Friend in Need, A


By Mark Bachu

Justin meanwhile had finished removing all evidence of his love for large muscular men from the basement which would shortly become Steve�s new home. He hoped that Steve would not be curious enough to open the locked chest with the gay porn in it not that the lock would be able to stand up to Steve�s Herculean strength. Justin�s mind went into overdrive, as he imagined Steve�s hands on the chest and his muscles flexing as he forced the lock. Naturally his boy dick began to grow, slowly at first, but within moments, Justin�s penis was at its full length, 5 inches long and just over 1 inch wide. For a few seconds Justin considered giving into his penis� desires and masturbating, but then remembered that the whole reason for clearing up in here was the musclestud upstairs who could walk in at any moment. Suddenly, Justin could hear the sound of water flowing rapidly, and realised that Steve must have turned the shower on. Realising the only towel in the bathroom was a handtowel, Justin went upstairs to the linen closet and pulled out the biggest towel he could find. Taking a moment to calm himself, Justin walked over to the bathroom. He put his hand to the door, ready to knock on it, when with the slight pressure it swung open. The towel fell to the floor�..

Steve was standing with his back to the door, and his chest filled all of the small mirror that hung over the sink basin, so he could not see Justin standing behind him. Slowly Steve�s cum fell from the ceiling and landed on his shoulders and head, almost like a brief squall of rain. As Justin watched Steve, Steve�s calf muscle quivered for a moment. First the left calf and then the second also started to twitch, as if an electrical current was being run through them both. Then they started to swell. Justin could not believe his eyes as Justin�s orange sized calf swelled into a grape fruit. Then suddenly Steve started to twitch all over, as if his entire body had become some sort of electricity conduit. All over, Steve�s muscles began to twitch, and as they did they swelled. Steve�s massive back grew outwards as his obliques forced his arms further away from his sides. Steve�s butt swelled slightly also, as did his thighs. Justin was becoming aroused watching this display, it seemed like one of the animation files he had watched. Justin watched, spellbound as he saw his idol grow taller so that his body could cope with the extra pounds that were pilling on. Steve�s� back flared even more so, as his shoulder muscles grew. Incredibly, Steve�s waist did not seem to alter at all, and so the incredible V shape that existed only moments ago was superseded by the new and improved Steve. Steve�s� hair began to grow also. It had previous looked unruly, in need of cutting or styling until it was long enough to pull back into a ponytail. Now it hung long and lustrous flowing to below Steve�s armpits. Steve slowly brought his arms up into a double biceps pose. As he did so, every muscle in his body quivered one final time as the last drop of cum fell from the ceiling onto Steve�s head. Massive arms, capable of almost any feat of strength that Justin could imagine blossomed and bloomed in front of Justin. The biceps were perfect, they bulged upwards, each trying to outdo the other as they grew, Steve had to be at least 25", and while this was already incredible his new height of over seven feet meant that he was beyond built, beyond human. Steve had became at the very least a demi-god.

Justin let out a low groan as he realised he had cum in his trousers. Steve suddenly span around and saw his much smaller friend, and the dark stain appearing over the small bulge in his trousers. Justin was not however prepared for what had happened to Steve�s front. His massive chest had grown, huge pectoral muscles flared in front of his eyes which devoured every part of Steve like he was a meal. A perfect set of abs graced Steve�s� stomach, in the past in his fantasies Justin had fantasised about a lover with washboard abs, this was far far beyond washboard. Every single muscle stood out in perfection on Steve, every single thing in perfect symmetry. But, the thing that really held Justin�s� gaze was the monster between Steve�s legs. Steve�s penis, like the rest of him had grown. It now stood tall and erect like a mighty flag pole, its top glistening with precum, some 11" from the base of this mighty monument to the glory of muscle. Justin panicked, he backed away and fell overhimself as he did so. As he fell on his rump, he brought his hands up to cover his face, terrified that Steve, now knowing his secret would punish him.

Moments passed. Nothing had happened. Justin slowly removed his hands, fearing that as he did so, Steve would strike. He was amazed by what he saw. Steve was standing in front of him, offering his massive right arm to help Justin get up. Swallowing his pride, Justin took the hand and marvelled how small his own hand looked in the massive paw that belonged to his now even larger friend. Steve smiled down at Justin. "Its ok little buddy. Nothing to be ashamed of." To emphasis the point, as he pulled Justin up he pulled him into a massive hug. Justin was in heaven. Only moments before had Steve hugged him, but now, Steve was even bigger, but more important naked, Justin tried to push himself against Steve, trying to feel as much of this man mountain as he possibly could. Every muscle was rock solid, and Steve�s penis likewise. The massive dick pressed against Justin�s� stomach. Smiling to himself with an idea, Justin slowly rose onto his tip toes, now his face was about level with Justin�s neck. Slowly his tongue darted out licking the cum that had settled about Steve�s massive neck. Steve groaned in pleasure, and lifted Justin higher. Their faces met, for a second nothing happened. It seemed to both of them as if time had frozen. Steve blinked, a slow languid movement as his eyelashes fell to the bottom of his eyes and then were raised again.

