Looking Back


By RockyMountain

"Look at my Pits Bill, just startin' to get alittle Peach Fuzz." Yeah Mike, me too. "You outta see my older Brother, he's really startin' to grow hair everywhere." Replied Mike. Mike, Jim and I used to do that alot. We were about 14 years old and used to check each other out when we would take a leak together. The three of us would usually go walkin' around the neighborhood during lunch break. When it came time to piss, we usually ducked into a restroom on the outside of this fast food place. Mike was the tallest of us. A bit of a jock. While Jim and I were rather small and were the type to usually get beat up by guys like Mike. But Mike was cool. He was tall and strong, but he was our friend, and chose to hang out with us instead of the Jock crowd. We were at that age, when we could see changes that puberty brought about almost daily. We would usually wiz into the toilet at the same time. Each of us horsing around by crossing each others stream. "Its gettin' a bit longer ain't it Bill!" Yeah Jim, sure is, yours ain't doin' too bad either. "Shit, Mike....yours is the biggest of all of us, you've got all the luck." "Hey Jim, don't worry about it, yours will grow, give it time man." "I know Mike, just want it to happen sooner than later I guess, I'm tired of bein' small. Boy, what I would give if I could grow up alittle."

Just as we were ready to leave, we heard a loud knocking on the bathroom door. Then a voice that we dreaded to hear. "Alright you little shits." It was Bob, a guy that lived to make our lives miserable. He was probably with his two buddies Sam and Jeff. "We saw you go in there, so quit pretending you don't hear us." "Just leave us alone you assholes." said Jim. "You hear that guys, the little prick wants us to leave him alone." Ha....Haaaaaa... Well you can just forget that, doesn't matter how long it takes, we'll wait for you guys to come out.....and when you do your gonna get the livin' crap beat out of ya'. "Geeez guys, what are we gonna do." "Were gonna sit tight Jim." said Mike. We can't just sit here all day. Come on guys we've got to think of something. "Yeah Bill, and while your thinking we'll be planning to pulverize you little fairies." replied Bob. Well Jim.....Mike, I've been wondering if a day like this would come. I know we've all been bullied a bit, but this is pretty serious. And I don't know about you two, but I'm tired of gettin' picked on. Its time for the three of us to stand up to these guys. "Yeah Bill, but how are we gonna fight guys like Bob." Well Jim, let me tell ya how. Do you remember my next door neighbor that moved away about 2 years ago. "You mean Stone." replied Mike, Yeah Stone. I said. "That guy was always in his own world." Well Mike, he just didn't hang out with too many people. I was probably the best friend he had. We knew each other pretty well. Even though he was a grade ahead of me, he still liked to be friendly with me. He used to talk to me about different Science projects that he liked to experiment with. "Like what". said Jim. Like always wanting to improve on the human body. "You mean like bigger muscles and stuff like that." Yeah, thats right Mike. He was pretty tall for his age, but he could never put on any muscle, so he started to experiment with different potions to help his muscles grow. None of em ever worked and he usually would end up calling me on the phone and asking me to smuggle out some pepto bismol and stuff to get him over his sick stomach. "I can't believe he would chance taking some stuff like that." Well Mike, he wanted to get big, just like Jim wants to get big. "Yeah, I sure can understand him wantin' to get big and all, man if I could get big now, we wouldn't have to worry about those thugs outside." Believe me Jim, there is nothing better than to wish you were big right now. "So what ever happened to Stone, did he find the potion he was looking for ?" You know Mike, you guys are never gonna believe me, but you've got to trust what I'm about to tell you. Stone called me over one night, said he thought he finally concocted the right formula. He was really nervous about swallowing it down. I could see the fear in his eyes, but also the desire he had to become bigger. I tried to persuade him not to drink it, but his mind was made up, he wanted me to stand-by and witness any changes that might occur. So I asked him if he was too nervous to bring the beaker up to his mouth. "Boy....my hand is shakin' like a leaf Bill....do you think you could steady it for me?" "Sure thing Stone." And as he moved the beaker up towards his lips, I grabbed it from him ..........and in one huge GULP......swallowed the formula myself. "Holly Shit Bill......what did you do that for !!!!, that formula was meant for me !" I know Stone, but I have a confession to make. Seeing that you were pretty sure this stuff would transform you into a big stud.......I just thought I'd like to be a Huge Body builder too. "But Bill, you don't know what that stuff might do to ya'." I know Stone, but I want to get big like you. You've always been so much taller than me, I've always wanted to be taller and more muscular, like those guys in those bodybuilding magazines you show me all the time. "Well Bill....looks like your gonna get your wish." That said, I began to notice that I was now eye ball to eye ball with Stone. This can't be happening I thought. But it was true ! I looked down at my feet and could see my Jeans getting shorter and shorter. I could see my calf muscles starting to bulge out at the bottom and all of the sudden.....RRRIIIPPPP !!! My calves burst my pant legs right up the middle. Stone's eyes were now level with my chin ! Next thing I noticed was Stone grabbing onto me. "Ok stud boy.....grow for me....get fuckin' huge !!!!! C'mon muscle boy....get me hard....hard as a rock !!!! " Stone was stroking himself up and down against my growing body. It was an incredible feeling. A powerful sexual drive that I had never known. I didn't quite realize it at the time, but I was growing from a boy into super powerful stud of a man. "Wow Bill.....your gettin' huge !!!, your thighs are as big as trees." RRRIIIPPPP....there went the rest of my jeans. My legs were huge.....I began to lift Stone up and down with one of them, making Stone get wilder and wilder with my ever increasing strength. Man.....Stone, my shirts gettin' really tight....ya better help me off with it. "Ok Bill.....I think we'll have to tear if off, those pecs of yours are nearly rippin' through it." "Whoa......holly shit Bill......those pecs are monsters.....and what a set of nips, just like in the magazines, pointing right down to the ground." Just then, I felt an incredible rush of power. I felt flushed and hot. I could feel a massive pump entering my arms. Stone and I watched in amazement as my biceps grew and grew to overwhelming size. then my arms began to get longer and longer, catching up with the rest of my body. Then I realized I was getting taller and taller. Up and up I grew. I now saw that my crotch was level with Stone's head. Incredible......I had grown to over 7 feet tall ! Then the final transformation took place....my cock bust free of my white cotton briefs and smacked at Stone's face. He eyed my growing cock like a Wolf eyeing its prey. And like a wild animal, he took it deep into his mouth and sucked with all he had in him. •

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