August 19th, 1945


By Sean P. McCoy

Chase replied, "Don't you mean, When are we? Right now, I can't see anything, but I think this will wear off shortly."

After sitting rubbing both of their eyes for a few moments, Chase was at last able to focus his eyes. He looked outside the glass machine, and saw………his basement.

"We haven't gone any place", Ken said

"Of course we haven't, this only travels through time, it doesn't cause us to change any geographic position."

"That makes sense Chase, I guess you're right. I can't put my finger on it, but this doesn't look like your basement. I mean the structure is the same, but the stuff down here doesn't look like yours.

"It isn't Ken, none of this stuff is mine, it must be a previous owners' stuff."

"How previous Chase, just how far have we gone back."

"I'm really not sure, but it does look like some time ago, check out that paddle controlled sewing machine in the corner. I think the last time I saw one of those, it was in a museum. How about that box in the corner, it looks like a box of "National Geographic" magazines."

"How can you tell? It's so dark down here"

"Well, what I can see is the yellow border, hold on a second Ken, let me grab the lighter out of my coat, these magazines are always dated."

Chase fumbled around his coat pocket, and finally found his lighter. Just then, a a door slammed from the floor above, and a male voice yelled out and said, "Martha, I'm home from the war! Let's celebrate!" Chase stopped, and listened further. A few steps crossed the hardwood floor upstairs directly above the travelers, and a few muffled clicks were heard. "Let's fire up the radio, I want to dance. Martha, where are you?" Just then the adjusting volume of what could barely be made out as a big band theme was barely audible.

Chase whispered, "I think its 1945, now stay quiet for a few moments, I have to try and figure out how we're going to get out of this situation."

"How old is your house Chase?" Ken whispered

"Shhhhh… quiet, for your information, when my parents bought it in the late 60s, the house was already 120 years old. They said it was fully renovated sometime in the 50s."

"That's why it looks so different. Hey Chase, come look at this, there are some stairs on the other side of the basement. These weren't here before. They lead up to a storm door that opens directly out into the alley."

"Yeah, I see that, but those stairs look as old as me. I don't want to risk being heard by the current owner from those creaky- looking stairs."

A short time passed and the travelers remained quietly in the basement. Periodically some panels from the hardwood floor from the floor above would creak from the man above walking across the floor from the kitchen, the downstairs bedroom, to the living room, and back to the kitchen.

"Ack!" cried Ken "The pain in my hand, its back, I feel so cold."

"Is someone down there?" a voice from above called out, "Is there someone else here?"

Ken's teeth chattered, his ¾ length lab coat began to ride up as his muscles began to grow, and cause the lab coat to rise from his body inflating with muscles. Chase reached over and tried to hold Ken's jaw shut, and encompass his growing body in an embrace. Chase thought the feeling of Ken's growing body was hot, and he began to get really hard. At the beginning of the embrace, Chase could get his arms all the way around Ken's body, but as the transformation concluded, only his fingertips could barely touch. They were both interrupted by the stairs to the basement door being folded out, and a rather ordinary looking man proceeded halfway down the stairs. "Who are you two? What are you doing here?"

Chase concluded the embrace rather abruptly and faced the man in uniform. He looked to be about 28, somewhat shorter than Ken, I guess to be about 5'8", average build. He spoke again, "If you don't start talking, I'm going to call the police!"

"You're going to have a hard time believing this, but allow me to explain." Chase was successful in calming down the young man in uniform. He began to explain the rather incredible story. At first the young man in uniform, who they found out was named Second Lieutenant Chad Weatherbee, was rather skeptical of their far-fetched story, but after Chase demonstrated his digital watch, and Ken demonstrated the pocket organizer left in another pocket of the lab coat, the far-fetched story began to make some sense.

Chad said, "So what are you doing here? And why now of all times?"

"Well," Ken spoke, "We really didn't have much of a chance to make a quick decision. We were kinda in a hurry."

Chad interrupted, "With a gun pointed at your face your probably going to do about anything to get out of that situation."

"Gun?!?!", Chad said, "What did you do to get into so much trouble with the police?"

