Pack, The


By MscleNBots

Spike sat in front of the big screen TV watching bare knuckle fighting on some obscure satellite channel. In front of him was 20 pair of boots, ranging from store brought brands to custom Wessco's. Spikes thick muscular hands and forearms were covered in black shoe polish. Spike was

just doing his weekly chores that he had been doing since becoming a pack member.

The Pack was a group of guys that some might call a club, motorcycle gang, or just plain dangerous. Tank was the leader of War Dogs and it was his boots he sat polishing. Tank was the Big Dog of the group. Pack leader if you will. Spike had been with tank for over 2 years now and couldn't be

happier. Polishing Tanks boots were part of his duties, but to Spike it was more of a pleasure. This polishing just kept the boots in shape for the real work that Tank put them and him through.

The smell of leather, polish, sweat from the boots and his own sweat had

Spike cock rock hard down his thigh in his jeans. His thick beefy hand absently rubbing it as he though about how it all began.........

James Manelli, his name before Tank changed it to Spike, had always been a rough neck and a loner. Always big for his age, he left home when he was

17. He managed to jobs here and there as well as the occasional strong arm robbery, James got by. By 19 he had worked a few construction jobs and had manage to save up a little money. Betting it on a few fist fights he had

he managed to save enough money to get him a nice used Harley. It was good condition and after a couple months of tuning, repair and a little customizing, Spike quit his job and hit the road. For five years he road

from town to town, state to state. Getting jobs when needed or getting money by more unsavory means when necessary.

Last year he hit a town in Oklahoma and found a construction job building a mall. A few months work would get him some cash to get him through the

winter. He had started hanging at a bar frequented by truckers and bikers.

It was a hard place frequented by hard men, where a fight could break out in a blink of and eye. You could be sitting beside a murder, thief or you average hard working truck driver. Considering that he loved a good fight and could hold his own against most he fit right in. After a couple weeks the door opens and this man walks in. Mountain is more like it. 6'3 and had to weigh in at 390 rock solid pounds. This man was huge. His head was shaved and he had a thick trimmed black beard. He was wearing a T-shirt that had to be a 4X, but was still skin tight on his thick torso. The ripped neck of the t-shirt showed a nice thick covering of black hair.

As did the thick tattoo covered forearm. The blue jeans were tight around his oak tree like thighs and calves. He was wearing a pair of 11 inch engineer boots that had to be custom made just to fit around his calves.

Now Spike was not small fry/ 6'1, 250 solid pounds, but he was no where near this guys class. Some of the regulars greeted him, calling him Tank.

A name that aptly fit. Other moved out of his way and quickly looked the

other way. Those that didn't move got knocked to the side as he walk through them. He greeted most of the calls back. Spike just sat there and tried to watch without being to conspicuous. His cock was so hard that he though it would split his jeans. That night and others passed as Spike continued to watch this man He had gather some information about him from some of the other regulars. A few beers and a couple shots would loosen a mans tongue.

Tank lived about 30 minutes outside of town. What he exactly did for a living was not completely known, but he did do some shylocking (loan sharking). Everyone Spike talked to agreed that he was a dangerous man.

A real rough fucker. Spike got little other information than that. That didn't keep Spike from wanting the man. He didn't know when it happen, but he knew that he could give up his wandering ways for a man like that.

One evening Spike saw Tank collar a guy and drag him down the hall to the back exit. Although most of the bar had too see what had happened, most didn't say a word or even look in that direction. It was safer that way.

Spike's cock had other ideas though. He had day dreamed of watching this

man work. Before he knew it he had wondered down the hallway after them.

When he reached the rear door he opened it to dark alley way. The door creaked as he went out. Although it was pitch black, the light from the parking lot in front provided enough light for Spike to see. He watched as Tank rough the guy up. Spikes hard-on throbbed in his pants as he watched.

He could tell the big man was holding back, and so could the guy he was pounding on. After a few minutes, Tank collard the guy and drew him close so their faces were less than a inch apart. Spike couldn't hear all that

was said, but "You've got another week until we talk again... next time I wont whisper"

Tank dropped the guy and turned back toward the bar rear entrance.

