Pack, The


By MscleNBots

Tanks big hands move to message Spike muscular cheeks and spread them apart. Spike knew what was coming and yearned for it. He had two doses of Tank thick protein already today, but now was gonna be rewarded with another. Tanks hard tool slid up and down his crack and the thick mushroom head slid roughly inside. Tank watched as Spike body shivered with the sensation. Tank leaned over spike and straddled him and started stroking

his cock deep within Spike ass. Sweat dripped down of Tanks body onto Spikes back. Spike moved back and forth meeting every one of Tanks jack hammer strokes. He could hear and feel Tank growling above him and suddenly tanks mouth was knawing biting at his neck and upper back.

Soon Tanks spit and sweat ran down Spikes neck and back. Spikes mind was in pure euphoria. Finally Tanks jack hammer strokes became faster and incredibly stronger, his mouth gripped Spikes neck in almost a painful grip, as he shot his hot load deep in Spikes guts. Spike's body shivered

as it took shot after shot after shot of the hot thick fluid.

Spike new now that when Tank called his cum A Real Mans Protein, he meant it more than just some boasting. As Spikes body began to absorb Tanks cum, a warmth and tingling spread though out his body. His muscles seem to drink in all the nutrients from Tanks spunk. It was almost like getting a shot of adrenalin and taking steroids at the same time. Although Tank never said anything about it, Spike new that much of his growth was do to his daily intake of Tanks Protein.

Spike lowered himself to the floor and Tank laid on top of him, Tanks softening cock still deep inside him. All of Tanks sweaty, furry 390# lay atop him, like some huge protective blanket. He could feel Tanks furr abs and pecs move on his back as he breathed. Spike was content to lay like that until morning, but a few minutes later Tank rolled off of him and sat with his back to the wall. Spike quickly got up and went and got one of Tanks cigars. After Tank bit the end off of it, Spike lit the cigar and sat back. Spike felt good when he saw the look of approval in the big mans eyes. As Tank slowly puffed away, Spike turned his attention to Tanks boots. Getting on his hands and knees again, he started cleaning his masters boots. All of these things were second nature to him now and he found that he liked every minute of it.

After giving a good tongue bath to Tanks boots, he looked up at Tanks semi hard cock and wanted in his mouth again. Looking from Tanks Cock to his eyes and back again. Tank finally nodded and Spike tongue began working his way up Tanks thick calves, tasting the sweat from their brawling and

fuck session. Every time his tongue brought that salty man taste back to

his mouth it watered more and more. Soon Tanks legs glistened from Spike

ministrations. Tank spread his legs wide open and his furry asshole beaconed Spike hungry tongue. Spike quickly buried his face in Tanks crack and his tongue up his ass. The room around them was filled with a haze of cigar smoke as Tanks breath came quicker.

Spike move his hungry mouth to the prized he wanted most, he quickly buried Tanks cock down his throat. Spike no longer had trouble throating

the Tanks cock. He loved the way it filled and throbbed in his throat, the way precum slid slowly down to his stomach. Contently he slowly massaged

Tanks cock with his tongue, mouth and throat. Tank sat back and enjoyed his cigar and his pitbull. Spike felt Tanks calloused hand rubbing across his bald head. Spike realized he had never been so content in his life.

After an hour of long slow ministration, Tank balls unloaded it 4th big load of cum for the night, Spikes throat greedily taking every drop.

When he was done, he laid his head right in the middle of Tanks furry crotch and went to sleep feeling the warmth and strength flowing through his muscles from his last dose of Tank Juice.

When he woke the next morning Tank was gone, but on the table was an enormous breakfast of steak, eggs, toast, rice, milk and juice. Spike quickly downed the feast and went straight for the weights.

By the ninth month, Spike couldn't believe the changes his body had taken.

Where he had been benching 450# before, he was tossing around 600# for sets of 10 reps. He was stronger than he ever imagined he could be and he was still growing. Tank on missed a few days in the past 9 months, but Spike never stopped working out.

