a rather restless time engineering a casing, and being constantly distracted by the periodic transformations of his companions, Chase gave into his temptations and approached Chad rather lustfully. "I want to have sex with you, and undergo the transformation at the same time. I think that would be extremely hot." Chad said. Ken headed down the basement stairs while hearing Chad's forward proposal, and became rather interested. As both of them were not transformed, they wanted to engage in growthful, lustful sex in Chad's room. They piled on the bed and began to kiss each touch each other in anticipation of the pending occurrence, when Chad began to shiver. Ken leaned over to Chad's ear and said, "Put it in me, and hold me." Chad didn't have to be asked twice as Chad's dick slammed into Ken's ass and began to harden, then grow. As Chad held on to Ken, Ken felt the hunk's chest press against his back and push him forward. He noticed that Chad's arms began to inflate when the chill feeling also began to hit Ken. Ken grabbed Chase and returned the same favor to Chase as he had received from Chad. Chase had been fucked several times in his life, but never to a point of euphoria that he was feeling as Ken and Chad grabbed him rather forcefully, and began to make love to him as he had never had before. The sex went on for not more than an hour as both Ken and Chad had transformed back to normal right at the climax. Exhausted all three of them lay in Chad's bed recovering from what they had just experienced, but anxious to return to the present time. After each had a quick shower, and a change of clothes. They began to prepare themselves for the jump back. Chad and Ken had to pick out some of Chad's more loose fitting clothes as not to create further immediate adverse effects for the transformations that they were experiencing. After returning to the basement, Chad adjusted a few knobs, fired up the nuclear battery until its regular clicking occurred, and all three climbed into the casing. The energize button was hit, and they were off. Blinded by the flashes they were seeing, and the movement through the wormhole, Chad spoke up and said rather loudly over the din of the machine, "I have a confession to make guys, there is something that I think you should know." Once Ken heard this, he immediately replied, "What is it Chad? What is it you want to tell us?" A pause in the conversation fell over the inside of the casing, and Chad once again began to speak. "I think that you should know that I..(to be continued)."

As though nothing had happened at the point the travelers machine appeared from another time did their emotional conversation continue.

Once Ken heard this, he immediately replied, "What is it Chad? What is it you want to tell us?" A pause in the conversation fell over the inside of the casing, and Chad once again began to speak. "I think that you should know that I made a minor adjustment to the machine."

"What???" Ken said

"What type of adjustment exactly did you make?" Chase said curtly

"Well I sensed that you were going to try and get rid of me by changing history back to the way it was." Said Chad

Just then Chad and Chase regained their sight as the flashing wore off and they looked at their destination. Once again it was Chase and Ken's basement although things looked rather dusty, and cobwebs hung from the beams above. Just then a light shone from the other side of the room as a vertical door seemed to open from thin air. As the holographic door extended up to seven feet, a figure much like Chad filled the doorway. He was older, rather distinguished with salt/pepper hair. As he approached the machine, the three stood still as Ken regained his sight. The figure walked closer and with a rather foreboding look said, "Ah, I see I've found you. I thought you were supposed to come arrive back at the present time, but the computer's termporal locator stated otherwise. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Chidester. I'm a temporal scientist, and I've been tracking your invention for quite some time now Chase."

Chase looked at him stunned and said, "How exactly do you know who I am, and what are you doing here, and since you think you're so smart, when is here?"

Dr. Chidester grabbed a calculator gadget from the inside of his khaki trenchcoat, and began to push a few buttons, "Hold on a second, the computer takes a bit to respond, you know its just a computer you know." He paused as the calculator device began to beep with a compliant answer. "Let's see it shows March 5, 1977. I think I might need to tell you something before you go any further." Just then Dr. Chidester walked through the machine as if he weren't there, and past through it much like a ghost haunts and passes through a medieval castle wall with unfinished business.

"Wha? How did you do that?" Ken asked in amazement

"Well you see," Dr. Chidester replied back without much enthusiasm, "I only exist here, because there is a need for me to be here. I am just a soft light hologramic projection that actually exists in your future. January 29th, 2023 to be exact. I had to come here, because strange powers are at work, and you Chase involuntarily brought rise to them."

"Chase what is it you did" Chad said

Dr. Chidester interrupted, "Well as you see, you Chad are not supposed to exist here in this time. In fact this reality here in March 5, 1977 is a slightly altered one than you have come to know as your past. It's really hard to tell what exactly is different, but I need to ask you some very crucial questions to ascertain if we are in any immediate danger."

"Wha? Sure I guess" Chase said, "What is it that you want to know?"

"Well first of all, does this look like the basement you might've known when your parents originally moved in here some years ago? Do you notice any changes that could have been different from your basement at this time?"

Chase paused for a minute to think, "Well you know, I don't ever remember my basement ever this unkempt and dirty. Other than that, not really that much, only the things that my parents had down here at that time are not here."

"Ah, I see" Dr. Chidester said, "Well that would probably mean you are in the reality that you haven't come to know as the one where your parents never lived here. You see what my computer says is," he paused as the computer made a few beeping noises, "Ah here, what my computer says is that this is reality where your parents originally were in the process of purchasing the house, found out about your friend Chad's disappearance, and his wife estranged behavior which led to her suicide in April of 1965."

