Changing Life


By Muscle Head

That first day I was confronted by some of the "jocks" at school. They had really picked on me when I was fat and they weren't going to let up now. Steve really razzed me good. He came over and felt my arm and made fun saying "This jerk thinks he can loose a little weight and be a stud...well let's see."

Steve had been the arm wrestling champ the year before and he knew he could beat me. We sat down at a table and had one of the guys act as judge and started us. When we started I was astonished at how strong Steve was. I was sweating all over, my muscle really bulged as we pressed against each other. Dave was really cheering me on, that gave me the push to do just a little more. Then the impossible happened. A vein started to pop up on top of my bicep, it rose up a little bit bigger and then Steve's arm started to go down with me pushing him. In a few seconds I had him down. The crowd cheered, and even Steve had to smile and congratulate me.

That was the beginning of a great year.

When we went to gym the guys were amazed at the change in me. I now had a large chest with great pecs instead of the tits I used to have. The guys had called me girlly because of them before, but with the loss of weight and the toning up I'd done they were gone! My stomach was now flat (no ab muscles showing yet) and was very narrow now.

Now instead of being the last guy picked for a team I was one of the first. I was amazed how easy the games were now that I had the strength and endurance to play. I was much more coordinated now.

But something else was different, the girls and the guys were interested in me...sexually.

I have never really thought of myself as being sexually attractive. My hand had really given my dick a work out for several years, but now I was about to bloom.

My first time was with Sue that I had my eyes on. It turns out I wasn't the only one with eyes for her for I found everyone had "had" her. But I didn't find out till after the "DAY" came. One day after school Dave and I were running. Sue was on the sideline watching. She first approached Dave, but he didn't show any interest. He was better looking and still had the bigger, harder body...but then she turned to me.

After our workout she asked me to walk her home. I told her I need to take a shower, but she insisted that I go as I was. I got my bag and books and started walking home with her. When we got to her house she said her parents weren't home and asked me to come up to her room. I did. When we got there she laid down on the bed with her legs spread exposing her pussy to me. I started to get a huge hard on. Soon we were making out with me feeling her up. This was my first time to ever kiss a girl much less to reach under her skirt! I really didn't have a clue what I was doing. She lead me by telling me step by step what to do and what she wanted.

In a little while we were naked on her bed fucking our brains out! I soon came and came and came! it was great, then we heard her Mom come home. I quickly got back into my running clothes and slipped out her window and climbed down the down spout. I ran all the way home.

I told Steve the next day and he told me what a real slut she was. At first I didn't believe him till I heard a few other guys talk about her.

What happened next though was a real surprise. A few months later Steve and I were working out at the gym. I was really getting in even better shape. My muscles had gotten bigger and harder. My abs were now forming into a pretty good six pack. My arms were getting bigger. I was up to about 16.5" now with a great peak and hard as a rock!

Steve was even better looking than he had at the end of summer. His arms and shoulders were incredible and his abs were cut with deep cuts. His tan hadn't faded as he had been going to a tanning salon. He really looked great.

We went up to his house to his room and got comfortable. We had taken off our shirts and were messing around. He asked me to flex my arm which I did. He reached over and felt it and said, "That's just incredible. Check this out." He flexed and I almost fell over. I had been watching him work out, but this was the first time in months I had seen him flex, it was incredible. The peak was a small mountain on his arms with veins running all over it! I reached over and couldn't believe how hard it was. I got out the tape and he came in at 18 inches now. He had put 1.5 inches on since the beginning of summer!

I couldn't take my hands off his arms, then I started to feel his shoulders and chest. My hand traveled down to his hard six pack which he flexed and incredible definition came out!

My dick was hard as a rock! And then I noticed so was his! He took my hand and placed it on his hard on. I was getting sweaty and had similar feelings when Sue took me to her room. I really don't remember how it happened but soon we not only had our shirts off, but now our pants and underwear. Our dicks were standing strong and proud.

Where my body had failed in the past, my dick had made up. And now that I didn't have a belly my 8" of man meat really stood out. Steve was about 6.5 inches. I reached over and began to masturbate him and he did the same, but then he rolled over and took me in his mouth and started sucking me like there was no tomorrow! My head went up and up till I finally shot of a huge load. He took my head and put it near his dick, I took it in my mouth and did the same with him. After about 10 minutes he shot off a huge load that I couldn't even begin to swallow! Really intense.

After it was all over I said "I've never done anything like that before." Steve said the same.

I was a bit confused at this point, but we agreed to keep on working out no matter what else happens.

We did, and that adds more to this story of muscle and lust... •

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