One day he decided to see if he could break the chain that attached his collar, which by the way was no longer loose around his neck. His thick neck almost filled the heavy collar. Bracing his foot on the wall he pulled and pulled for 5 minutes as one of the 3/8 inch links slowly stretched and broke. As he held the chain in his hand, Spike was numb.

He was loose. He walked over to the door that he could never reach before and turned the handle and the door opened. Not locked. Although he didn't know if Tank was home, he could try and get away. There was little debated in

his mind. Spike only closed the door and when back to his workout. He was not afraid to try, Tank had never tried to break his spirit. He didn't fear Tank, but he did respect him. He realized that he had become that dog, Tank had told him he was. And like that dog, he realized that the loyalty to his master over rode his instinct for freedom and he didn't mind at all.

5 months later....

Spike let the bar fall back on the bench rack as he finished his last rep.

Sweat rolled off his body as if someone was poring water over it.

Considering he had been benching 650# it was warranted. Sitting up he flexed his arms and pecs and smiled as he saw the results of labor. His instincts told him that it was late afternoon or early evening. Getting up from the bench he walked over to the section of his room where the refrigerator and stove was. He open the icebox and pulled out a gallon of milk. Twisting the cap of he turned the jug up and within 60 seconds it was empty. Other than a few ounces the dribbled down his chest and abs mixing with the sweat, the milk went to fuel his body.. Smiling to himself, Spike picked up the heavy 30# chain attached to the collar around his neck. Walking over he sat down on the mattress that was his bed.

Tank would be home soon and their nightly ritual would begin. Although they had been through it one way or another hundreds of times, Spike still looked

forward to it.

Tank had been acting a little different lately. A lot of the orders he had set for Spike that he usually checked to make sure they were carried out

on a daily basis, he didn't bother too. Not that Spike stop performing them. Spike lifted his arm up and flexed it, watching it harden and the veins crawl over it like snakes. He could only guess at how big it was, 22.. 23.. 24 inches. He hadn't been able to weigh himself or take any of his measurements since it began 14 months ago. Spikes neck filled the collar to the point where it was tight. Tank didn't even let him look at

himself in the mirror. There was nothing shiny enough to see what the results of his hard work looked like.

But that didn't matter. None of it did. He was content following Tanks orders. Spikes hands wandered down to his jock and he slipped his semi hard cock from under the dirty, sweaty strap. He fondled his 9 inch beer

can thick tool ( amazingly enough that seem to have grown too since this

started) and stroked his collar waiting for his master to get

dreaming about his year in "captivity". A happy smile on his face.

Suddenly the door was open and Tank was walking into the room. Spike automatically got down on his knees and sat on his haunches as tank entered the room. Tank was dressed in nothing but his boots and jock.

Spike said nothing, but his breath quicken at the site of the big man.

As Tank stepped in front of him, Spike leaned forward to start his ritual of tounge shining the big man boots, but Tank grabbed his chain and pulled him up. Spike stood up and Tank looked him up and down, walking around him inspecting every inch. Spike thought maybe he had done something wrong or Tank wanted to look over his progress, but to his surprise Tank turned around and headed out the room. When he reached to door he said, "Come on."

Spike hesitated for a few seconds and followed Tank out into the hall.

Spike felt funny walking out of the room that for the past 14 months had

been his home. He followed tank down the hall to another door and room.

Walking in he found tank standing in front of 2 walls of mirrors. "Come here" Tank told him and Spike walked over to stand next to the big man.

Looking into the mirror he saw 2 big men and the second one was himself.

He couldn't believe what he was looking at. Although he wasn't as big as

Tank, he would later find that he was withing 30 pounds of the 390# man.

He looked at his chest arms and legs and saw how thick and fucking huge he had become. It was almost like looking at another person. This was the first time he had seen himself hairless, and cause he hadn't seen the sun in over a year, he was white as a sheet.

