Big Little Bro

By Kymuscleboy

Hi, my name is Larry, and you'll never believe the story that I am about to tell you about my brother, Justin. Justin was just an average little boy except when his growth spurt came around. It all started when Justin was 8 years old... Justin was 8 and I was 12. I had always been taller than him before. We had a pretty good relationship, but as his bigger, older brother, I had to pound him every now and then, just to show him who was boss. I can't do that now. Our parents were only 5'11 and 5'3, so I never thought that my brother or I would be very tall. At 12 I was maturing, I was 5'6 and still growing, although way more slowly that I would have liked. But the odd thing was that Justin seemed to be getting bigger, a lot bigger. At his 8th birthday he was only 4'6. Kinda normal height, but then he began to grow taller and taller. By the time he was 8 1/4 he had grown to 5 feet. He was definitely the tallest in his second grade class. By the time he was 8 1/2 he was 5'3, the same height as our mother. And by the time that my 13th birthday rolled around, when he was 8 3/4, he had grown to 5'9. Can you believe at 8 he was 5'9! He was as tall as me, I had grown a little bit in the last year, but I didn't know when he would stop growing. Even more incredible, was the fact that, while were the same height, Justin outweighed me by 30 pounds. No longer could I pound his ass like other big brothers do. In fact, when we wrestled, I could tell that he was just playing with me before he would easily pin me to the ground. Our relatives thought it was cute, but I saw it as demeaning to my pride. To make matters worse, at 5'9 he had not even begun to reach his potential size. At Justin's 9th birthday he was 6 feet tall! Now at only age 9 Justin was taller than the average fully-grown man, and to top it off he was taller than me! I was a little over 13 and my growth had basically been at a standstill ever since I was 5'9. But when Justin turned 9, I noticed a development in him that was different. While he bent down to blow out his candles I noticed that his shirt was stretched so tight across his back that it looked like it would rip out. My 9-year-old brother was already becoming very muscular! My observation was confirmed when Justin and my mom were discussing how Justin now needed extra-large shirts. Justin also had to discuss with my dad how he needed an extra-large jock strap. I couldn't believe that my little brother already had a huge bulge in his pants! There stood Justin, 2 inches taller than my dad, discussing how Justin needed larger clothes and even a larger jock than our dad. Justin was beginning to become the man of the household, and at age 9 in the 3rd grade standing 6'0, he was the man of the class. Being 3 inches taller and much bigger than Mr. Johnson, his teacher and football coach. He was getting taller, was bigger than our dad, he was the tallest of the house at age 9! When Justin reached the age of 9 1/2, he had grown to 6'3" tall. His height was not the only part of his body that grew; his muscles were getting bigger and his bulge was huge! My 9-year-old brother was now 6'3" tall, dwarfing me by 5 inches. He was now by far the tallest in the house. My parents had a hard time yelling at their taller-than-them youngest son; Justin would always get his way. My mother's power would be lost when Justin would stand up and tower over her by a foot. Whenever my mom would look up now, she would just see the bottom of Justin's chest, which meant Justin completely intimidated her. Justin's growth would not be over yet though. At Justin's 10th Birthday he was a huge 6 foot 6 inches tall. He was much taller than any of our relatives, and he was only 10. His muscles and the bulge in his pants were huge, and Justin now sported a body that would make anyone squirm. He was now over a foot taller than my mom, 8 inches taller than me, and 7 inches taller than my dad. Justin had become so "matured" that one of the teachers asked him out, not knowing that this giant was still in the 4th grade. For his birthday Justin wanted to get weights to lift, so he could further build his body. My parents gave him a gym set, which he would use everyday. There was a problem blowing out his candles though... His chest had become so big, and he had become so tall that when he went to blow out the candles, his muscles got in the way and his chest knocked down the candles on the cake. The sensation of candles had somehow aroused Justin because I noticed that his nipples now protruded through his shirt. When this conflict arose he just laughed. After receiving his gym gift, Justin gave my dad a hug, lifting him off the ground and into his massive chest. He did the same to my mom, and then he finally hugged me and lifted me off the ground, not realizing his own strength, and crushed my face into his chest. The feeling was sensational. I had never experienced anything like