New Start

By Greg

Jason looked in the mirror briefly with faded, washed blue eyes. A brief moment was all he could stand. Eighty years of life had not been kind. He looked emaciated and bony as if he had never eaten a good meal his entire life. Once taunt skin drooped as if about to rot off. Perhaps that would be a mercy since it looked diseased. Once proud, rippling muscle had collapsed into oblivion. Pasty white skin every where you looked with the only color coming from body sores, abscesses, varicose veins, and brown patch courtesy of once long tanning sessions. He did at least have hair, a wild disheveled gray crop that once flamed with rich chestnut color. Jason turned away in disgust. He picked up one of many muscle mags lying about but the pictures of young muscular studs depressed him further. He would never look like that again without the millions of dollars in cash that only the super-rich had to keep them young. Nor would any self- respecting muscle stud give him the time of day. Jason thought about having a great big pity party with Mr. Dewers and Mr. Bacardi and friends. His feeble, shrunken kidneys and liver kicked him with a shot of pain but Jason decided to ignore the warning signs this time.

Jason slowly made his way to the window...underneath, he had a cabinet with a stash of good liquor. Outside, a giant pool, known as Muscle Lake, stretched for twenty acres and even contained an island...a haven for the very special people. Around the pool a veritable sea of tanned muscle freaks, bodybuilders, studs, and stallions basked in the warm sun. Some of them bathed in the sunlight nude, their cocks resting on their shaved bodies. Every once and a while, Jason got to see a real show but it didn't happen very often. The muscle freaks would have been the big exhibitionists but they were far outnumbered by the bodybuilders and studs and they had come to a common agreement on such things. The freaks made the others look small so they had to keep a lid on it in during the daylight hours in order to hang around. Jason was one of the originals, one of the first ones who set the order of things. Jason almost felt sorry for the freaky muscle-mountains. Their monster cocks constantly strained against their skin-tight bathing suits. Those mighty rods of unadulterated pleasure had to be pretty sore by the time the sun set.

Jason scanned the crowd, looking for his favorite stallion. The stallions possessed little bulk...they just looked awfully damned good, definitely the male model types and they were eager worshippers to bigger men who enjoyed exerting overwhelming power. The studs however pretty much controlled the pool. The studs worked out with regularity but they kept their diet natural. No steroids or anything exotic. Studs were stallions with a couple of layers of muscle added on. Studs serviced mostly bodybuilders who desired willing and weaker subjects but many of them played the role of muscle-god with the stallions. The bodybuilders and freaks both used enhancement drugs to bulk up. The only difference was that the bodybuilders could not afford the super-exotic drugs that allowed the freaks to put on 400- 700 pounds of pure muscle; one variant, VT-5000, boosted sexual attributes as well and required the introduction of male muscle juice to release the regenerative agents. The Feds had banned that variant but it kept popping up all the over country. Jason knew the drug kept the user young as well but it cost nearly a $100,000 grand per day just for the maintenance dose, thanks in part to the government's unwavering intent on keeping the product in the underground. Only a few men could afford the habit.

Jason turned away, too depressed now to even drink, knocking over a vase filled with water and cut flowers. He ignored his accident; he had many little accidents these days and the water was not going anywhere on the hardwood floor. He knew the pool crowd wanted him and the ones like him gone. The old folks had been around for a while and had some of the choicest apartments. Any minute now, Charlie would be by. A long time bodybuilder, Charlie had made it his mission to torture him each day until he agreed to move out. Jason could see their point. He would not let himself in at this point but he oh so enjoyed the view, tortuous though it might be. Besides, Charlie was a mean one. Jason spent as much time fantasizing Charlie's demise as he did about lost youth and muscle.

Just then Charlie burst through the door...didn't even bother to knock. Jason looked with resignation at the six-foot four hulk and prepared for some sort of humiliation or physical abuse. Charlie's brown eyes glinted darkly. He charged in. His forward foot slipped on the water. His huge body flipped into the air, his head crashing onto the side of a heavy wooded coffee table. "The bigger you are the harder you fall," murmured Jason without a touch of sympathy.

Satisfaction turned to panic when Jason realized this would mean some sort of terrible punishment that only Charlie's twisted mind could dream up. Blood tricked from Charlie's head, dripping onto the floor. No telling what he would do to him once he recovered. Charlie moaned. He raised himself up slightly, and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a bottle but dropped it immediately. "Help me open it," moaned Charlie. "I must take...right away. I'll even suck cock, old man."

