Muscle Adventure


By Muscle Wimp

The front doors of the bus opened slowly in front of me. I looked up to see the bus driver facing straight ahead. I was startled when I saw him. He was gigantic, 100% pure muscle! His public transit uniform barely contained his mass. He wore black shiny shoes and his pants were stretched tight across his massive legs. His waist was extremely thin for his body and a thick black belt wrapped around it. His tight fitting shirt was tucked into his pants. He slouched backwards a little and had a perfect V-shape. His chest pushed out from his body and the deep cleft between his pecs was visible since the top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. >From what I could see, his pecs looked hairless. His shirt was short sleeved and barely covered the large bowling ball sized muscles that stuck out from his shoulders. His biceps were monstrous, they seemed to be about the size of his head, and his forearms were almost as big. His mighty hands gripped the steering wheel; his fingers looked thick and powerful. His face was looked young and smooth but solid and defined with a serious expression. His hair was a dirty blonde colour and he had a crew cut. He looked like someone from the army in his uniform. He was also wearing dark sunglasses so I couldn't see his eyes. I slowly stepped up into the bus feeling a little intimidated by this hulking bus driver. As I was stepping up I quickly glanced at the rest of the bus and was surprised to see that no one else was on board. Before I had reached the last step the bus driver closed the front doors behind me and quickly began driving. I finally stepped up so that I was right beside him. He didn't move and just continued to face forward. I reached into my pocket to get my bus ticket. A sudden fear gripped my heart as I realized that the ticket was not in my pocket. I quickly searched every pocket I had. I was not carrying anything since I was just visiting a friend. All I could find was a couple pennies. I then remembered that I left my tickets on the dining table at home. My heart beat faster in fear as I quietly said, "Um... I'm sorry sir but I forgot my bus ticket." The driver remained still as a statue as I stood in silence for a couple seconds. "Maybe you can just let me off here." I finally said. "Do you have any money?" he said in an emotionless voice while continuing to drive and face forward. "Uh... no... just a couple pennies." I said with a little chuckle that was cut short when I saw that the driver did not look too amused. He had the same serious expression. "Well you're going to have to pay somehow." He said in the same tone. I was worried and now terrified. I would not have been as afraid with any other bus driver. "Why don't you do me a favor." he said without moving his head. I wish I could have seen if he was looking at me through the corner of his eyes but the sunglasses hid them from me. "Sure..." I said hesitantly. "Can you unbutton my shirt, I'm kind of hot." he said seriously. I looked at him for a moment. Why couldn't he do that himself? Maybe his arms are too stiff. No. After all, he was driving. I then thought he was joking but he did not look like it. Was this worth the bus fare? What would people think if they saw? Eventually I slowly said, "O.K...." He just continued driving with a serious expression, facing forward. My hand was shaking a bit with nervousness as I slowly reached across his massive chest towards the button of his shirt. His chest heaved up and down with each breath he took, and it looked as though the shirt buttons would burst at any second. I carefully used my index finger and thumb to release the highest button. The tip of my finger and thumb touched the clef of his immense pecs. They felt as hard as stone under the shirt. As the first button was released, the shirt immediately opened apart due to the great pressure of his chest. The next button was just below his chest. I could see how large, smooth, and hard his pecs were and the clef between them looked remarkably deep. I unbuttoned the next button which revealed his upper abdominal muscles. They stuck out enormously and were incredibly defined as if he were flexing them but he looked completely relaxed. I cautiously unbuttoned the rest of them above his waist. His chest and abs were amazing. His shirt was now unbuttoned from his waist up and the solid peaks of muscle forming his abs were clearly visible. The shirt just covered his nipples which could be seen clearly erect under the shirt. He had an outstanding eight pack that was explicitly defined. From what I felt, it feels as solid as it looks. I then stood there for a moment and asked, "Is that alright?" "You didn't unbutton all of them." He said in the same emotionless manner. I looked down and thought that he must be referring to a button on his shirt that was tucked into his pants. I glanced out of the front window and looked at the people in the other cars on the road, and those walking on the sidewalks. No one seemed to be looking at us but I was extremely nervous. I