It Could Happen to You

By Josef Howard


The hotel room door opened on a shirtless blond with a stack of perfectly defined abs and a basket so stuffed it was difficult for Josef to look the man in the eye. His muscles weren't huge, but they were the equal of the largest fitness models Josef had ever seen.

"Josef?" the man asked.

As the man extended his hand, Josef noticed the man's veiny, muscular forearm. He grasped the firm hand and his dick stretched an inch.

"In the flesh." Josef asked back. It was like a spy movie, meeting a stranger in a hotel room. Until the door had opened and he'd seen this gorgeous man greet him, Josef had thought he was being foolish to follow the instructions in the e-mail. It was an invitation to disaster.

The man grinned. "Come on in." He led Josef back from the short entry hall, past the closet and the door to the small bathroom and into the main room.

Josef heard moans. On one of the beds two enormous men were fucking. A swarthy dark haired hunk was fucking an equally muscular black man doggy style with a dick the size of a baseball bat. Josef couldn't move. He had never seen so much muscle in one place, flexing, fucking, sweat-soaked muscle, as absorbed in itself as he was in it.

The blond watched it too, his basket swelling, tenting, stretching his running shorts until it pulled the waistband away from his waist. But he kept talking. "I'm Ian. I'm the one who e-mailed you," he said. "Walker and Wojo are the first two besides myself that I've put through the process."

The fucking found the peak of its frenzy. The hairy hunk on top buried his dick deep and fucked hard and fast. The exquisite stretching inside his ass made the man under him gush all over the bedspread. And finally the giant on top grunted and came deep inside. After catching their breath, the two of them slowly disengaged. The top didn't rest a second. He stood, flushed from his exertion, chest heaving as he caught his breath. The other man rolled over and lay back.

"This is Wojo," Ian said, pointing to the standing man.

Wojo was not quite six foot, but broad as a barn. He had a small flat Polish nose, high cheek bones and broad chin. His thick veins twitched under his paper- thin skin. His biceps were like footballs. Below the ridge of his pecs, his club-sized prick was getting soft, but it wasn't getting much shorter or thinner. Wojo shook Josef's hand. Josef was completely stiff now. It was going to be difficult to keep his guard up and remain skeptical, surrounded by men who looked like these three.

"That's Walker." The blond pointed to the black man. Although he was laying down, Josef could tell he was way over six feet tall and not as beefy as Wojo, but undoubtedly heavier overall because of his height. Josef had seen men almost as muscular as the two of them, but he had never seen real life dicks as big.

"Josef's got a woody!" Wojo smiled at Josef.

"Why wouldn't he?" Walker said. "I'm throwing another boner myself. You got the sweetest ass I've ever seen on a white boy." Walker's giant cock was sliding up his leg to hip. Ironically it was the only part of him that wasn't bigger than Wojo.

"Control yourself, guys. We have business to discuss first," Ian said. "You know why I e-mailed you," he said to Josef. "When I came into this stuff, I wanted to share it with guys who would appreciate it. I've read your stories on the Internet. We've all read your stories. I knew you'd jump at the chance to live one of them."

"What is the stuff?" Josef asked.

"I don't know for sure where it came from," Ian said. "The guy who gave it to me said it was developed by extraterrestrials. Supposedly they used it on some celestial genetic cousins to humans to make super-studs who fathered a race of warriors for them. They experimented with it on human men in conspiracy with our government, but the aliens couldn't find any productive use for humans. Someone got a truck load of the stuff a while ago and has been doling it out judiciously. You can take two doses. One of them will add about 20 percent to your muscle mass. A second dose will add 40 percent. The sexual side effects are the same with either dose." Ian pulled his shorts down to unwrap his package. Josef knew it was large, but it was bigger than he thought. He was easily in the same league with the other two.

Josef was almost ready to dismiss his skepticism that the process was real. The odds that three men this incredible even existed were astronomical. The odds that three of them could find each other and then cooperate on a scam directed at him beyond belief. He wasn't worth enough money to make it pay.

"But size isn't the only sexual effect. Show him Wojo," Ian said.

"Watch this." Wojo stared into Josef's eyes. Josef felt obliged to look back, until he noticed what was happening to Wojo's dick. Without any stimulation, it was getting hard again. With each of Wojo's heartbeats it rose, parallel, higher, higher, until it stood straight up and proud, brushing against the edge of his pecs. Then it began to turn a deeper shade of red. The dick head flared wider, jerked hard and a fountain of cum shot straight up in the air. It jerked and fired again, and again. Cum splattered on the carpet, the desk, the bed on Wojo's face and in his hair. Wojo just smiled and continued to stare in Josef's eyes. Then the jerks subsided to twitches, and the prick began to relax and drift down like an elephant trunk.