"Martha? Commit suicide? Oh no, its all my fault" as Chad's eyes began to weep.

"Well not exactly Chad." Dr. Chidester said, "Your wife was having an affair with someone you both knew, a Major Stimke? Does that name sound familiar to you Chad?"

Chad immediately stopped weeping, and began to get a hostile tone to his voice. "YES! I KNOW A MAJOR STIMKE!!!"

Dr. Chidester said, "Now calm down Chad, my computer shows that she was unfaithful to you for quite some time before you met our friends here."

Ken spoke up rather curtly, "Now how is it exactly you know so much about Chase and Chad, and not really much about me. Don't you have something in your precious computer there that will reveal the secrets to ruin my life??"

"Well I do, but I really shouldn't be telling you three this information, it could potentially have further adverse affects on the fabric of time, and as you see right now, it is rather damaged by just Chad being here. Back to the situation at hand though."

Ken was satisfied and accepted the doctor's answer as he continued. "First of all we need to undo what Chad did."

"What exactly did you do Chad? What have you touched on this machine?" Chase said rather frantically.

"Well its like this guys, ACK!!" a sharp pain controlled Chad's leg as the transformation process begun. Upon completion, Dr. Chidester looked rather confused and said, "Hmmm, I don't remember this scenario, you see you three, I have been advising you three on all of the thousands of scenarios in the different times that you have appeared for several years now, I'm guessing not soon after you left what you, Chase and Ken, know as the present time. I don't recall this transformation business ever coming about. What exactly have you experienced so far?"

Chase, Ken, and Chad told their tale of how they came to be here as Dr. Chidester listened intently. Dr. Chidester shook is head in understanding from time to time, but other than that remained rather unemotional and unsurprised. "Well first of all," the doctor spoke upon conclusion of their tale, "I need to make one alteration first. Dr. Chidester began to feverishly push buttons on his hand- held computer, and said, Ah, I've got it!" Just then Dr. Chidester pointed the computer at Chad, and a green beam of circular light shone out upon Chad, and Chad faded to nothing.

"Wha? What did you do with Chad??" Ken said surprised

"Don't worry about Chad Ken, he is back exactly where you found him in 1945 completely unaffected by your visit. In fact, you might say that your visit never took place. Look back at your machine."

Chase and Ken shocked in amazement said, "It's back to the original wrought iron/glass casing. What will happen to us? What will become of us? Is there a way you can undo how we came to be here?"

"Unfortunately, as you see, I'm here, and I would erase my own existence if I removed you back to your present time. Also, you in many, in fact infinite parallel universes are existing and need some guidance through your time travels. I need to see if the fabric of time will correct itself, now hold on to the machine, this could possibly be unpleasant if you've never experienced it."

Just then a rumbling sound much like the sound of a freight train approaching began to shake the basement as if a tornado were approaching from an unknown direction. Dr. Chidester yelled as the sound became louder, "Now hold on to something solid" Chase didn't have to be asked twice as he reached over and curled his arms around Ken who held onto a wooden support beam. Chase looked up at Ken lovingly.

The sound became louder and louder as a series of bright flashes blinded the two as Dr. Chidester put on a pair of protective goggles shielding him from the bright flashings. Just as quickly as the sound approached, it concluded. Dr. Chidester removed his goggles rather non-chalantly and looked over at the two weary travelers as they struggled to regain their sight. As they were beginning to focus, Dr. Chidester said, "Ah, now that's probably better. Something that you Chase should be able to remember." Chase shook his head in doubt as the doctor looked distraught. "I'm sorry doctor, this is my basement, but its not my basement." Ken replied, "What in the heck does that mean."

The doctor paused briefly before replying with, "Well, that's not entirely unbelievable Ken, it seems that Chase's perception of this reality is beginning to change, as should yours very soon. Please allow me to at least stabilize that for you."

Ken replied sharply, "Oh no, you're not shining that thing in our faces-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s" as the chill of the most muscular transformation began. Chase interrupted Ken's rather incomplete comment. Hold on here a second doc, lady grand's got to do her thing. Now, now, now, Chase, please don't down-play this rather unstable and potential serious affect that your friend Ken is suffering. I need to go about getting you two elsewhere. Once the transformation has worn off of Ken, we will need to continue on a more convergent course with one of your other existences so that you will not be perhaps as disoriented with your current surroundings. You see my efforts exist to converge all of your existences in all of the other times you have existed in back to what you perceived as the time soon after you originally left. Some of the other times yet to come for you two, and in some case with Chad, three travelers have existed have led to your death, so it is my responsibility to reconverge all of those various travels back into the original time of what you perceive to be your existence. Dr. Chidester continued to describe some of their other less than successful travels which ended in adverse effects and instructed them of the intent of what he was trying to avoid. After about the eighth or ninth story, the fever his Ken, and Chase and Ken took the timing to return to the machine, and energize a time in which Dr. Chidester instructed them to go.

(Time Shift, Fade Out>) •

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