Alec and the Inter-Dimensional Glory Hole


By Josef Howard


As Alec lay in the dark in the attic bedroom of his parentís house waiting for sleep to come, he sensed a bright light through his closed eyelids.

He opened an eye.

A small disc of light hovered three feet over his bed.

Alec scrambled to the headboard and gathered the covers around him.

It was stationary. He tried to look through it, but he couldnít see anything. He touched it. He couldnít feel anything. He pressed harder. The tip of his finger disappeared where it intersected with the plane of the disc. He pulled back, and his finger reappeared.

From behind the disc, it was invisible.

Alec stared into it up close. He still couldnít see through it. Seized by whimsy, he flicked his tongue at it. It had no taste, but the tip of his tongue disappeared inside just like his finger.

He leaned back. From inside of it he heard a low grunt. Then, slowly, a giant tube of flesh slid out of the disc. To Alec it looked like nothing so much as a giant green scaly penis. Alec tugged on it and it started to elongate and rise and get firm. He touched a tongue to it. It pulsed. Alecís dick twitched inside his jockey shorts.

Alec knelt in the middle of his bed, opened as wide as he could, swallowed the blunt tip, to a point just past its ridge, and he sucked hard.

It rose higher, so forcefully it almost lifted Alec from his knees. Instead it pulled itself loose from his lips. Alec stood so he could suck it again and stepped out of his under shorts. He grabbed the base, though his hands could barely cover half its circumference. He opened wide and dove as far down on the cock as he could. Alec had never in his young life sucked dick before, but he had read stories, and what he lacked in experience he made up in enthusiasm.

The scales felt silky smooth and secreted a light, aromatic oil that lubricated it as he jacked the bottom half and sucked the top. Tension built and it began to pulse again, faster, more frequently, until it started to hum like a vibrator. Then, in a grand mal seizure, it fired thick sticky fluid into Alecís mouth. It was sweet like fruit and oily like melted butter. He sucked hard and twisted both his hands around the foot long shaft to milk it dry. It jerked again and fired more juice. Alec swallowed what felt like a half pint, but sucked harder. The third time it poured so much fluid into Alecís mouth that he had to lean back and let some squirt on the bed.

Alec worked the last few ejaculations out, swallowing as much as he could and letting some of the rest shower his hair, his face, his arms and his chest. After the dick softened it withdrew. Alec tasted some of the fluid splattered on his body, and then he saw what appeared to be thickly puckered lips protrude from the disc. A long thin tongue slithered through them and then withdrew.

Alec had read enough porn to know what this meant. He offered a finger. The lips clenched moistly around it, drew it in, coiled the thin tongue around it, and then let Alec pull it slowly out again. Alecís dick got rock hard. He guided it to the lips. The tongue extended, looped around the head and pulled Alec into them. Inside Alec could feel moist ganglia tickle and muscles undulate and clench in rolling waves. He had never felt anything as exciting on his young cock. It was better than any sex he had ever imagined.

In seconds he was spewing cum inside the hungry orifice. When his spasms stopped, he tried to withdraw, but the muscles inside clenched tighter. Not so tight he couldnít withdraw, but tight enough to make the exit pleasurable enough to get him hard again. Alec had never recovered so quickly.

He leaned into the hole and rather than fuck it, let it work him slowly over the next hour to a second orgasm more blistering than the first. This time he didnít even try to withdraw. The lips worked him slowly, lovingly to a third erection.

Alec began to see stars, he felt so much sensual joy. The third orgasm came hours later, at the end of a long trance of rolling sweaty sexual tension and jolted Alec back to reality.

Alec thought he ought to withdraw now, but he was curious how long this could last. How long could he keep cumming, and how long would the lips stay interested.

The teasing and rolling massages continued and Alec came to his fourth furious erection. It was so hard that Alec thought his penis would snap off. Then, at the tip of his dick, Alec felt his urethra relax, even though the rest of his dick was tight as a drum. He felt sensations of dilation expand down his whole dick, and felt his dick swell and expand to accommodate the extra diameter. The expansion continued into his groin and down to his balls. Then he one of the ganglia slide up through the tunnel and tickle him so intensely he convulsed like he was coming, but he was too drained to ejaculate. Deeper, deeper it slithered until it reached inside his groin and into his balls. Alec came again in dry heaves that built and built until his whole body shivered and spasmed and he passed out.

The next morning he woke up and there was no sign of the hole, but he felt like he only slept a couple hours and his dick was still warm and tingly like after sex.

The experience was so intense, especially for a young virgin like Alec, that Alec was unable to concentrate on anything at school the next day. All he could think about was the searing sex and his desperate hope that the hole would reappear. For most of the day he was hard. He spent all afternoon and evening in his room with the door shut, watching his television, hoping the hole would reappear, but it didnít.

But neither did his longing for it.

The next night he stayed awake all night watching.

For the next several weeks, Alec spent all of his free time in his room with the door shut. His parents began to worry about him, but the more they questioned him, the more evasive his answers became. He was studying. He was watching television. He was sleeping. He just wanted to be alone. It was none of their business.

More than ever before, Alecís attentions turned to sex, and more specifically, masturbation. Sometimes he masturbated five or six times a day, and with all that attention to his genitals, it didnít take Alec long to notice the changes. At first he thought it he was imagining the increased size, then he thought it was just adolescence, but eventually it became too profound to be ignored or explained. In a little over a month, Alec had doubled in size between his legs. His balls got as big as lemons. Alec started to measure himself daily. One week he grew an inch and a half.