Spike was so engrossed he forgot he was suppose try to be discreet. Even

though Spike was in the deep shadows Tanks spotted him as soon as he turned around. Without blink or missing his stride he headed right toward Spike. Spike heart jumped. Not so much from fear, but from the fact that

he was finally gonna meet this guy. It could be that he was about to be in the fight of his life, but he would be happy anyway. Spike didn't make any sort of aggressive or defensive move. He stood there as if he had been watching someone change a flat tire.

Tank walked up to him and looked him up and down slowly and said, "You need something?" his voice was deep and heavy. Spike could hear the violence sleeping behind his voice, his cock throbbed again. "Nah, just admiring your work." Spike told him simply. Tank didn't say anything but

looked him up and down again. This time his eyes lit on Spikes right hand, which was holding the hard-on in his jeans. So caught up in the moment, he hadn't even tried to conceal it. Tanks eyes lingered there and then looked up at him and said, "Thanks." and turned toward the back door. Spike heart was beating heavily, not sure exactly with what had happened. Suddenly as Tank opened the door he said, "Come on, let get a beer." Not looking behind to see if Spike would follow he headed back into the bar. Spike didn't hesitate to follow. When the reached the Tanks table, he saw the big man was sporting a hard-on himself. He wasn't sure what this guy was

into, but he knew he had to find out.

They talked that night and every night after that for over 2 more weeks.

The regular patrons started looking on him in a different light.

Suddenly Spike was getting hey's and hellos from people and other moved out of his way as he walked through the bar. Tank let him tag along while he made a

few collections in that 2 week time, even let him make a collection or two from some oil rig workers that owed Tank money.

That third week was when tank suggested that they go up to his place so he could show Spike the Harleys he was working on. Spike didn't know what to think at the time but he knew that he wouldn't miss this for the world.

40 minutes later they pulled up to Tanks big 2 level ranch house. Complex was more like it. There was the house, a barn and two very nice sized sheds.

All in a clearing deep back up in the woods. The barn turned out to be a

cross between a garage and a work room. Tank had 2 cars, a truck and 4 Harleys stored in the garage. Not to mention the one he rode everyday.

The tour took them around the house, which had 5 bedrooms, a big kitchen and

living room, a den and a completely finished basement.

The shot the shit as tank fixed them steaks for dinner, and they drank bear and whisky before during and afterwards. Even after knowing Tank for almost a month, Spike still snuck peaks at him, and got hard-ons off and

on all the time he was with the man. Tank never said anything about them, but he couldn't have missed them all. Spike was sporting one now. Tank eyes locked onto it and he looked up in Spikes eyes and said, "You've been sporting that thing every since I met you. I've been wondering what been

making you so damn horny."

Spike just sat there and look back at the mountain siting infront of him.

How could he not know what made him sport a perpetual hardon everytime he though about the mountain of beef infront of him. Spike didn't want to fuck things up by being to blunt, but if Tank had been noticing his cock

and didn't seem to all that unconfortable talking about it. Spike decided to take a chance. "Well it not easy controling this thing around a big fucker like you." Spike said with a quick grin.

Tank just sat staring at him for almost a half minute. Tank expression hadn't changed and his eyes bored into Spikes. Spike thought, "Shit, I moved to fast.". But suddenly Tank lifted his arm up and flexed it in a side bicep shot and said, "So you like all this beef huh?" Spike heart beat faster as he realized that Tank hadn't been put off by his comment.

And for that matter was egging him on by flexing those huge guns in front of him. Spike nerously licked his lips as he watched Tanks bicep stretch

the arm of the tshirt until it creaked as if it was about to split.

Thick viens crawled all over the tattooed 26 inch arm. "Who the fuck wouldn't!? Spike finally said. Tank grinned back at him as he lifted his other arm and flexed both of them.

Spike decided to take another chance and got up and walked over to Tank and asked, "Can I touch it?"

"Sure" Tank replied and Spike ran is calloused hand over the man thick cannon ball bicep. He could almost feel the blood pumping through the oak tree limb. Tank flex it for him while he rubbed his hand back and forth over the arm. Thinking that his luck had been good so far, Spike bent down and ran his tongue across the top of the bicep. Feeling the veins crawl under his tongue. He looked to the side and saw approval in the big silent mans eyes. Spike started sliding his mouth back and forth over the man limb. Soon he felt Tanks other hand on the back of his head, the mans thick fingers grabbed a handful of his hair and guided his mouth all over his arm.

