Growing Pains


By Muscle Head

This was part of the trouble I had been worried about. What do you do with two muscle boys who didn't have the maturity to know when and where to do somethings, like having sex with someone? Their hormones had really been revved up by the Doc's formula and they were after sexual release anyway they could find it.

I was glad that the boys brought them over to Doc's place because it gave us a chance to talk it out. We weren't real sure what to do as Jeremy and Fred were now obviously bigger than your normal 15 year old! How do you explain to a parent that his son sucked the dick of a boy who had been genetically enhanced and he had grown 17" arms and a 41" chest, not to mention a dick that wouldn't quit!

The boys seemed to be real cool about it and said their parents wouldn't mind a bit. In fact it seems that both the boy's dad's worked out together at a local gym and were pretty big themselves.

We went over to the boys homes and the parents were understanding, in fact the two dad's had obvious hard ons from seeing their formally skinny boys with muscles almost as big as theirs. Ted and Frank in fact wanted to know if they could get a shot of the formula as well.

To keep from being sued we agreed and Doc went back to the lab and retunred soon with the formula and a coupld of syringes. Each got their shots, again their dicks got huge and harder. In fact they seemed to grow more than anyone else I had seen on the formula. Ted started to grunt and groan and grabbed his crotch in pain he was getting so hard. Then he stripped off his shorts and began to pump it! In a minute Frank was doing the same! Then both shot out of their now 11" dicks! Cum went everywhere!

Then they both started to grow. Both were already big men so the growth didn't look as impressive as it had on me, Doc and the boys, but soon they both were flexing 21" hard as rock Biceps, their shoulders became straited with strong muscle. Their chest grew as did their pecs to look like mountains, their waist tightened up into very impressive bricks of muscle, their legs and butts got very muscular.

That night when they went to bed they had sex with their wives who grew very hard and musclular as well. They didn't look like a man (thankfully) but had great hard breasts, strong arms, narrow muscular washboard stomachs and smooth hard legs.

But things were not settled about the boys. What could we do with them. We didn't want this to get out of control. Without developing self control we could have muscle kids everywhere!

They finnally agreed to control themselves and come to us if they needed sex. That was good for them and real good for us as they began to come by just about everyday!

But the story continues as more folks hear of the formula....

Part 5

One day I was over at Docs working out. I had found the gym to sometimes be a hard place to workout with guys hitting on me and others asking me to flex all the time. We heard a knock on the door and there stading there were two guys who were short and fat. In fact thery were so fat it was haning over their belts till you could n't see the belts anylonger!

They said they had heard about what Doc had developed and wanted to take the formula. Cost was no object they said. Doc and I agreed to take them on.

We went to the back room where Doc had them strip. I t was incredible how much fat a person can put on. It was really disgusting. Doc weighed them and didn't even bother to measure them as they were just so big and fat. Both were huffing and puffing just walking the few steps into the back!

Doc did take some pictures.

Then he gave them their shots.

Both got hard ons that were hard to see because of the fat, but they both said they had never felt anything like it! Then they really began to sweat! And they sweated and sweated and sweated! Soon water was running on the floor as well as a milky stinky fluid. Then it it got worse and worse. I had never smelled anything so bad in my life. Doc said, "It's the fat running off them!"

We finnally had to leave the room! Then in about an hour both came out, we didn't recognize them. They were skinny, with flesh haning on them. Then the formula kicked in again! The loose flesh started to tighten up on them and muscle began to form. The got hard ons again and began to cum as this was happening! They weren't near as muscular as others had been, but then no one had been as out of shape as they had.

Both now had 15" arms, 32" waist, 39" chest, their whole shape had changed.

Doc told them to come back in a couple of weeks and he'd give them another shot for more size if they wanted it.

They were beside themselves as to the change! One said he hadn't seen his feet for years!

They came back a week later bulging with muscle! We asked what had happened.

They said when they got home they were so turned on they got down on each other. They sucked each other off and then had a growth spurt! They had done this all week and had put on 4" of muscle all over their bodies, even their waist had tightened!

So the formula was good for the skinny small dicked, the normal, the young, and now for the fat...what was next? •

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