Jason picked up the bottle. There were about one hundred small red pills inside. Jason read somewhere that VT-5000s were red. Jason's heart fluttered. But Charlie was not even anywhere near being super- rich. Perhaps they were fakes or some of the cheap but potentially lethal knock-offs. Charlie looked up, his eyes desperate. Jason made his decision. He grabbed his walking cane, a tool he seldom used, like so many others, since he was not allowed outside very often. He struck Charlie tentatively on the head then with more force until the moaning stopped. "That should hold you for a while, you fucking over- grown sadist," sniffed Jason.

Jason swallowed a pill and headed out the door. No one in the pool- crowd would give him what he needed if the pills were indeed VT-5000, and that was a lot of muscle juice. So Jason went to men like himself. Some of them could not produce, but when they did, Jason took another pill. He moved from apartment to apartment. Gradually, he noticed improvements. His skin tightened. The body sores and brown patch faded away. His frame filled out like a crumpled bag getting a rush of air though not much muscle showed. Still, he felt flashes of vigor such that he not felt in three decades. His own cock started to tingle just from brushing against his pants. His vision sharpened. It was time to improve his clientele. Jason moved on to men just past their prime; men desperate for a little admiration. He sucked cock after cock after cock. When they demanded blowjobs up their muscle holes, he gave it to them; service always came with a smile. When they wanted Jason to shoot his juice up their ass, he did as asked but he always sucked up every drop the moment he unloaded. When one man demanded that he drink a yellow rainstorm first, Jason obediently and happily complied, then kept sucking until he got the good stuff. Jason remained focused on his goal. He felt his body grew thicker, heavier, denser, each time he drank the muscle juice but he didn't stop to check his progress. He ripped off his tattered shirt and he lost his pants along the way when they tightened up on him and began splitting at the seams but otherwise he didn't slow down. He didn't want to see himself or do anything else until he looked really damn good. One thing he noticed was that his partners grew more and more eager to satisfy his needs while the muscle juice tasted better and better, the sweetest taste imaginable. He craved muscle juice and he drank more and more until the pills were almost gone.

With the sun setting down to rest, Jason went home to check on his guest. Besides, he only had two more pills left. Jason brooded over that fact. He never thought he wanted to be a super muscle freak but he knew now that he had been fooling himself. Jason walked by a mirror and stopped in shock. He looked fucking great. Piercing blue eyes drank eagerly at the scene. His skin was still white but instead of a sickly pallor it had a pearly lustrous sheen that would look good even against a tanned muscle-god. He possessed a hard, muscular chest hanging over a flat stomach framed by a tight, tiny waste. Jason moved his hands over his sexy abs and his 42 inch chest; hard as rock and smooth as polishedglass. Four layers of rippling, sculptured ab muscle laid out in a perfect square gave him the look of a classical Greek god. He flexed his abs then went into a crab pose that would cause even a bull to think twice before charging. He abs and chest gave him a powerful, gladiator-look better than any Roman ever managed, and his granite-hard muscle had the feel of armor and the strength of layered steel sheets. Jason went into a series of muscle poses. He finished with his arms raised high in the air, his muscle-studded back fanning out beyond even his king-sized shoulders. His flaccid six inch cock flopped about at first, banging against his now immense brawny thighs. Within seconds, his cock started to stiffen and harden. Jason went into a classic biceps pose. His arms looked like they contained baseballs trying to burst out. He leaned over and ran his tongue over the bulging muscle. He watched himself in the mirror licking his full bulging muscle at a leisurely pace. He reached back to the top of his spine with his right arm, forcing his mountain-like bicep to press against his face. He just had enough flexibility to stretch out and lick his armpit. Jason felt heat warming between his thighs, intensifying rapidly, waves of writhing pleasure coursing through his body as he ran his tongue between his bicep and armpit.

Jism juice spurted out, splattering onto the mirror. The head of his 3 inch thick 12 inch cock had turned a deep purple. Jason grabbed his fat, corpulent cock, leaning over at the same time. He shoved his cock up his throat. With practiced ease, he relaxed his gag reflex and gradually forced his throat to slide down the potent muscle rod. He surprised even himself by getting halfway down. Slowly, then at a quickening pace, Jason kept his cock locked in place as he slid up and down the cock. Each time he hit bottom he pushed extra hard. Little by little he got nine inches of super-heated beefy sweet sausage into his mouth. Jism juice squirted down his throat despite Jason's effort at keeping the explosion locked down. Charlie moaned. At once, Jason relaxed his pelvic muscles. Immediately, wave after wave of hot, creamy muscle juice erupted from his cock. Jason let the tasty, slightly salty juice run down his throat. Jason used the last bit of muscle juice to fill his mouth. He swirled the juice around like mouthwash, enjoying the flavor. At last, he swallowed it with gusto. For a moment, he admired the near perfect symmetry of his new, youthful body.

