Lil' Dude


By Richard Jasper

NOV. 8TH (Over lunch)


Patrick called.

Yes, THAT Patrick!

He's coming to see me! Tomorrow!

Turns out Rice is having its fall break this weekend. Seems kinda late to me, but, heck, we don't even *get* a fall break! So why the hell DID he want to go to school in Houston, of all places? He could have gone HERE just as easily. Of course, if he had...

Well, I wonder what it would have been like? Would Chris have paid ANY attention to me with a demigod like Patrick running around the gym?

I wonder if he's gotten any bigger? God knows he couldn't get any *better*!

Which reminds me:

I was 240 lbs. at my weigh in this morning.

"Shit, Lil Dude," Chris said, chuckling.

I looked up from the read out -- they replaced the old scale with a digital one last week.

"What's so funny?" I demanded.

He shook his head.

"Do you remember when we started this 10 weeks ago?"

I frowned.

"Of course. What about it?"

He looked at me.

"And you weighed how much?"

It was my turn to laugh.

"I was all of 140 lbs., soaking wet, you know that."

He nodded.

"And how much did *I* weigh?"

Really, I am NOT normally this slow.

"Oh," I said.

He chuckled again.

"That's right, Lil Dude. I was 240 lbs."

I looked at him.

"Which means...?

I drew a breath.

"I'm as big now as you were then!" I exclaimed.

He punched my shoulder.

"Bigger, Lil Dude. I'm three inches taller than you are, remember?"

I look at him, all 275 lbs. of him.

And then he did the most amazing thing.

He pinched my nipple!

And Patrick's arriving this afternoon.


Patrick's come and gone.

I heard the knock on the door Friday afternoon -- the day Chris pinched my nipple! -- after my last class. "Yo, it's open," I hollered.

A head poked inside the door.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for..."

And then I was right next to him -- I practically levitated across the room!

"It's so good to see you!" I exclaimed.

He had the funniest look on his face.

"I'm looking for..."

I put my hands on his shoulders -- we're the same height, y'know, even though he's always been so much bigger than he always seemed taller, too!

"Yo, Patrick, it's me!"

His jaw fell open, his eyes wandered all over my body.


I nodded.

"Who else?"

He blinked. He shook his head. He rubbed his eyes with his knuckles. I thought people only did that in Three Stooges movies!

"God, Patrick, it's so fucking great to see you! And, damn, I don't know what they're feeding you down at Rice but it sure agrees with you..."

I dragged him into the rom, pushed him into the armchair, lightly tossed his dufflebag on my bed, and proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes talking nonstop about life at school and in the big city...

Finally, he stood up and put his hand out, palm first.


I looked at him.

"Jeezus, Robert, stop blabbing and tell me what the FUCK happened to you."

And then it hit me.

I'd been sitting there in my gym shorts and nothing else.

I grinned.

"Well, I *have* been spending some time in the gym..."

"Some time in the gym?" He practically squealed. "You're a total fucking monster, Robert!"

I laughed.

"Well, look who's talking, Mr. High School Varsity Everything. You've put on some muscle, too, right? How much?"

He glared at me.

"Well, yeah, about 20 lbs." he agreed. "But, shit, Robert, how big are you now?"

Another one of those "oh, yeah..." moment came over me.

"Well, um, now that you mention it -- 240 lbs."

Patrick's whole body seemed to twitch for a moment, then he took my hand and pulled me in front of the mirror, so we could both see the same thing.

"Robert, three months ago I was 190 lbs. and outweighed you by 50 fucking pounds. Now I'm up to 210 and YOU outweigh ME by 30 lbs. That's 100 lbs. in 3 months! How is that possible?!"

I turned and smiled at him.

"210, huh? Show me?"

I reached over and pulled his shirt off in one quick swipe.


I mean, keep in mind that Patrick is far and away the studliest man to ever graduate from our high school. Another 20 lbs. of muscle was perfection on top of perfection! Half Irish, half Italian, jet black curly hair, piercing blue eyes, perfectly even, perfectly smooth olive complexion, and the perkiest, most permanently erect pair of nipples on the planet.

"Jeez, Patrick, that 20 lbs. went to ALL the right places," I said, reaching out to pinch one of those nipples.

He smiled and looked down.

"It's nothing," he muttered.

I lifted his chin so that he had to look me in the eye.


He shook his head.

"Compared to you..."

I rolled my eyes.

He licked his lips.

"So, Robert..."

I could believe this diffident, shy guy was MY Patrick -- it made me hard as a rock.

"Can I feel 'em?"

"Your muscles?"


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