Instant Muscle

By Muscle Wimp

"Here you go," Tina, I said to her, "Here's our future in one CD-ROM, don't lose it." "Don't worry boss," Tina said, "I'll get it to the courier OK". "Thanks for hanging in there for our marathon session, " I replied. "Don't worry I'm going straight home to bed once this is delivered, " Tina said sleepily. We had been at it nonstop for two days, most of the staff had gone home when we finished our revolutionary software that would increase the efficiency of all computers. Only Tina, I and Steve had stayed behind to wrap things up. Now Tina was sending the completed software off to a major company for production and distribution. "I think I'll be in bed soon too." I said, "Maybe if it wasn't 2:00AM I'd be thrilled we're all probably millionaires by now." "See ya boss," Tina said on her way out the door. "See ya, Tina."

It was weird at 21 being the boss of my own software company, your classic geek, I had practically lived in the computer center in high school and came up with the idea for Instant Muscle, a software that would increase the efficiency of any system. Now after some minor products my big dream was being realized. We were going to make millions!! I looked around at our office space, in an old warehouse in an abandoned industrial district, we'd get spanking new offices soon. The cubicles, carpeting, and computers looked strange amid the industrial brick and steel rafters of the warehouse, but it had been cheap and included the attached townhouse, an old stable, that I lived in.

I was tidying up my desk when Steve walked into my cubicle. Most of the employees, like me, were your typical unathletic geeks. I was short, 5'9" with brown hair and hazel eyes, I weighed only 160. Steve was my classic fantasy, a nerd with muscles, he was 6'3" and must have weighed a hundred pounds more than I did. His neck always seemed to be straining his collar, he was wearing a tie like I was, and a button down shirt, we'd had a meeting with our bankers earlier. Steve was older than I was, 27, but he handled working for a young geek well. He intimidated me with his muscles straining his shirt, and trousers, his short black hair and piercing blue eyes, not to mention his handsome face. I was attracted to him, but he was straight.

"Mark?" Steve asked. "Remember when I told you that I'd work for you as long as I could do my workout every day?" "Uh yeah, Steve, sorry about that, I realize you missed your workout, I'll make it up to you." "You don't understand!!" he said in a loud tone. I looked up at him, Steve was flushed, his handsome face sweaty. "What's wrong, Steve?!" "The guy I got my drugs from, he said to never miss a workout, and now I've missed two!! I've got to do something I...." "Don't worry Steve," I said, "I'll call 911." I said, picking up the phone. "NO!!" he screamed, ripping the phone out of my hands and throwing it across the cubicle into the brick wall behind me. "They'll take the drugs away, they'll arrest me! I know what's wrong, I just have to use my muscles!"

With that he picked up my computer monitor and, placing his hands on either side of it, began to squeeze. It only took a few moments, the monitor crackled and groaned and then caved in with sparks flying everywhere, the glass fragments of my screen exploded towards me, I shielded my eyes. When I looked again, Steve was smiling. "Yeah, that felt good!" His arms looked slightly bigger! They were pumped from the exertion!! "Now let's try this!" he exclaimed, picking up my computer tower. He placed it between his thighs while squatting down. When he stood up the tower was crushed in between his iron hard thighs!! It cracked and spurred and whirred to a stop, with sparks flying. "Steve, careful, you'll hurt yourself!!" I cried.

He glared at me and brought his fists crashing down on desk, cracking the particleboard in half and throwing the two sides of the desk into the cubicle walls, which went crashing down! I darted back in my deskchair to the brick wall. "NO!!" he yelled at me, "I feel great! Nothing can stop me!! You stay here!!" For a while I stayed frozen in place, staring in disbelief as Steve crushed computers, demolished desks, pulverized printers, and crumpled our one copier. All the while cubicle walls crashed around him and Steve got bigger!

He didn't get taller, but his muscles, already big, were growing, they were straining his shirt and trousers. His shoes and socks were gone, victims of all the stomping and crushing he was doing. I was in a panic, the only way out was past Steve, and I wasn't going there. Maybe he wouldn't notice me though, he was really running berserk, only intent on his muscle destroying the office. No, it was too risky, but maybe I could hide and make him think I had sneaked past him.

One of the cubicle walls was leaning against the brick wall, a perfect place to hide. I slipped behind it when Steve wasn't looking. The sounds of destruction eventually faded. "Mark, where are you?" I heard Steve call. "Come out, come out wherever you are!" His footsteps came closer, suddenly the panel shifted. Shit!! He'd found me!! His handsome head appeared above the panel looking down on me, framed by his hands gripping the panel. "Well, there you are!! Good, I've got plans for you!!" he said, smiling mischievously.

