Friend in Need, A


By Mark Bachu

18Ö. 19Ö.. 20ÖÖ Justin let out a gasp as he finished his last rep. He walked over to the mirror and examined himself. As he breathed heavily from his work out, the cold air around him highlighted the massive gulps for air he was taking. The light wasnít great in Justinís basement but at least there was some. Justin stood at just shy of six foot. Not ugly, but then not what people called handsome either. Like most other men in the world he was joe average when it came to looks. His blond hair lay limp against his head, slicked down with sweet. His chest was uncovered, and Justin could see a little pump in what nature called his pathetic chest. His arms looked maybe a little bigger as well. As he flexed he was rewarded with the barest hint of a bicep peak. His spindley legs were covered by jogging bottoms leading down to his massive feet.

While it may have been true in most cases that big feet meant that you were well endowed in Justinsí case this was not the fact. His dick was 5" when erect, and as for flacidÖ., Justin prefered not to think about that.

For just over seven years now Justin had worked out, and had still to see any real benefit. It seemed that he was just cursed by genetics. Recently, however, Justin had started to get fustrated with his lack of growth and was considering taking drastic steps. He had heard of steriods while flicking through various bodybuilding magazines and was considering investing in some to hopefully get something out of what was the patheticness that was his body.

Justin sighed and walked up the stairs to the first floor of the house he lived in alone. Justin was 26 and had lost both his parents in a car crash, just over 2 years ago, and with no sibilings and no real family to speak of he lived alone. His parents had been quite wealthy and left him in a financially sound position, and with his own wellpaid job. Justin was able to save a fair amount of money each month. As Justin walked into the kitchen to get an energy drink he saw the light flashing on his answerphone. "Damn thing, I never hear it in the basement. I must remember to get a phone installed down there." Justin pushed the paly button. "Mate, its me, Steven. Look Iím in town for a few days and need somewhere to crash. So I thought about you. Iíll be over at 9.00 tonight see you. Call me on 07957652351 if its not cool."

Justin dropped the energy drink on the floor, its contents spilling out onto the floor. StevenÖ. Steven Keeslar. Years ago, they had been roommates at the University of Chicago. Steven was a jock, in fact Steven was a super jock. He played just about every sport well. He was built. In fact, it was Steven that had gotten Justin into weights. They had a fairly unusual relationship, as Steven was the college hero, sexy, well built, and a sports star. Justin was a scranwy wimp and a bit of a brain, not quite a nerd, but certainly close to the grade. The two of the them had formed a friendship based on their mutual love of pro-wrestling and comics. They had swopped addresses and promised to keep in touch with one another, but as usual with such promises within a few months the two friends had forgotten all about contacting eachother as thy moved to different ends of America. Justin went home to Boston, and Steve went to L.A., having been seen by some talent scout for something or other. Justin looked at the clock on his microwave, 8.57. "Shit, Steve will be here any minuete." Thank-fully Justin kept a fairly clean home. He looked out of the kitchen window, searching for the headlights of a car pulling up and disgorging the STUD of Chicago University. Suddenly the the whole street was illuminated by a flash of lightning, and rain began to fall hard upon the window beating the window so hard it rattled within its frame. A few cars drove up the road but none slowed.

Justin suddenly wondered if Steve had decided not to come after all. Steve was bound to have other friends in town, and Justin had not returned the call. Then the doorbell rang. Justin jumped a little, as he had not seen the car pull up in the driveway. But then the front door was hidden by a large bush, maybe Steve had already pulled up when Justin was looking out of the window. Justin almost ran over to the door and opened it. As he did there was a flash of lightning illuminating the giant that stood there.