Tank suddenly stood up leaving Spike on his knees looking up at him.

Tank looked down at him and pulled the tight shirt off over his head. Spike eyes took in every inch of the mans thick muscular torso. Spikes breath was coming faster and faster. Tank sat back down in the big chair and open his legs, Spike crawled over and with no prompting his tongue started to

wash the big man sweaty body. His mouth started on Tanks thick hairy six

pack abs slowly tracing around each muscle as he work his way up to the mans thick muscular pecs.

Tanks roughly grabbed Spikes hair and guide his mouth all over his body.

Tank lifted his right arm and flexed if for him again and Spike buried his mouth in the Tanks thick hairy sweat pit. His mouth lapped and slurped at the salty, tangy pit. Tank brought his arm down around the back of Spikes head, trapping his face and mouth in his pit. Spike felt the big arm roughly squeeze his head and press his face deeper into the mans pit.

Spike couldn't have been happier. After a couple minutes Tank loosened his arm from around Spike head and pulled him back. Spike face was split

in a big grin. He was living his ultimate fantasy, or so he though.

"You like cleaning this big grizzly pits don't you boy!" Tank said to him.

"I'd clean anything on your body. Just wish I was as big as you. I'd do almost anything to be a big fucking grizzly bear like you." Spike said and couldn't believe he was gushing in front of this big man. Tanks eyes changes and his mouth smiled a bit. "You want to be a big fucker like me? Do anything to get this way?" Tanks said as he stood up.

"Hell, any fucking thing." Spike said looking at the man towering over him. Tank gestured for Spike to stand up, Tank laid his arms on Spikes shoulder and pulled him forward. Spike started to open his mouth for a kiss and Tanks says, "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it."

Spike started to ask Tank what he meant, but the big man spun him around

and slid his arms under spikes and behind his neck. Spike found himself trapped in a full nelson, and from the amount of pressure Tank was applying, this was no playful wrestling or rough housing.

"I like you kid. You got guts and balls. I'm gonna give you what you asked for, or break you while trying." Tank whispered in his ear. Spike was trying to struggle but Tanks huge arms were cranking down harder on his neck, while lifting him to where his feet barely touched the floor.

Spike tried pressing his arms down to break the hold, but Tank only said, "Yeah kid, show me what I've got to work with!" Tank started shaking him back and forth like a rag doll and things started going grey and red. Soon the Spike felt the world slipping away from him as Tank finally put him out.

Spike felt a slight breeze pass over his naked ass. Which was strange cause the last thing he remember was Tank trying to rip his head off.

Spike slowly opened his eyes and found himself laying on mattress.

Looking around Spike found himself in a room, 50' x 75'. Spike pulled himself up

to a sitting position and started really looking at his surroundings.

First thing he noticed was that he was naked except for his jock strap and construction boots. Oh, and a thick Spiked leather collar locked around his neck, with a thick heavy chain leading from it to the wall 50 feet away. His head was still foggy and his neck felt as if he had been thrown around by one of the gorilla in those suitcase commercials.

The room was painted a dark gray. There were no windows and just a set steel doors on the far side of the room. To his right was what could be called a mini heavyweight gym. Several benches, leg presses and other weight lifting equipment along with several thousand pounds of free weights. Behind him was sink, table, stove and refrigerator. A toilet stood several feet away from the kitchen..

Spike got up and walked around the room. Still a little fuzzy, yet he knew deep down what was going on. Five minutes later the door at the far side

of the room opens and Tank walks in. The site of the big man made his cock start throbbing again. Tank was dressed in nothing but a jock strap, boots and tight black leather gloves on his hands. His eyes were covered in mirrored shades. Other than the fact that he was chained to a wall and being held against his will, this was the moment he had been waiting for.

For the first time he got a real good look at the man. Tanks body was built like his name sake. A tank. No bodybuilder build here. Just slab after slab of thick furry muscle. 60+ inch chest, narrowed down to a 42 inch waist, 36 quads flowed down into 24 inch calves. Real doorway wade shoulders, flowed down to 26 inch arms and thick beefy hands.