then noticed that we had passed a bus stop but no one was waiting at it. I looked at the driver who was in the same position, still looking forward. I then slowly grabbed one side of his shirt and began to pull upward so that the bottom would untuck. Since his shirt was so tight on his body I had to touch his abs in order to grab the shirt. They felt hard like stone but were warm. I was even able to feel the individual muscle fibers beneath the skin. The shirt was so tight that I could barely get my hand under it to grip it. I tugged harder and harder but the shirt wouldn't budge. I then noticed the outline of a long thick rod beneath his pants on the inside of his right thigh that started from his crotch and extended towards his knee. The rod seemed to be expanding and lengthening. It looked like he had a thick pipe beneath his pants and it caused his pants to get tighter. "You have to undo the pants to get the shirt out." he said. I froze in fear. "I'm sorry...???" I said in a confused voice. "You have to undo the pants to get the shirt out." he said more clearly this time. I could not believe this, I was completely shocked. However I did not want to mess with this immense guy. "You want me to undo your pants...???" I asked. "Well you have to unbutton the shirt..." he replied. I thought that maybe I could just do this quickly and then he'll leave me alone. I slowly reached for the belt around his waist. I could see that the thick rod beneath his pants was continuing to grow towards his knee. I cautiously unbuckled his belt. I looked at his face and he did not move at all. His rigid jaw remained firm as he faced forward. I then unbuttoned the button on his pants being careful not to touch him too much and keep my fingers only on the button. I looked at some people on the sidewalk, I think one of them looked at me as we drove by. I started to sweat a little from nervousness. I thought that I could now untuck the shirt but it still wouldn't budge with the pants zipper zipped up. I carefully held the pants zipper between my index finger and thumb and began to unzip the pants. I had to tug hard on the zipper for it to move. Finally, I unzipped his pants. I could only see his shirt that was tucked beneath his pants and saw the last button that needed to be undone. I then slowly pulled his shirt out from his pants and quickly unbuttoned the last button. The shirt now fell to his side and his entire torso was exposed. His V-shape was incredible. The top of his shirt now fell to the sides in the clef between his massive chest and shoulders so that his entire chest was exposed. He was unbelievable! He was sitting there with an unbuttoned shirt revealing his entire chest while his pants were unzipped. I then noticed that he was not wearing any underwear and I could see the base of his cock, which was the base of the thick rod that now ended not too far from his knee. I was stunned not only by the situation but also by how large his meat was. It looked gigantic compared to his thin waist but seemed to match the size of his muscles. I looked at his face and I finally saw a change. He had a smirk that made him look arrogant but he still faced the road. I made a quick glance around and then I saw that the above sign on the bus said "Not in Service." That's why we haven't stopped yet. I was trapped. "Is it alright now?" I asked very timidly. He then released his right hand from the wheel and pulled his cock out from beneath his pants. It stood up firm above the bottom of his pecs. He could barely get his own hand around it but he gripped it tightly. All the muscles in his arm flexed with his grip. His biceps, triceps, and forearm expanded as more veins appeared on their surfaces. His arm looked more solid than ever and contracted with power. However his cock did not seem to give in to the monstrous grip but seemed to expand more and grow longer. "Now you have to pay for this ride." he said. "What about unbuttoning your shirt?" I managed to stutter in fear. "That only payed for making me stop at the bus stop." he said with the same smirk on his face. He was now rubbing his massive cock in long strokes and squeezing it. With each squeeze his biceps and triceps would flex along with his forearm. Also his chest would flex slightly and pop out even more, while his abs squeezed a bit pushing them out to greater levels of definition. I knew that some people had seen us on the road, he obviously didn't care and kept driving casually. "I'm... I'm not gay." I softly said. Sure I was curious but this was more than I could handle. His smirk grew larger into a little smile. "So?" he replied. "Um... can you please just drop me off here." I asked "You haven't paid yet." "Well... what do you want?" He paused for a moment then said, "Kiss it." "What?" I asked. "Kiss it." he said again and shock his cock a little. It was so hard, it barely moved. "I said I wasn't gay." I whimpered. "Good for you." he replied. "Now kiss it." "Please... I..." "Kiss it!" He now sounded angry and I really didn't want to get him upset. I looked at the gigantic