Shower, The


By BoyBob69

"Damn this part of the city is creeping me out," I thought as I turned down yet another alley. It was still early Saturday morning and the warehouse district was still mostly asleep. Occasionally there would be a homeless person asleep on a loading dock or a few beefy truckers off-loading boxes from a truck, but mostly the area seemed deserted and strangely quiet for the City. I looked at the directions. I looked at the street. "If I don't find it in the next five minutes, fuck it." Suddenly, there was the deep musky almost overpowering smell of mansex. It was more potent than any popper I'd ever had. I was rock hard and feeling that if I didn't jack off immediately, I'd go crazy. Just as I was looking around trying to find some dark corner, the biggest muscle stud I'd ever seen brushed right by me. His shoulders were at least three feet wide and his waist couldn't have been more than 30 inches. His arms jutted away from his torso because of the wide flare of his tremendous lats. His biceps bulged far beyond anything I'd ever seen in any muscle mag. His clothes fit him like a costume on a superhero in comic books. The smell was coming from him.

"Excuse me," I yelled at the wall of brawn. He turned. His face was perfectly handsome ­ rugged -- each feature perfectly defined ­ the essence of masculinity.

"Yes," it was that voice again. No, not the same voice, but undoubtedly the same effect. First the smell and now the voice. I was having a rough time concentrating on asking the question that I wanted to ask.

"I…was looking…"

"I could tell," he said. My knees were actually getting weak.

"No, I meant…" My cock was rock hard and I was actually starting to shake because of how I felt. Suddenly, it stopped.

"Sorry," he said. His voice had changed ­ it had lost the sexual edge to it.

"It's just that…" "I know. I gotta be careful. I wasn't thinking. I thought I was close enough to the gym that I wouldn't catch anyone in my wake."

"That's one hell of a wake."

He laughed. "It can be a little intense. My name is Don. You trying to find Transmorph?"

"If this is the kind of results, I can expect, lead on."

"It gets better."

"I can't wait. I'm Gil."

"Prepare yourself to be amazed."

"I already am."

I followed Don down the street feeling like a kid trailing after his very, very big brother. He cut down a side alley. I could hear the unmistakable clank of weights being lifted and dropped and again that amazing smell. It stopped me dead in my tracks. Don turned.

"You'd better get used to it if you're going to workout here. I promise that soon you won't even notice it."

"How can I get used to it when it has such a powerful effect?" I pointed to the obvious erection in my gym shorts.

"That's not going to be a problem either. Let's get you started." •

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