Tanks thick muscular chest and six pack abs were covered in black furr and tattoos. His arms were thick and corded with muscles and veins.

Lastly, the dirty sweaty jock hung low holding back what he could only imagine to be 2 big bull balls and thick heavy cock.

Part of Spike urged him to rush him, make him unlock the collar and let him go. But another part wanted to hear what the big man had to say. He

knew there had to be some reason to what Tank was doing. Tank walked straight up to him. Spike couldn't see his eyes but he could feel them boring into him behind those shades.

"I'm not gonna beat around the bush. Simply put, you belong to me now.

No negotiations. No pleading, no threats are gonna make a difference. I like you kid, I think you could fit right in with my plans, but you're too unfocused. Well I'm gonna focus you. You said you'd do anything to be a big fucker like me, so you will be. I'm gonna make you big like me.

You're gonna stay in my little room, until you're a big mean fucker like me.

You will do what I say, when I say, how I say." Tank said standing so close

that his hot breath and spit hit Spike in the face.

"Kid, you remind me of a stray dog. Wandering around from place to place.

Able to protect yourself from most other strays, but you can't run with the big dogs. Cant' run with the pack. You need a master to but some beef on ya bones, teach you when to heel and when to rip someone's throat out.

James not your name anymore kid, from now on you're Spike. You're gonna do nothing but lift, sleep and eat. Ohh.. And fuck. You think tonight was intense, you better bulk up soon, cause I'm gonna fuck and maul your ass

daily. Dump load after load of my cum up your ass and down your throat.

Only way to make you grow is to give you a real man protein, my protein.

Either you grow into a monster like me or I break you in half. The choice is up to you. Don't even bother to give me any shit about people missing

you. I check you out kid, nobody's gonna miss you. "

Spike had just stood there as the big man body pressed up against him.

Sweat ran down Tanks chest and abs to his crotch. Spike said nothing because there was a battle going on inside his head. One part wanting to

fight and escape and another thinking that being this big fucker's muscle pig wasn't a bad thing. One part that though freedom and no responsibilities was the path he should tread and the other thinking that having someone else make the decisions for him could be a nice change of


Spike body shook with effort as his thoughts fought for dominance. Tank just stared at him as if he were reading his thoughts. Finally the big man said, "On you knees boy!" Spike body tremble harder for 15 seconds more.

The heat of the room, the smell of sweat and sex, the sight of big mound

of grizzly muscle in front of him rushed around in his head. Then like a

damn breaking his decision had been made and he stop shaking and dropped

to his knees. Tank slowly nodded his head like he knew that this was the

only decision that could be made.

"Now boy I'm gonna give you your first dose of protein to start this off

right!" Tank said as he put his boot on Spike chest and pushed him back first to the ground. Tank dropped down on his knees straddling Spikes chest. Tank grabbed spikes arms and held them above is head.

Inching forward Tanks hardening cock rubbed all over Spikes face. Spike breath came quickly as his own cock began to harden. "Open your fucking mouth." Tank growled. Spike open his mouth and tank rammed his cock down

his throat. Spike gagged and his body bucked but Tank continued to rape his mouth. Tanks hard thick cock slammed in and out of his mouth. Tanks tool got harder, longer and thicker in his mouth and throat. At first Spike couldn't breath, and he tried to struggle, but he was like a child

in Tanks hand. Relaxing he managed to get used to the throbbing pipe sliding down his throat. As he relaxed, breathing and pleasure came next.

Tanks huge thick muscular hairy legs slapped and rubbed on Spikes chest and face. He could feel tanks legs and ass flex as he raped his mouth.

His hands itched to touch his own cock but Tanks held them above his head.

For what seemed like hours Tanks stoked his cock in and out of his mouth.

Sweat ran down the big mans body and on to his. Finally Spike felt Tanks body spasm as he came. Tank rammed his 11 inch cock all the way down Spikes throat. Hot sticky man milk shot down in Spike gut. Shot after shot the big grizzly cock kept cumming and cumming. Tanks big bull balls continued to spew out hot thick man juice, more than any man should be able to produce at one time.. Spike somehow managed to swallow most of it.