"Well its not the police, Chad, it was the U.S. Government." Ken said

"Why in the world would the U.S. Government want to hurt anyone?" Chad said

Ken and Chase looked at each other ominously, "I'm really not sure Chad, it seems pretty strange to me too." Chase said to Chad as Ken looked at Chase in a subdued state of surprise.

"C'mon up stairs you two, I want you to meet Martha when she gets home. I think she's just gone to the market, or she might be out with her girlfriends for a couple of hours. She's never really gone too long." The three men began to head up the basement stairs. Ken followed the other two stopped almost at the top of the stairs when right before reaching the top stair, a sharp pain shot through a line parallel to his forefinger and his middle finger right under the surface of his palm.

"Oh no, its happening again." Ken said

"That was thirty-six minutes that time." Chase replied

"What in the world are you two talking about, Ken are you ok? Is there something wrong with your hand? Should I have the town doctor come over?"

Ken gritted his teeth and replied, "I'm fine" Ken said in a strained voice, "Hold on a second Chad, I should be done in just a second."

"Wha? What's happening to you? You're sweating all over, and you look live you've just lost about thirty pounds of muscle!"

Chase spoke up, "He has, you see, my friend Ken here was involved in a bio-chemical experiment. The intended result of this experiment was for him to remain at 190 pounds, and not go through this periodic transformation. The unfortunate part of this experiment is that the inventor of this formula had just been killed by his own formula right as Ken here was calling him to find out how to stabilize this reaction, and if he can't stabilize it in the next seven and a half days, Ken here will die of a massive heart attack. I have to get him back to the nuclear lab, and…."

Chad interrupted rather surprisedly, "Nuclear lab, how do you civilians know about the location of the nuclear lab, that lab is supposed to be top secret."

"Well in your time perhaps, but most some universities have nuclear laboratories in our time. Just what do you know of a nuclear lab Chad, can I deduce that you're with military intelligence?" Chase said

"Yes I am, I'm one of the junior science officers on the secret nuclear project."

"You mean the one in Nevada?" Ken asked

"I've said too much, what exactly does Ken need to stabilize the transformations?"

"Well, I'm not sure" Chase said, "We have this formula written on this piece of paper, but unfortunately it was torn at the end of the page, so we can't find out what the third reactant is in this nuclear reaction."

Chad eyed the piece of paper, then walked to the door, grabbed a long dark-green military issue drawstring bag. He undid the end of the bag, and stretched the contracted cloth around the string, opened the bag and fumbled through some clothes which he removed a couple shirts which he put on a chair adjacent to the bag, and pulled out a thick book of at least 2500 pages or more.

"I have to tell Martha that I just got home from the war, because I really can't tell her that I was working on the project."

"That makes sense." Ken said

Chad crossed the floor toward the two travelers as they sat on the couch. "Let's see" as he flipped through the pages, "I think I've seen that reaction before." He flipped through another thirty pages or so and said, "Oh yes, here it is."

Chase said, "Bombarding deuterium ions on a polonium ion?"

"Yep" Chad said "What else? Let me see the rest of the reaction."

During this time Ken reached around the side of the sofa and picked up a newspaper and read the heading and the date "August 19th, 1945 Evening edition" Ken looked again down at the newspaper rack, and saw a letter attached to a set of envelopes. Ken picked up the letter, spoke up, and said, "I don't think Martha's coming home."

Approaching Chase to display the formula, Chad stopped, looked at Ken, closed the book shut, and approached Ken to snatch the letter out of his hand.

Ken paused for a few moments and said, "It looks like someone's been caught" "Caught? You mean captured?" Chase said

"No, it looks like one thing that lieutenant Chad here hasn't told us, is that he's gay."

"Gay?" Chase said abruptly

"The letter I found is a "Dear John" letter to Chad here. It turns out that his wife recently received some notes that were received by someone that Chad had been seeing while overseas. It turns out that this lover Sgt. Zettler got a bit jealous of the fact that he had a wife at home, and wanted Chad all to himself."

Reading the letter Chad looked up and said, "It's true" Chad sighed, "I am homosexual, I couldn't take my eyes off of your friend Ken when I found him in the basement, because there was something about his absolute physical perfection that…" Chad stopped, "Oh no, I'm sure military intelligence has found out about all of this by now, and will throw me in military prison, and give me a dishonorable discharge."