Steve had changed. The last time Justin had seen Steve was about 5 years ago at graduation. Steve was fairly well built, with short black hair and bright blue eyes like tropical waters. His face was smooth and when he smiled he had dimples. Steve just had one of those personalities that everyone who met him watnbed to be his friend, and instantly forgave Steve for anything. Steve however had grown up a lot. He used to be the same height as Justin, 5í11", but the Steve shape in the doorway towered at almost seven feet tall. Huge muscles on his arms and legs were illuminated by the lightning flash. His hair, long and lose blew in the wind of the storm. His blue eyes seemed even more blue somehow. He carried what to anyone else would have been a huge sports bag, but was tiny in this mans massive hands. "Justin, you gonna let me in or not?" Even his voice was different, deeper, stronger and sexier. Justin could feel blood rushing to his boy dick as he drunk in Steve. For a long time he had known he was gay, and the new Steve it seemed had just stepped out of his fantasies, Justin decided that he must be asleep. Slowly he nodded his head. Steve dropped his bag and put his arms around Steve. Steve could feel the massive pecs his head rested against, almost swallowed by the deep chasm between Stevesí pecs. Then Steve physically lifted Justin of his feet and held him close in a hug that Justin never wanted to end. Justinsí doubts about this being not reality ended as he felt the powerful arms around him, and the solidness of Steveís massive muscles. But the thing on Justinís mind the most was dick. He could feel a massive bulge between Steveís huge thighs. Steve was not in proportion. He was a muscle mountain, and his dick was certainly not that of a normal man either.

But like all things, the hug did end, but not before Steve had walked himself and Justin into the house. Pausing only for a moment to pick up his bag and shutting the door behind them. Justin was lowered back to his feet. "Jesus H Christ, what happened to you. Your huge Steve." Justinís eyes were still drinking in the muscle mountain that was standing before him soaking wet. Steve smiled, and flexed his arms, the wet t-shirt strained to contain the massive bulge that appreared. "I did a few things, went a few places and used lots of the things, all the time I kept growing. But I need your help. I donít think Iím going to stop growing. I just keep getting bigger and bigger. Iíve put on 30 lbs of muscle in the last week alone. At first it was slow steady growth, but in the last monthÖ. Well, you can see. You were top of the class in chemistry and biology. I want you to try and fix me."

Justin still could not believe his eyes. "WhatÖ. 30lbs in a week. Shit Iíve not even put that on since Gradutation.. What have you been taking? Normal steriods canít do this." Steve lowered his head a little, and took a deep breath. The t-shirt that he was wearing streched to its very limit and looked for all the world like a second skin showing his massive chest and nipples. "Yeah ok. I did steriods Iíll admit that. Then one night while I was working out some government guy came and talked to me. Something about wanting me for a government project. Which if I agreed to, all my bills would be paid. You see I fucked up. Yeah, I was a college star, but could not seem to get it in the big leagues. I had to live, and got really into debt. So what choice did I have. We went to some lab in DC, and they put me in this chamber. It was like The Fly or something out of some comic. This weird gas comes in, and from then on Iíve been growing. Last week, I escaped from the facilitiy and Iím on the run."

Justin listened, all the time. His first reaction was to get Steve to leave. He did not like the idea of government agents storming his house. But, then he had Steve to think about. Steve had been his best friend at College, and besides, Justin as interested in what had happened to Steve. Perhaps he could discover what the government had done, and replicate it. Not that he wanted to be a big as Steve, but a little bigger wouldnít hurtÖ. Besides, Steve could be usful to have around, if only as fuel for fantasyÖ.

"Sure thing. Iíll need to take some samples from you, which I can analyse at work. Youíll have to stay here, and hide out while I do. I donít know how long this will take. Iíve got a basement. You can stay there. There is a TV with cable and video down there, as well as a gym. Not that he gym would be much use to you given your size." Steve grinned, Justin felt his knees go weak. How could he deny this man anything. Steve put a large hand on Justinsí head and tousseled his hair. "Thanks, I really appreciate this. Lets go down, Iíll get settled in, and then you can take those samples."