that before. And when he put me down he down he gave me a wink. I was so turned on. I know that I was 14 and he was my 10-year-old brother but c'mon! By the time Justin was 10 1/2 he was using his gym everyday and I was seeing the results. Justin now sported a fantastically muscled body that would put any Mr. Olympia to shame. Justin kept on growing in height too. He was up to an incredible 7 feet. His muscles had grown to Herculean proportions. Justin was now extremely strong too. Every once in a while he would come into my room and pick me up with one arm and ask, "How do you like my new muscles?" I would just say nothing and sit there with my face right in his chest and say "what?" I know now that he had purposely been crushing my face into his chest. My most exciting experience with Justin unfolded when my parents were out of town. Justin walked into my room, wearing only a pair of skin tight Calvin Klein underwear that showed off his huge bulge and the rest of his well muscled body. His legs were long and built like tree trunks, and he had an ass and abs that you could crack walnuts on. He was an absolutely perfect rock-hard muscle freak and he now had a mature looking, incredibly handsome face with a strong jaw and a square chin. Justin was even starting to get hair on his massive chest. I was 14 and didn't have a wisp of chest hair yet! Needless to say, I was really turned on. My brother was now a god at the age of 10 1/2! "Larry, I was wondering, do you like the way I look?" Justin asked, flexing his muscles. "Ye - ye - yea- yeah, sure" I mumbled. "Larry do you think that my muscles are too big?" "Ugh, no, they're nice" "Would you like a closer look at them?" He asked forcefully. He then came over to me, grabbed me like I weighed nothing at all and crushed my face into his massive pecs. I was in heaven. He then stood up while still holding me with one arm. My legs were dangling over a foot off the floor. He only held me for an all too short minute before sitting back down. "Do you get turned on by your massive brother, Larry?" He then stood up slowly and rose to a towering foot and 2 inches taller than me! I looked up and only saw his chest. He then pulled down his Calvins, and I finally saw what was making that huge bulge of his so big. My 10-year-old younger brother had balls the size of grapefruit! His huge penis was completely flaccid, but it was extremely thick and hung down 12 inches along his massive thigh. I could only imagine what it would be like hard. But then Justin once again crushed me up against his rock-hard body. "Sorry little brother, but I can't seem to find you under my huge muscles." He said laughing. He then tossed me back on my bed like I was as light as a piece of paper using only one arm and left the room, teasing me with his awesome looks. Justin still kept on growing. He kept on weight lifting too. When he was 10 3/4 Justin had grown more. He grew to an amazing 7'3! He was still only 10 years old and going into the 5th grade! His chest had increased to mammoth 75 inches and his massive arms were over 34 inches! I couldn't believe that his huge arms were bigger than my waist. He had a hard time finding a clothes to fit, and he had to quit swimming because no Speedos could contain his huge bulge. He had given everyone at one swim meet more of a show then they bargained for! The most incredible feature to me about Justin were his muscles and his incredible strength. He had been lifting everyday and boy did it pay off. Our dad had to constantly buy more weights, because Justin would quickly outgrow what we had. He could bench press 1500 pounds for reps and curl over 500 pounds with one of his 34" biceps. His muscles were basically ripping out of his body. He intimidated me with his size and at the same time he turned me on to his huge muscles and body. Justin kept on growing. When Justin's 11th birthday rolled around he had grown to 7 feet 8 inches tall, taller than any NBA basketball player! But, he wasn't skinny and lanky like a basketball player; he was huge! Our relatives were absolutely stunned at his growth, all of him. His chest had grown to over 100 inches which was astonishing, his pecs shot out about a foot from his body, and then some. With his 42 inch arms, Justin could out bear hug any bear! He would go over to hug a relative and the relative would be enveloped in his huge muscles. Well Justin is 12 now and I am 16. Justin's height has slowed; he is now 7'11. But the growth of his muscles has not slowed. He has to get custom clothes, as even the largest shirts and pants can't cover his huge body! His chest is now over 150 inches. His biceps have grown to over 52", much bigger than my chest. He still uses his new, extra heavy-duty weights everyday, and I treasure every time he lets me worship his huge muscles, because to me Justin is much more than your average "little" brother. •

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