Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

Matt got home after midnight. He saw the clock in his hallway - and headed straight for bed. Brett was already in bed, sound asleep. Matt lay for a while thinking of the day, Fabian, the twins, Mr Eastman. He slowly dozed off thinking of Fabian's huge cock swaying in the breeze… his exhausted body to tired to even jack off…


Matt's alarm went off at 7.30. He woke up, and hit it quickly. He stood up and looked at Brett, who was asleep in the bed beside him. It was full summer, and Brett was sleeping under a thin sheet - which was slightly sweaty, sticking to his body at somepoints. Matt looked his body up and down, wishing Brett could join him on his adventure. He turned and headed for the bathroom. The floorboards creaked, and he heard Brett stirring. He turned again - Brett was sitting up now. "Hey Matt - where'd you get too last night?", Brett said rubbing his eyes. Matt looked at him. His thick crop of blond hair was tossed after the night's sleep, his boyish face white, just waking up. His thin wiry body sitting on the bed reminded him of the twins pre-transformation.God he was sexy.

Matt could feel his cock getting erect.

"WO MAN what the fuck is that?", Brett said suddenly, his face suddenly very alert. His jaw dropped and he was staring at Matt's crotch. Matt looked down - jesus - his cock - it was huge! Not Fabian proportions here, but it was much bigger than it had ever been. Matt grabbed the thick piece of meat in his hand - heavy too. He grabbed his new sized balls in his other hand - wow - they were huge! "What the fuck happened you?", Brett said. Matt just stood there, engrossed in his erecting cock. He looked up at Brett. He could overpower him easily - show him a good time. "Get that thing out of my FACE", Brett said, turning back over in bed. He pulled the sheet up, and in doing so left his ass slightly exposed. Matt looked at it longingly - he felt so horny - and the ass was so beautiful. The two cheeks were plump, white and just covered i an light bum fluff. Matt gulped and headed over to Brett. About to bend over, his eye caught the clock. 7.50 - SHIT - he'd be late. He pulled on his shorts, momentarily admired the new bulge within, skook himself, pulled on a tee and trainers and ran out. He ran up the road to the Eastman place, and let himself in. Running up to hte door, he heard the huge clock in the hall chime 8. Phew - that was lucky. He ran upstairs and into the gym. Mr Eastman literally followed him in. "Good morning - and how's my favourite recruit?!" "Morning Mr Eastman - very well - except...". Matt looked down at his shorts - the bulge was plain for all to see. "Oh yes - a little side effect of this I'm afraid", said Mr Eastman, giving Matt his injection. "Unfortunately, the growth compound reacts very well with the tissues in the penis and genitalia - pity the rest of the body isn't as fast - but it WILL catch up", he said reassuringly, squeezing Matt's plump pecs. "How big...?", Matt started, but Mr Eastman was gone out the door. Almost immediately the second pair of doors opened, and in came Fabian - naked. Walking over to Matt - he stretched out his hand and released his silk thong. "DRESS ME", he said. Matt looked at him for a millisecond. Had he forgotten the passion they had last night - he seemed to have forgotten... He took the thong. "Yes, Master", he said.

Then he thought for a moment - he'd show Fabian that HE hadn't forgotten. With the thong in one hand, he stroked Fabian's cock - stroked it gently, but intensely. Fabian stood perfectly still, but his cock responded, getting bigger. Matt knelt down, kissed the huge man piece licked it - it tasted so good - sweat and cum and FABIAN - it was so sexy. Still stroking, Matt went around Fabian and reached around. He began to draw the thong onto the huge, erect penis - like a sock onto a foot - storking the silky material as he brought it up Fabian's huge rod. Getting it far enough to put Fabian's balls in - he reached under, cupped one ball - squeezed it and pushed it into its silk prison, repeated with the second. The huge piece of muscle and balls now imprisoned, Matt came around, and knelt down again. Rubbing his mouth against the silky material, he reached around, tying the strings around the back. He brought his hands back slowly, palms rubbing along his huge glutes, over the top of his thighs, together down his silken cock, and then off, onto his own knees. He kneeled there, head bowed - finishing his ceremony.

The room was very still for a moment. Fabian reached down, cupped Matt's chin in his huge hand and lifted his head up. "You're a fast learner", he purred, smiling, momentarily, and then turned and headed over to the weights. Matt was elated - praise - praise from the master - god Fabian had praised him - he had SMILED at him - he saw it - he did. It was as if it never happened as far as Fabian was concerned. He was setting up a squat, but Matt knew and always would know that he had pleased his trainer, his mentor, his master. He pulled of his tee, and started another day.