After a month, Alec began to notice other changes. His pants seemed shorter and his shirts were tighter. Alecís mother took him clothes shopping, but in another month even his new clothes were embarrassingly small. Alec started to wear baggy jeans and t-shirts. Even those became tight. After three months he was six foot four and weighed almost 250.

Alec started spending less time in his room, but he became increasingly moody and fought with his parents and his friends. His classmates completely avoided him. Not even his teachers would say more than the minimum to him. He overheard his parents say they hardly recognized him anymore, and he knew the comment went beyond his behavior and his size. His face had changed too. His brow was heavier, his eyes sunk deep beneath it. His chin was taller, thicker and jutted forward.

Under his clothes, the taut skin stretched over his steely muscles had begun to develop scales and to turn faintly green. His dick was even scalier, resembling the one he had sucked.

His sexual tension increased in step with his size. Masturbation couldnít begin to take the edge off the way he felt. Alec felt like a caged animal in heat.

One night after his parents went to bed, Alec left the house and roamed the streets looking for something he couldnít even describe. He knew he couldnít be the only homosexual living in his small town, but he didnít know where to begin looking for others.

It was the kind of town where everything closed at ten, and even the streets became deserted. The park at the north end of town was also deserted, but walking in the night air through the dense trees amid the faint sounds of wildlife, Alec felt at peace.

In a clearing near a footpath and a picnic area, Alec heard the reverberation of a manís groan. Near a picnic table was an outdoor restroom. A bright yellow light lit the high, small opaque window, which was tilted half open.

Alec felt an animal reflex to the potential danger. His muscles tensed and pulsed. His breath became shallow. His senses seemed magnified. Alec walked to the entrance and stood just inside the entry. What he saw made his heart race and his mouth tingle.

On the floor near the urinal a man knelt in front of another man, bobbing his head on his dick. Alarm flashed across the face of the standing man, followed by awe. The man had obviously never seen anything quite as stunning as the sight of Alec. He braced the kneeling manís head and fucked his face faster.

Alec slipped his t-shirt over his head, baring a chest that had swelled so large in the last few weeks that its raw sex sometimes embarrassed Alec. He stood next to the standing man, to the side of his companion. The standing man unbuttoned the top of Alecís jeans and pulled them open, revealing a fleshy pulsating bulge. Alex was so big, and by this time hard, that he didnít immediately fall free.

The standing man reached his hand under the flap of his jeans and released him. The heft and length of Alecís prick tore another groan from him as he first felt and then saw it in its entirety. Alec was over a foot long and thicker than a fire hose. He leaned forward and tilted his head upward to kiss Alec on the mouth. The kneeling man held Alec by the root and gently tugged. He pulled off the other man and sucked as much of Alec as he could.

It was Alecís turn to vibrate the walls and windows of the small building with his deep-throated moan. It had been months since he had felt another manís mouth on his dick, and although this man was nowhere near as good at sucking his dick, the heat of his mouth and the caress of his tongue made Alecís dick swell until it like his skin would burst.

A different kind of animal reflex swept over Alec. In a single swift move, he knocked the kneeling man on his back, forced his dick up the manís ass and enveloped the whole of the standing manís cock in his mouth. If either one of them was alarmed, they were too taken by pleasure to show it.

Alec had never fucked a man before, and at first he could barely fuck this one. His dick was so large it bottomed out halfway in. Alec spread the manís legs wider, like a wishbone, and shoved harder. He slid in further and with each thrust enveloped more of himself in the manís ass.

Inside his mouth Alec could feel ganglia massaging the standing manís cock. Muscles inside his mouth he had never felt before tugged at it, sending the man so far past ecstasy he could barely stand. Alec felt his cock swell and spit in the back of his throat, but the new muscles in his mouth refused to let the man withdraw. They pulled him deeper inside and worked him into another orgasm in less than a minute.

The sensation of the second splatter in his mouth pushed Alec over the edge. As he buried himself completely inside the man beneath him, in full hard strokes, his club-sized dick jerked and fired. When the spasms subsided, Alec withdrew and the man on the floor slithered out from under the two of them.

But Alec held the man in his throat fast. The first two easy orgasms out of the way, Alec began the long slow, sensuous climb to the third blistering one. Although his dick was rock hard, the manís other limbs were almost limp. He braced himself feebly with his hands on either side of Alecís head. Alec held him up with his two strong arms by the waist. The manís eyes were open but rolled up, looking back inside his head. His mouth was slack.

The oral pleasure was not one-sided. Alec found that each of the hundreds of tiny ganglia inside his mouth, as well as the flexible plate of undulating muscle, was as erotically sensitive as his dick. As much as he thirsted for more of the manís cum deep down in his throat, the feelings in his mouth were so pleasurable, he almost wished the man would never cum.

For hours the two of them were locked together, lost in lustful harmony, until Alec felt something rise up from inside, a thin tendril that snaked slowly up his throat, and slide through the manís piss slit.

It slithered further and further inside as the man shivered and spasmed in a final, seemingly endless full-body orgasm. Alec felt it touch the tip of the manís balls and attach to them. Then from deep down inside him a powerful wave of cathartic pleasure drove a tiny tingle up the length of the tendril and into the manís scrotum.

Both men ended their convulsions and collapsed on the bathroom floor..

Alec gained his senses first and stood over his conquest. He wondered if he should stay until the man came too. He wondered if he ought to warn the man of the transformation ahead of him, but the gray light outside the window convinced him he needed to go. •

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