His flaccid cock immediately began to expand and lengthen, wanting to make up for lost time. Reluctantly, Jason turned away. He had business to attend. He immobilized Charles with an old pair of hand and ankle-cuffs then gagged him with an old handkerchief. Then it hit him. What if Charlie had another bottle back in his apartment? By the end of tomorrow, he could be as big as anyone out there. Bigger. Beefier. The best-built man at Muscle Lake. Jason lifted Charlie's key. He went straight to the apartment, located near the outer perimeter. Jason snorted. Not only did he have a choice apartment but also he had a great body to go with it.

Jason opened the door. The place was a mess. Junk everywhere. How could Charlie afford VX-5000? He opened a kitchen cabinet. It was stuffed with VX-5000. Jason stared for a moment in shock, his brain trying to process the unbelievable scene. Then, almost in a dream- state, he opened all the cabinets; not one single item other than VX- 5000. Jason went around the apartment, opening up storage compartments in the entertainment center and furniture. Next, he checked out all the closets. Instead of cds, videos, tapes, and magazines, and other sundry stuff he saw nothing but more VX-5000. One closet contained enough of the precious substance to keep a small army of muscle freaks going strong for a hundred years...and Charlie had several closets full of the stuff. The guy must have robbed Fort Knox. Charlie could maintain a fucking musclegod body almost forever but he didn't. Jason's mind clicked. Of course he couldn't if he stole this supply. He'd attract too much attention.

Jason dropped to knees. Using his own ample spit dripping from his mouth, he lubricated his beefy cock as he stroked vigorously, up and down, to the base of his cock to the head, making long powerful strokes. Jason masturbated several times, spaying most of the room with whitish muscle juice. He thought about hitting the nighttime crowd but he wanted a big audience for his coming out party. He could not sleep but he forced himself into a meditative state full of comic- hero musclemen like Captain America and Superman along with many other incredible Hulks...after he sucked his own cock until it finally lost its hard edge. Jason smiled. Tomorrow was going to be a very good today.

As soon as the sun cleared the horizon, the early pool crowd took their spots. Jason walked sedulously out of the apartment, his veins and arteries choked with VX-5000 until Jason felt sure that if he took one more pill something would be forced out from one of his bodily orifices to make room. He walked straight to Ken. Ken was a golden-brown super-stud with an incredibly tight ass, long muscular legs and a wide sexy chest. His oiled deep golden skin glistened invitingly in the morning light. Jason planted a leg on each side of his lounge chair. Deftly, Jason removed his tiny bathing suit, letting his cock drop down. Jason flexed his muscles, running his tongue over bulging biceps. In seconds, his cock hardened into a 15- inch long 4-inch thick power tool. Ken looked at Jason's lush, sinuous muscle, his eyes wide with surprise and desire. Ken's own mighty cock quickly bulged under his suit. Jason reached down and ripped the suit apart, making the only sound around the pool for everyone seemed transfixed by Jason's presence. Without a word, Jason squatted down and gently kissed Ken on the lips. Ken moved his hands over Jason body, enjoying the feel of rock solid, youthful muscle. Ken played with Jason's wide nipples as their tongues met in a gentle embrace. Then Jason pressed with more vigor, forcing his tongue deep into Ken's enthusiastic throat while rubbing his hard, fifteen-inch cock against Ken's engorged muscle tool. Ken responded by squeezing Jason's erect tits, and for a time, Jason enjoyed the kissing and the caressing. He wanted to savor this one like a fine wine. But he had business to attend to. He picked Ken up and turned him upside down. Ken wrapped his legs around Jason's thick neck. Ken drew Jason's ample, swollen nuts into his mouth. His cheeks ballooned painfully as he tried to work the big balls so he released them, working his tongue to the base of the cock. Slowly, he moved up the throbbing muscle rod.

Jason inhaled Ken's rock hard 10-inch dick and started sucking like a vacuum cleaner. They both exploded at the same. Ken's started choking as Jason's muscle juice exploded down his throat like super heated whiskey. He pulled off the erupting cock and took the juice on his face with his tongue out to catch the spray. Jason took in every drop from Ken. He kept sucking even after Ken ran dry until he got a hard dick once more. Ken erupted, like a frustrated volcano with the cork finally removed, again and again until he was dry as a bone. Jason dropped him back onto the chair and surveyed the crowd. Already he felt his muscles growing, swelling to greater and greater size. Jason had never before felt such intense passionate manhood coursing through his body.