cock. It was covered in veins and stood up firm and solid like the rest of his body. I could smell a fragrance coming from it which did not smell bad at all. The cock-head was spewing an enormous amount of pre-cum which he was rubbing into his cock making is slightly shinny. I slowly lowered my head towards his giant meat. I just kept staring at the massive cock-head as my face got closer and closer to it. I was finally close enough the give the cock head a quick kiss. It was wet and very warm, but also felt very firm. I tasted his sweet pre-cum on my lips. After the kiss, I quicky withdrew and stood over him. "Now kiss each abdominal muscle." he said back in his serious tone. I was hoping that this all would have ended with the one kiss but apparently that wasn't going to happen. I really didn't have any choice so I bent over and kissed his lowest two abdominal muscles. His immense cock touched the right side of my face as I kissed his lowest ab muscles. It felt hot, wet, and very hard. He arched his back a bit more which made his abdominal muscles look like they would burst from beneath his skin. I then kissed the next two muscles and continued until I reached the last two. His abs were so firm and defined, and I could see all the muscle fibers that made up each hard mass of abdominal muscle. As I kissed the last brick of muscle he said, "Now lick them." I knew this wouldn't end any time soon. I began to lick his abs starting from right beneath his mighty chest all the way down past his belly button to the base of his giant cock which was still perfectly erect. I licked each crease between the muscles and licked his belly button. I could hear him breathing deeper; he was obviously enjoying this. His incredible abs soon shined as I continued to lick them. He had a very good smell like a natural cologne, I wished that I smelled like that. "Now my chest." he said, and I immediately obeyed. His pecs were enormous and it took a while to lick his entire chest. While licking the space between his pecs, he flexed them and trapped me there for a moment before relaxing and letting me continue. Then he randomly flexed each pec while I licked the enormous mass. I licked around each nipple and across them. I glanced up to see a small smile on his face that revealed his pure white teeth. The smile made his face look younger like that of a teenager. I sucked on each nipple for a moment, then continued licking all over his chest. He had let go of his cock with his right hand and let his hand rest to his side. His cock looked even firmer and straighter than ever, pointing up at a very small angle from vertical. As I reached his right underarm he raised his right arm and flexed his bicep. "Lick my underarm." he said and I did. It was completely smooth and soon shinny with saliva. "Now my arm." he said. He would flex and relax his bicep as I licked it. It seemed too hard to be made of living muscle. I licked his triceps and forearm and even his fist. His arm had a network of veins popping out of it and my tongue ran along each of them. "Now lick my cock." he said. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach from fear. Until then I was actually getting used to licking him, but now he wanted to go further and I really didn't want to. I slowly went back to his cock and started at the base. I tasted the pre-cum that he had rubbed into it. I followed the pulsing veins up to the cock-head. His cock was incredibly long and thick, and extremely hot and hard. I licked around the cock-head and could feel more pre- cum flowing from the top. I then licked his piss-slit. It was quite large and the front end of my tongue fit into it. It gushed out more pre-cum. I felt his massive right hand on the back of my head pushing it down on his enormous cock. He was forcing my mouth open with his cock- head. I struggled and tried to cry out but my mouth was blocked by his cock- head which hadn't even entered my mouth yet. He pushed my head down harder and my mouth opened wider. I could not resist his force. I thought that my jaw would dislocate and that there was no way that I could ever fit even his cock-head in my mouth. It still wouldn't go in but he kept forcing my head down on his mighty meat. My mouth was stretched as wide as possible then suddenly with a jolt, his cock-head popped into my mouth. It filled my mouth completely. I was terrified, but couldn't say a word with this gigantic cock-head in my mouth. I looked at the rest of his cock and couldn't believe it's size, I did not know how I even got the cock- head in my mouth. He kept pushing my head down and I felt his cock entering deeper down my throat. He could not force very much more of his cock in. I was gagging. He then stopped forcing my head down but kept my head still in place with my mouth engulfing his cock-head. "Rub my cock with you hands." he ordered. I quickly began jacking him off with my hands while my mouth remained on his cock-head. My hands could not fit around the diameter of his giant cock. I wanted this to be over soon, I was not prepared for this at