Big (2001)


By Joe Bell

Trading your soul to the devil can be a serious thing, as Joe found out in the last story, which he is now cuming for all eternity. But three young muscular hunks will soon find out how much they really bargained for,- Art was a twenty year old, his hot and sexy looks made do him well. From all of the sports he played his body was very muscular developed, including his prize package between his legs, an erormous dick. Art really loved this, he would jack off just about every night because of its irresitable beauty. He only had a centimeter from being able to suck himself. Art was in his dorm room writing, he kept on feeling as if there was standing behind him, but when he turned around, no one would be there. He finished and decided to get some sleep, he'd try to dose off, but he would get that feeling again. He sat up and started looking around and thinking, then he heard something, it sounded like a voice. Art closed his eye's and tried to see what was going on. He opened his eye's and his heart jumped from shock as he was a man standing on the other side of the room. The man was tall, a huge muscular naked body, with his thick shoulders and explosive chest stuck out. His skin was smooth dark tan, with an big cock sticking out between hig two huge legs. As he looked up he saw his sexy face and black hair. -Who the hell are you?- Art asked. -Speaking of, you already know who I am, I could give you everything you'd ever wanted for the exchange for your eternity- Not knowing what to say, Art just knoded. -Then we have a deal, soon I will start letting you grow- With that he was gone. Art thought to himself, what did he mean by grow? He then relized he was thinking about his muscular body and what his cock would look like bigger right before he opened his eye's. Art stood up and hit a tall shelf. -I don't remember my head going that high- His under-shirt and boxers started to feel extreamly tight. All of a sudden his chest exploded like two air bags, shreding his shirt to the floor. The rest of his back began filling out, his lats started pushing out his now growing arms. Biceps and tri's exceding their limits and shoulders bigger than mountains with his neck bursting up. He looked down passed his eight pac, his tree trunk legs and diamond calves. The growing finally stopped, he looked at his huge body, perfect and smooth muscle power. Art started to feel his crotch tingle, he looked down, but had to look way over because of his huge thick plump chest. He started to see a giant buldge in his skin tight boxers. Soon they couldn't hold any more and they tore to the floor. Art saw his huge long thick python growing out from his bowling ball sized sac. It started to make its way up, past two feet, soon it was even with his chin, he reached out and started suckin the head. His tool started growing inside his mouth deeper and farther, then it stopped. Art continued sucking while holding on to the lower half of the shaft. It was getting entense as he licked his tounge over the huge mushroom head. Then he came, shooting a thick, sweet tasty load for over five minutes, rushing out the wonderful cream. Art tried to lower the cock out, but it was too hard, he decided to wait, but then it started growing again, thicker and moving down his throat, it started blasting out huge loads non-stop. The tool stopped growing after it was past half way down his throat, but it kept on cuming and cuming. Art looked around himself and didn't see anything of his room, it was all dark, nothing except Art, his enormous muscle and his eternal cock sucking. Art would try to stop but the sexual urge would constantly take over, having to suck harder. He was going to be there for a long time, but that thought soon vanished as he felt the warm liquid rush down his throat. At the same time Art relized his fate, two more young cute guys made a deal with the same dark sexy muscular man, and have already grown. They were both standing there looking at each others naked body, both the same size. Huge thick plump muscles, and enormous cocks. Greg and Dan moved closer and kissed each other. Dan kneeled down and started sucking his tool; Greg held on to the walls from Dan's vacuum power, sucking out all of Greg's cream filling. -Now it's my turn- Greg said in a sexy way. Dan bent over and Greg started to enter his in his huge dick. -Oh.yea...-Dan moaned-Fuck yea.. push it in- Greg finally got it all in, and began pumping his bubble butt. They were fucking for nearly two hours, then Greg exploded inside him. -Fuck!, that was awsome!- Dan yelled. Greg started to feel his dick grow inside him. He tried to pull it but it wouldn't come out. -Aaah! what the hell was that?- -I don't know!-Greg said. He pulled again but it wouldn't budge. It was still growing thick long and hard. -Get it out, it's starting to hurt bad!- Greg shot cum again, but this time more powerfully. -Oh shit...I'm stuck-Greg moaned-please someone- he looked around and saw nothing. Greg started to feel pressure build in his shaft. -Oh god, uh...oh,!! Greg's legs trembled as his cocks erupted like a massive violent volcanoe. Dan and Greg laid on the floor moaning with pleasure and pain, eternally bonded cock to butt, with the sound of a faint laugh. •

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