Legacy, The

By NCStudboy

Gino found the book buried underneath weather-beaten copies of Harlequin Romance novels at the third garage sale he had been too that day. He was looking for some cheap furniture to fill up the hole in the wall he had just moved into, and never would have looked in the box of books if he hadn't seen a corner of the leather bound volume peaking out from beneath the rest of the pulp. After he pried the book out from underneath the cheaply made paperbacks, he opened the thick leather bound cover, and discovered that it was a journal of some kind written by a Mr. Stuart McDowling. After reading the first three pages, Gino knew that it was a book he needed to own, so along with the used bedframe, bookcase, and desk, Gino bought the Journal of Stuart McDowling, a practitioner in the arts of white magic.

That night, Gino read the entire journal from cover to cover, and realized that not only had Stuart been queer like himself, but he had also been a muscle freak even back in the nineteenth century. It seemed that Stuart had become involved with the stable boy, a gentleman named Antonio who had come to America from Italy and from the description Stuart had of him in his journal, he was exquisite. 'Antonio is more than I could ever have asked for. I could glance at him for hours, and it seems that he has bewitched even me because now I can only become "aroused" whenever I think of him. I had never had that trouble before. I want Antonio, and I want him bad! Antonio has dark-brown wavy hair that reaches down to his collar, and a face that even a sculptor could never duplicate. He has a nose that a Roman emperor would envy, eyes that are the darkest of brown, and lips that seem full and gentle. How I wish to kiss those lips, and feel his tongue within my mouth. How I want to run my hands down his hard, muscular torso, and feel the hair upon his chest intermingle with my own fingers. I dream everynight of taking my hand and slowly pulling down his trousers to reveal the secret he had hidden within, and from the look, it is a large secret! I would give anything to you, Antonio, if you could be mine!'

After reading that passage, Gino realized he was hard as a rock, and had to jerk off immediately before continuing on. It was about twenty pages later before the journal took a most interesting turn.

'Antonio is soon to be mine. I have been working day and night to come up with the formula that will give him what he wants. If he wants the strength and body of a thousand stallions, that is what I will give him. At first I had been frightened when he discovered me at work down in the basement of my manse, but it seemed more to intrigue him than scare. "With all your hocus pocus, can you make me bigger?"

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"My muscles. Can you make me bigger. I take good care of my body, but I could always use a little help. If you can give me that help...I just might repay you with a little gift."

Well, that was a while ago, and now after test after test, I finally have come up with what Antonio needs, and it was so simple. Here is all there is too it:'

With that, Stuart concluded his journal with a "recipe" for a muscle inhancer. The ingredients were simple and could be found easily over the counter, but it scared Gino that there was never a passage again after the initial discussion of the potion. Stuart never wrote what happened to Antonio, or if it even worked. Gino did know one thing though. As hard as his cock was, Gino sure was going to try it.

Gino had been working on his body since playing first base on the highschool baseball team. He was about 5'9" tall with dirty blond hair on his head, chest, and crotch. His body was something that he was proud of, but it could be better. Gino worked out everyday, but he never seemed to be able to pass the point the other muscle bound studs in the gym seemed to pass. Gino was cut, but he wanted more. Lots more.

Gary Andrews had a cock most men wished for. It reached about nine inches hard and was thick enough to border on the point of being too thick. He had just finished pumping iron in the college gym, and was on his way back to his dorm room when he decided to look in on his roommate, Gino, who had been working night and day in the Chemistry lab. He was revved up, and he knew he would never get to sleep anywhere. Working out made him two things, horney, and hot. He wanted to get laid after every work out, and usually he did. Tonight, though, he was supposed to study, but his cock was telling him a different story.

Gary walked quietly into the room and watched Gino gazing at a pot with liquid in it boiling away on one small burner. He was so involved that he didn't even here Gary walk in until Gary was looking over at the red goo bubbling in the pot

"Shit, man. You scared the hell out of me!" Gino took a step back and looked at his beautiful roommate. Gary was shorter than Gino, and had dark hair and dark eyes. To Gino, Gary was Antonio. Gino dreamed at night of what was inside of Gary's pants, but was too scared to find out.

"What the hell is this stuff?" The goo bubbled and with each burst, a smell blew up into Gary's face that smelled like cabbage. Old, dirty cabbage.