Chase said, "Now calm down Chad, I'm sure if military intelligence knew about this relationship, they would have already done something about this. It seems to me that you were too valuable of a scientist on the research project that even if they do know about this, they are less than likely to do anything, because they need the value of your mind, not what you do with your body. Besides, Ken and I are both gay. It's not a big deal from the time we come from. Now about that third reactant."

Chad's sad look was replaced with a relieved look when he said, "Now hold on a minute. I've got something that you want right?"

"Uh-huh" Chase said

"And I think you've got a couple things that I want."

"Err…….I think I know where this is going" Ken said

"Well in return for the third reactant in your formula, I want you to take me back to your time, and give me an injection of the formula. You see I hold the key to being able to stabilize it for your friend here, so I just don't know how you can say no to me."

"Oh no, that's completely out of the question, that would cause some serious problems with the fabric of time." Chase said rather quickly, "What about your children, and their children. What about your existence here in this time? Don't you think that it will be a bit suspicious if you all of a sudden disappear? And how exactly do you think all three of us will be able to fit in that machine downstairs?"

"Well first of all, I have no children, and due to my sexuality probably won't. Secondly, I really don't have much to live for here since my wife has now left me, and I really haven't had much of an existence here up to now since I've been on the project, and overseas the last three years. Thirdly, my neighbor has some welding equipment, and we can go into town and buy some tempered glass panels, and make the capsule large enough for the three of us. And finally, if I keep on talking, I'm going to talk myself out of this opportunity. You see people from our time are fascinated about the speculation of little green men on Mars, when we'll get to the moon, moving sidewalks and such. I can't wait to see all of this in your time."

"Well two out of three isn't bad" Ken said in a subdued voice to Chase

"What was that?" Chad said

"What was the date on that "Dear John" letter?"

"Yesterday" Ken said

"I don't know about you two, but that seems to be a bit too coincidental. Now doesn't this seem odd, the two of us arrive, we're both gay, and your lover sends three years worth of love notes that happened to get to your wife only just yesterday." Chase replied

"It really does" Chad said, "I really can't think of anyone that would have intervened to create such circumstantial timing. Besides, if I don't get both of you in bed here in the next couple of minutes, I'm going to orgasm right here.

Chase's left eyebrow raised, "You're really not my type Chad."

"Perhaps I will be if you give me an injection of the formula." Chad replied

"I really don't have any syringes, or alcohol." Chase replied "Besides, my skin crawls at the sight of needles."

"No problem, I'll call the town doctor, and say that I have a patient here that needs some urgent medical attention due to some red spots that are starting to cover his face and body. The good doctor will probably bring over some antibiotic, and while he's not looking, I'll reach into his black medical bag, and grab a syringe."

"Oh? And just who do you think will play the part of the patient?" Ken asked

Chase and Chad looked at each other, and then both looked at Ken

"Oh no!" Ken said as he concluded that both of them meant for the patient to be him. "What if the doctor should see me transform into the muscleman or transform back into myself? Don't you think that will cause a bit of suspicion?"

"Relax" Chad said, "We'll just say that you have no known allergies to any medications, but if you should transform, we'll just say that you're having some sort of adverse allergic reaction to what he just gave you."

"But that should cause some sort of swelling, not spontaneous muscle growth." Ken said

"We'll put you in bed upstairs, dab you with red food coloring all over your upper body, and try and keep as much of you under the covers at all times." Chad said

Just then a pain shot down Ken's hand, and a severe chill hit him causing him to shiver and his teeth to chatter, "Th-th-th-that thing with being under the covers doesn't sound too bad right now." Ken's lab coat began to stretch, and toward the end of the transformation, the top button was stretched so much to the extent, that the button was pushed through the button hole, and the button came undone as his chest heaved through.

"That hasn't happened before" Chase said, "Could it be that the longer you remain unstable, the larger your muscles become during a transformation?"

"Possibly so" Ken said, "I felt colder this time, and the pain in my hand was more intense."

"Now that was a real turn-on. I can't wait to be injected with the formula. Let me go call the doctor." Chad said "Let me go get the food coloring for you Chase, and you can start dabbing spots on Ken's body."