all. "Move your tongue around the head." he demanded. I had to use much effort to move my tongue slightly from side to side since my mouth was completely filled. His cock felt like hot steel and I could actually feel it pulsating. I was drinking his continuous flow of pre-cum. "Suck hard!" he demanded. I sucked as hard as possible on this monstrous muscle cock. I couldn't believe I was doing this, especially while in a bus driving down the street. I rubbed all over his solid meat and tried squeezing it but it wouldn't budge. "Squeeze my balls." he said. I left one hand on his enormous rod and reached down his unzipped pants to his balls with the other hand. They were the size of oranges and I could only grab one at a time. I squeezed one of his balls while rapidly jacking his hard and hot meat and sucking his cock-head as hard as I could. His balls felt just as hard as the rest of him. I could hear him breathing harder. I continued to manhandle his cock and balls. His aroma increased. He felt warmer. The veins on his cock popped out further and appeared to match the ones on his arms. The cock-head seemed to expand more in my mouth. I was swallowing more and more pre-cum as if I was sucking on a hose. His cock felt hotter. My hand rand down to the base of his cock and felt his lower abs, then came back up to my mouth, while my other hand grabbed and pulled at each of his balls. He was rubbing the back of my head as if I were his pet dog. He began to groan softly. I could feel his balls tensing up. I followed the veins on his cock with my fingers then grabbed as much of his cock as I could and rubbed my hands vigorously along its length. His groaning became louder as his balls felt like hot steel in my hand. With a grunt, I felt him flex his cock and balls. I could feel something hot flowing from his giant balls through his massive cock and finally to the cock-head. He exploded his cum into my mouth. It felt like sucking on a fire-hose. I gagged and tried hard to pull away but couldn't influence his powerful hand on the back of my head. I couldn't swallow it all as quickly as it entered my mouth and his cum squirted from the sides of my mouth. Some even came out of my nose. He finally lifted his hand off my head and the force of his ejaculation pushed my mouth off of his cock. The back of my head hit his hand again and he held my face right above his cock-head. This was just his first eruption, a second giant and powerful load hit my face. I felt like I was taking a shower. It was hot and creamy and hit my face with such force that if he didn't have his hand behind my head, it would have pushed me back. Another gigantic load hit my face, followed by another and another. I closed my eyes and just let wave after wave of cum whack me. I felt each time he flexed his cock with my hands. I had lost count of how many loads hit me when I started to feel that the loads had less impact. I opened my eyes to see the last couple of loads hit my face, then his cock just dribbled with more cum. I was still holding his cock, it was hard as steel, if anything, it felt harder. Eventually he released his hold on me and I stood up with my face dripping with cum. I could see in the rear view mirror that my face was covered in it. I noticed that some cum was on the mirror too. In fact, there seemed to be globs of cum on everything all around us. He pulled out a towel and dried himself and his cock which was still rock solid and dribbling cum. Then he dried the things around him and finally gave the towel to me. I instantly dried my face and hair then my neck and the other parts of my body that had cum. He was still driving but thankfully we had turned onto a small road which had very little cars on it. I don't know if anyone saw us but it sure would be hard to miss. I was completely overwhelmed. At this point I was just glad it was over. "Ok... now can you drop me off?" I asked while handing him the towel and staring at my reflection on his sunglasses. He accepted it, then said, "That pays for me opening the bus door." "What!?!" I said in shock. "How could a bus ticket be worth more than that?!" I then realized that I wasn't in a situation to negotiate. "You still have to pay for the time it took for me to wait for you to come on the bus." he said. " Then you have to pay for me closing the bus door, then for me to look and see if the traffic is clear to start driving, then for me to press on the gas peddle..." He had a haughty smile on his face while he rubbed the cum dribbling from his cock-head into his cock. "Look, what do you want from me? I have to go now. Please could you just drop me off here." I was actually lying, I really didn't have anywhere important to go, but I didn't want him to know that. "Well ok," he said, "we'll call it even if you just do one more thing." "Alright..." I said reluctantly. "Help me sick this cock up your ass." I couldn't speak for a few seconds. I was now more terrified than ever. "You... you... want to fuck me?" I asked in horror. "Yup." he replied with a widening smile. "Your cock is too