Amateur Night


By Rad Rx

Jeff let me slip to the ground as he and Brad made small talk on the evening so far. Brad kept me from stepping to the side by firmly palming my shoulder and pulling my upper back into his enormous crotch.

He made to step away when I heard Jeff say "What, no good-bye kiss?"

Brad must have thought he had been addressed because I was soon pressed forward with Jeff's crotch being pressed into my upper chest. Their own chests collided over my head and were just massive enough for me to have some breathing space between their abs. Not wanting to miss out on saying good-bye myself, I boldly grabbed around Jeff's thighs and planted a kiss between his navel and waist. He was definitely not expecting something like that, but something told me he didn't mind. Specifically that something was his cock springing up and hitting me on the chin. I couldn't have kissed him again over that without major rearranging as well as tiptoeing since he had also gotten taller.

Brad could also tell that something was up since he found himself almost pulled off the floor in Jeff's massive embrace. He laughed and indicated that it was time he got me out of here.

He headed for the bathroom entrance where Todd and Tony were both straddling the 6-foot wall leading into it. When Todd saw Brad coming, he nodded and came over to chat with the boss. He assisted in standing Brad up on the wall behind Tony, and I assumed that this was to make it easier to talk face to face. He didn't say much however, and turned to grab me as well. I was surprised that rather than put me behind Tony he stood me up in front of him. The wall was about a foot wide, but there was no way I would be able to climb around Tony in order to rejoin Brad. I walked up to him and he just smiled and put his arms on his hips spreading his lats and shoulders even wider.

"Whadd'ya think now?" he asked.

I just reached out and rubbed my hands across his chest, pausing at the base of the crevice between them.

"Make a fist," he said.

I closed my hand and pressed the knuckles into the space. I could tell that he was thickening up again, and he flexed his abs up and his chest flexed in and closed around my fist. He smiled and flexed harder as I tried to pry my hand out of its enclosure.

I called around him for Brad, but there was no way he could have heard me over the noise. Tony told me to relax, and that I would be back there in a minute. I asked how he might manage that given that I was blocking the only way for him to get off the wall.

"Oh, I have no intention of leaving the wall," he smiled. Standing up, he dropped his arms and angled his shoulders posing so that he looked a comic book character. Without further warning he simply started expanding up and out. Soon I was at eye level with his crotch, and he accentuated this by grabbing a handful and fluffing himself in front of me. Keeping his smugness he continued growing until he had cleared a large enough space between his legs for me to walk through. Much of the crowd had been watching him perform this stunt and were cheering loudly at the results. He sated them by hitting a few poses and generally showing off.

I stepped forward and felt him shudder massively as I dragged my hands across the several feet of quads that formed my impromptu passage behind him. Taking another liberty, I even dragged a hand lightly across his groin and crotch behind his massive bulge. He shuddered even harder at this, and I could see Brad laughing and motioning for me to move on. I made my way to the end of the catwalk wall and saw that there was a flight of stairs leading down behind one of the bathroom walls. We made our way down.

"This is my private suite," explained Brad. "At the bottom of the stairs is another door that can be entered from the floor level, but it's disguised as a supply closet in the restroom. I'm too big to use it now, and it would attract way too much attention to enter with the restroom being used by that many people."

We entered a room, that was nicely appointed. I asked where his desk was.

"This isn't an office, it's used for entertaining. What else would you like to know?" he asked brushing up against me.

"How do you keep this a secret? Why don't the police find out or something?"

He laughed. "Why do you think the bouncers are wearing navy blue?"

"But what about people leaving?"

"Anyone whose been dosed is routed to the warehouse behind. We tweek there, besides the formula is sensitive to sunlight, so when the curtains get drawn there's a big scramble for clothes."

"Even the bouncers."

"Theirs lasts a little longer, but even they can only put on 10-20 pounds after working, and even that is difficult to maintain in daylight. Most of them prefer graveyard shift just to fill out their uniforms more."

He crossed over to a wet bar and poured me a shot of vodka.

"You have amazing self-control," he said.

"Well, you probably get more than your share of guys throwing themselves at you," I replied.

"I wasn't talking about sex, I meant the formula."

"What formula?" I asked.

"That's the second dose I've given you this evening, and I still can't see any difference."

Flabbergasted at this new information I thought for a moment and said "Maybe I just need some devoted attention."

"I gave you the bouncer formula. Since you've had two shots, you should be able to show even that massive show-off Tony a thing or two. Why don't we start enjoying this together?" He pulled me over to a large bed that groaned under his weight when he sat on the edge.

Feeling a bit light-headed I followed. I had assumed that it was just good vodka, but apparently I was going to find out how much better it actually was. Images just started reeling through my head, and I felt myself flushing with sensations.

