Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

Mr Eastman was running around nervously, checking all the last details. Double, triple checking. Everything had to be JUST right. This was his biggest ever order, involving tens of thousands of dollars. Everyone in place - everyone ready - yes - he could see the calvacade arriving up the avenue.

Fabian was to welcome them. The single biggest order the Health Farm had ever received. A bodybuilding club from Texas had signed in for the evening. Ten top amateur bodybuilders had booked a special day for themselves - giving strict instructions on how everyone was to be dressed, how everyone was to behave. All the models at the Health Farm were involved. Fabian, Matt and Brett were to run the show - make sure everything went smoothly. The Class III models were to be at the ready, to take any orders or requests the bodybuilders might require.

The cars pulled up to the door. Mr Eastman looked around - everyone in position - yes - nodded at Fabian and disappeared. Fabian took one last look - glaring at all the men standing in position. Everyone held their breath on Fabian's stare. Satisfied, Fabian opened the door. At the door stood ten men ranging in size and height, but all well built, well defined, well endowed. Fabian stepped back.

The men stepped in and stood in the great hall. They were all dressed in posing trunks - all different colours. Each man stood looking around. Well built, shortest around 5' 7, tallest around 6' 2, they deserved the title 'Top Amateurs'. Their bodies were cut - good size pecs booming from their V-shaped torso's bold shoulders a la Newman, nice arms - good peaking bis and large slabs of tris. Their legs bulged out from the side of their hips - coming out in a beautiful curve, enclosing thick uads inside - deeply cut. They were, in short, a nice catch.

The mocels were dispatched in different situations around the great hall. There were specific instructions on how they were to be dressed - these guys wanted leather, and lots of it. The twins stood together on the stairs, 'at ease' military style. They were wearing leather thongs, nothing more than a sac around their erecting cocks, tied around with a leather strap. Each also wore, as all the Class III models did, a leather collar. Matt and Brett were nowhere to be seen. All the other models were standing, looking at their newest clients, each dressed in evaling leather jocks and thongs. Some had studded leather - other smooth glistening jocks and thongs and straps. They stoo, waiting for Fabian's command.

Fabian himself was in no hurry. He was the epitome of hugeness, standing there in his own leather thong and leather dickybow - towering over the men before him - his dark body blending with the leather beautifully, his huge muscles flexed and pumped and ready for action. "Welcome to the Health Farm", he purred to the head of the group. He extended his huge arm, the bicep rippling as he unfurled it from his side, the tricep flexing hard as he extended, the veins in his thick forearm pulsing hard. The head of the group - himself about 5'10 also had black hair, was tanned and well oiled. He was probably the best built of the lot, looking like Datiz, maybe a little bigger. He received Fabian's hand, gulping slightly as Fabian squeezed. Go he was strong, he thought.

As he purveyed the scene around him he nodded. Yes, this was what he wanted - this was good. God knows it cost, but this stuff didn't come cheap. Looking at the twins on the stairs, he longed to finger their throbbing young bodies. Acrosss from them was a guy standing alone - long black hair falling from his shoulders - wet. His dark eyes returned his stare - god that guy was hot - his erecting cock enclosed in a stdded thong.

Fabian clapped his hands. The boys got to work. It was all prearranged, each model would pair and take a man, give him everything he dreamed of and more. Matt, Fabian and Brett would wander around, 'helping out'. The models took their men to various parts of the house and along the pool outside. Two of the long haired guys took the head of the group - Jim, outside to the pool. They sat him back in one of the loungers, and started massaging each other in front of him. Their long bodies were beautiful, both had black shoulder length hair - Todd was a little taller, his legs were well built, thick thigh muscles supported the beautiful torso above. From his narrow waist, his body V-eed up to his shoulders, lean lats bulging from his side - His round shoulders were well defined, the lateral delt forming a V from the delt down into the flat between his popping bi and huge tri. He was a dark skinned latino kid, his body pumped and oiled and ready to rock! Dave was a little shorter, but much stockier. His pecs dominated his body, bulging as they did from his torso, forming a beautiful shelf. His chest was just speckled with dark hair, that trickled temptingly between the great mounds and down to hi rippled abs.