"Do you have a bathroom scale Chad?" Chase asked

"Yeah, its in the upstairs bathroom, its on a counterweight. The wife got it before I went off to the war, and said that she was going to keep her figure so I could remember her as she always was when she got home."

"Looks like someone else remembered it too." Ken said quietly to Chase as he chuckled, and Chase elbowed Ken's ribs for him to stop.

Chad didn't hear any of this as he had dialed the phone to the doctor's office, and was requesting that he come over immediately to treat a sick patient. Only about twenty minutes passed during which time Ken stepped on the scale which read 197. Chase called to ask Chad about the accuracy of the scale, and Chad replied that the scale company was the only one in the state that had been commended by the department of weights and measures as being the most accurate. Chase's conclusion about Ken's growth was proven. Ken was then put into bed, and Chase began to dab the red food coloring all over his massively muscled body. Chase had to pause at one time, and wipe a bit of drool off of his lip. From time to time, Ken chuckled as he started to dab spots on his ribs toward the end of the task, Ken jerked back and chuckled a bit. "I remember that ticklish thing" Chase said, "I just hope I don't smear any of these, now hold still, I'm almost done." As Chase finished dabbing the spots, Chad joined as he entered the door of the bedroom, and said, "Are you almost finished?"

"Yep, just finished." Chase said as Ken tried as hard as he could to stay stationary

"Good" Chad replied, "Now there is a thing or two I need to ask you before the doctor gets here. First question, we're you two, ya know, ever "a pair"?"

"Some time ago, after I found that I was just one of Ken's rebound relationships, and figured that he wasn't going to only be superficially serious about the relationship, I broke it off. I had a good time with Ken and all, but I guess we were never meant to be. Ken did make a special effort to go ahead and stay friends with me after the fact, and we able were able to develop a platonic relationship which further developed into a roommate-roommate relationship.

"Guys rooming with each other?" Chad asked, "Don't you think that caused some suspicion?"

Ken replied curtly, "Chase said earlier that the whole "gay" thing in our time is not a very big deal."

"Oh, sorry, I forgot. I hope you didn't take that the wrong way man." Chad said in a rather ashamed manner.

"No problem, I guess its something that you're not really used to in this time." Ken said as he calmed down.

"Well hopefully this next question won't cause any offense then. When you two were in your relationship, did you ever…."

CLACK, CLACK, CLACK, the metal door knocker went as Chad was interrupted mid-sentence before the got the big question out.

"H-hold on a second, I'll go get the door. I'll be right back, now Ken, slide under the cover, and hold onto this hot water bottle. It will make it feel like you have a fever as well."

"Good idea" Chase said, as Chad left the room and proceeded down the stairs to the front door. "Here Ken", he handed Ken and ice pack to put over his eyes and forehead to make him look more sickly.

Although fairly distant, Chase was able to make out most of the conversation downstairs. The first thing that Chase heard was something about Chad making an observation that the doctor was not the same doctor as he remembered before he left for the war. The doctor explained that he was a resident intern, and was filling due to a high number of house calls that the resident town doctor had to look after during this time of year. Chase pondered that, and thought it was rather odd that a doctor would have an excessive number of house calls in the month of August. The conversation became more audible as they ascended up the staircase.

"Just how long have you been practicing medicine doctor?"

The doctor paused, then spoke up and said, "Only two years now, I'll finish my internship next spring."

"You seem a little old to just be entering medicine"

Chase looked around the door and saw a man with steel gray eyes in the mid-40s age range, with a frown on his face, and a long coat and hat. At his side he was carrying a classic black doctor's bag. Chad was caught by Chase as he briefly stared at the bag with a intense sense of interest.

Chad led him into the bedroom and said, "I think its measles doc, but I'm really not sure. Here doc, let me help you with your hat and coat. I can't think of why you would need them this time of year."

Without a skip in conversation the doctor replied, "I hear it might rain later, so I want to be prepared. Have all of you been exposed to the patient here?" The doctor sat as he put the bag on the floor just to the left of him. He opened the bag, grabbed a couple medical instruments, a tongue depressor, a thermometer, and an antique looking blood pressure gauge. He picked up the three devices, put the pressure gauge, and the thermometer on the nightstand next to the bed, and grabbed the tongue depressor with his thumb and forefinger and tried to convince Ken to yield to let him check the state of his throat as he rolled the casters of the chair across the hardwood floor toward Ken's horizontal body.