Jason moved to the next man, who had already removed his suit. Jason hefted the muscle stud into the air. He raised the man high in the air, then drew him back down, high in the air, then back down again. Jason's muscles surged and rippled in a concert of thick, heavy muscular ribbons and bulges. As he brought the stud down, he sucked on the cock, taking it all the way to the base. It took only a few strokes for the man to unload an explosion of creamy muscle juice into Jason's eager throat. Jason moved from man to man, sucking every ounce of muscle juice they had to give. By the afternoon, Jason was almost the biggest super-freak at the pool. He had grown to almost seven feet. For the moment, his over-worked, semi-flaccid cock, soft, but still pumped with blood and muscle juice, hung down a foot and half to his knees. It flapped around against thunderous thighs as Jason moved about in a series of hard, flexing muscle poses. His nuts hung like heavy ripe squash ready for someone looking for a good meal. Jason flexed his round muscular ass sending ripples of astonishment across hundreds of watching eyes. He looked down at the 600 pounds of molten layers of muscle as he raised his huge arms into the air. His eighty-five inch chest was a little over four inches thick where the two massive mounds of sweet muscle rubbed against one another. He pulled his arms down and locked them together in a hard flex, and it looked like the hills of Rome had been jammed packed into his bulging thirty eight-inch arms.

Jason motioned for several studs to approach. As if in a dream, they willingly obeyed. Jason lay down on a towel and grabbed the first stud. The stud's dick had already hardened into a throbbing, heated, eight-inch rod squirting jism all over Jason's heavily plated stomach muscles. Jason shoved the dick between his massive chest and ordered the stud to get to work. The stud eagerly complied, rocking back and forth, his firm tanned ass flexing hard with every thrust. The stud's cock rubbed against the dense, full muscle lubricated with sweat, and it quickly enlarged having found a good home. Almost immediately, he shot his load, filling Jason's deep cleavage with muscle juice. Jason ordered four dozen studs to follow one after the other. Hot muscle juice surge across Jason's neck, streamed down onto his five striated layers of abdominal muscle, and bubbled out from the deep cleavage onto this wide, protruding chest. When the last stud had dropped his load, Jason ordered a dozen body builders over. "Swallow as much muscle juice as you can then pass it to me mouth to mouth" ordered Jason.

The body builders immediately complied all at the same time. Twelve tongues fervently ran across Jason's massive upper body scooping up muscle juice until their cheeks nearly exploded with volume. They stood in line, careful not to swallow a single drop, and dumped their loads into Jason's waiting mouth. Jason used his thick, long tongue to pull every speck of muscle juice from inside the bodybuilders' mouths.

Jason's muscle thickened once more. He was a walking, talking slab of 700 pounds of muscle with a cock that had morphed into a monstrous 36- inch staff that only another muscle freak could handle. Jason walked over to his fellow purveyors of freaky muscle, his super-heavy, super- dense muscle undulating in a fantastic, powerful display of strength and might. The muscle freaks plump poles had stretched most of the tight bathing suits to the breaking point; many of the suits were in fact ripping even as Jason watched. None of them however had actually removed the suits though flashes of cock started to show as the suits broke apart under the strain of their aroused muscle rods. Everyone knew the rules. The freaks could stay but they had to behave themselves in front of everyone else. Jason looked them over, his cock already stirring energetically between his titanic, titanium- built quads. He flexed hard, starting with a front chest pose. He then turned to his side so everyone could see how thick his chest had become while holding his arm straight down to show off cord-like muscle dancing on jam-packed forearms as well as his mammoth tricep heads that seemed ready to burst through his taunt skin. He turned around in a lat spread while showing off his lush, round but hard ass, before finishing off in a combination bicep and leg flex.

Jason held the pose for over a minute, sweat pouring down his thick, muscular body. The freaks stared at Jason as if entranced. He was nearly as huge as Big Joe, but Jason already carried himself like he was the number one muscle-god. Big Joe was bigger. Jason was close behind and he looked sexier the way he flaunted his size. And in one area, Jason was definitely the champ. No one had ever seen a cock with Jason's monster-mutated size. Then Jason said the four worlds they had been waiting for a long time. "It's our time now." •

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