Geeks Grow Up


By Muscle Head

My friend Sam and I are wimps. We know we're wimps because we let everyone pick on us, never standing up for ourselves. One of the reasons we are wimps is because we've been the shortest, smallest boys in class since we were in elementary school together.

Now that both of us are in our early 20's we are still best friends, and still wimps. Sam is 5'4" weighs in at 110 lbs. I am 5'5" and 115 lbs. We have never been attractive to girls or guys. Both of us are now making a good living, as we are computer geeks. Yeah, we're the smart guys who played with all the gadgets and now are the computer guru's that all the other's made fun.

Sam has always had a thing for muscles and strength. Maybe it's because he's never had either in life. When we were 22 we both went down and signed up at the gym in the neighborhood. Both of us worked out like fiends and in a few months both of us had some muscle growth and really got hard as we lost what baby fat we had on our bodies. But we didn't get BIG.

Sam was not going to let that stop him from trying. He began to look on the web and in other books on muscle growth and body enhancements. He was obsessed with this.

After a year of working out, both of us were beginning to look pretty good. We both had washboard abs and our pecs were sticking out. We had that V shape, but we were still short and we weren't BIG.

One day Sam disappeared. I didn't see him for a month and was getting very worried. We didn't live together so we didn't see each other except at the gym and Sam wasn't even there for that month.

One night, about 9:00 there was a knock on my door. I asked who it was and a voice said, "It's Sam". It didn't exactly sound like Sam but I opened it anyway. Standing there was guy at least 6 feet tall who's body filled the doorway! I almost slammed the door until I heard this guy say, "Hi, Jon it's me!" I recognized the voice as being Sam…but this couldn't be him…could it?

I invited him in and he came into the room filling it with his massiveness. I had never seen a guy this big before. He was wearing a trench coat so I couldn't see much but it was obvious his shoulders were wide, his chest was big. When he got into the light and I could see his face it was indeed Sam, but what a change!

He took off his coat and I almost passed out. Under that coat he was only wearing some sweat shorts and a tank top. His arms looked like hams, his shoulders looked like bowling balls; his chest was big and broad with large pecs pouring out. His waist was small and tight going down into a great butt. His legs were huge. His whole body was striated with muscle; the veins on his body stood out in relief.

I asked him what happened!

He said, " You know how I have been obsessed with getting big."

"Sure", I said.

"Well about a month ago I was looking at the web and got an idea. I went down to the University library and buried myself there and on the schools computer. What I was looking for was something that would enhance the human body. After three weeks of intense research I made a startling, very simple discovery of how to do this. I went to the drug store, the chemistry lab at school, and took the ingredients home. I took the formula I had come up with about a week ago and have been growing ever since. My growth has stopped now. What do you think?

At that he flexed his biceps and it kept going up and up till a bump the size of Rhode Island was standing there. He said to me, "Make a muscle."

I had been working out now for over a year and my arms had put on a lot of muscle, my arms were about 14.5 inches (not bad for a guy 5'5"), but standing next to him I looked like I hadn't even worked out.

He did a most muscular and I almost passed out! He was incredible. I felt my dick rising in my pants as I got excited at this. He looked down and laughed and said, "What's this little stick in you pants." Now I know I'm not horse hung, but I have never had any complaints. I have a 6" normal size dick.

He started to stroke himself outside the shorts and I noticed his package was pretty big soft. In a minute it was standing tall and proud, I was guessing it to be about 11 inches long! Then he stroked it in front of me…I started doing the same and in a few minutes we both were shooting our loads. Mine kind of dribbled his shot across the room and hit the wall!

Sam said, "You want to try getting big?"

I started getting a new hard on just at the thought of that and said, "What do you think?"

Sam went out and came back in with a syringe kit. He said, "I have to give you shot in the hip once a day for a week. When that's done you'll be as big as me!"