As the hot thick protein hit his stomach it made his body feel warm and strong. Like someone poring racing fuel in the gas tank of a sports car.

Tank pulled his cock out of Spikes mouth and sat back. Sat up moved over

to where the big man sat. Reaching up he went to kiss Tanks and suddenly

found the big mans hand around his neck. Tank pulled him close and said,

"You think this is a game boy! Some fuck session that we act out a little fantasy and you go home! I fuckin own you, you don't breath or shit unless I tell you too!" Tank stood up and carried Spike over to the wall and slammed him face forward into it. "Dosage number 2 boy!" Tanks said as his other hand reached down and pulled Spike legs apart. Although tanks tool

had started to soften, Spikes struggling got him excited again. "You are

gonna learn quick that when I say something you do it, when I don't say something you do nothing. Only men are allowed to think for themselves.

You are my scrawny pitbull. No meat on your bones, and no discipline. By

the time I'm done with you, you'll be man's best friend. A good cock sucker, a good fuck and man enough to tear any fucker heart out I point you toward.! You want that don't ya, you wanna be my 350# Pitbull!" Tank

emphasized each sentence by shaking Spike by the scruff of his neck.

Spike was so fucking turned out he felt as if his blood were boiling in his brain. He realized that he wanted nothing more in the world than to be this big mans 350# pitbull. "Yes Sir, I want to be you Pitbull!! More than anything Sir!" Spike said even as Tank slammed his hard cock all the way

up Spike tight ass. Spikes legs shivered with pain as Tank slid his cock

roughly in and out of Spikes ass. "Good boy, like any good dog you know a good master when you get fucked by one don't you." Tank said as his strokes became slower but stronger. Tanks hand moved from Spikes neck to

grab a hand full of his hair. He roughly pulled Spikes head left, right back and forth with each stroke. Spike felt as if he were impaled on a sword every time Tank slide his long thick cock up his ass. Spike could feel Tanks heavy hairy balls press into his ass with every stroke. Tanks

Hot breath blowing across his sweat drenched neck and back. After awhile

Tanks long hard strokes became faster, harder, brutal strokes as his thick cum shot down his cock and up into Spikes ass. Tank pressed all 390# of his weight into Spike as he shot load after load into Spikes ass.

Spent Tank didn't take his cock out of Spikes ass, he let his softening member stay crammed up Spikes hole. Tank leaned every ounce of his weigh

on top of Spike, not because he was tired, but just to let Spike feel exactly was he was up against, and what he could become. Spike mind was in euphoric bliss. He wanted to slide to the floor and sleep but Tanks body

pressed him against the wall. Tanks hot breath still breathing on his neck and back. After about five minute Tanks pulled his soft cock out of Spikes ass and let him slide to the floor. Spike turned over and watched

tank walk over to one of the cabinets over the sink.

Spike saw him reach up into the cabinet and pull something shiny out.

When Tank turned around Spike saw Tank was holding a straight razor. Spike heart jumped. Not knowing what to think. This night already had turned into something completely different than what he expected. Tank walked over to him and told him to stand up. Spike stood and Tank said, "Hold out your hand." Spike held out his hand and Tank place the straight razor in it. Tank didn't say anything. Spike confused and relieved said, "Sir, what do you want me to do with it?" Tank said nothing for a few moment more, then "Only men grow hair. You are not a man and until you are you are not allowed to have any body hair. Everyday you will shaved yourself

from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. The only hair I want to see on your body is you eyelashes and eyebrows. No hair on your arms, chest, ass, balls, legs, even the back of you hands and the top of your feet better be clean of hair." Spike stood there, surprised that he was getting angry at Tanks order. It had taken him a lifetime to grow his medium thick pelt of hair. He was proud of his beard. Spike said nothing

but Tank could see the wheels spinning in his head. He didn't want to shave his body, and he did have a straight razor. Tank walked up on him and his hand grabbed the chain connected to Spikes collar and with amazing strength lifted him completely off of the ground. The spiked leather collard choking him like a hangman's noose. Spike legs kicked and his arms flailed. Tank never flinched as the straight razor came close time and time again as Spike struggled dangling in front of him. Taking off the mirrored shades, Tanks black eyes bore into Spikes gray eyes. "The only thing you better ever think about doing with that razor is shaving your ass with it, cause anything else will get you six feet under quicker than you can say Fuck me Sir!" Spike looked deep into Tanks eyes and realized

that he was looking at the most dangerous man he had ever met. Managing to swallow, Spike grunted out a "Yes Sir."