big." "We'll see." "No, please, I can't, there's no way, it could barely fit in my mouth..." "Have you ever been fucked up the ass before?" "No." He paused for a moment. "I guess you will need to be loosened a bit." "No please I'll to anything else." He just smiled and continued driving. I pleaded with him a bit more but it was not use. I did not know where we were and wondered where he was taking me. Suddenly the bus stopped. There wasn't a red light or a stop sign. Had we reached our destination? The front doors swung open. Standing just outside the door was a young boy who looked like a teenager. He had the face of a ten year old but his body was much different. He was tall and did not have massive muscle but very tight lean muscle. He wore an oversized tank top and I could see that his smooth lean muscle was extraordinarily defined. His arms were shredded with muscle and veins ran all along them. The front of his tank top hung just below his ripped pecs that were amazingly defined. It was obvious that he had a thin waist and he wore those baggy pants that all teens wear. He had light blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes with a hint of freckles. It seemed as if he were only composed of muscle and bone. The definition of his muscles looked better than any bodybuilder that I have ever seen but his muscles weren't overly large. The young boy hopped up the stairs as the door closed behind him and the bus driver began to drive again. The boy walked straight past me and right up to the driver. The boy then grabbed the driver's massive cock which was still erect and rubbed the drivers abs. "Hey Sean," the boy said to the driver, "I see we have a new friend." He looked at me. "Yup," responded the driver, who's name was apparently Sean, "but he needs some loosening up. I thought you could do that for me Austin." "Anything for you bro!" said the boy (Austin). He bent over and licked Sean's giant cock-head for a couple seconds, then stood up, turned and faced me. He saw the fearful expression on my face and let out a little laugh. "So I see you've met my older brother Sean..." he said. "You two must have had some fun together." I just stared at Austin, I didn't know what to do. Austin was taller than me and definitely more muscular. "Well let's get started." Austin said and put his two hands under my arm pits. With a quick jolt he lifted me off the ground and carried me to the back of the bus. His tight and defined muscles were extremely powerful. He looked as if he was carrying me with no effort at all. While he held me he starred into my eyes and smiled. His biceps were flexed and stood out like balls while the veins in his arms popped out more. He then placed me on a back seat to sit down. I was still afraid and did not say a word while he immediately grabbed my feet and took off my shoes. After, he removed my socks. Then he grabbed my belt buckle with one hand and lifted it up. He actually lifted me off the seat with his one hand while he used the other to unbuckle the belt and undo my pants. He then removed my pants. "Please, I have to go." I managed to say. "We haven't started yet." he said as he ripped off my t-shirt. I was now just wearing my boxers. He stopped for a minute to look at me. He had a big smile on his face, and stood there enjoying the fearful expression on my face. "I've never actually been with a guy before, I'm not gay." I said trying to win his sympathy. It didn't work. "Oh I'm sure you'll enjoy this." he said. He then crossed his arms in front of him and grabbed the bottom of his tank top. With one great swoop he pulled his tank top over his head and threw it to the side. His upper body was incredibly tight and defined. He had amazing muscle for a youth and was completely hairless. His 8-pak abs were astonishing. His chest and lats were solid and stuck out. His shoulders were remarkable, and of course his arms were incredible. They fell far to the sides of his very narrow waist. I could see the top of his boxers above his low hanging pants. He then took both my hands into his hands and made me feel his body. He forced my hands to rub his smooth hard chest, which felt like warm stone plates, then his abs which were like bricks. He made me rub his lats, arms, and shoulders. He kept making me feel his incredibly tight, solid, and defined torso while starring into my eyes with an arrogant grin on his face. Finally he ended off placing my hands on the outside of his pants, on his cock. He forced my hands to squeeze his cock through the pants. It felt large and hard. He flexed his cock a bit for me to feel then said, "Are you ready?" "No" I replied. "Good" he said with a larger smile, "that makes it more fun". He unbuckled and unzipped his pants. They fell to his ankles. He kicked off his shoes then kicked his pants to the side so that he was standing before me in his boxers only. His cock-head stuck out the bottom of his boxers. His cock was gigantic too but not as large as Sean's, the driver. His legs were shredded with lean, firm muscle. Then he grabbed my hips and with little