"I was waiting to see if it really worked before I told you...actually, I was hoping to show you more than tell you, but since you've already seen it, I guess Ill just come out and say it. This stuff right here is supposed to make the muscles in your body grow;"


"No, really! I found the ingredients in the back of this journal, and I'm sure that its going to work. I have to test it out on some animals first, but once that's done, we'll be on our way!" Gino smiled at Gary. Oh, God. He was so beautiful.

"On our way, huh? How much of this shit do you have to take."

"From my research, I've discovered that about a teaspoon full will make the average man grow to triple his body mass."

"Triple? Cool. What are you waiting for yet."

"It has to be tested first. After the tests, its ours."

"Well, I can't wait. Hey, Gino. Do you have the answers to our Spanish homework? I didn't see your book back in the room." Gary looked from a glass beaker into Gino's eyes.

"Yeah. Sure. My books in the other room. Be right back." Gino walked into the back room, and as quickly as he was out, Gary took the beaker and dipped it into the goo and got a good cup full. He was afraid that it would be noticeable, but it was not. Gary took the beaker, and carefully put it into his bag so that it wouldn't spill. In a few seconds, Gino was back with the book.

"Thanks man. Well, good luck. Ill see you back in the room." Gary carefully picked up his bag, and walked out, Gino looking after him.

Gary walked down to the football field with the beaker of goo in his hands. It was slowly cooling down, but Gary was beginning to have second thoughts, but that didn't stop his cock from getting hard as a rock. To be bigger and stronger turned him on more than anything. He wanted to be huge. He wanted to be stronger and bigger than any man there was. He wanted women to fall at his feet, men and women. Everyone would envy him. Everyone would want to be him. Everyone would want a piece of him. His cock head began to ooze precum which was the deciding factor. Gary lifted the lukewarm goo up to his lips, and drank the entire beaker full down.

And Gary waited. And waited. And waited. It was ten minutes later when he finally felt something happening. It began as a deep throbbing sensation in his whole body. It was a deep burn that hurt and aroused at the same time. As the burning grew, so did the pressure under his skin. Every muscle in his entire body was growing at lightning speed.

Gary could not believe what was happening. His XL shirt that he had been wearing that three minutes ago had been more than baggy on him was now straining at the seams, ready to burst. His pecs were inflating larger and larger almost to ridiculous proportions, suddenly ripping the shirt. Gary laughed when he saw his arms. They larger than even his legs used to be and were still growing. It seemed as if it all was never going to stop. Gary's biceps were bulging and looked even at rest as if he was posing to make them burst out of his skin. Gary had been so in awe of his arms that he was amazed when he heard his jean shorts being ripped from his body by his growing thighs. A fear began to grow within Gary. What if he had taken to much, but the burning was like a drug, and just after he thought about it, the fear was gone. All Gary wanted was to be bigger! ]

Besides his muscles getting larger, Gary noticed that he also felt a lot taller; in fact, he felt as if he was passing 6 feet and still going! Gary laughed a deep bellowed laugh as he grew both wider and taller. His arms were growing larger and larger being forced further and further from his sides as every muscle in his back grew and grew. There was another ripping sound as the boxers Gary had been wearing tore from his body and fell in shreds to the ground. He was now totally naked. Even his sneakers had torn off as his feet grew.

Gary continued to grow beyond human proportions, his skin growing to catch up with his muscles. Just from a quick estimate, Gary figured he was about 6'9" now with a 70 inch chest, 40 inch biceps, thighs that looked more like tree trunks. The burning turned more into an orgasmic rage as the growing continued.

Gary looked down and smiled as he saw his hard cock was even growing. What had once been 9 inches and thick was now about 15 inches and as thick as a coffee can, and still growing. His dick was raising up past his stomach which was swelling into a washboard so hard that boulders would crumble it the hit against even one of this stomach muscles.

Gary had become pure muscle without an ounce of fat anywhere on his body. When the burning stopped and his cobra sized cock spurted cum that must have shot feet away, Gary took stock of his body. He was now more than 7 feet tall with muscles that burst from every part of his body. Even the hair on his chest had grown. Gary took his huge hand and felt his face which seemed to him to have changed and become more chiseled and defined. When he raised his arm to his face, his biceps jumped like a basket ball. They must have been 50 inches. Gary's chest and back were so huge, he was convinced that he would now even have trouble walking into a door sideways!

Gary looked down at his naked body, and couldn't wait to show Gino his drink worked. He also couldn't wait to drink more. There were more muscles to grow. He knew that. He ran off into the night quickly to get to his dorm. He needed to cover up his body, but doubted that anything in his closet would do. Gary had become a mountain, and he laughed about this as he ran. •

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