Jerry Johnson and the Muscle Factory

The Contest


By Josef Howard


Under his bed covers Jerry fantasized about his godfather, Woody. He put his hands inside his jockey shorts and felt himself swell and get hard. He imagined Woody laying his thickly muscled arm on his shoulders. He thought about how much he wanted to touch Woody back. He fantasized about undressing him and seeing his muscled, hairy body naked, in private, where he could demonstrate his appreciation for it enthusiastically. His hands began to caress his teenage hard-on.

When Jerry had first come to live with Woody as a little boy, after his parents died in a car accident, Woody had been a top competitive bodybuilder. Although Jerry hadn't yet reached puberty then, seeing his godfather without his shirt, or even his veiny bicep in a short- sleeved shirt, had given Jerry a boner and made him tingle so much he could hardly think. After Jerry had started to grow hair around his dick, he constantly masturbated to the mental image of Woody -- and he had to masturbate a lot, or he wouldn't have been able to live in the same house with Woody without springing a stiffy and sounding stupid whenever Woody asked him to pass the ketchup.

Woody had dropped out of competition a few years ago and went back to teaching high school, but he still kept most of his outrageous size, even though the pressures of a normal job had taken off some of the edge of his hardness and definition.

As Jerry got older and figured out he wasn't attracted to girls, his crush on his godfather only got more intense. Sometimes in the summer, when Woody slept in the nude outside the covers, Jerry snuck into his room at night and watched him in the moonlight, thrilling every time Woody moved in his sleep, his muscles tensing under his taut, thin skin. Woody lying like that, his dick swelling sometimes, was what Jerry thought about now as his stroked his long, thin boy dick in dawn's glow.

Lately Jerry had started working out himself, and he had put on a few pounds, but he was still a slender boy with a light coating of baby fat between his smooth skin and his rounded muscles.

The intensity of Jerry's wacking reached its peak. He panted as quietly as he could to avoid being heard by Woody in the next room. Then, release. In wild spasms of ecstasy he poured his copious load on his legs and the sheets. He had just finished wiping himself up with yesterday's underwear when the door to his room opened.

"Hey, Jerry. Get this," his godfather, Woody wasn't even looking at him as he entered the room. His was reading a rolled up magazine with his glasses on. He was already dressed and eating breakfast. "American Anabolix is having a contest. They put this new, miracle bodybuilding compound in five bottles of their protein drink, Explode! and the five people who find the bottles get a trip to the factory that makes the stuff." By now Jerry had tossed his underwear under the bed while his godfather was looking at the ad. He had recovered most of his breath. "How do you know you have one of the winning bottles?" Jerry asked.

"That's the thing. They say in the ad that the stuff is so potent it instantly packs on up to fifty pounds of muscle --" -- Jerry felt his dick twitch and start to harden again at the thought of it --

"˜but in any case, they put a gold star on the inside of the bottle cap so the winners can claim their factory tour. And one of the five winners will be chosen to be a life-time spokesmodel for the new product," Woody finally looked at Jerry, who was sliding up to sit in bed and adjusting the sheets to hide his hard-on. "Hey, Jerr, wouldn't that be a kick in the pants for your training program? Putting on about five years of muscle in ten minutes?"

"You think it's real?" Jerry asked as he tried to keep from blushing.

"Lots a crazy stuff is happening. They can clone animals, genetically engineer plants. If this stuff isn't real, it's only a matter of time before someone else makes something that is."

Woody's eyes turned back to the magazine and Jerry used the opportunity to slide out from under the covers and pull on a pair of blue jeans before he padded off to the bathroom to clean-up.

"Hey, Jerr. I'm going to pick some of the stuff up tonight after work and bring it home. We both use protein drinks anyway. I could buy a case of it, and we might get lucky."

Jerry thought it was odd that his godfather, a guy who just barely got by on his school teacher's salary, would consider buying a case of expensive supplements they couldn't afford. (Woody had never made much money as a bodybuilder. The good drugs were expensive, especially in the doses the pros took. By the time he quit, he'd been deeply in debt.) Usually their budget forced them both to rely mostly on good old-fashioned food for their bodybuilding. Maybe his godfather wasn't as complacent about getting older and losing his edge as Jerry had thought he was. Jerry sure wouldn't mind finding one of the bottles, even if it worked only half as well as advertised.

When Woody came home after school and his normal two hour workout, he had not one, but five cases of Explode! in the car. That night the two of them opened every bottle and checked the caps, but none of them was marked with a gold star.

Around the country, news of the discovery of winning bottles began to hit the papers. The first man who found a winning bottle, Javier Zardaga, had himself video taped as he drank it. Soon Javier's tape was playing in what seemed like an endless loop on news programs and fluffy entertainment journals, several of which featured stories of the winners flexing and mugging for the cameras. One of the other winners had already been a professional bodybuilder who became so large he weighed over 300 pounds, even though he was only five foot ten inches tall. Another winner had been a big gay porn star ˆ big in more ways than one, Jerry knew, because he had "borrowed" a video tape of his films from Woody one Saturday when Woody had been out of town. Even the smallest of them seemed huge to Jerry, big and lean as professional bodybuilders, and plainly more well-endowed. That was a detail neither Jerry nor his godfather talked about, but the formula clearly had an effect on things other than muscle tissue. Javier's genitals weren't visible in the transformation video on the news, but it was obvious that it caused extra hair to grow on his body. And the way he packed and filled out the posing trunks he wore on the entertainment shows when he exhibited his physique, it was pretty obvious that his genitals were two or three times larger than the average man.