Whatever about yesterday, today was even harder. Matt pushed himself to the limits and beyond, doing everything to satisfy his master. They exercised every muscle in his legs, each quad - varying foot position in hte squat, leg extensions with Fabian sitting on the weights, lunges - every leg exercise possible. Quads, hams calves - Matt's leg muscles were burning up by lunchtime. Mr Eastman had been in twice - Matt soon realised he came in every two hours with injections. He flexed his legs in the mirror. They had grown - more significantly than his pecs yesterday - the thigh muscles were really pumped hard. The muscles had grown from nothing to beautiful bulging thighs. Matt pulled his shorts up, and flexed one thigh, a pose he had seen so often and loved. The muscle bulged out. He nearly came looking at them.

At lunch time, Matt came to the stairs. He tried to step down, but it hurt his legs too much. Fabian strode passed him - obviously not going to help. When Fabian got to the bottom - he turned and said "COME". "Yes Master", Matt said, stepping down the stairs - each step making his thighs feel as if they were going to explode.

He ate a huge lunch - twice as big as yesterday's. Mr Eastman chatted - they were alone again - but Matt didn't really listen. He wanted to get as much food in as possible and go back upstairs. They were soon back - and doing back. Rows, pulldowns, every back exercise with huge weights involved. At one stage Fabian made him chin with Fabian pulling on his legs. Fabian kept shouting - ordering him to do a chin up. Matt pulled hard, his lats flaring, his bis sore from yestray, but pulled up. He held - until Fabian allowed him release and dropped. That made him proud.

So the day went. At dinner, there was a smaller crowd - he heard Mr Eastman say something about Sunday being a busy day. The twins weren't there, neither were the blond or black haired guy he'd seen. He wasn't bothered. He knew what was coming after dinner. He was surprised therefore when Fabian went back to gym after dinner. "TRIS", he barked, smiling his evil smile. Matt hated that smile.

They worked hard til 8 on the dot, his tris feeling like they were going to explode. MAtt didn't hang around - Fabian disappeared into his chambers at eight - there was no-one downstairs - all were working. He headed for home. His back was sore, his arms were sore, and he couldn't walk properly for the pain in his legs. When he got home, Brett was munching a burger in front of the telly - watchng some porno videos. "Hey man - home?" Matt nodded. He was too tired to feel emotions for Brett. "You signed up - didn't you?", Brett said, still looking at the tv. MAtt nodded. "You should too man - it's cool" "Cool?", Brett said, bitterly. "Look at you - you're a fucking freak - look at your pecs - your arms - jesus your thighs are wobbling - and as for THAT", Brett said, pointing at Matt's cock. Matt was getting off on Brett point out his huge muscles. He pulled out his cock, and held the huge piece in his hand. "You mean this?", Matt said. His voice had an arrogant tone - the ones the twins had that day - the one Fabian had when he was displeased. "Fuck YOU", Brett said. "No - my friend", Matt said in the same voice. "I'm going to fuck YOU" He smiled - the arrogant smile. Brett looked up - as if to say fuck off. But Matt already had his tee off - and flexed his guns. "LOOK - look at these - they are ultimate power - look at them and admire", Matt said - flexing his peaking bis. Brett looked at them and gulped. They were huge. They peaked up from his arms - bounced slightly as he flexed. Matt was getting more excited now. He pulled a most muscular - his growing muscles really coming to. All over his body his new muscles bulged out -"LOOK AT THIS - RAW TEEN POWER", he shouted. He bent over and picked Brett up - surprised at how light he was. Brett hit out - his hands bouncing of Matt's growing chest. As MAtt got more horny, his body responded - his pecs bulged out more - not just pumped - but growing. His shoulders pushed out - huge delts holding together the massive arms to the torso. All over, as he held Brett there, his body was pumping - he didn't even realise the extent of it. His thighs lost their pain - and pushed out, pushed his shorts right up - the material stretching out. His pecs grew phenomonally, his back widened - all the muscles he had exercised and that were sore - recovering in this sexual frenzy - not just recovering but recouperating and growing in response to the strains that had been put on them. As he held Brett tight, pulling him closer to his growing body, Brett started to whimper. "Matt - stop you're hurting - HELP!" But there was no-one to help. Matt knew that - Brett wouldn't be watching porn if there was. When his muscle growth subsided, Matt was a sight to behold. Still the same height as Brett, that's were the analogies ended. Brett's wiry thin body was matched by a huge hulking teen - as big as the twins - if not bigger. He was deply cut - not a % of bodyfat - and each muscle responded to every movement he made by flexing. MAtt was gone over the top by now. He ripped Brett's pants off - and threw him on the couch. He grabbed his own shorts with both hands - and RIPPED them off with exuberance. Brett, whimpering on the couch had seen enough videos to know what was coming next.

