Lil' Dude


By Richard Jasper


Woo hoo!

200 lbs.!

Of muscle.

That's me!

I wondered if things would change when I started working out with Chris and the other guys in the Club. The answer:

Not a bit.

Not faster. Not slower. Just 10 lbs. of solid muscle, same as usual.

Every week.

And I still have a 28 inch waist.

It's just that now I have 27 inch quads, a 50 inch chest, and 19 inch biceps to go along with it.

The guys on my hall have started asking me to joing them for dinner, for lunch, for pick up roundball games at the gym. The conversation is always the same.

"How'd you get to be so big?"

"What's it like to be so fucking built?"

"How much can you bench?"

"What's your BF ratio?"

That last one through me until I realized it meant "bodyfat," not "boyfriend."

My bench press passed 450 lbs. this week. My BF seems to be heading toward zero, albeit rather more slowly. As far as I can tell, though, it's been no more than 5 percent from about the second week on.

Oh, yeah, there's that other thing.

At Chris' insistence I finally started showering at the gym.

It took some work but I finally managed to make myself look at the other guys -- if I sprung a woody, well, what were they gonna do about it?

That's when I noticed.

They were all looking at me.

My muscles.

My fur.

My dick.

"What the hey," I thought. "They're all looking at me."

Why not look back?

And that's when I figured it out.

I always thought I was, well, y'know…

Less than average!

But theirs were all smaller.

All of 'em!

That night, after we worked out, I showered with Chris and the other guys in the Muscle Club. As usual. Only this time I looked.


"Something catch your eye, Lil Dude?" Chris asked as he was towelling off. My eyes snapped away from that lovely sight south of his navel…

"So, uh, Chris," I started. "Y'know, I really haven't spent much time in the gym. Or even around other guys…"

Chris chuckled.

"Lil Dude, the average is about six inches. Anything over eight inches -- like this one," he said, give his thick snake a playful shake, "is considered big."

My eyes widened.


"Lil Dude, that's one place you've NEVER been little, babe. How big is it when it gets really hard?"

I blushed bright red.

"I, uh, never measured," I confessed.

I shook his head.

"You're a piece of work, Lil Dude. I think you'll like what you'll find out. Just don't forget to measure *around* as well as lengthwise!"

Which I just did.

9 1/2 x 7?!



Did I mention that I'm huge?

No, not down there.

"Hey, it's Bee Ay Oh," one of my hallmates said when I showed up for roundball this evening.

"Bee Ay Oh?"

He chortled and gave me a nudge.

"Big All Over, doofus!"

I just stood there with my jaw open.

And then it hit me.

I was playing roundball with seven other guys from my hall. Some shorter, some taller, most about my height.

And I was bigger than ALL of them!

"So, like how much *do* you weigh now?" asked Philip, the blond one.

My brow furrowed.

"And you want to know because…?"

He colored quickly -- I thought I was bad about blushing!

"Just curious," he answered. "I mean, you're really huge, but you're really lean, too. It's hard to tell."

I relaxed.

"210 lbs."

He gulped.

"Shit, man, you're 50 lbs. heavier than me!"

I looked at him.


Was that a trace of fear that ran across his face?

"Well, nothin', man. It's just, like, y'know, I was *bigger* than you when we got here!"

I grinned.

"Well, you still *would* be," I said, wrapping a brawny bicep around his neck. "If you had put on about 70 lbs. of muscle…"

His jaw dropped.

"Is that how much you've put on? Shit, that's what, 50% more than you weighed when classes started?"

I squeezed my arm a little tighter and his eyes bulged slightly. Then I ran my hand down his back and whacked his ass.

"You know it, babe…"



I've been forgetting to write about my workouts with Chris. Mostly because he leaves me speechless. He's so fucking strong!

Tonight he benched 705 lbs. -- for reps! That's seven 45 lb. plates on each end of the bar!

That's crazy!

Even if he *does* weigh 265 lbs.!

He's far and away the strongest guy in the The Club.

"And you're catching up fast, Lil Dude," Chris said. Does the boy *really* know how to read my mind?

"Lil Dude, think about it, babe. How much did YOU just bench?"

I thought about it…

"Uh, 525 lbs."

He nodded.

"And who else can do that much?"

I frowned.

"Besides you? Well, there's Reggie and Frank and…."

I paused.


I blinked.

"Well, no one, come to think of it."

He rested his massive arms on my shoulders.

He looked into my eyes.

"Exactly," he said.

The most intimate word I've ever heard!

"You're one of the four strongest men in the Muscle Club. And you're only 18 years old…"

Which made me wonder... •

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