By Josef Howard


Jake knelt beside the bed of his sick lover. Isaac was weaker than Jake could ever have imagined him being. Jake's small hand lay beneath his lover's larger one, pinned next to his lover's heart.

The seven years they had been together had been the best years of Jake's young life. He couldn't imagine that anyone else could have made him happier. He was the lover of Super Novae, a stunningly virile, real-life superhero, with powers that exceeded the legends of the gods.

And now he was about to die. It seemed impossible.

His body looked brawny, vital. He was six foot three and weighed over 325 pounds of lean, well-distributed muscle. His illness had been sudden, subtle at first, then increasingly obvious. The last few days he'd been bedridden.

Two other men had called themselves Super Novae before Isaac. Hardly anyone knew, but they were all related. Before Isaac, his father had been Super Novae, before him, his father, and before him, his father. Isaac's run as Super Novae had been longer than any of them, almost 30 years!

Though Jake knew he was over fifty years old, Isaac hardly looked twenty-nine. Their private joke had been that, although Jake had started their relationship as the younger of the two, he was now the older. Isaac's droopy eyes looked up lovingly at Jake. He laid his other hand on Jake's head and patted his blond hair.

"Jake, I can barely see you. It's time. Bring my son to me."

Jake stood. He leaned over Isaac and kissed him tenderly. As their lips touched, Jake was overcome with quivering grief. Although Isaac was too weakened to completely reciprocate, Jake tasted his frail lips completely, knowing this gentle touch might be his last of Isaac's living body.

Jake backed toward the bedroom door. Was this the last time he would see him alive? His weight shifted and the wood floor creaked.

"Is that you, E?"

Isaac must have thought his lover Jake had gone already and sent in his son, Esau, who had been waiting patiently downstairs to give his father and his father's companion their final moments together in private. Jake froze. He was ashamed that he had selfishly lingered to catch one last glimpse. Isaac might have died without seeing his son. He stepped back to slip away and call Esau.

"Come here."

Isaac's voice, even enfeebled, was the most commanding sound he had ever heard. Super Novae had defused millions of tense situations with it, without having to resort to violence. Did Isaac realize it was still Jake standing there? Maybe he did. Maybe he wanted to linger together just an instant longer.

Jake walked closer.

"Esau, my son, sit by my bed."

He was wrong. Isaac thought he was his son. But now he was half way to the bed. If he bolted now, he might frighten the man and hasten his death. He walked closer and knelt again at his bedside.

"Give me your hand, son," Isaac commanded.

Jake extended his. This time Isaac took hold of it differently, like a fraternity handshake, or the way a man falling down an abyss grabs the arm of his savior, by the thick of the forearm. And Jake grasped as much as he could of his lover's immensely muscled forearm as well.

"Esau, it is no coincidence that your grandfather was Super Novae, that his father before him was Super Novae, and that I became Super Novae. Nor has it ever been your shortcoming that you never had any of my special abilities. I am not Super Novae because of my genetics. I became what I am because my father passed this power to me, and his father before him. It is a gift, E.

"Your grandfather was given the gift by an alien, who crash landed on Earth sixty years ago, just before he died. That creature's family had passed the power down through generations for hundreds of years, and before that family there were many others and many other species. Legend has it the power was captured from a dying star, but no one really knows how the power was first acquired.

"There is so much I want to tell you about it, but I don't have much time. There is one thing that I am certain of, however, this power was meant to be used as a force for good. It must not be used selfishly. It must not be reserved for personal purposes while people in need are ignored. Having this power is the greatest responsibility anyone has ever had."

Isaac fumbled with his other arm, reaching for Jake's other arm to hold in the same grip.

"I'm not -" Jake tried to interrupt.

"We have no time for self doubt." The mighty appearance of Isaac's impossibly muscular limbs belied the feebleness he had exhibited over the last few days. The boom of his voice recalled the days when no one had dared question his authority. "I have no patience for your personal preferences. I don't care what you want to be or how you want to live. Whatever you have to say is insignificant compared to the role that destiny has chosen you to play. I won't have you weaken like your grandfather and give up before you've ever really tried!" Their arms locked and Jake could hardly believe Isaac could be so oblivious to the differences between him and his son. His son was far beefier, swarthier, and hairier. Could it be that Isaac's perceptions were clouded by his familiarity with his lover's body.

Perhaps just the feeling of familiar skin was enough to confuse him into thinking things were right. Or maybe Isaac knew he wasn't his son. Maybe he was only pretending to mistake the two of them. Maybe he wanted to complete this ritual with his lover, not his son.

Isaac's arms stiffened like iron and a jolt of pure power stiffened Jake's body as well. An effervescent energy flowed up Jakes arms and down his chest and legs, then swelled and pulsed stronger and stronger. Jake could hear his skin stretching, feel hair all over his body thicken and grow. He felt trapped inside impossibly tight clothes and then heard them snap, rip and fall to his ankles. His broadening chest was spreading his thick, muscular arms further apart. He grunted and groaned at the amazing feelings rippling through his physique and was thrilled to hear the deepening rumble of his vocal cords. Wagging freely between his legs like a stiff puppy dog tail, his dick was fully engorged. Like Isaac's it now nearly reached his chest.

When the stretching stopped, there was deafening silence. His lover lay still in the bed below him, instantly 60 years older, instantly shrunken. His muscles were gone. He was just loose mottled skin and brittle bones.

