Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

As Matt was carrying Brett's limp body up the stairs, he met Fabian. The dark muscled hunk was walking down. Fabian looked at the two guys. He saw Matt, now much bigger than he, a beautiful specimen of stud teen muscle - his dark hair tossed sideways, a lusting, satisfied smile on his youg face. In his arms, he saw Brett, a beautiful body limp from Matt's might musclefuck, his blond hair dangling down as he lay entrapped in Matt's powerful arm. Fabian could not but feel huge desire for the two huge teens. His cock pushed his huge black thong out even more - he eyed MAtt's pecs and bulging arms and huge cock and GOD everything about the guy was so HUGE! "Why don't you join us", Matt asked - his voice now deep and sexy - vibrating in Fabian's ear. Fabian licked his lip - just slightly, but Matt noticed. "I feel like I need another fuck-lesson", Matt said, tempting his former trainer and mentor by rubbing his pecs heavily with his hands. Fabian turned on the stair - unable to control his feelings now. He felt an overriding hornyness, nothing else mattered. He was supposed to report to Mr Eastman in five, but GOD this young stud was so huge, so hunky - his body demanded to be shared. Matt brought his hand down - rippled it along his ripped abs, and ran it up along Brett's ass. He rubbed the teen hanging in his arm, rubbed his musclebutt and broad back. Brett groaned with pleasure. He was completely taken by his former friend - now master. The young stud would do anything to please him - such was the sensation he felt when his master was fucking him. Fabian could not take it any more - watching Matt masage Brett's huge lats made him turn and head up the stairs. He headed into the gym and into his quarters.

MAtt came up after him but turned for his own room. "We will use MY room now", he said, his voice booming across the room. Fabian stopped, turned his huge cock swaying far out now, and came over to Matt's quarters. Matt dropped Brett to the floor when he got in. He turned to his huge mirrors, and flexed a hands-on-hip most muscular - his entire body obeying and leaping to attention. Fabian wanted it - wanted to hold and feel and kiss each and every one of those muscles. Gulping slightly, he went over to Matt, and tentatively pushed his hands before the teen stud's chest. Grabbing them he moaned with pleasure. God they were huge. And hard. Fabian could really fill his huge hands with solid rock hard pec muscle. Matt flexed his pecs in Fabian's hands, and then started showing off by bouncing them. His entire body was still flexed - muscles rippling - deeply cut and HUGE. Brett came to and saw the two guys getting close. Taken by the huge rock that was Matt, and by the dark master that was Fabian - his trainer - HIS mentor also, he crawled over slowly to the two. Copming up behind Matt's still flewxed body, he looked up in awe. The guys back flared wide out - but it was so THICK - muscles bulging out. Brett couldn't help but want to lick them - want to feel their hugeness, their power.

As Fabian massaged his partner's pecs, Brett brought his hands up his massive diamond calves, up the back of his thighs. He grabbed onto his cheeks - one huge glute in each hand and brought his face into Matt's ass. He licked it, reaching his tongue far up his hole. MAtt groaned now as the two muscle studs massaged him and licked him. Very slowly, still flexing all his muscles, he brought his hands up into a double bi - the peaks bulging high, but so amazingly CUT!

"Take ME!", he whispered. Fabian wanted to do just that. As he lowered himself to Matt's cock, first grabbing the huge erect rod in his hands, stroking the long cock with deep heavy strokes, then slowly bringing his own huge body to his knees, and bringing the god-rod into his mouth, Brett raised himself up, massaging and licking every bulge of muscle in Matt's muscle-back. Brett wanted more than anything to please, and wanted to return the sensation Matt had given him. He let his now fully erect long thick cock roll around Matt's cheeks.

"Take me", Matt said again. Brett obeyed. He pushed his cock slowly up Matt's tight muscle ass. Brett brought his hands around Matt's tiny waist, clasping his fingers DEEP into Matt's cut abs. He held, and pulled his body onto and into Matt's ass. Matt turned slightly, and flexed a single bi. Fabian started sucking and Brett started pumping. Matt, getting off on his own body size, turned slightly. Looking in the reflection, he could see Fabian's huge dark body beneath his, his hands running along Matt's huge cut thighs as he licked and sucked and then eventually SWALLOWED Matt's massive cock - and the blond beauty Brett behind him - riding him - literally ON him - pumpimng his huge glute ass.

MAtt felt good. This was one amazing sensation. He wanted to blow so hard, but wanted to reward Fabian and Brett for their worship. He grabbed Fabian's face, and gently at first, then harder, face fucked him. Fabian moaned with pleasure as the huge cock rubbed up and down his throat. As he face fucked Fabian, he clenched his glutes TIGHT to give Brett the ultimate sensation. Both men responded with loud groans of pleasure. Brett, unable to hold out any longer, blew hard into Matt's ass. The violent volley blew up his ass into to his inners, giving Matt the ultimate sensation just before he blew into Fabian's mouth. Fabian swallowed the copious cum greedily. He pulled back, and went to jerk himself and release his huge load.

"Leave it", Matt ordered. He released his grip on Brett, and Brett pulled his cock out. "We want to thank you for training US", Matt said again. Brett understood. He came around and stood astride Fabian's still kneeling body. He pushed his cock against Fabian's mouth, which he accepted gratefully. The two men lay back, and Brett started fucking Fabian's mouth. Matt knelt down and his face between between Brett's huge legs,took Fabian's body and started massaging it, licking it - his abs, his thighs, his wonderful body. Matt let his tongue roll around Fabian's crotch, before diving for his huce cock. Matt swallowed it and as Brett bucked his tiny waist and huge hips hard, Matt sucked Fabian's massive cock - which by now was dying to be released. The three muscle men came again, and Matt swallowed Fabian had to give him. Pushing his body up, he looked Fabian in the eyes. "Thank you", he said. Brett turned sideways, and the three men lay there together, embraced ineach others huge arms for the night.

Matt woke the next morning, and as usual flexed his still growing body in the mirror. As the others woke, Matt turned his double bi to them. "I reckon we go and show those Class III fucks what power us Class I monsters have!" He smiled, his young arrogant ruthless smile, and went - followed by Fabian and Brett, to find the twins. •

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