I looked down at my arms and twisted them out to see my triceps flexing under my shirt. Alternating between biceps and triceps, I repeated the motion until I could feel the seams tightening against my arms. Looking across my shoulders, I saw that they had rounded significantly. The shirt had stretched considerably trying to keep up with the expansion of my shoulders, and the neck had been pulled away. Brad had grabbed around my ribs to massage my back during the process, but I would have preferred feeling the strength of his hand on my legs. Without even consciously willing it, I felt myself shoot upward so that I was at least a foot and a half taller. Brad, shocked at this, had kept his hand level, and they were now at the level of my hips.

I felt like a gangly basketball player, as I hadn't gotten any more muscular. I seemed like I had just stretched. I felt the air moving across my stomach and looked down at myself. Although fit and athletically built, I suddenly just wanted more. A lot more. I felt the shirt give in several places as my chest started swelling up. My entire bone structure thickened considerably to hold what was coming on. My arms doubled, and I flexed out of the upper portion of the sleeve. Reaching across, I tore the remaining fabric from my elbows and smiled down at Brad. Starting to feel more like a show-off myself, I flexed several times for our mutual enjoyment.

At this point I started feeling very constrained. It was then that I realized that I was still wearing jeans that were far too small for me and a joke for what I wanted to be. With Brad's hands still on my hips, I pressed and braced myself for the struggle against the denim. I felt the room air suddenly across my outer thighs as the entire side of my jeans ripped free. Brad's hands made their way inside and alternated between massage and liberating me as I continued swelling. I could no longer see down past my pecs, and any attempt to draw in and do so simply pushed them up into my chin.

Finally free of most of my clothing, I pushed Brad back down onto the bed and wanted him. Straddling his abs, my cock sprang forth in several short bursts. Each spurt pushing it several inches up toward his chest. It thickened and lengthened, but so far had not stiffened enough to pull up away from his body. When it's head met the base of his chest, he reached over and covered it with his hand.

"Hold on a moment," he instructed.

It was then that I felt his entire body thickening under me. His shoulders made their way out toward the edge of the mattress, and his chest became a pair of balloons that threatened to engulf my cock. At that point I knew what he wanted. Leaning forward, I grabbed his spreading lats and thrust myself into his chest. He flexed hard for me, and together we went on for several minutes more. His flexing matching the rhythm of my fucking his enormous chest. He continued to grow for most of the duration and when I finally came he resembled an exaggerated comic book muscle caricature.

Coming to, I laughed and joked that I had no idea how good the hulk looked in expensive jewelry. He grunted and said "Hulk like pearl necklace!" Grabbing me toward him we both relaxed a bit until the phone rang. He reached for it, but was not mobile enough to hold it to his ear. I assisted, but couldn't help disrupting him by nibbling his nipple while lying on top of him. He tried to push me off, but realized that I still had the phone.

When he was finally finished, I clicked the receiver off and completed my laughing fest.

"Well, the amateur started coming a bit uncontrollably and one of the bouncers had to subdue him. Thank goodness he didn't screw him like last time. The sensation of orgasm makes them grow almost spontaneously. Several of the onlookers have been drenched, but they'll be OK. The bouncers have herded anyone with the formula into the back room for the after hours party. Why don't we get cleaned up and join them?"

I murmured approval and he diminished sufficiently in order to at least become mobile. He led me to the next room, which turned out to be completely tiled with spray nozzles along both upper walls. He turned a knob and the entire room became a shower down upon us. He indicated that the bath in the next room was even better, so we should just lather and rinse. We did so, although it took both of us helping each other to accomplish this. I was a continual hindrance as the slightest touch would usually send me either coming or growing. We finally finished and headed into the next room.

What greeted me could only be described as entirely decadent. The room was tiled in marble and had benches built around the perimeter. They were built for men of various sizes. The room was focused on a steaming pool of water with steps leading down into it. Candles flickered hesitantly in the steam and were augmented by recessed lighting in small alcoves around the periphery. Subdued lights within the pool gave the central area an inconstant glow.

He smiled and headed down into the water. I couldn't help but notice that the water never came higher than his knees. He turned to me, and it occurred to me that he had actually been growing the whole time. Although standing in 3 feet of water, he was still taller than me. "I've had practice," he smirked and grabbed me in a large hug. Pulling me out over the water he let me go and I dropped with a splash. Standing up, I could see him laughing down at me, but that wouldn't last long. I put my arms around his waist and felt myself thickening and expanding until he was being held out of the water. Then I dropped him down.

Rather than re-surface immediately, he swam underwater to the edge of the pool. Breaking the surface, he appeared to be lounging as he put his arms along the edge. Breathing easily I could see his chest rising and dropping below the waterline. I made my way over to him and dropped myself into the water. There were some benches for normal-sized persons that I had to move in order to move closer to him. At this point we both relaxed and alternated massaging each other in and out of the water. This continued for some time until he said that we should probably be making our way to the back in order to rejoin the rest of the crowd. •

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