"I can do that as much as I want. Any of us can," Wojo said. "And that's only the beginning."

"So, Josef, do you think you might be interested?" Ian asked.

Josef's mouth was dry and tingly. His heart beat like a trip hammer. The thought of being able to do what he had just seen, on top of realizing his wildest muscle fantasies, intoxicated him beyond belief. And yet at the precipice of their realization, he began to think seriously about the consequences.

"This is all incredible! I've wanted what you're offering so much for so long. I still want it. I'd do anything for it. But maybe this is too much of a great thing. I mean - what do you guys do for a living? How can you hold down any kind of a decent job looking like those to do?" Josef pointed to Wojo and Walker.

His fantasy men were as stunned as a department store Santa with a crooked beard.

"Are you in or not, Joe? If that's how you feel, maybe this is a waste of time."

"I never thought I would say this, but, I don't know. I've never seen anyone as hot as you guys, but I don't know if I want to be as big as Wojo."

"I understand completely," Ian said. "We can take it one step at a time. I haven't taken the second dose yet myself. I presume you don't have a problem being hung like a bull elephant as long as you can still buy clothes off the rack like me?"

Ian dug a glass ampoule from the side pocket of a duffel on the floor. It clinked against some others. He snapped the top with a simple flick of his thumb. Even at his smaller size, his strength must be amped, Josef thought.

"Open your mouth," Ian said.

The stuff in the ampoule could be anything, Josef thought. But no one had asked him for any money, so they couldn't be ripping him off, unless they were just after his pocket cash. But it was ridiculous to think three guys this able-bodied would have to make a living that way, unless he was right about their employability. If that was what they wanted, though, they could easily overpower him even without some drug. Maybe this was on the up and up. If he walked out now he could be turning away from a one in a million opportunity, something he would never have again. He opened his mouth.

Ian tilted his chin up and poured the dark green fluid into Josef's mouth.

It was oily.

Josef swallowed.

The four of them watched him.

"Does it happen right away?" Josef asked

"Pretty much," Ian said. "Knocks you out at first." Josef began to see pinpoints of yellow light. They multiplied and filled his vision. He felt dizzy. The yellow faded to black. His knees buckled. Wojo hooked him with his arm and caught him before he fell.

"He's pretty big already," Wojo said. "He's going to look damn good even after one dose."

Wojo set him down the chair by the window.

Josef's body was already getting thicker, his shoulders more round, his shirt tighter. His pecs were more full. The top button of his shirt was undone, but his expanding neck snapped off the second button. His pecs popped the third and fourth. A slow rip and his pant legs split around his outer thighs. Then his biceps tore through his sleeves. Another tear opened in this pants around his calves.

"God, this gets me hot!" said Wojo. His dick was standing again.

Walker knelt at his feet and began to suck it. "Me too." Walker's prick was also standing, straight up and rubbing against his chest.

Ian stood without taking his eyes off Josef. "I worried about his dick," he said. "It looks pretty tight in there. Do you think we should undo his pants?"

"That's what I'm thinking," Wojo agreed between groans.

Ian jerked open the top button and yanked the zipper teeth apart with one tug. A salami that already wrapped around Josef's hip bounded free and stood up as straight as a flag pole.

"Man, that looks good enough to eat," Ian said. He watched it bob near his nose for a minute, then swallowed the head.

Josef still lay expressionless, though his body had stretched beyond the limits of his torn clothing, and his pulsing dick was testing the elastic limits of Ian's throat. Josef's dick tensed and a few seconds later his cum began to slip down his dick from inside Ian's mouth.

"Do you think we should wake him up?" Wojo asked as Ian backed off and swallowed.

"Yeah - No, wait!" Ian said. He pulled a second vial from his duffel, held Josef's nose until his mouth opened, and poured it down his throat. "The first dose already made him huge. I wonder how he'll look after he's put on 40% more muscle."

"Is that 40% from his original size or 40% after the 20%?" Wojo asked.

"Hell, I don't know. I'm no mathematician!" Ian said.

As the fluid found his stomach, Josef's eyes popped open. He was still unconscious, but his body was obviously feeling its effects. It jerked like a puppet and then his muscles started swelling again.

"Look at his dick swell! Now it's even bigger than Wojo's," Ian said.