Justin lead Steve to the door to the basement, and suddenly paniced. In the basement there was more then just a gym and TV. The cable connection was to most channels and a gay porn channel, and loads of videos with bodybuilders working out nude. Within a few seconds Justin would know that Steve was gay, and most likely walk out the door and out of his life, with Justin quite possibly needing medical attention for the huge poster he had of a a large muscle stud with the face cut out and repalced with StevesÖ. "Can you wait a second, I need to tidy up down there, itís a bit of a mess. There are drinks in the fridge and the bathroom is right next to the kitchen. Justin prayed to what ever Gods might be listening that Steve would leave him alone to try and hide the evidence. "Sure thing, thanks mate." Steve turned and walked over to the bathroom.

Justin litterally ran into the basement, and rapidly began to gather the gay porn videos that stood in a pile by the massive widescreen tv that he sometimes watched while working out. There was a large box with a padlock on it in the basement, where Justin kept an expensive video camera and tripod. This box was quickly opened and the camera removed, to make way for the porn. Justin walked over to the "Steve Poster" and ripped it from the wall. So great was his hurry that he ripped it. This too was thrown hastily into the box. But now there was now room for the camera. So Justin left this out on the box, thinking that he cuold at least tape Steve while trying to help him reduce, so that at the very least, he had a new video to watch late at night.

Relief flooded over Steve as he walked to the bathroom. Justin was going to help him. Justin had always been intelligent, he graduated in the top 1% of his class and worked for MIT. If anyone could help fix whatever that gas did it would be Justin. Steve walked into the bathroom, ducking his head to get it past the door frame. He closed the door behind him. He looked at his reflection in the mirror over the sink. He could see his jaw, square, solid, without a single hair on it. His large chest slowing rising and falling with each breath. The shower called Steve, he had been feeling a little dirty, not having washed for 3 days, and he was soaked from the rain. He slowly removed his t-shirt lest he rip it, not that he minded walking around without anything on his chest. Steve was unsure how he felt. He liked being stronger then he was, but this was a little to big. Now if he could alter his size at will like some of the comic heros he idealised then that would be fine. Most of the time he could be normal Steve, but then every so often he could become Steve the stud. Steve felt a twitching in his loins. Steve smiled, ever since the gas he had been horny, right up until he had escaped the facility. He had been to preoccupied with trying to getting to Boston and the one man who could help him to think about his growing sexual fustration. Steve reached into the shower and turned it on, hoping that a shower would distract him.

He unbuttoned his jeans fly and rolled them down the tree trunks that were his legs, admiring the striations as he did. His dick flopped out from his boxers still flacid but easily 6 inches long. Then it began to grow. Blood flowed into it, streching it, making it longer, thicker. Within moments, Steve could not resist the urge to take his dick in his hand and speed up the process. Up and down he slid his hand as his dick grew longer and fatter. Waves of pleasure began to flow from his penis and all over his body as he masturbated. Waves that increased in frequency and pleasure the faster and faster Steveís hand slid up and down the pole that was his dick. At 11 inches long and 4 inches wide the growth stopped but Steve was caught up in an extastic trance as his pumped his dick faster and faster, harder and harder as his body litterally swelled with pleasure. He had not had sex for five months now, and while he had erections since the gas, none of them were as pleasureable as this. He had not been allowed to release the satisify his sexual desires with a partner, nor even with a handjob. Faster and harder, harder and faster he pumped then suddenly bliss. He felt his balls tighten and a surge shoot up his dick as cum came flying out, hitting the ceiling of the room. Steve cried at the sheer pleasure he was feeling, spurt after spurt fly from his dick. Then after 8 spirts, with cum dripping from the ceiling onto him Steve stopped. He felt strange, a tingling all over, at first he thought that it was the pleaure from finally being able to sate his growing horniness, but this was more. It felt good, really good, almost as good as cumming, it was like his was pumped all over. Then it suddenly hit Steve. He had felt like this before. When the gas had begun to surround him and he had begun to growÖ •

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