Tank grabbed his chain and turned him around to face him. "You don't need this anymore." Tank reached up and unlocked the collar and let if fall to the floor. Spike reached up and rubbed his 21 thick neck that had out grown the collar. "You wanted to be a monster, now you're a monster"

Tank said as he and Spike looked each other in the eyes. Tank reached forward

and pulled Spike closer and kissed him. But instead of roughly grabbing him by the neck he wrapped his arms around him in an strong embrace. To any other man, the embrace would have felt like a rib crushing bear hug,

but Spike only returned the hug with his own hard earn strength.

Tank had transformed him into guard dog. He told Spike that he was free to go if he wanted, but Spike was having none of that. Tank had turned his deepest fantasy into a reality, nothing would get him to leave Tank.

That night they slept and fucked in Tanks bed. They were equals. Men. Grizzly

Bears. Now, Tank was still the dominant leader, but Spike had earned his


The next day tank took him to the garage / barn. Spike had to get used to the place, although he had been their for a year, he had only been outside that room for 2 days. Tank took him over to 4 Harley's shining in the corner. Each was different and customized in a different manner. "I've been working on these for the past year. Like em?" Tank asked Spike.

‘Yeah, these are fucking great." Spike said as he began looking closer at each of them. "Which one do you want?" Tank asked him. Spike turned around and said, "Want? You mean I can have one? What about my old bike?" Tank smiled and replied, "You're a new man. You need a new hawg." Spike grinned and turned back to the 4 beauties in front of him. His eyes kept coming back to a dark blue and silver softail. Spike got on it and it felt like

it had been made for him. Tank grinned and said "It's yours."

Within the hour they were on the road, Spike on his blue and silver hawg

and Tank on his black and silver one. They road to a little town about 100 mile away. Being his first time out in a year, Spike looked around the world with wonder. Breathing the fresh air and letting the warm air brush across his body. Once they reached Jensen, Tank pulled into a parking lot of a bar and tattoo parlor. Spike followed Tank into the bar, it was even rougher than the that he had met Tank in. All eyes turned to them as they walked in. Like the other bar, quiet a few people knew Tank and those who didn't quick got out of his way, and Spikes as well. Most of the people were bikers or truckers of one type or another. Most probably had a record longer than your arm. They say and drank for a couple hours then Tank headed to a back room.

Spike followed and saw that the back room was in fact a fighting pit.

The room was full of men betting drinking and of course in the pit fighting.

He and Tank plowed their way through the crowd to the edge of the pit.

They watch several matches. Spike took it all in, his heart pounding as he watched each man in the ring. Tank watched him silently through each fight. Finally one man had beaten two others and it was being announced that if no one else was willing to fight him he would take home the pot tonight. Tank turned and looked Spike in the eyes. Nothing was said but Spike turned and hopped over the rail and down into the pit. The crowed erupted as he took off his shirt.

The sound and smell had his heart beating in his chest like a race horse

ready to be released out of the gate. The man he would be fighting was no lightweight. He had to weigh in at least 310 pounds, but some of that was gut. Betting was wild. People looked at Spikes size and conditioning, but the other guy was a known to be one hell of a fighter. Although Spike didn't know it, Tank had bet 5 grand on him.

The fight started and the other guy tried to rush him. Spike grappled with the man for a few seconds then grabbed him under the arms and tossed him

away. The man fell like he was a rag doll. Spike walked over to where the man stood up and they started exchanging blows. All of the brawls he and

Tank had were instinct to him now. Within a minute he had the man at his mercy. He could have ended the fight but he was enjoying the feeling of power too much. As he pummeled the man from one side of the ring to the other the crowd cheered him on. He saw Tank watching, his face impassive.

Finally Spike pulled the staggering man into a full nelson. They guy struggled for a few seconds before his eyes rolled up in his head. Spike

let the man fall unconscious to the dirty floor. When the guy asked if anyone wanted to fight Spike for the pot, the room got quiet. Spike walked over to the steps and people were slapping him on the back and telling him how tough he was. Spike heard little of it. He walked over to Tank who smiled and put his big arm over Spike shoulder, bending near he said.

