Muscle Club, The (By Turbo Muscle)


By Turbo Muscle

Something told me that tonight was going to be different in the gym. I walked in and showed my access card to the counter gal. She scanned it and said thank you in her usually cheery voice. I began to do my routine... Today was arm day. My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when I noticed that the Roid brothers were here. Two of the most studly guys you have ever seen. And they were only 17 and 18. How could ANYone be so freaking huge. Oh No... they saw that I was staring. They are coming over here. "Uh excuse us, but I couldn't help but notice you were staring." One of them said. His name was Tony I later found out. "Uhhh. Im sorry I just couldn't help noticing how big you are." I stammered. "Thats ok kid. We've been watching YOU for quite awhile ourselves." "ME?" "Yeah. We would like to extend an invitiation to our private muscle club that we have going. Its only for serious body builders and people who enjoy watching serious body builders. You interested?" "Uhhhh sure. I guess." I replied. Tony extended his hand and shook mine. HE had such an iron grip it was amazing. Meeting him was my dream come true. "Where does this club meet?" I asked. "At our place." Frank offered. He handed me a business card with his address and a secret password on it. The password was Human Weights. "Whats the password mean?" I asked. "Oh you'll find out soon enough." Tony replied. "See you there tonight at 9." They both walked off and finished their workout routine. I had a hard time concentrating on mine and hope they didn't notice that I had a raging hard on going. •

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