Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

Matt and Brett lay by the pool soaking up the summer sun. It was nearly the end of the summer season - the busiest at the health farm, and things were getting a little more relaxed. Some of the others played in the pool or just lounged around. Mr Eastman was siiting in the shade, backed as always by Fabian, his loyal servant. Mr Eastman surveyed his scene - this season had been the most successful ever, thanks to Matt and Brett, who together with Fabian had helped triple income. He watched the two tanned bodies soaking up the sun, glistening with teen sweat. Licking his lips slightly, he shook his head and got back to his bookings. One this week - an unusual one - and then one every few weeks or so until Christmas, when bookings traditionally increased again. He didn't mind booking tapering off - gave the boys a chance to recouperate after the long hot summer - and he liked to promote the worthy ones at the end of season in preparation for taking in a new batch of Class III for the new season.

He looked down his list. Quite a few had earned promotion this season. Matt and Brett had instilled a great work spirit in them and they had all worked hard. It would be very difficult to choose...


Brett lay thinking as the suns beamed over his huge body. He was wearing nothing but a tiny pair of posing trunks which looked ridiculously small on him - his rippling thighs engulfed them - bulging out from his hips until his knees. His slim waist - with thick cut abs v-eed up to his broad shoulders, via huge lats. He had a pair of wraparound sunglasses on and looked immensely cool and hot all in one. Brett ws thinking back over the summer. What a summer it was! His life had completely changed - it seemed so long ago since that day they had first walked into the Eastman place. And to think he hadn't wanted this to happen. He was hot, hunky - he knew it - one of the hottest on the planet. He started stroking himself thinking of his huge body. He looked over to Matt. Matt was born to sunbathe. His ripped huge body lay there - each peak of each muscle glistening in the sun. Brett looked Matt over - his beautiful chest - smooth and tanned and huge nipples to boot - jesus he was gorgeous. Brett stroked a little harder - unable to stop know - looking at his muscle buddy. Matt's pecs bounced involuntarily as he lay - the huge pectorals rippling with raw power. Brett felt real horny now - he wanted those pecs - god they were so huge. Matt was so huge. He let his eyes roll off the pecs up the mounds that were his ripped delts - each of the three pumped to perfection, and down to his bis. Matt had his palms resting on his stomach as he lay - and his arms were slightly bent, as the huge biceps pushed them away from teh chest. Even in this relaxed position, his bis were insanely huge. They peaked from the solid mass of his tris and upperarm, veins running along them, flickering slighty as his blood pumped through. Brett was almost gone now - completely taken in by the huge teen body lying beside him. The hugeness, the ripped nature, the sheer teen POWER that lay there was making him want to cum - to worship it. He rolled off his on deck and crawled slowly, like a panther approaching prey - his own massive shoulders rolling dramatically on each 'step' - towards his 'prey'. He came right up to Matt, his face up close to the mass of muscle that were his pecs. He breathed heavy on the huge nipples. Matt stirred.

"What is it buddy?", he asked, sleepily. "I WANT you", Brett snarled - an animal about to enter sexual frenzy. Matt grinned. He pulled his hand up slowly along his abs - fingers dipping into each deep cut, and brought his fingers up to his nipples. He let his finger roll around his pec - in ever decreasing circles. Brett was getting hypnotised. "Come and get me buddy", Matt purred. Brett leapt on Matt - the hunter finally jumping on his prey. He buried his face deep into Matt's enormous chest, licking the taut skin stretched across the huge mounds. As he licked, he reached up to Matt's shoulders and grabbed them tight, digging his fingers deep into the cuts of Matt's delts. Matt respond by wrapping his huge arms around Brett's head, and reaching down to his large back. He grabbed his thick lats and pulled them hard, bringing his 'hunter' closer and tighter to his body.

They lay there kissing and groping for a while. Most of the guys that had been lying around or in the pool stopped dead and started looking at this wonderful musclefest - most of the pairing up themselves unable to contrain themselves in the face of such hornyness. Some of them just stood there, jaw dropped, naked, watching the scene, stroking their cocks slowly but deliberately.