Jake crawled on the bed, one knee on either side of his lover's shriveled body. He lifted his limp torso gently in his brawny arms and hugged it as he cried.

"Jake! Is Dad alright?"

Esau was at the door, his view obscured by an impossibly immense figure he nonetheless assumed was his father's lover.

"What happened?" "E. I - I'm sorry. I've very sorry. Your father - he thought I was you."

Esau looked at him blankly. "He wanted you to have this," Jake gestured downward at his barrel chest. "He meant to give this to you."

"I don't believe it!" Esau dove at him, hammering his fists. "You tricked him! Give it back!"

Jake tried to nudge the man, for the first time much smaller than he, away from him without hurting him.

"I can't! I don't know how!"

And yet Jake wasn't sure he would even if he knew how. The indescribable rush of power he felt, long after the transformation, was intoxicating. He knew he could do anything, beat anyone at anything anywhere. Jake rolled off the bed. Esau climbed on his chest and pelted him with blows, but his blows felt like rain drops. Under the warm pressure of Esau's muscular body, Jake was getting another huge erection. Truth was, Jake had always found Esau attractive, but he'd suppressed those feelings because he was involved with Esau's father and because Esau wasn't gay.

The size of his erection stunned Esau. He'd seen his father naked before. He'd known he was huge, but he'd never suspected it got this big, even with an erection. Jake's dick was positively elephantine. It was hard not to look at it, hard not to admire such outrageous masculinity. But Jake mistook his admiration for titillation.

"Touch it," Jake said softly.

Suddenly the sound of Jake's voice made Esau want to touch it. He rubbed the flat of his palm over it, from the immensely thick root over the distended veins up to the broad, flared head.

Jake groaned deeply. He'd never felt so aroused in his life. Is this what Isaac had felt when they made love? No wonder he'd wanted to do it ten times a day! "Suck it!" he begged Esau.

Jake's command made Esau's curiosity unbearable. He desperately wanted to press his tongue along it. He wanted the challenge, to stretch his lips wide as he could, to engulf the whole immense prick in his mouth and suck it back into his throat and beyond, and to feel it sliding in and out. He opened his mouth wide and engulfed the giant head. For a moment it lodged there, the rim of the head just inside his lips. Then he caught his breath and pushed his face down. The head reached the back of his mouth and stuck again, but he pushed harder. His face reddened. The head began to slide down his throat. When he had ten inches of it inside of him, he reached an impassable barrier and pulled back, coughing and sputtering, but determined to try again. Jake stared in awe and ecstasy as the dark-haired stud swallowed over half his penis again and again. Saliva and mucus coated his cock as Esau's tight lips and throat slid up and down. The tension at the base of his prick built. He could have cum, but he wanted Esau's ass, not his mouth.

"Stop!" he begged.

Esau's lips slid off one last time and his red face stared blankly at Jake. Jake lifted him from his chest by his shirtfront and held him in the air as he stood. Then he pulled at the shirt and tore it open. He tore at the pants until they were rags dangling around Esau's waist. He nudged Esau's knees up over his shoulders and penetrated him with his dick. He pushed them both up into the air with his thrust, and held them both suspended in air with his power of flight as they fucked. What Esau's mouth couldn't hold, his ass accommodated. Soon Jake's entire immense prick was buried deeply and throbbing with pleasure, and Esau's cock was as hard as steel and dripping pre-cum from the inhuman ass-stuffing his dead father's lover was giving him. After a few long, hard pokes Esau was over the edge, shooting great globs of thick cum up his muscular chest and into his wide-open mouth. Jake grinned ear-to- ear at the power of his fucking, at the conquest of the stud kid he'd lusted after since he'd met him, and at the unbelievably tight sucking action of his hot, muscled ass.

Still holding them both up in mid air, Jake started fucking him again and watched Esau's limp, spent cock straighten and stiffen again at the stimulus of his fuck pole in the young man's ass. Jake knew exactly what it felt like being fucked by Super Novae's immense prick and reveled in his ability to arouse another man as intensely as he had been aroused for years.

Esau gripped Jake's hips and tried to pull Jake into him harder, but Jake was too strong for him to have any effect. Eventually Esau put his arms around Jake's bull neck and just held tight and enjoyed the ride. The ride lasted as long as Jake wanted it to, which was long beyond what Jake had ever been capable of giving anyone before. Jake took the two of them over edge together the last time. Esau's limbs were practically limp as Jake disengaged and positioned him in his arms like a baby. His eyes were closed. His breathing became shallow.

Jake could hardly believe a large man like Esau could feel so light. He could hardly wait to really test his strength. He carried Esau to his bedroom and lay him down on his bed. Jake sat in the chair at the foot of the bed and watched Esau sleep.

Although Jake felt tender towards him, what they had done could hardly be called making love. Jake wasn't sure what it would mean to either of them tomorrow. Esau wasn't gay. He'd never been married, but Jake knew he was crazy about women.

Esau's eyes opened. They wandered until he saw Jake.

"Get out."

"Esau. I know you're upset."

"Haven't you done enough? You stole my father's power from me. You raped me. Get OUT! My father's dead. This isn't your home."

"Rape?! Esau, it might have started lopsided, but I can't believe it stayed that way."

"You goddamned fucking queer! Don't try to call me queer! You make me sick! My father made me sick, but he was my father. Now he's dead, so GET OUT!" •

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