"Now come on son, open wide, let me see your tonsils." As the doctor bent over Ken's body.

With the ice pack over his eyes and forehead, Ken rolled from his side onto his back facing up. He then opened his jaw, and stuck his pointed tongue out for the doctor to depress, and made a further investigation.

"Tonsils are normal." The doctor said, "Now let me check your temperature."

The compartment on the bag displayed a few other random medical devices, a series of bottles of injectible liquids, and a couple of syringes. In a rather sneaky manner, Chad said that his shoe came untied, and as he bent over to quickly make it look like his shoe was untied, he ever so quickly reached in the doctor's bag and grabbed the larger of the two syringes.

"Now open wide so I can check your temperature." Chad had a rather disgusted and confused look on his face as he was fumbling to conceal the syringe in his hands behind him.

"Excuse me for just a moment, I have to…….I think something in the oven is burning." Chad jogged down the stairs with the concealed syringe as wild visions began to fill his head.

With a more concerned and suspicious tone in his voice Chase spoke up and said, "I've never heard of an oral thermometer doctor, is this a new invention? I thought that the only type of thermometers that you doctors used were rectal ones?"

The doctor hastily cleared his throat, and with a little stammering, he said, "Y-Yes, we've been using these oral thermometers for some years now."

When Ken heard this he removed the ice pack from his forehead sensing Chase's concern with the last question. Right then the doctor turned the chair around, and began to fumble through his bag. After a brief moment, Ken focused his eyes on the doctor treating him, and right as the doctor grabbed a black object in his bag, he spun around to face Ken. With a shocked look on Ken's face, Ken blurted out in an enthusiastic manner, "Oh my gosh, what are you doing doctor?"

"I think you better come with me son." The doctor said as he unlatched the safety from the revolver. "We've got to get you back to the time you know as the present."

"Why are you government people trying to kill Ken?" Chase asked, "Why in the world is Ken a target, and more importantly, how did you get to this time?"

"Shaddap, both of you, now you" he said as the pointed the revolver at Chase, "Get over there with your friend on the bed."

Chase froze as he did earlier when the lead agent did with the gun pointed right before the machine energized and transported him to this time. "Didn't you hear me son, now move!"

"Can't you see that he has a fear of guns?" Ken cried out, "Let me help him move over here."

"Alright, but slowly" the doctor yelled

Ken reached over to Chase and grabbed his left arm with his left hand, and his waist with his right hand. Ken gave a gentle tug as Chase's frozen shocked look on his face sustained as Ken slowly drug his feet across the hardwood floor creating a slight screech from Chase's rubber shoe soles. "C'mon now just a little further…..that's it now Chase, now please try to relax."

Chase couldn't relax, but could only notice the figure of a head in the distance ascending out of the corner of his eye, but his eyes didn't move at all. The figure moved slow. The agent looked right at Chase, then Ken, sensing there was something suspicious. Just then, Ken's eyes moved in the direction of the staircase as a stair began to creak. The doctor swung around quickly just as in the location of Chad's hand a orange-white flash of white flickered without causing much of a noise, and instantly put the doctor to his knees causing him to drop his revolver and fall onto his side. As the gun hit the floor, the loose trigger jerked in the direction of the back of the gun, and fired off a loud pop. The sound was so loud and sudden, that Chase and Ken grabbed their ears in pain, and looked to see where the bullet had landed.

"You shot him in the knee!" Ken said grabbing his ears.

"Quick, kick the revolver across the floor toward me, so he can't grab it." Chad said in a distressed voice

As Chase remained frozen, Ken quickly picked up his right foot and stomped the doctor's elevated back down to the floor to prevent his movement toward the gun which caused the doctor's head to bang against the floor and fall unconscious. Ken then kicked the gun toward Chad as he staggered up the stairs supported by the banister.

"Got it!" Chad said as he reached the stair second to the top and reached over to grab the gun at the top of the stairs.

Ken proceeded to the closet, and found two neckties hanging at the back of his closet. Chase came out of his shock to notice that Chad had been struck in his thigh by the stray bullet. "Chad are you alright?"

