Next Big Thing, The


By Rienzope

"Lookin' BIG World."

Will "World" Harris was big. At just 5'9" he weighed 328 lbs, the result of years of heavy bodybuilding. He had been training 6 days a week for half is life. He was gifted with abnormal strength and a body that seemed immune to sticking point in growth. Now at 26, he outsized any one.

"26 now", Will said, raising his arm and contracting it's bicep. It rolled up to a about the size of a honeydew melon. As it peaked, a web of veins writhed and bulged as the muscle peaked. His other arm lay musclebound on his lat. The rubbery slabs of relaxed muscle rubbed over each other, while the thin skin between them seemed stuck together.

Last year World had competed in his first national contest, and his first contest in quite a while. He had to drop a lot of weight to get cut, really too much. He had expected to come in ripped at 255 lbs., but he had to drop all the way down to 230. Dropping 85 lbs cost him a lot of muscle mass and left him looking flat. He promised himself he wouldn't do that to himself again.

World dropped his arm. He moved toward the free-weight rack. His upper body twisted one way, his lower body the other. Under his t- shirt, huge pecs bounced about, stretching and pulling the thin cotton mercilessly.

After the contest, World decided he wouldn't gain back the weight all at once. He'd bulk back up slowly for quality muscle. A couple of pounds a week, that's all. No junk food, no empty calories. This would be the year of dedication.

He wrapped this thick fingers around a 150 lbs dumbbell. His hands were freaky. The meat around this thumb was as big as a raquetball. His palm flared out in a semi-circle from his fist to his pinky. He clawed the other 150 pounder and took two quick steps back. He looked in the mirror.

It was hard to control his appetite at first. Even though he was gaining weight, he always felt hungry. "When are we going to see the old World, Will" the gym rats would tease him. "He's comin'". He'd shout back.

Up� Down. Up� Down. Gritting his teeth, he curled one, then the other. Slowly he'd move it up, then the weight of it would jerk his arm down. The arteries in his neck bulged like two thick marine ropes.

His training schedule was insane. He'd get there at 6 am and work lower body for a couple of hours. Then he'd come back around noon and do his pull routine � bis and back. In the evening he'd finish up with his pull routine � chest, tris, and shoulders. Everyday. No day off.

Exhausted for the moment, he dropped the weights to the floor and threw his head back. He massaged his biceps to let the blood race in.

"Lookin' BIG World"

"37 inches" Will Pointed his foot out and smiled broadly as contracted the enormous quad.

"Holy SHIT! You could grate cheese on those striations."

"Thanks man." He straightened up, flapping his massive arms to rest comfortably on his huge lats. He inhaled deeply as he looked in the mirror, inspecting his unreal body.

Slow, steady gaining had been a great strategy. He'd maintained his body fat under 2% while growing to his biggest size ever. His shoulders spread almost three times the width of his waist. Hell, his arms were almost as big as his waist. His tiny joints made him look impossibly built � imagine 22" forearms tapering to 7 inch wrists, 23" calves to 11 inch ankles.

The gym rat hadn't walked away. "World, have you talked to that Monster Mass distributor?"

"Monster Mass?" World turned his head back to him. "Never heard of it."

"They're looking for bodybuilders, the biggest guys they can find, to test out some new supplement they've come up with."

World looked back in the mirror, inflating his chest even larger. "Everybody's got a new supplement. I've got genetics." He crunched his arms together.

"You should check it out man, they'd probably pay you." •

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