"Glad to see that not only did I raise a big dog, but one that could take care of himself too."

After Tank had collected his money, Spike followed him next door to the tattoo parlor. The place wasn't very big, it had 2 barber styled chairs and the walls were lined with pictures and drawings of all types of skin

art. The was a guy in one chair and then there was the tattoo artist himself. Spike cock throbbed like a jack hammer at the site of this fucker. The tattooist had to weigh in about as much as he himself did, maybe a little more. His upper body was covered in tattoos images of snakes curled around his 24"biceps and down his arms to his back of his hands. His chest was nice and hairy but spike could still see tattoo under the furr. He hadn't looked up yet until Tank walked over a to stand a few feet from him. The guy in the chair look at Tank and Spike and was shocked at all the beef standing around him. He had three guys standing over him

that all tip the scales well past 320 pounds. The tattooist never looked

up he just looked over at Tanks boots. Thats when Spike new that he was another member of the pack. The artist next few breaths came deeper and

stronger. Still not looking up he said to the guy in the chair, "Come back day after tomorrow and we'll finish."

The guy looked startled then angry. "Hey, I may the appointment for tonight. What the fuck you doing, double booking people!" In a flash the artist hand snaked out and grabbed his customer by the neck and lifted him out of the chair and held him in the air. Pulling the mans face close he

repeated his statement, this time his voice was like a that of a growling grizzly. If his hand wasn't squeezing his neck so hard the man would have quickly swallowed his pride as well as the hasty words. The tattooist carried the struggling man to the door, his feet not even brushing the floor. After tossing his customer out into the dirt parking lot, he closed and lock the door and pulled down the steel security shades. All this time Tank had said nothing. The guy walked back toward them as his eyes were drilled in on Spikes and Spike found his staring back as hard at the tattooed monster in front of him. Spike finally got a good look at his face. Wide hooked nose and heavy brow gave him a hard brutish look. His eyes were stainless steel gray. He had a thick heavy mustache and goatee, so heavy that you couldn't see his top lip and part of his bottom was covered as well. His hair was shaved on both sides of his head, while the dark brown hair on top hand been buzzed cut, but allowed to grow long in

the back.

Even as this guy turned him on like a 250 watt bulb, there was also some

strange animal like animosity. As the guy reached him he stood toe to toe with Spike, his expression was hard and aggressive. Spike found that his

face had developed a similar frown / snarl. The guy looked him up and down, as if he were measuring him. Spike did the same and suddenly the guy face got real close to his and he inhaled deeply several time. Like some

big bear smelling another. Suddenly the mans face soften some and his frown / snarl became a small lopsided grin. Spike instinctual urge caused him to mirror the mans strange behavior. Spike leaned in and inhaled the

mans aroma. The sent of sweat, sex and some other strange smell filled his head. As he took it deep into his chest, a warm tingling covered his body from tip to toe. His semi hard cock immediately became rock hard. He return the guys smile.

Tank had been watching the whole thing passively. The guy walked pass Spike and up too Tank. Without a word he dropped to his knees and started servicing Tank boots like a pro. Spike at first wanted to grab the guy and pound the fuck out of him for moving in on his territory, jealousy rage in his head, heart and gut. But then the site of big fucker servicing Tanks boot damn near pushed him to the edge to where he could have blown a load just by thinking about it.

"Spike I want you to meet, Hugh. He's your pack brother." Hugh stopped his tongue bath and got up and turned to shake Spikes hand. When Spike looked in his eyes he knew that Hugh was feeling the same pleasure at serving this big man. Spike suddenly knew that he was truly part of a pack, had not been the first or only stray dog to be trained by Tank. Tank was the

BIG dog with lots of big dogs under him. Some of his making and some not.

Spike would later find out that he was one of many Big Dogs in this pack.

He and Hugh became damn good friends, which all started with Hugh giving

him his first three tattoos. Plus the fact that night and the next day the three of them generated a lot of heat in that shop , but thats another story for another time… •

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