Jerry and Woody intensified their dragnet for a winning bottle. Woody charged an unused credit card to the maximum buying cases of the protein drink from stores all over the state. But after all the cases are opened, they still hadn't found a winning bottle.

They went to bed dejected, but in the morning, Woody went to the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk, because ironically after buying all those protein drinks, they still had nothing in the refrigerator for breakfast. When Jerry unpacked the brown paper bag, as his godfather shucked his jacket, he found two bottles of the protein drink with the milk. He groaned. "Woody, I thought we had given up on this!"

"Hey, there's still one winning bottle out there. I found an extra five dollars so I got `em," Woody picked up the bottles. He handed one to Jerry. "Open it."

Jerry twisted the cap. For an instant he left it on the bottle unscrewed. Then he picked it up lightly and flipped it over. In the center of the rubber liner was a bright, glittery gold star.

"Jesus Christ!" Woody said. The two of them looked at each other blankly, and slowly cracked wide, open-mouthed grins.

"Finally!" Jerry said.

"Drink it, Jerry." Jerry looked at his godfather, the man he had lusted after since almost before his first memories, a man he loved now more than he loved his dead father.

"No. You drink it, Woody. Fifty extra pounds on me and I'll just look good. On you it will look incredible. You can go back to competing again, maybe win even the Olympia."

"No, Jerr. My day is done. You take it." Woody steered Jerry's outstretched hand, which held the last winning bottle, back towards his Jerry's mouth.

Jerry loosened his belt, unbuttoned his shirt and downed the bottle in one long draught. Before the last gulp Jerry started to tremble and shake, and then, faster than either of them could see it happen, his muscles simply exploded like an airbag into a fantastic physique that burst through his loose clothing and left it wilted around his ankles like shed skin. Even his dick, though still soft, had swollen as thick as a rope and almost as long as his thigh.

"Holy shit!" Jerry exclaimed as he looked over his thick fibrous pecs, down his flat, stacked abs and over the sweeping contour of his bulging thighs. He tensed his right arm at his side and bent it slowly inward, watching it bunch and bulge. It was tight as a brick. He flipped his arms out to his sides and did a double bicep. Over his hugely round deltoids, he could see his arms swell like balloons almost ready to pop. The veins in his arms stood out as thick as fingers and pulsed.

Blood was rushing to another extremity too. His thick ropy cock was getting even thicker and levitating upward an inch every heartbeat. Jerry's godfather was visibly aroused at the sight of his young charge. Jerry had known his godfather was well endowed, but a tube of flesh almost a foot long was thickening along his thigh inside his loose fitting jeans. His eyes were dilated and his mouth hung open in awe. Jerry felt proud-to-bursting to see his long unrequited lust reciprocated. He suppressed a wide grin.

"Come feel these arms, Woody," Jerry enthused. "I can't believe this is all really me!"

Woody stood still. His cock was now fully hard and slithering up his leg toward full mast. He stepped closer and brushed his callused middle-aged hand on the arc of Jerry's shoulder. Jerry leaned to his lips and kissed him on the mouth. Woody last defense crumbled and he sucked back so hard Jerry's heart jumped. The two of them embraced desperately.

Jerry dropped backward and pulled his godfather on top of him. Woody hoisted Jerry's thick thighs, popped his boner loose from his jeans and forced it up his foster son's virgin ass, dry. Jerry tensed at the searing pain, then relaxed. As Woody pumped him, Jerry began to enjoy the sensation of his godfather's meat massaging him inside.

Woody was frantic with lust. Before Jerry could come, Woody exploded inside him, shaking and dripping with sweat. Jerry held him on top for a minute, feeling Woody' heart beat through both their chests, then Woody pushed himself up, rested on his knees an instant, then started to cry.

"It's okay! It's okay!" Jerry told him as he patted Woody thick, shivering arm. "You don't know how many years I've wanted you to do that to me."

"It's wrong, Jerry. I'm like your father."

"Not really. We're not related by blood."

"But your dad, Jerry. How would this make your dad feel? He was my best friend."

"I know."

"No. Not really. You don't know everything. Your dad and I were lovers when we were younger, until he decided to settle down with your mom. After that the two of us never made love again. He never said anything, but I know he was ashamed of what we had and wanted to forget it. Except every so often, when we were in a group, when everyone else was talking among themselves, he'd give me this longing look when he didn't think I could see his face." Woody wiped salty tears from his face. "No, Jerry. He wouldn't have approved of what I've done to his son."

Jerry tilted Woody's chin up and looked him in the eyes. Everything about Woody was sexy to Jerry, even now, when the scales had tilted so heavily in Jerry's direction that he could have anyone.

"I don't care what he would have thought," Jerry said.

Jerry kissed Woody' lips gently, then nibbled on them and licked his tongue. Jerry could feel the heat rise between them.

"Now finish the job," Jerry said, as he pushed Woody's mouth down on a cock much bigger than Woody's own.

Woody opened wide and engulfed about half, then aligned his throat with Jerry's cock and sucked up the rest. Jerry shouted, "Fuck, yeah!" His godfathers spongy tongue excited Jerry's silk dick skin, and he was firing down his throat in less time than it had taken for Woody to finish his fuck. •

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