Suddenly his face got serious and he gripped the panel tightly. It groaned and protested. Then, with a resounding CRRAACK!!!, the metal, cloth, plastic and wood the panel was made of gave way and Steve RIPPED that panel in two!! The next thing happened almost simultaneously, as Steve ripped the panel apart his clothes gave way too. His traps flexed and shredded open his necktie and shirt collar. Steve's pecs burst open the front of his shirt, shelves of muscle, flexing and as big as computer monitors!! (What do you want I'm a geek, and that is how big they were!!) His lats tore open the rest of his shirt and undershirt, buttons spraying outward, one stinging me on the cheek. I swear I could hear as well as see the rock hard cobblestones of Steve's eight pack abs grinding together. Meanwhile his thighs quadriphonically overwhelmed his trousers, the fragments falling at his feet. And his arms!!!! His arms rose up and up in a massive double biceps pose after he discarded the remnants of the panel. Whereas before Steve's biceps had been like melons, now they were like watermelons. The sleeves didn't stand a chance and tore aside to reveal the hard, sloping, defined muscle Matterhorns that were his biceps, the corded triangles of his forearms, and then he brought his arms down revealing the well forged flex of the iron horseshoes of his triceps.

I was in total shock and awe!! Steve was an impressive specimen before, now he was a true musclegod!! He was no taller, but he must have packed on another hundred pounds of muscle at least on to his 6'3" frame!! Muscles fought for position on his frame, flexing and grinding together, becoming more massive. And the veins!! His total lack of bodyfat outlined each vein of his as it snaked across his body, throbbing and feeding those muscles, he looked like a river map of the Amazon Basin!!

The only clothes remaining on Steve were his belt and remnants of his trousers and underwear. I was obvious that he had a monster muscle cock that was straining against this prison. Steve reached down and tore the belt and remnants of clothing away, the belt buckle flew off and I could hear it ring against the brick wall beside my head, brick chips scattered in my hair. Steve's cock flew up and slammed into his abs, it must be two feet long and very thick, it was veined too! Big balls bobbed underneath.

"Well, Mark, I can tell you like what you see!!" Steve said. I was sitting, leaning against the wall, my legs stretched out in front of me. I panicked when I realized my hardon was visible through my trousers. He saw the panic on my face. "Don't worry boss, you made no secret of the fact that you were gay, I knew you were attracted to my muscles, and now, " he said, bending over me, " it might come in handy!" With that he placed his hands under my armpits and picked me up.

We were face to face, my toes barely touching the ground. "Bend your knees!!" Steve ordered. I complied, I now dangled from his arms. "Put your hands on my guns!" he said, "And tell me what it feels like." I did it and he began curling me up and down. "OH GOD! PURE FLEXING BONEHARD POWER!!" I cried. "Fuck yeah," he said, "total power to crush and kill, and it's got you in its power buddy!" He curled me up and down some more, while I felt his muscles like flowing rocks under my hands.

After lifting me up and down like this many times Steve shifted his grip and laid me across his arms this time. I was now face down on one bicep, while the other was under my groin. He flexed again. "Lick that muscle, Mark!! Feel the power!!." he yelled. I licked the large, watermelon size bicep as it flexed underneath my tongue. I covered it with my spit, marveling at its rock hard power and how the veins across it throbbed under my tongue. Meanwhile his other bicep flexed under my groin, massaging my cock. Eventually it was too much, I came in my pants.

"EEEWW!" said Steve, "now you'll have to clean me off! But first let's get rid of those wet clothes!" He placed me on my feet and tore off my shirt like it was wrapping paper, then my pants, then even my shoes were torn apart by his super arms, my socks went with them. I was amazed that my scrawny body seemed to turn him on!! "Yeah, skin and bones!!" Steve said, "Perfect contrast to my muscle and power!!"

Steve picked me up again and began pressing me over his head, holding me by my groin and neck, face down. I saw his shoulders tense as he lifted me up and down, he went over and stood in front of a mirror on one wall. I looked at his powerful muscles as they tensed and released, lifting me up and down, up and down, again and again. "Your wimp body is at the mercy of my muscle!! Tell me what you see." he ordered. "I see the rippling muscles of a rock hard stud, lifting me, dominating me, showing off your unfuckingstoppable power and control!!" I yelled, carried away despite myself.

My dick began to stiffen, and this must have been what Steve wanted because he lowered me down. Then he did a weird thing, he held me to him and began rubbing my body over his muscles like a towel! My scrawny body, face, arms, chest, legs, cock, was rubbed over his warm, strong, hard muscles! I began to get harder, especially when my cock throbbed along the ridges of his rock hard eight pack and he ground my face into the cleavage between his hard pecs. I also realized that my cum was also being rubbed over his muscles.

Steve placed me on the ground and said, "OK, little Mark, clean your cum off and worship my muscles!" I began with his left arm, where my cum was, I went over the massive biceps, the corded forearm, the arch of the triceps. I did the other arm again and then went to the pecs. Steve groaned as I went over his nipples, he flexed my face between his pecs when I licked his muscle cleavage. I did his rock hard abs, his wing like lats, his obliques, quads, calves ass and back. I was overwhelmed by his muscle, my dick was hard and leaking precum. So was Steve, he was really into the muscle worship. We both grunted and groaned, he murmured things, like, "Lick that flexing power wimp slave!" While I replied with things like, "You have the raping power of pure muscle!"