Tank dropped Spike back to his feet and told Spike to follow him. After Spike gathered enough strength he followed tank over to the sink. "You can use the soap to shave yourself, but that all you use it for. You don't fuckin wash unless I tell you too. Understand." Tanks said. "Yes Sir."

Spike replied. Walked over and sat on mattress and pulled out a box of cigars from behind the mattress. He smoke one as he watched Spike shave himself from head to toe. Spike watched the big man watch him. Both mens

cocks got rock hard as they watch the other.

Tank explain what Spikes daily routine was to be. Spike would lift and eat all day. Nothing more and nothing less. The refrigerator was full of steaks, chicken vegetables, pasta, milk and juices. He would lift and eat, and when Tank came for his daily session, he would suck down every ounce

of Tanks thick protein from the big mans 11 inch cock. He could only wear his jock strap and the boots. No body hair. Spike answered yes sir to each order Tank gave him. After he was done shaving himself, Tank finished his cigar and left. Cutting light off as he left.

Spike walked over to the mattress and laid down exhausted, bruised, sore

and hairless. A prisoner to a man who would keep him captive until he became his deepest dream or a broken and bruised sack of skin in the process. Surprisingly, Spike went to sleep with a smile on his face.

This is not to say that Spike didn't have any second thoughts. The first

week he tried breaking the chain and rebelling. Only to find that although he could hold is own with damn near every man he every had a scrap with,

Tank was just too much. Those first couple 3 weeks, Tank never broke any

bones but Spikes body was bruised and sore from where Tank pounded him back in line. Over the first two months, Spike adjusted. At first he never though he would, living in a window less room 20 feet below ground chained to a wall should drive a man crazy, but Spike found it did just the opposite to him. His days were nothing but eating, lifting and Tank.

Tank would come and see him each day. Check to see his rules were followed, to give him his daily allowance of Tank Protein, even to lift with him.

By the sixth month as Spike counted it he had made significant gains. He

could only tell my looking down at his body. Tank didn't allow any mirrors or shiny object where Spike could see himself. When Spike had asked why,

Tank told him, "You ain't lifting for no Mr. Universe contest. Don't want you thinking bout no symmetry shit. Spending your time flexing so you can get off. You lift for power and size, nothing else." After the sixth month, Tank started sparing with him. Told him that if he were gonna be

his attack dog, then he would have to learn how to attack, it took more than muscle to be able to fight.

He and Tank would wrestle, and fist fight almost nightly. Spike never won, but over time his learned how to use his new muscles fighting. He even managed to give Spike more than a couple good shot of his own. The big man would take his blows and reward him the harder he hit or the more pressure he put on as he twisted on limb or another. Thinking of one match where he had bloodied Tanks lip and had even managed to grapple him to the matt. But tank was more than just some bar room brawler. Even as Spike grinned as he though he had the upper hand, Tank flipped him over and his thick 26 inch arms had his head locked in a choke hold and his thick tree trunk legs wrapped around Spike squeezing the air from his lungs. Just before Spike was about to fade out, Tank released the pressure of the hold and whispered in his ear. "Never think that you have a man beaten until you either have him completely in your control .." Tank arms and legs squeezed twice as hard as they had before .. ".. or you've crushed him completely." Spike squeezed out a yes sir as the room began to darken again and Tank released him.

Spike took each mistake he made as a lesson and learned from them. This was just another lesson. " Get up on you hand and knee's" Tanks told him

and Spike quickly did so. Tank moved behind him and he felt his masters hardening cock brush against his as. Spikes body shivered with heat and lust at each touch from Tanks thick tool. "You did good today, Spike.

Real good." Tank said as his thick rough brawny hands rubbed up and down Spikes back. Kneading his muscles with such power that months ago Spike would have been writhing in pain, instead of growling with pleasure. Spike didn't say anything and he didn't move, he just let growls of pleasure escape from his mouth. •

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