"Goddamn! I got to get some of that!" Wojo said. He pushed Walker away, tore Josef free of the rest of his clothes and climbed on the chair. Straddling the chair arms, he slid down on Josef's dick.

"You take his dick. I want his ass," Walker said. He pulled on Josef's legs so that his butt hung on the edge of the chair cushion. Wojo adjusted.

"Guys, isn't this a little unethical? He's unconscious!" Ian objected.

"Hell, you've read his stories," Walker said. " We're not doing anything he wouldn't write about!"

Even unconscious, Josef's face began to contort in ecstasy, doubly stimulated. With this dose, even the muscles on his face were getting thicker. His chin was wider. His beard shadow grew to a full beard. A growl grew deep in his chest and he began to buck and fuck. Walker was dislodged, but Wojo steadied himself on the back of the chair until the strokes put him over. Cum fired over Josef's head and hit the window behind him. Wojo climbed off.

"Damn! He was rough!" Wojo said.

"What are you doing?" Ian said.

Wojo was lifting Josef's immense thighs and laying them over his shoulders. "Just giving as good as I got!" he said. Wojo pushed. Inch by inch he forced more of his cock inside. When he hit ground zero he began to pound hard.

Josef was still getting bigger as he fucked him. His traps were so large they arched. His calves were as thick as Wojo's arms. Silky blond hair sprouted all over his pecs.

Ian was mesmerized watching him transform. "Look at his arms! His biceps are like cantaloupes with ropes running through them."

Wojo came, but he kept fucking. He tilted Josef's dick to his mouth and sucked. It was all Josef needed to empty himself again. But this time Josef's eyes opened as he came. He grabbed himself out of Wojo's mouth and shoved him backwards. His muscles were so strong now that Wojo was thrown backwards a few feet.

"What are doing? Is this some kind of date rape scam?" he shouted.

Ian stepped between them, but he knew he'd never be able to hold the new Josef back. "No, man! Wojo just got overwhelmed by your new appearance."

Josef was standing now. He looked down at as much of himself as he could see over his pecs and shoulders. "What did you do to me?!"

"We got a little carried away. I gave you a second dose," Ian admitted.

"You what?! After everything I said to you? Guys, I got a life. How am I going to explain this to people?" Josef whined.

"Relax, dude! You think Walker and I spend all our time fucking? That's just fantasy stuff. Drop this conformist bullshit and just enjoy what you are!" Wojo said.

Josef caught a glimpse of himself in the dresser mirror. "I guess I never thought it could happen to me," Josef said. Damn, he looked hot! He'd always wanted this. Why was he ruining it by complaining? Why did he feel like he'd been wronged? Like he needed to get even?

"That dick of yours is even bigger than Wojo's," Ian said. He bent to lick the expanse of Josef's broad pectoral shelf through the blond fur. His hand dropped to Josef's proud cock, which stood as straight and thick as a flag pole.

"It's so big I won't even be able to use it on anyone," Josef said.

"It's not too big for me," Ian said, quietly. He leaned back, dropped to the floor and tugged on Josef's wrist.

Josef eased down to his knees between Ian's thighs. "Let's see if you're right," Josef said. He held one of Ian's legs in the pit between his hugely rounded delts and the upsweep of his tremendous traps. With his other hand he guided his monster dick between Ian's muscular ass cheeks. Josef nudged the head inside with his hips. The hot chute slid down and around his prick.

Ian gasped.

Life as a muscle fantasy was off to a gooood start, Josef thought. But where would it take him after he left this room? How would he explain his appearance to people? How could anyone get around how he looked and work with him, befriend him, love him like a person instead of a sex god.

Ian winced as Josef drove deeper.

If he was bigger than Wojo, he probably had the biggest human dick on the planet, Josef thought. What he was doing to Ian's insides had to be painful, but it was payback. Ian deserved it for what he did to Josef. Josef bit his tongue in ecstasy. Ian's tightly muscled ass had swallowed over half of his prong and it felt better than any sex he had ever had before. Was it because he had more dick, or was it another one of the sexual "side effects" Wojo had mentioned.

Josef's dick was deep inside Ian's guts now. It was reordering his insides and pushing past limits. Josef looked down over his pecs, down his tightened rolling abs to the giant flesh pole protruding from his own groin prying Ian's legs apart. There were still a few inches to get inside. He bit his lip and pressed harder. As the last inch disappeared, Ian tensed and groaned. Josef grasped one of Ian's wrists and put it on the floor over Ian's head. He laid the other wrist over it and pinned them together with just one of his giant hands.