The two teens started massaging each other, Todd grabbing Dave's pecs an rubbing them deeply, Dave grabbing Todd's flexing glutes and pulling the latino towards him. They came together. Jim had just as much as he could bear. He wanted to join in - feel that pumping muscle. He went to stand up. As he did - the two seperated, and behind them stood Matt and Brett, standing there, hands-on-hips-most muscular style. Jim fell back in fright. These guys were HUGE. Matt and Brett stood there, smiling. Each was wearing short leather hotpants, which seemed to be a second skin they were so tight. Their legs EXPLODED from these - their thigh muscles huge and pushing against the other and each other's. It was a wall of muscle and leather, and it was for Jim to admire.

"Someone ask for leather?", Matt asked, half jeeringly. His face wore his arrogant smile. Jim thought he was going to cum just looking at him. The sun shone from behind him, creating a golden glow around his body. Jim wanted to touch him, fell him - rub his hands all over the huge muscled body. Matt and Brett turned to each other and pulled a double bi - roaring loudly as they did. Jim couldn't stop hiself anymore. He got up hardly able to stand he was so excited. He went up to Matt, and reached out. MAtt turned to him.

"Not so FAST", he said smiling. Todd stepped in between them. "You're going to have to EARN my respect", Matt said nodding at Todd. Jim was more than happy to oblige. Todd stood there, and Jim fell to his knees. Dave came around, and released his cock from its studded prison. Jim licked Todd's long thighs, running his tongue between the cuts in the muscle. As he did, Dave knelt behind Jim, and massaged his back - well built itself, and brought his hand around to his pecs, squeezing the nips hard and massaging the mounds of muscle in his hands. Brett and Matt looked at the sight beneath them. They were getting real horny now - watching these guys trying to impress them. Todd released his studded thong, and Jim dived for his cock. Dave stood up and let his cock roll along Jim's ass, before pushing it deep and hard into Jim's waiting butthole. Jim moaned as he did - that was GOOD! He clenched his glutes as Dave started bucking his hips.

Jim was in heaven. He was sucking some latino beaut's huge cock; was getting pumped un the ass by an even more muscular guy, and all this was being watched by two of the biggest guys he had ever seen. As he sucked he thought of Matt and Brett's huge bodies, looking up every so often, to reassure himself of their size. Their bodies were still encaesed in the tiny leather hotpants, which both guys were now fingering heavily. Todd blew into Jim's mouth - unable to withstand being sucked while standing next to the muscle masters beside him - Dave came up Jim's ass - Jim came everywhere.