Matt turned over and let his hunter worship his broad back. Brett did so amply, rubbing his hands and face into and over the huge muscles there. He again placed his hands on Matt's huge shoulders, rubbing the mounds of muscle and pulled himself up Matt's body, pulled his cock into Matt's mighty ass. He started bucking hard straight away - unable to control himself. Around them, the guys were already cumming, the sight before them so sensual and erotic and so FUCKING MUSCULAR! that they couldn't but cum. Brett pumped hard. He reached around to Matt's huge pecs, grabbed each huge mound hard and so encased his 'prey'. Brett was close to cumming. Still bucking hard on Matt's back, MAtt slowly stood up, with Brett holding onto the monstrous pecs - riding the huge body. Matt stood up straight. Brett was about to explode. Matt clicked at one of the boys watching, who instantly jumped down to his knees and swallowed Matt's huge cock - sucking it as hard as his throat would allow. As Brett came into Matt, Matt exploded his huge load into his sucker's mouth - it blew down his throat - but the volley was so large it spurted back up and out the sides, dripping down his jowls. He pulled back from Matt, smiling with satisfaction, cum covering his teeth and dripping over his tight body. Others came up to lick up any excess cum, there was a play fight for the last scraps. Matt and Brett got back to the serious business of sunbathing, Brett's hornyness put to rest, temporarily, as the boys played around them - scrapping to be closest to them.


Mr Eastman gathered everyone around that evening. The job this week was an unusual one - one man - who had paid for everyone in the ranch to be at his disposal. This was extremely unusual given the enormous expense, and Mr Eastman wanted to ensure everyone knew what they should be doing - to make sure the client got his money's worth. Fabian discussed possible scenarios - the man had left no details - said he would control everything when he arrived. All the Class III listened attentively to Fabian, gazing up at the muscled monster as he purred instructions and orders to the group. Matt and Brett left them to it. They were well used to all the various scenarios by now, and they went upstairs for a pre-client work out - making sure their bodies would be pumped to beyond perfection for the arrival tomorrow morning.

The following morning, Mr Eastman was very anxious. It was very unusual for a client not to give specifics, and he was worried that things would go wrong. He instructed Fabian to report to him if anything went wrong. With that, he retired to his chambers, as the car pulled up the drive. The men stood ready as Fabian opened the door. What stepped in even made Fabian gulp. This guy was HUGE! He was as tall as Fabian, and his body was outlandish! huge in every respect. He wore a muscle top and sweatpants - his enormous chest pushed the top out tight. He had huge arms heavily tatooed, and it was obvious from the shapes forming under his legs, that he had thighs to match. The guys around the hall shook their heads looking at the guy. He was no beauty - huge body was just a mass of muscles - no definition, just pure bulk. This guy was of Gunther proportions, evn bigger, muscle size even grosser.

He looked around the giant hall, at all the boys waiting for Fabian's orders. Nodding his completely shaved head he seemed satisfied. "Gut", he said - in a thick german accent. Fabian appeared to wake from a daze when he spoke. He nodded at the twins, who quickly went up to the monster and stood each side, waiting for orders. He looked down at the eager faced boys, his face sneering a bit. He picked the twins up in each hand and held them aloft in the air. His arms quivered with the weight - but he seemed in now hurry to lower them. Suddenly he raised them and hurtled them across the room. "Grosser - GROSSER - I vant BIGGER". The twins picke their bruised bodies up. The looked at the huge guy. He was obviously a roid-head - his body was so gross and freaky. He had strength to match though - they had to give him that. Matt and Brett strutted into the room. Their huge pumped bodies matched that of the monster, but theirs were much more beautiful. "You want BIGGER buddy?", Matt asked, jeeringly. "Ja - You vill do!" - he walked up to Matt, and roughly took him. He rubbed his hands over - nodding approvingly. "Ja - du bist sehr gut - sehr gross!". "Whatever you say buddy - let's get to work".

