Growing Pains


By Muscle Head

What was next? Doc and I were cruising along, not needing any more money as we had already made a fortune selling the formula to just a few people. But we still wanted to see what this stuff would do for folks.

One day as we were walking downtown we saw this old guy going into a store. He was obviously in his late 70's or 90's, bent over, walking with some difficulty. Doc said he had an idea. We went in after this guy and Doc went over to talk to him. I didn't hear the conversation, but soon both were coming over my way.

Doc introduced me to Ted who it turns out was 80 years old. He was in fairly good health, but had become a bit bent over in the last year. Doc had told him about the formula and he had agreed to try it out for us, to see what happened to older folks. Doc had told him he couldn't promise anything, but Ted said anything was better than being bent over and getting worse all the time! Plus he really liked the way we looked with our muscles popping out all over.

So we went back home and there Ted got his shot of the formula. In about 30 minutes he had a hard on that was hard as a rock. He was so excited as he hadn't been able to get it up for a while. It even grew another inch or so. Then he started sweating. An amazing thing happened. He started to stand up straight. He didn't have the muscle size growth we had experienced, but his body got stronger and stronger. His face looked younger, and he said he hadn't felt as good for years!

His muscles got hard and firm, like a young mans, his dick stood strong and proud.

Doc gave him a once over and asked him if he would like to stay the night to make sure everything was alright. Ted said thanks but he would rather head on out.

About midnight we got a phone call, it was Ted. He was upset, though we couldn't tell why over the phone so we went to Ted's house. When we got there we found he had been in bed with a lady in her 20's, when he had fucked her body got real muscular! He didn't know what to do!

We told him that this was what usually happened, we hadn't told him, as we didn't know what he had planned.

He said he had met her in a bar and invited her home. He hadn't had sex in years and felt pretty frisky. They had had a marathon session, with him cumming 4 times before her change happened!

Ted was only upset, as he didn't know her growth would happen as well…she didn't seem to upset as she was now in great shape!

We took him back to the house where we went to bed. About three in the morning I was awakened with Ted standing by my bed. He said he had a hard on that was hurting him and he had to get some relief. I went down on him sucking him till he came. Then he did the same with me. I couldn't get over how good he was. When I had cum, he laid down and began to grow some real muscles. He had looked pretty good before, but now he was getting a real six pack, his pecs grew as did his shoulders and legs.

What we discovered was that the older you are the less development you're going to have. But it makes you younger, stronger, and virile once again! •

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