MAtt lay down on top of him, turning his body over as he did - and let his huge cock run along Brett's thin back, and over his cute little butt. Unable to restrain any more - he plunged his hard, huge cock up Brett's ass, and started bucking. Brett screamed. Brett roared. Brett wept. The teen hunk on him was ripping his ass apart. Matt didn't take long to get to cumming - such was his state of frenzy. When he came - he spewed up Bret's ass. Brett was crying now - the hot lava cum in him burning his insides. MAtt withdrew, flexed a double bi, and went to bed.

Monday So the days continued. Everyday Matt would get up, look Brett over, Brett was now subdued, knowing he had no choice but to offer his body when required. Matt spent his day working with Fabian, 12 hours - Fabian never had an other after dinner treat - and Matt's body responded. Mr Eastman explained that while the drug he was getting helped muscle strength, it was uncontrollable sexual hornyness that induced growth. MAtt had plenty of that.

By Tuesday - he was as big as the twins - even a little bigger.

By Thursday, he looked at the twins - sneered at them somewhat. They were Class III - what did THEY know. The twins saw the change - had seen it before. However, they still remained nice to Matt - for reasons he wouldn't know 'til later.

The weeks went on. Matt's parent of course asked what was happening. The first time they saw him since he started - on the Thursday, he said hew was working out (!). His mother started going on about drugs and stuff, but his father, adjusting his pants a little as he spoke, said that if the boy wanted to work out - why not - it's about time he took an interest in himself. Matt could notice a tiny wet spot on his father's pants.

--- After two weeks MAtt was the most incredible teen at the mansion. He probably even beat Fabian, his huge muscle body as big as his mentor's, but the young teen face making it all the more astounding. Mr Eastman called him down form the gym. He came into his office, wearing his tight lycra pants that he liked to sport, he tanned body glistening with sweat. Fabian followed him in. closing the door.

"We need to discuss our first order", Mr Eastman said. MAtt nodded - this was a business - he was a professional. He stood, while Mr Eastman gave the details. "Our man is 24, obviously a lot of money to throw around, wants a horny, partially violent, late teen to early twenties - that's YOU! - to flex for him and fuck him. General details are here - but he has one specific request that you may wish to practise. He wants his man to be able to suck his own cock - give himself a blow-job" MAtt remembered back to his first night - remembered Fabian doing it. It was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. Other than that, nothing unusual He wants two class III teens - must be an IT millionaire - to be in on the act - blah blah - general stuff. He doesn't specify the nature of the class III, so I'll leave that up to you. They're waiting downstairs for you - pick wisely - you'll have to work closely with them for the next week"

Matt was little surprised at this. He followed Fabian downstairs, and out to the swimming pool. There, were all the 'models' of the mansion - twenty muscled teens and twenties lined up along the pool. They were standing at ease, military style. Each of the guys had a smile on his face - Matt couldn't help thinking they were slightly false, they were so wide. He would later find out that working with a Class I was extremely rare, and a chance for career promotion. All these guys were class III, and all were looking for a promotion to Class II. Plus there was the 10% cut of the substantial fee paid for a class I job.

So all the guys stood there, on show - each of their huge muscles pumped to perfection, and flexed hard. Matt walked along the line. The first was the blond guy - military buzz - short but heavily muscled. His pecs were really round, and he had nice nipples. Matt couldn't help reaching out to touch - they were hard.

Next was the black haired guy he hadn't seen before. Tall, taller than Matt, he had long black hair, wet and tossed loosely over to one side. He had a sexy aura about him, and his muscles were big - but long and well toned. Along the line - God there were so many types. What a stable of studs. There were the twins, in there blue lycra shorts, their golden tanned muscles gleaming in the afternoon sun. Their matching blond hair was gelled, and brushed back. Matt walked along the row to the end. He looked back up the row. He had chosen. •

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