"Quick Ken, tie him up before he comes to. Yeah, I think I'm ok" As he spoke, Ken looked over to see Chad's bullet wound which caused him to pause for a moment.

"Hurry up Ken, tie him up" Ken came out of his temporary shock and did exactly what Ken requested. He quickly tied his hands and feet in a powerful knot behind his back.

As Ken tied, Chase quietly spoke up and said in a voice sustained by his previous shock, "H-How did you? I-I mean, how do you have a gun, you're a scientist?"

"I have to carry it with me at all times for protection. I never had to use it till now. I-I mean all of the scientists have to carry a gun with a silencer attached, because you have to be prepared to protect yourself from an attack from an armed spy. The guys at the nuclear lab take their work very seriously, and couldn't imagine being infiltrated by a Japanese spy after all of the hard work that we do."

"Well I guess we should be fortunate that he did have a gun Chase." Ken said

"Yeah, no kidding. You saved our lives." Chase said

"I know, now if you both would help me sit down in the chair, this wound is really starting to hurt and I'm starting to get dizzy due to the blood loss."

"Ken," Chase said, "Go grab a cloth out of the bathroom, if we apply some pressure to this wound, we can prevent any further serious loss of blood."

"I'm beginning to feel cold." Chad said as he began to shiver

"Hurry Ken, we haven't much time" Chase said hurriedly

"Found one!" Ken replied as he yelled back from the bathroom.

As Ken walked in the room Ken saw Chase's arm around Chad's shivering body.

Right as Ken saw this, Ken spoke up and said, "Chase, he's transforming, be careful."

"Transforming? Have you given yourself the formula Chad?"

"Y-Y-Y-Yes I did, just a minute ago."

Before Chad could complete his last response, Chase noticed something different about Chad. He notice that there was more of him!

Ken said, "You're growing muscles Chad, now try and stay still, the first time is a bit disorienting." Chad acknowledged with a nod with his left hand holding his dizzy head and his right hand trying to apply pressure to his leg. Chad's uniform, which fit him like a glove to begin with, began to tighten, and his chest began to grow causing a tightening down the length of his buttons exposing a white T-shirt in the elliptical stretches between the buttons. One after one from top to bottom, the top four buttons on his military uniform popped off and flew across the room hitting the closet door in an even rhythm. As his T-shirt tightened, the stitching to the uniform sleeves began to rip exposing his shoulders as they heaved out for more room, but as the sleeves began to detach from the shirt, they were no match for his biceps, and triceps blowing open his sleeves, and causing a rip up the sleeve of the T-Shirt underneath. His forearms were soon to follow just exploding open the length of his sleeve causing a tattered mess of military uniform sleeves to fall to his side simultaneously. His lats and back ballooned out causing the back of his shirt to rip from the middle of the back of his collar straight down his back, and stop halfway as a massive V- Shape began to form. His abs began to tighten under what was left of his T-shirt and the six-pack of his abs began to distend the shirt barely covering the lower half of his torso. As this was happening, his legs were tightening in his pants, and he ripped open the seams of his pants exposing a classic white pair of boxer shorts covering a pair of beautifully haired legs. The whole process seemed a bit on the grotesque side as it seemed that everything was spontaneously exaggerating itself. Soon after the conclusion of the ballooning legs, Chad's dizziness went away, and he was able to come to his senses again.

"Ok, let's get going guys," Chad said with a much more powerful resounding voice.

In a constant state of shock during the entire state of the process, Ken quickly came back to his senses just in time as Chad was rising from his chair, and said, "Now hold on a second, you may think you're past the dizziness, but I think you should perhaps hold on for just a few moments." Chad froze, and sat back down as his a sharp pain shot up his leg, and a sudden disorienting round of dizziness hit his head. Ken looked down at his leg, "Where is the bullet wound? I don't see where the bullet entered any more." Chase looked down in at his leg closely where the bullet wound once was, and stroked his chin while pondering the unexpected situation.

Chase then said, "I think I have a theory, I think that perhaps that the acidic chemical that you leaned into before you received the injection was not what caused an impairment in the stability of the formula, but the pain that you were in when you received the injection caused the instability. Let's test the theory. Now Ken, how long was it exactly after you transformed, did you first experience the reverse transformation process?"