Ian was pinned now in more ways than one and he swooned.

Josef reached his free hand into Ian's duffel. He broke the top of an ampoule with his thumb. Through the crushing rapture that came from the transition of pain to pleasure, Ian suddenly realized what Josef was doing. He struggled against Josef's grip, but Josef was much, much stronger.

"Hold still, Ian. If I'm going to be a freak, I'm going to have more company." Josef's deep baritone made the room and his flagpole dick vibrate around and inside of Ian.

Josef put the ampoule in his mouth and pried Ian's mouth open with his free hand. Then he leaned down as if to kiss him and let the green fluid drain down Ian's throat. Ian coughed. His throat muscles tensed. His neck and his face reddened. Starting with his traps and working downward, his muscles began to spasm and swell. Ian was unconscious now, but his enormous hard-on slid up between Josef's mountainous pecs. Josef tensed his chest and as he fucked him, tugged at Ian's dick with his pecs.

Ian's hairless chest was sprouting fur. His neatly mounded pecs were filling like steel balloons and the clefts between his abdominal ridges became so deep you could stick a fingertip between them. The veins in his limp arms expanded and pushed the muscles outward. Watching the muscles thicken, swell and expand all over his body, and the hair sprout on his chest, arms, legs and face made fucking him even more incredible. Josef's dick felt as hard as steel and every stroke was pure heaven. He lost focus on anything but the two of them. At last, long after Ian became indistinguishable from the other men in the room, Josef's fuck exploded into a blistering orgasm as Ian's ass spasmed around his deeply buried prick. Josef felt cum spray on his face, chest and arms from Ian's cock. Then more cum from Wojo and Walker, who were standing over them masturbating. Josef collapsed on top of Ian.

Ian's eyes opened. He breathed deep and his immense chest heaved, raising Josef a half foot. Josef pushed himself up and pulled out. Although he had just finished taking it through its sexual paces, Josef's body still felt new to him as he stood. The way his body found its balance still felt odd: powerful thighs locking his tree trunk legs; broad bands of back muscle pulling his chest high; tight steel ribbons of ab muscles pulling his stomach in; and the involuntary bend at the crook of his arm to accommodate his lats and still let his arms drape to his sides. It was exhilarating, the feeling of so much muscle stretched tautly over his bones, tensing and relaxing all over his body as he moved. The effortlessness of his movements and the feeling of enormous power waiting to be tapped was intoxicating.

"How does it feel?" Josef asked Ian, who was now, strangely, HIS initiate. As excited as Josef could be by the feelings of his own body, the sight of Ian's muscles, marbled with veins thick and pulsing, heaving as he stood, still made Josef's dick pulse.

"Fucking asshole! After what I did for you?" Ian said.

He raised an arm, but Josef caught it by the wrist.

"Hey, hey! Ian! 'Turnabout', dude! You took advantage of him first! We all did!" Wojo said.

"Chill, man! Just look at yourself!" Walker said. Ian dropped his fist. He scowled at Josef, but turned toward the mirror. "I feel so thick, and bulky," he said. Ian looked at himself naked. Then his eyes riveted on the image and his face went blank. Face on to the mirror, he flexed an arm. The bulge of his bicep and the sweep of his tricep combined were almost as tall as his head. He shifted to a side arm. His waist was narrow and tight. Flat against his side, his arm looked even bigger, while his chest formed an iron pillow that was broad enough to stand on. He spread his lats and watched his body width double. His dick was standing up again; his breath was short.

"Pretty hot, huh?" Wojo asked.

"What?" Ian said. He stared at his reflection. His eyes were wide and dilated. He was so distracted by the erotic masculinity of his body he had forgotten there were other people in the room.

Josef stepped closer and twisted one of Ian's nipples. Ian winced and his jaw dropped.

Wojo's and Walker's dicks were twisting and rising like snakes to a snake charmer's flute. Walker dropped to his knees and inhaled most of Ian's stiff rod. Ian gasped. Sex felt even better now than it had after the first dose. Even though he stuck out in all directions, even with all that bulk, the added strength made him feel lighter than air. And the power he had over the three others made him feel like he was flying. Josef stood behind Walker and entwined his tongue with Ian's. Wojo rubbed his shoulders and kissed his back. Then he felt Wojo's monster dick pry his iron ass cheeks apart and penetrate him. He broke his kiss with Josef and grunted as he squirted cum deep down Walker's throat.

Maybe he didn't have anything to be angry about, Ian realized. Not among this fantastic brotherhood he had collected and created, and now joined completely. •

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