I pulled my pants down and he gave me that shot. I felt a real rush after wards and real sleepy. He picked me up and carried me to bed. The next morning I got up and noticed that all my muscles felt pumped. Just like after a great workout when the muscles are tight and stick out. I really couldn't tell much else until I stepped on the scales. I had weighed in about 122 (remember I had been working out and put on muscle), I now weighed about 130! I flexed my arm and was amazed. I had grown to 15.5". I now had nice tear shaped bicep, my tricep was also more pronounced.

One other thing I noticed was that I was hungry. Not just a little hungry, but very hungry. I put on some clothes and went down to a restaurant with a breakfast bar and ate and ate and ate. I went on home and Jon was there waiting for me.

He said, "Looking better little fella! You weren't hungry were you?"

I told him about my feeding frenzy at the breakfast bar and showed him my arms. He said that he had found that happened to him as well. That this week I'd be eating lots and lots of food.

Pull down your pants and let's get you growing! I got my next shot and was sleepy again. Sam carried me to bed. I woke up as it was getting dark and was hungry! This time I had to stretch my cloths over my body! I was getting bigger! This time I went out to Ryan's (an all you can eat restaurant), and ate and ate and ate! I was wearing a t-shirt and pair of sweat shorts. As I was bending over to get some roast beef I felt my shirt tearing down the back some! Once while I raised my fork to my mouth I felt the sleeve begin to rip!

I went back home and went to bed again and slept to morning. When I got out of bed I couldn't believe it. I had slept in the t-shirt and pants I had gone to supper in, the shirt was in shreds as I had grown out of it! I was beginning to look amazing! I had grown a couple of inches in height and now my muscles were beginning to really stickout. I measured my arm and it was now 17 inches! I weighed myself and now I was weighing in at 150 lbs! This was pure, fat free muscle!

The sweat pants still fit though they were getting tight in the legs and butt! I had to really search to find a shirt to wear. I finally found a shirt that I had won in a contest that was a XL shirt. I couldn't wear it before as it looked like a bed sheet on me. Now I had to cut out the sleeves to wear it.

I went back to the restaurant and ate at the breakfast bar again, then I went down to K-Mart and bought some new clothes. I knew that what I had on wouldn't fit me much longer. I was almost bursting out of the shirt now. I noticed as I was shopping the stares I was getting. And why not. Here was a guy with muscles on his muscles about to burstout of his clothes!

When I got home Sam was there waiting for me. He said, "WOW! I know how much I grew and all, but to see it on someone else is a real turn on!" With that he pulled off his clothes and began to pump that huge dick of his. While he was doing this he said, "Flex your body, do a most muscular pose!"

I did and my shirt ripped to shreds. Then seeing him pump his dick got mine hard. Now all I had done for three days was eat and sleep and shop. I hadn't paid any attention to my dick. But when I reached down for it I thought I'd made a mistake. I couldn't get my hand around it! It had grown to what looked like about 9 inches of hard, veined, dick! ] I pumped hard and in a few minutes was shooting what seemed like gallons of cum all over the room! Jon shot off as well.

After cleaning up Jon came over with the syringe and gave me my last shot. Once again I got sleepy and he carried me to bed.

When I woke up I noticed two things. One was I was covered in cum, second I was naked as my clothes, even my shorts were all torn up from my growth. I must have cum time after time during the night.

Boy was I hungry; I had slept all day and all night. I went and put on some of my new clothes and went down for breakfast and just about cleaned them out. On my way home I stopped at a red light and stretched and my new shirt ripped out in the chest and arms!

I had bought an XXXL shirt! When I got home I stripped down and took a look at myself. I looked like Jon had a week before. I measured my arms and they were now 20". I had grown till I was know 6'2", not real tall, but great for someone who had only been 5'5". I now weighed in at 210 lbs. Of solid muscle! My waist was only 31" my chest 52",what a V shape! My quads now measured in at 28" I was massive! My dickgot hard as a rock and now stood at 10.5 inches" I was beyond hunkiness.

Sam came over and saw me naked and got naked as well, this time he got down in front of me and took my hard dick into his mouth and began to suck me off. I was going out of my head! I felt myself going up and up and up and then I shot my load into his mouth. Cum came out of the corners of his mouth and down on the floor. I returned the favor and sucked him off as well. •

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