effort ripped my boxers into two pieces and dropped them on both sides of me. He then slowly lowered his boxers in a striptease sort of way with that arrogant smirk on his face. As soon as the elastic on the top of his boxers lowered past the tip of his cock, the cock immediately sprang up and hit him in the abs with a loud slap, then lowered to an almost perfect 90 degree angle from his body. He then removed the boxers completely and tossed them aside. He flexed his cock a little for me to see while hanging his tongue out of his mouth in an haughty manner. Then he grabbed my legs and placed them to rest on his hard muscular shoulders. He lowered himself so that his face was level with mine and starred deep into my eyes. His eyes were so blue that it was hard to look away from them. He had grabbed his hard cock in his hand and bent it so that the tip of it rested on my anas. He could see the fear in my eyes. "Alright, I'll make it easier for you." he said, "I'll let you lube my cock with your spit so that it can slide in easier." He then lowered my legs and stood before me with his cock right in front of my face. He placed his hands on his hips and said, "Well..." in an impatient tone. I was about to say something but as soon as I opened my mouth to speak, he pushed his cock in it. His cock was able to fit in my mouth better than Sean's so I was able to hold more of it. It felt like a hot iron pipe. "Suck it." he said and pushed his hips forwards so that more of his cock was forced down my throat. I saw that there was still a lot of cock that hadn't entered my mouth yet, but I could feel the cock-head pushing at the back of my throat. I sucked as hard as I could and drank a large amount of pre-cum. He jerked his hips a little as I sucked him. His jerks became faster and more violent. I looked up to see his marvelous abs flexing incredibly tight and defined. His head was back and his pecs stuck out wondrously. His nipples popped out hard and erect. Then unexpectedly he shot a hot load of cum down my throat. It was a large powerful load but I was forced to swallow it. He then shot another load and another flexing his cock in my mouth. He was just like his brother and continued to cum for a while. Finally he slowed down and stopped, and also like his brother, his cock felt even harder than ever. He pulled it out from my mouth then without wasting any time grabbed my legs and put them on his mighty shoulders again. He lowered his face to mine and lead his cock with his hand to my ass. The hot wet cock-head rested on my anas. His face looked like a little kid as he smiled and starred at me. He placed his hands on my hips and with a powerful thrust, pushed his hips forward and forced his cock into my ass. The cock- head popped in. I was in pain and cried out. He just chuckled and pushed his cock in more. "No!" I cried but he just ignored me and pushed harder. I felt more of his firm hot cock slowly enter in. I thought I would pass out as he continued to force more in. All his muscles were flexed. I was grabbing his arms which felt as hard as metal and tried to push him away. I don't think he even felt my push, he was so solid. I felt more and more of his powerful rod enter in deeper and deeper. Then I felt weird. I was experiencing tremendous pain but I was now feeling a weird sensation that I kind of enjoyed. It was actually somewhat pleasureful and caused me to get horny. His cock had brought me to new levels of arousal that I had never experienced with any women before. This caused me to relax a little and he quickly forced more of his cock up my ass. As the amazingly hard shaft slid in, I became more and more aroused. I was surprised at how deep into my gut his cock had entered, and it kept entering. With a small grunt he forced the rest of his massive cock into me and then took in a deep breath, smiled and stared at me. I could feel that his solid cock had pushed aside all my inner organs. It felt so strange, I was experiencing pain and pleasure. I also felt his hard balls resting on my ass. "You like it, don't you." he said in a conceited tone. I just stared into his crystal blue eyes. I actually did like it but I didn't want him to know that. "I know you like it." he said and grabbed my cock. I didn't realize that I was now almost fully erect. He pumped my cock for a while with his hand which made me completely erect. His hand was so large and powerful. His whole arm was flexed. When he was relaxed, he looked as though he was flexing but now that his arm was flexed, the muscle looked like it could not be contained under the skin and his veins looked like they could burst. His muscle was incredibly tight. He then wrapped his dynamic arms around me and lifted me off the seat, holding me against his chest with his mighty cock up my ass. My head was at a slightly lower level than his. He brought his face closer to mine and then gave me a forceful kiss putting one hand on the back of my head. His tongue pried its way into my mouth and licked every inch inside it. His eyes were closed. The kiss became more