Matt didn't leave them for long. He grabbed Jim up from the ground - letting Dave's flaccid body fall out of his hole. "Ready Brett?", Matt shouted. "Fuck man yeah!", Brett returned. He loved when Matt took command - the guy was a born fucker - his huge sexy body deserved obedience. "Let's have some FUN!", Matt shouted. He grabbed Jim's head, and pushed it towards Brett's huge pecs. Rubbing his head into Brett's pecs, forcing Jim to lick and nose and mouth and eye Brett's muscle. "That feel good buddy?", Matt asked. "Oh hell YES", Brett replied. And it did. Matt clicked at the two guys at his feet to get to work. They wewren't paid to lie there sexed out. The responded immediately, massaging and licking Matt's huge tree trunk legs. Matt lowered Jim's head, rubbing it along Brett's abs. Jim could feel his lips and tongue and nose fall into each of the huge cuts, and then up over the muscle, down in to the next. The sensation of licking and being forced into this huge muscle was undescribable. "How's that buddy?", Matt shouted. Brett was really getting off on this. "That feels GOOD Matt - keep going down!" Matt lowered Jim again, to Brett's leather hotpants. Rubbing his head against the leather, Jim could smell and taste and feel leather and sweat and cum and oh god MUSCLE! Brett was beginning to lose it now. He slid his hands down his sides, and pushed the tight leather down over his hips. Releasing his huge cock, Jim dived for it, pushed by Matt, and swallowed as much of the cock as he could. "How's that NOW buddy", Matt said laughing. "Fuck yeah that's fucking HORNY!", Brett replied. Matt let Jim suck Brett's cock for a while. Then he clicked at the two guys massaging his thighs and still leather encased cock. They obeyed their master, falling to the ground. Dave went down first, topped by the latino Todd - who plunged his erect and needing release cock into Dave's ass. Matt pulled Jim away from Brett's cock - surprised at the force it required. "Ready to go Brett?", Matt asked. Ready? - Brett was fucking on the road to heaven here - he DIVED on top of Todd, plunging his huge rod up the latino's ass. Todd roared in ECSTASY. God that felt good. Brett couldn't wait and already started bucking his cock into Todd's. As he pulled up each time, he would pull Todd's body up with his, making Todd in turn screw Dave underneath him. "HOP ON!", Matt ordered Jim. Jim looked at the three muscular bodies beneath him. Hell yeah - he wanted some of that. He hopped on to Brett, holding on to his huge lats as he maneuvered his cock up Brett's ass. "For FUCK sake man, your driving into a parking lot - get it IN THERE!", Brett roared. Jim plunged deep, right up Brett's ass. Brett responded, moaning and clenching his huge tight glutes. He kept bucking. Matt looked at eh four muscle bodies. Brett was practically crushing the two beneath him - and Jim was practically surfing his back it was so huge and wide. Matt eyed Brett for a while, watching his muscles pump and he trifucked. Hi bis were bulging as he reached to the ground.

MAtt reached down to his leather pants, and grabbing them at the crotch with both hands, RIPPED them apart. He pulled a double bi immediately, holding the remains of the leather in each hand. His pumped bis reflected the sunlight - and MAtt, now getting really aroused pulled a crab pose and ROARED. "READY OR NOT HERE I COME!", he said standing astride the four muscular bodies beneath him. He lowered his body onto Jim. Jim didn't know if he could take the weight, as Matt held on to Brett and pushed his cock up Jim's ass. Jim roared. "PLEASE - NO IT'S TOO BIG - YOU'RE TOO BIG!" Matt ignored him. He was going to fuck this guy senseless - show him what REAL muscle was. And he did. He took over Brett's rythm, creating his own. Such was the force and strength of his fucking that the four bodies underneath came up and down with each buck of his powerful hips. Each man groaned in unison with Matt's powerful thrust. Matt was on the verge of cumming, and pulled his hands up from the ground, and held on tight to Brett. He felt Brett's hugs arms and pecs and shoulders - oh YES - Brett was good - Brett was strong. As he was about to come, he felt something land on him. "Need a hand", a voice purred behind him. Fabian lowered his body onto the quintet and brought each and everyone in the pile to a new level of ecstasy. They all came together, cum spurting up asses and out all over muscle and abs and thighs and everywhere...

The three muscle gods stood up instantly, letting the other fall to the floor. The flexed for each other. Brett looked at Matt flexing - showing off to Fabian. He wanted him - all of him. He wento up to Matt's flexed body, and licked the cum off it. Fabian joined in, licking his pecs and abs. The two men's tongues met at Matt's cock, the mouths fighting over who won the prize. Matt flexed and massaged his huge body as the tow muscled men fought below him. He came again, on their faces, unable to withhold the emotion and energy. Brett and Fabian licked and kissed each other now, wanting as much of the supercum as they could get. Jim, lying exhausted on the ground, came again just looking at this muscular sight. YES it had been worth the money.

"Right", Matt said. "Who's next?!" •

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