The guy looked around the room. "Rope", he barked. Fabian looked puzzled. He nodded at one of the boys, who returned quickly with some lengths. The german giant picked a few teens out, and ordered them to tie up the others - hands over head - at various positions around the room. Brett was ordered to tie Matt. Fabian quickly disappeared. This would need monitoring. When Matt and the others were tied up, the giant smiled around. He clicked at Brett and tugged at his sweatpants. Brett, a bit pissed to be doing the menial duties, went over and pulled down the sweatpants, over an absolutely massive pair of freakishly large thighs. The giant stepped out of them. He grabbed his muscle tee - and relieved the tight garment by ripping it off his body. He was immense. His torso was enormous - not defined just immense. No slim waist - he had a roid gut, and his huge gross legs simply exploded from his hips. There was a audible gasp around the room from the guys looking at him. He heard, and standing there in a pair of tight muscle shorts, he clicked and issued a series of orders. Of each pair - one was tied up - hands over the heads - feet tied together. They were all now naked. Matt was tied against one of the enormous statues, Colm, one of the twins tied to the bannisters on the stairs. "You vill vork them into sexual frenzy - make them ready to blow" He began flexing his huge body. He continued speaking as he flexed. "If anyone cums - I vill not be happy". With this he pulled a double bi. His arms ballooned. His crotch was now expanding - he was obviously getting off on being the centre of attention. "GET TO VORK!"

With that command, Brett and all the others started lickking and massaging their partners bodies, all over, around the crotch. This coupled with the huge muscle giant before them was making all the captives very horny, and very soon huge erections started to grow.

"GUT!", the giant gunther shouted, still flexing. "Now let me see..."

He walked up to Colm, who at this stage was close to fainting, his brother had worked him up so well. All he could think of was reaching down and touching himself - one touch was all that was needed to make him blow a huge load. The giant grabbed Luke and ripped off his tight lycra pants. He idn't hang around, plunging his own rod up the twin teens ass, and pumped hard. Colm, now needed to go BADLY. Watching this musclefuck beneath him was making him weak with hornyness. All around the room, the guys were groaning and moaning loudly, as they were worked into a frenzy. The giant exploded into Luke, tossing him off his body like a plaything. He setpped up on a chair, and let his cock roll around Colm's face. "TAKE IT", he ordered. Colm could hardly breathe. "Please release ME!!!", he screamed - not talking of the ropes that bound him but the pent up cum that wanted OUT!. The giant cock was pushed down Colm's throat, and he was promptly face fucked. Matt surveyed the scene. This guy was getting more violent - he was hurting Colm badly. He whispered at Brett to release him. The giant turned around.

"YOU!", come here, he ordered at Brett. Brett went over. Colm's body was now badly bruised from the violent fucking. Still he couldn't cum, the giant made sure not to even go near his about to explode cock. The giant picked Brett up and threw him across the room, smashing him into one of the statues. He was getting more violent than ever now, his eyes lighting up, looking around wildly. People in his way were quickly got out of his way - his powerful body making light of theirs.

He went back up to Colm who was sobbing with pain and sexual frustration. "I HAVE THE POWER HERE - UNDERSTOOD!", the monster roared. With that he squeezed Colm's cock hard, and Colm instantly came - cum shooting across the room. His body shook in its bonds - uncontrollably as he came violently. The guy was now on a major roid rage trip. He went over to Matt - and again stood up to face fuck him. Brett picked himself up - around him he saw battered bodies and guys screaming to be allowed release their load. Brett looked up in despair. There was no way he could take on this monster. He was too strong. As he looked around, he saw Fabian beckoning him from Mr Eastman's office. The giant, now busy face fucking Matt, didn't spot Brett creep over to him.

"I'm sorry", Brett weeped - "he's out of control - I can't do anything". Mr Eastman stood behind Fabian. He spoke calmly and quietly. "I have more muscle growth - you must give some to everyone in the room and then together you bring the guy down - OK?" Brett nodded. In the background he could hear screams and roars, as more guys were fucked and came violently. Brett seized some of the capsules and returned to the chaos with renewed determination. He was going to get this bastard. He was going to get him GOOD. •

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