violent as he held me tighter and began to jerk his hips so that his cock moved partially in and out of my ass. I could not move; he held me firm. My hands rested on the rigid muscles of his back. His hips moved faster. The pain and pleasure increased. I was lightheaded. His tongue continued to explore my mouth. His hip motion was furious. He held me tight as I felt a heat come from the base of his cock and travel along its length. Then there was a hot explosion in my gut as he released his load again. It was an extraordinary feeling, I felt like I was going to cum as well. Amazingly he continued to cum for a while and wash my insides with his powerful hose. I eventually had to cum and released my load on his ripped abs and tight chest. His hips slowed down and his kiss became more relaxed. I was awed that his cock still felt rock solid. I wondered when he would ever loose his erection. He eventually stopped kissing me and starred at me with his dazzling blue eyes. His face looked so young and smooth. "Hold on to me." he said. I complied feeling a little confused and greatly overwhelmed with the entire experience. I wrapped my arms under his arms just below his chest and held him tight. My legs were wrapped around his narrow waist. My cock was pressed between both of our stomachs. He then released his hold on me and let his strapping arms hang to the sides of him. I was hanging on to him, supported by his firm powerful cock in my ass. "Now don't let go." he said in a somewhat threatening manner. He then knelt down, put his hands on the floor and began doing pushups with me hanging on to the front of him. My back would barely touch the floor as he lowered us down in each rep. I could hear and feel his heart beating faster as he began to breath harder. The beating of his heart seemed to match the throbbing of his cock inside of me. I could feel every muscle on him flexing and he started to feel warmer. He began to sweat a little bit as he continued to pump his solid ripped muscles. He felt hard and warm all over. He did an extraordinary number of pushups without much effort, then eventually stopped and stood up. He was breathing hard and his muscles felt like rock beneath me. He then grabbed the overhead handrail and began doing some pull- ups using the bar. He grabbed the bar so that his palms were facing him and with each pull-up his biceps would flex vigorously. With each upward motion he would flex his abs and butt, and lift his hips so that his cock moved deeper into me. He was grunting softly as he continued pulling us up with his powerful muscular arms. He was flexing his cock each time we reached the top of his pull. I knew he was going to cum again and was amazed at how he could cum so much. With one energetic upward thrust, he shot another load of cum inside of me. He held us both at the top of his pull-up while he continued to cum and groaned loudly. He released several more loads of hot cum in my gut and his body felt just as hot from his muscles straining. Every defined muscle on his body looked and felt like it could burst. Finally his cumming slowed down and he slowly lowered us to the ground. He stood with his arms up and his hands resting on the above handrail, breathing heavily. I couldn't believe that his cock was still rock solid in my ass. It seemed as though cumming only made him harder. "We're here!" Sean, the bus driver called out. I had forgotten that we were on a bus. "Is he loose enough yet?" "Almost." Austin replied while smiling at me and now not breathing as hard. "We'll bring him with us and you can finish the job there, but don't take too long. He hasn't payed for the bus ride and if he doesn't pay soon I'll start charging interest." "Oh... well we wouldn't want that." Austin remarked as his smile widened. He then walked to his clothes on the floor while I was still hanging onto him with his stiff cock still up my ass. He grabbed his pants and put his legs in them. I thought that he would allow me to come down from him but he just pulled his pants up until they were just below my butt. The pants covered his butt but hung low in the front right below mine. His cock was still as hard as ever inside me. He tightened the belt so the pants wouldn't move. I noticed that he didn't care for his boxers anymore. Then, he put his large tank top over both of us. The tank top was large enough to cover both of us and fell far below my butt so that nothing was exposed. He then walked to the front of the bus as if I wasn't even there hanging on to him beneath his clothes. Sean was waiting at the front of the bus with the front door open. He had tucked his erect cock into his pants again, but it was still clearly visible through the fabric. His shirt remained undone and he still wore his sunglasses. I couldn't recognize where we were as I looked out of one of the bus windows. I just kept holding onto Austin as he walked down the front steps of the bus after Sean. When he finally stepped out of the bus I felt him flex his cock inside of me. •

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