Ken paused for a moment to recall the event, and could only come to a conclusion that after losing consciousness, the first transformation's duration was just a period of about not more than fifteen minutes based upon that he had theoretically undergone a couple transformations before he came to outside the science lab when the campus officer prodded him with his nightstick. Chase looked at his watch, "Well its been about four minutes or so now. Ken, let's just stay here and observe for a few minutes, and see what happens. After not much more than just ten minutes, and hypothetical explanations of the cyclical forward and reverse transformations came true. Chad soon came down with a feverish feeling, and then sweating which progressed to the reverse transformation.

"I knew it was too good to be true." Ken said as he crossed the room to Chad. "I was really hoping that it was something in the acid was causing the problem, but I-I-I……" Ken paused as he began to sweat, and the reverse transformation finally affected him as well. Chase spoke, "Well I guess we three are all back to square one, now shouldn't we be getting back to what we know as the present time Ken?" Ken stopped as he passed a look to Chase regarding the lead agent, the gun, the hurry to leave the present time. "Shouldn't we perhaps go back to another time before all of this happened, and perhaps prevent it from happening?" Ken said, "I think that it would make more sense. You see at least I could meet up with Dr. K at some time previous to all of this and get the formula, and perfect it before the government got too involved."

Chase pondered this, "That's a much better idea, but what about… errrr….", as Chase cleared his throat and rolled his eyes in Chad's direction as he gazed at Ken. "Now wouldn't this…….." Ken quickly interrupted before Chase could finish his sentence in a mutual sense of understanding that this would cancel any effects what they had already done in 1945, "No problems for him at all, now we just have to make sure that he travels back with us so that his time here will not be affected." They seemed to convince Chad that their time theories were of a generally accepted truth, as Chad smiled, and was excited about returning to the present. "Let's now construct a way for all of us to travel back" Chad said, as he caught Ken and Chase winking at each other.

Over a period of just a few hours, Chad called a local ironworker, and a glass fitter to deliver some glass and welding equipment to Chad's house the following day. Upon preparation for the jump back to the present, Chad anticipated either Ken, or his transformation to be in effect during the hop back to the present, so a casing to carry six people back was engineered to attach to the flux capacitor, and its nuclear powered equipment. After a rather restless time engineering a casing, and being constantly distracted by the periodic transformations of his companions, Chase gave into his temptations and approached Chad rather lustfully. "I want to have sex with you, and undergo the transformation at the same time. I think that would be extremely hot." Chad said. Ken headed down the basement stairs while hearing Chad's forward proposal, and became rather interested. As both of them were not transformed, they wanted to engage in growthful, lustful sex in Chad's room. They piled on the bed and began to kiss each touch each other in anticipation of the pending occurrence, when Chad began to shiver. Ken leaned over to Chad's ear and said, "Put it in me, and hold me." Chad didn't have to be asked twice as Chad's dick slammed into Ken's ass and began to harden, then grow. As Chad held on to Ken, Ken felt the hunk's chest press against his back and push him forward. He noticed that Chad's arms began to inflate when the chill feeling also began to hit Ken. Ken grabbed Chase and returned the same favor to Chase as he had received from Chad. Chase had been fucked several times in his life, but never to a point of euphoria that he was feeling as Ken and Chad grabbed him rather forcefully, and began to make love to him as he had never had before. The sex went on for not more than an hour as both Ken and Chad had transformed back to normal right at the climax. Exhausted all three of them lay in Chad's bed recovering from what they had just experienced, but anxious to return to the present time. After each had a quick shower, and a change of clothes. They began to prepare themselves for the jump back. Chad and Ken had to pick out some of Chad's more loose fitting clothes as not to create further immediate adverse effects for the transformations that they were experiencing. After returning to the basement, Chad adjusted a few knobs, fired up the nuclear battery until its regular clicking occurred, and all three climbed into the casing. The energize button was hit, and they were off. Blinded by the flashes they were seeing, and the movement through the wormhole, Chad spoke up and said rather loudly over the din of the machine, "I have a confession to make guys, there is something that I think you should know." Once Ken heard this, he immediately replied, "What is it Chad? What is it you want to tell us?" A pause in the conversation fell over the inside of the casing, and Chad once again began to speak. "I think that you should know that I…" •

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