Taking this as encouragement, Justin went for the kill. His lips pressed against Steve�s, his tongue seeking entry, for a moment Steve was surprised and did not react, but then his mouth opened and they began to kiss. At first the kiss was gentle but then as if a fire was being stoked within Steve, the kiss grew more intense. Justin could feel Steve�s powerful arms tighten around him, not quite crushing him, but clearly showing who was incharge in this situation. The kiss continued, Steve became more savage, his tongue searching out all the corners and contours of Justin�s mouth. Justin tried to pull back when Steve bit his lip but the hold Steve had was too powerful for a boy-man like Justin to escape.

Then the kiss ended. Steve lowered Justin to the ground, and looked embarrassed. "Sorry, I don�t know what came over me. I don�t want to hurt you." Steve mumbled the words, hanging his head in shame, like a boy of seven whose hand had been caught in the cookie jar. Justin reached over and touched his friends incredible abs, stroking them. "Yeah, you need me to fix you" Justin winked at the man mountain as he spoke, showing that it was only a joke, but Steve seemed not to notice. "No, its more then that. Ever since they did this to me, I�ve been horny as hell. Every day, I felt my sexual drives and desires grow bigger and bigger. But they didn�t let me even wank off. I�ve got all this pent up sexual frustration and it boiled out there. I don�t want to hurt you, but at the same time it all I can do, not to take you here and now." Justin swallowed, how could he tell Steve that that was exactly what he wanted Steve to do. "Steve, I�m gay." The words hung there in space. Justin prepared himself for Steve�s� reaction. "Justin, I know that. I�ve always known that. I saw you checking me out at college. I know that late at night when the lights were out, you thought about me when you were whacking off under your sheets. I don�t care. Until they did this to me I was straight. Right now I want to pound your arse until I cum, then I want to do it again and again until I am dry of cum." Justin reached over towards his friend and placed his hand around the thing that was bouncing against Steve�s abs. He gulped he slowly began to move his hand up and down Steve�s shaft, getting faster and faster all the time. Steve�s� eyes grew wide and he stood their transfixed as Justin began to service him. Faster and faster Justin�s� hand worked the massive pillar that was Steve�s cock. Steve�s� breathing started to become faster, hotter.

Faster and faster Justin�s hand almost flew up the mighty shaft. Steve stood there, enraptured by the pleasure that was filling his body, radiating from his dick. Then suddenly, the pleasure stopped. Steve opened his eyes and looked down to see why the reverie had been interrupted. He saw Justin remove his hands as he knelt before Steve, lining up Steve�s� mighty cock and Justin�s� awaiting mouth. Steve placed both his mighty hands either side of Justin�s� head and at the same time as he pulled Justin�s head towards him, Steve thrust his hips forward. Steve�s� cock buried itself in Justin�s� mouth. Inch after inch went in. Justin started to gag, it was too big. He felt Steve�s cockhead press against the back of his throat and then incredibly, pass down his throat as the tip became flaccid. "Suck me" came the command from Steve�s mouth. Justin was helpless to do anything but comply. He pulled backwards, as inches of Steve�s� juicy cock slid out from Justin�s� mouth, covered now in a small amount of salvia to help provide better lubrication for rentry.

Minutes passed as Justin marvelled at Steve�s cock. His mouth had become used, if such a word could be used, to the mighty horse cock that was filling it. Steve had become an animal as he pulled Justin onto his cock, almost impaling him on it. Justin knew that the strength of the thrusts were so powerful ,that if Steve�s� wonder cock had not slid down past his tonsils into his throat, that its end would be sticking out of the back of his neck. Steve was lost in the pleasure that was filling his body. Faster and harder, harder and faster he thrust, as his sexual needs and drive took control of his body. He felt his balls tighten and prepared to cum. Justin felt the thrusting stop and his head was held firmly in place, so strong was Steve�s grip that Justin could not even turn his head. Then suddenly his head was forced backwards and if not for the power in Steve�s grip, Justin�s neck would have broken such was the force behind Steve�s ejaculation. Wave after wave of cum sped down Steve�s cock, into Justin�s waiting mouth.

Three minutes passed as Steve released weeks of pent up sexual frustration on his would be saviour. Sated finally, Steve released his grip on Justin who fell to the floor. Steve suddenly realised what he had down and knelt down next to Justin. "I�m sorry, I�m so sorry. Please still be alive." He repeated over and over again. He placed his hand gently on Justin�s� neck searching for a pulse. He found one. But something was wrong. Justin�s heart was pumping at an incredible rate, he felt hot to the touch. Panicked Steve picked up his friend and carried him quickly to the living room, and lay him down on the couch. Steve hurried into the kitchen, remembering at the last minute to duck his head down as his 7� 5" body was confronted by a 6" 10" doorframe. He opened the fridge door and grabbed a bottle of water. He rushed back to Justin�s side, and sat him up on the sofa. He opened the water and began to pour its cool contents down Justin�s throat. "Please don�t die, please don�t die" Suddenly Justin�s� eyes opened, he coughed and Steve removed the bottle. "You ok little buddy?" asked Steve, genuinely concerned for Justin. "I feel funny, hot all over, and my body tingles, like the buzz after a work out." Justin grinned. "Maybe that was good for me. I don�t mind adding that to my workout routine." Steve�s� face dropped. He paled and looked shocked. "You ok big guy?" Justin asked as he brought up his hand and stroked Steve�s long locks of hair that framed their faces. "I know exactly how you feel. I felt that way once, right after they gassed me and seconds ago before I grew." •

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