Vortex, The


By Msclbldr

Paul got up from the crushed remains of the bed and looked dispassionately down at the dazed, exhausted man lying in the wreckage.

"Another satisfied customer" he thought bitterly.

The door opened and his minders hurried in, eager to get out of here. They checked the punter was ok: no serious damage anyway, threw some clothes onto Paul and hurried him out of the room. The clean up team would look after the punter and square it with the hotel management. They headed for the car park in the basement where the truck was parked. Service elevator of course, Paul was anything but inconspicuous and anyway, passenger lifts tended to be a bit cramped for him even if they could take the load. The driver was waiting for him, syringe in hand ready to give Paul what he really needed. They knew not to keep him waiting. They had seen what he was capable of when he was impatient for his dose. The needle pierced the huge mass of Paul's left tricep and relaxing warmth spread throughout his body. Locked in the back of the truck now. The driver and minders were up front, protected by a 2" thick bulletproof glass bulkhead. Paul lent his wide back against the armoured steel doors at the rear of the truck and folded his immense thighs beneath him as he sank down to a seated position on the padded floor. He stared at the backs of their head through the glass and tried to relax. These were the few moments that Paul ever had alone and he tried to use them to relax and maintain his sanity.

The truck sped through darkened streets of this anonymous city. He didn't know where he was this time: he was past caring. One job was much the same as another. A faceless luxury hotel room in a bland city, some rich punter willing to pay big to explore his massive body for a few hours (or maybe a heavier scene like tonight). They paid big but then Paul and the others were their fantasies come true... literally.

The truck hit a bump and his massive pecs bounced. He flexed slightly to stop the movement in his flesh; he was still sore from his workout earlier that day and the movement of the huge mass of muscle was uncomfortable. He looked down at his body, amazed still by the size of his body and the transformation it had undergone.

It had started 9 months ago in a dark club in a seedy neighbourhood of LA.. He had been travelling in the US, doing the usual Aussie thing of going walkabout before starting Uni.

Amongst the dark corridors and dimly lit rooms, disorientated by the crashing techno beat he had found himself in a pitch-black space. The music was muffled here, reduced to a dull thudding that was felt rather than heard. He felt the presence of another person, the feeling of being observed, of being studies. Intimidating. He turned to go back to the other rooms where there was at least a little light and other people but he couldn't see where he had come in. He heard breathing, the sound of heavy booted footfall approaching him.

He smelt sweat and leather and cum.

He felt an hand on his shoulder. Huge and heavy, engulfing his own thick deltoid, squeezing gently but irresistibly.

"You have a good body" said a deep rumble from the darkness "you obviously train it Do you appreciate a hard worked body in others?" Paul lifted his hand up to the strangers hand on his shoulder and grabbed at the man's wrist. It was enormously thick and covered in hair. He slid his hand up to the forearm which was a mass of corded hair covered muscle which bulged fantastically towards the man's elbow. His elbow joint was thick with steel hawser like tendons which connected into the muscle of the upper arm. Paul knew about muscle.

He has lifted weights since he was 15 and had a good physique. He had been in enough hard core gyms to see the big boys train and see their muscles in action but nothing could have prepared him for the realisation of what presence he was in. This was freaky, This was inhuman. The bicep he tried to explore was larger than his head; so large that there almost appeared to be no curvature to it. Even though it was relaxed and slightly pliable ,he could feel the split between the two muscle heads. His hand slipped off the top of the bicep and explored down the side to where its mass intersected with the hanging bulk of the tricep. The tricep was unbelievable. Three heads of muscle, each clearly defined forming a horse-shoe which bulged away from the underside of the arm The arm was straight and unflexed but even so, the thickness from top of bicep to bottom of tricep must have been 45cm.

"You're wondering what they are like flexed" the man said and he slowly bent the arm, flexing it and peaking the bicep. Paul's hand felt the bicep expand, grow, explode to unfathomable proportions. "shit" he whispered "This is unreal. This is impossible. No one can be this massive."

The man laughed quietly, more like a rumble "You had better believe it, Boy" he said and pushed Paul back against a wall, crushing him beneath his massive hairy chest.

Paul's hands roamed over the vast expanse of hard hairy flesh trying to gauge the size of this beast. He heard a creak of leather, the man's trousers protesting as he bent his legs, dragging his harsh stubbled chin down Paul's bare chest and abs, stopping at his waist. He felt huge hands grasp the waist band of his jeans and they were gone, ripped from his legs like tissue paper. He felt warmth engulf his cock, sucking it to full hardness. The man grabbed his ass and stood up, lifting Paul's 105kg with no apparent effort and pinning him in the air against the wall with one massive paw crushing into his chest. He sucked hard and roughly, taking Paul's cock and balls in his mouth at one go, alternately pulling and squeezing them with his tongue. Paul heard a zipper being pulled down and felt the man struggle to release his cock never for a second releasing the pressure on Paul's cock and started jacking himself off. Paul could feel precum splashing his legs as the beast worked his cock, making wet noises as his hand. He could feel something hot and huge banging against his lower legs in rhythm with the man's wanking.

He lowered Paul down the wall slowly letting his cock and balls pop out of his mouth and brought him down until he was straddling this monster's prick. It was huge and hard, thrusting between Paul's legs and lodging between his ass cheeks. It throbbed against his hole spurting precum with each throb and flex. He pulled Paul's ass away from the wall and thrust his hips forward and up, pressing something huge and bulbous against the sphincter. The force was too great and the hole gave way to the massive invader. Paul screamed as his own weight dragged his body down the pole. He had never experienced anything so brutal.

"Believe it Boy, this is real" grunted the man as he lent forward and forced his pecs against Paul's, crushing him to the wall. "Feel this muscle and this power: It's the only reality you are going to have from now on". With that he wrapped one massive arm around Paul's chest and began bear-hugging him whilst his massive pole reamed out his ass.

His free hand shoved something into Paul's mouth and forced him to swallow it.

"Just a little something to make it all a bit more fun" laughed the man.

Paul's cock was crushed against the hard wall of his abs and the friction of this animal fucking was bringing him to climax despite the tearing pain in his ass. He felt flushed and hot and disorientated but increasingly turned on by this scene and this titanic brute. Paul came as the man crushed Paul down on his pole and started spasming, filling Paul's rectum with his juices until it was spurting out around the cock base with each thrust. Paul felt bloated, as if he were going to explode when finally the man stopped. He lifted Paul off his cock allowing a gush of cum and ass juices to flow down his leg, threw him across one of his gargantuan delts and strode towards a dim light. •

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