We were both on the verge by the time I finished his shoulders and back. He turned and faced me, lifted me up in his arms, hugged and kissed me. His powerful tongue reached my tonsils and massaged my mouth. Suddenly he pulled away, really lifted me up and flipped me in the air. I was facing his dick, we were in the 69 position. "Suck it!" Steve ordered. I was scared, I could choke to death on this two foot monster, erect, thick, veined and slick with precum. I took the circumcised head into my mouth. Steve's dick came alive with a prehensile dexterity, it squirmed and slithered its way down my throat as I licked and sucked. Steve returned the favor, he bent over and inhaled my dick and balls in his powerful mouth.

I sucked, he sucked, I squeezed his balls with my hands, he squeezed mine with his tongue. My arms were not long enough to finger his rectum as he did mine, but I used one hand to massage his abs and finger his navel. He seemed to like that a lot. Then, almost in sync, we came. His cum filled my mouth, ran out my nose, and surged into my stomach, he swallowed every drop of mine. It was great for both of us, I writhed in ecstasy, his muscles flexed and shuddered.

When we were done, and Steve's dick surged for a few minutes, he lowered me gently to the ground. I looked up into his hard blue eyes. He smiled down at me. "Now comes the really good part!" he said to me. I gasped, I looked down at his dick. It was hardening again! I turned and ran, that monster would tear me apart! I almost made it to the door when I tripped and fell, I'd caught my ankle on something.

I looked back, Steve was still in his original place, I looked at my ankle, something was twined around it. I suddenly realized it was Steve's dick! It must stretch twenty feet back to him! It was impossible, it really was prehensile! It slithered up my body, coiling around me. I tried to push it away, screaming in panic, but it was strong like the rest of him. I was soon bound up, except for my arms, and I was dragged towards him. "Come here, my little muscle toy boy!" he said. I was lifted and held against his chest as if by an elephant's trunk, my back to his front, my head nestled between his pecs.

My arms were free, but he grabbed one wrist and held it to his outstretched arm. Suddenly that arm was immobile against his, he did it to the other one, my arms were spread out over his. What was holding me there? When I saw I screamed even more, the veins in his arms had grown over my arms, binding me to him! I felt his dick uncoiling from me, I looked down, his veins crisscrossed my torso and legs, holding me to him, back to front torso, legs to legs, arms to arms! I struggled against him, it was useless, the veins were strong and felt like throbbing, living, twine. The sensation was not altogether unpleasant, especially since Steve's strong hard muscles cradled and massaged my back.

"Struggle all you want, Mark," Steve said, "that only makes it better for me, don't worry you'll like it too." Then his dick probed at my ass and penetrated and began traveling up my insides, it didn't feel too bad, maybe he was right. I felt warm protected, surrounded by powerful muscle. Wait a minute! I looked at my arms, I couldn't see them! They had been absorbed by the muscles of Steve's arms! At his armpits my arms slid under his skin and muscles! I looked down, my legs too! As I watched a surge of Steve's abs absorb my dick and waist. The absorption surged up my torso and then stopped at my neck and head. "Thank God!" I gasped. Then Steve said, "Say bye, bye!" and he flexed his pecs and they closed over my neck and head.

I didn't suffocate, Steve's veins must have fed me oxygen. I could see nothing but surging reddish darkness. It felt great, powerful throbbing muscle flexed and massaged over my entire body. Steve was right, the more I struggled, the better it felt, the more powerful he became, the more his dick flexed and grew inside me. My dick was mashed and massaged by his throbbing ridged eightpack. I heard Steve's deep voice resonate through his body. "That's great, man, struggle against my power!"

Then we came, at once, his dick surged within me as it spurted, growing even more, his muscles shuddered and flexed. Even I pumped out tons of cum. God! What an experience, the ultimate muscle fuck! Then, with one last flexing pulse, I was expelled from Steve's body and fell to the floor, cum and blood, and lymph poured out with me onto the carpet. I lay there for a minute, dazed. Suddenly I realized Steve's dickhead was coming out of my mouth, all the way up from my ass! No sooner did I realize it than it pulled inside me, snaking through my insides and returning to "normal" size at Steve's crotch. That snaking withdrawal was almost as good as the original fuck and my dick pulsed in a dry orgasm.

I looked up at Steve, he appeared no worse for wear, his muscles still enormous. "Was it good for you?" he asked. I could only nod. He picked me up and carried me into my townhouse.

I gave all the employees the week off, Steve and I rented a cabin in the woods. An office supply company remodeled the office over the week, they never asked what had happened. Steve wore baggy clothes to work for a few months until people could accept his muscle growth as natural. We now have more conventional "unnatural" sex, he still exercises everyday. For our one year anniversary, and to celebrate the issuance of Instant Muscle II, he'll quit exercising for two days, we'll see what happens, it should be fun. •

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