Geeks Grow Up


By Muscle Head

That next day we decided that we wanted to show off what we had. We put on a pair of swim trunks that we had bought the day before. They weren't the little Speedo style you see swimmers in (we couldn't have begun to get our dicks in one of those), but they were short and didn't hide much. When we got to the pool and took off our shirts the stares began. Girls and guys both were eyeing us real close.

After a while a couple of young boys came over and began to talk to us. They asked if we would make a muscle. We did and when we did just about everyone at the pool stopped what they were doing and stared! It was great!

Neither Sam nor I had ever been noticed at a pool before. Even after we had worked out for a while and had gotten in pretty good shape. But now with these 6' hunks with huge pecs, shoulders, arms, terrific six packs, broad muscular backs and legs to kill for we were getting our share of the attention.

Soon a couple of girls came over and started talking. They were really great looking and had on the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen on a girl. One named Sue honed in on me and started stroking my arm and then my chest. I flexed both for her and her eyes flew wide open. She said she had never seen a man with such muscles in her life.

Sam was doing the same with Pam who really got close when she put her hand on his balls and cock. Immediately Sam got real hard. It's very hard to hide a normal 6 incher, but 11" is impossible. I too was getting hard and having a problem being in public.

Pam told us to go up to the parking lot where she had a van there where we could have some privacy. When we got there her van was a full- fledged camper with a couple of beds inside. Once inside Pam turned on the A/C and began to tweak Sam's nipples, then she began to lick and kiss them. Sam's hard on was out of his pants now and as she was kissing him reached down and began to stroke him off.

I was getting pretty hot as well as Sue was licking up and down my hard muscled body. Soon we were all naked and making out big time in the camper. Sue pulled me down between her legs and directed my huge hard dick right into her. What a feeling! It's hard to describe that wet, velvety feeling of entering the place of pleasure. We began to pump and we pumped in and out, in and out.

Sam and Pam were at it on the other bed. In about 30 minutes we both had our orgasms making lots of noise with groans of pleasure and lust. Lying in the afterglow, both Sam and I looked over at each other with satisfied looks. Pam and Sue took off after a short time.

But the day wasn't over yet. After our tryst in the camper we went back to the pool where we once again made public our huge muscles. This time a couple of young guys around 18 came over and started to talk to us. It was obvious that they worked out as they were quite muscular and hard bodied. They wanted to know where we worked out and our routines. They said we really want to get as big as you guys. We talked for a while and then the guy named Fred said that it was close to supper and wanted to know if wanted to go over to his folks house for supper. At first we were reluctant, till he said his folks weren't at home.

Fred and Guy led the way as we drove through a pretty ritzy neighborhood and pulled up in front of a large house. The guys went on in and begin to fix some supper still only in their swimsuits. We too stayed stripped down with only our shorts and flips on. They asked us to flex our muscles, which we did, then we began to compare our size with theirs. They had pretty good size muscles, but nothing compared to us. But one thing began to happen as were flexing, other parts of the four of us began to be pumped up as well.

Again as I said it's hard to hide 11 inches of man meat in a pair of swim trunks. They guys had pretty normal sized dicks, but in tight Speedo type suits they left nothing to the imagination. Pretty soon we were all naked posing our muscles for each other. Fred had the largest biceps, which we measured at 16 inches, not bad for an eighteen-year- old. Guy came in at 15.5 inches. Their chest were hard and well shaped, and each could flex their pecs in ripples. Neither had great washboard abs as we did, but they were slim and hard. Soon pre-cum was forming on the ends of our dicks. Fred was the first to begin to jack- off, then Fred started and Sam and I followed.

After a couple of minutes of this Sam said, "I hate to see that going to waste" and went down on Fred sucking him off. Sam began to cry out, "O, O, O, O I'm going to cum, I'M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM! I then went down on Guy, who was soon screaming, "OHHHHHHHH, I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING!!!!" They both collapsed on the floor.

In a couple of minutes both had recovered long enough to begin to try and get our man meat into their mouths. They were having a bit of trouble getting that 11" long and 6" around dick in their mouths, but they succeeded and soon we too were cumming with best of them!

We were all lying on the floor, pretty well satisfied with ourselves when we noticed something happening to them. Both were getting a bit more muscular and their dicks were standing straight up and getting bigger. In fact they both began to cry out because they had gotten so hard it hurt. After about an hour they both had put a couple of inches on their arms and legs, their chest had really expanded out and now they both had a great six pack! Their dicks which had measured about 6 inches hard before were now about 9 inches!

After a while we all got it together again and this time all four of us had some growth on our bodies as we sucked each other dry.

The next day we checked on the ladies and both had experienced some muscular development as well. Their bodies had really become hot as they got harder and more defined.

Our adventures in sex and lust was just beginning as we continued to discover a life we had missed for so long, having been wimps. •

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