Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

Matt and Brett continued working for the day. The day got hotter, and they got sweatier. Finally, with all the chores set by Fabian completed, they put all the equipment back in the shed and headed off home. When they got to the gates, Matt stopped. "Brett - you go on man - I forgot my bag - I'll catch you up." Brett was too tired to contemplate waiting, so agreed. Matt headed back up to the house and rang the door. After a while, Fabian answered. -"Em hi - I'd like to see Mr. Eastman", Matt stuttered. Damn that guy was so BIG. Fabian visibly sighed - seeming a little tired. He let Matt through - Matt had to literally push his cock out of the way as he walked through the doorway. Fabian seemed to resist a little, holding his cock fast. Matt eventually sidled by it.

Mr Eastman was sitting in a large drawing room - ornately decorated. On the walls hung large portraits of stunning men - adopting Greek statue style poses. Matt's face dropped when he saw the SIZE of some of the guys.

"Like what you see", Mr Eastman said. Unusually, he wasn't smiling. "I was hoping you'd come back - you're just what I need." Matt gulped. "What exactly does it involve?", Matt asked. Mr Eastman pointed Matt to a seat - a huge settee, into which Matt literally sank. Mr Eastman clicked his fingers at Fabian, who picked up a remote control. One of the huge pictures in the wall revolved in a James Bond-esque manner, its rear revealing a huge TV screen. "The twins", Mr Eastman said to Fabian. Fabian keyed in numbers on the control. The twins Matt had seen earlier came up on the screen. Matt was intensely jealous of them, resenting their size and strength and general sexiness. "You met the twins today. They have been here for three months" The slide changed. This is the twins three months ago. A slide showing the two's former state came up. The change was unbelievable. The two teens on the screen now could have been any two teens - thin limbs, drooping shoulders, fit looking, but nothing amazing - gut sticking out. Fabian clicked again. A video played, showing the metamorphosis of the twins - from their initial size to the hunky studs they were now. "This shows the progress over three months - it has been made up of a montage of photos taken every week over that time", Mr Eastman said, as Matt watched the transformation before his eyes.

The video started with the twins standing, rather sheepishly before the camera. Their thin arms and legs were pale, their torsos no distinctive features beyond nipples and a gut. They were wearing jocks, but nothing exciting was trying to escape. Te video moved on slowly - the first thing Matt noticed was that their shoulders pulled back - were wider. Nothing else - maybe their faces had a slightly more confident look. The video moved on. The shoulders were definitely wider - and there was a bit of pecs pushing out the nipples. Their legs took on a nice outward curve along the thighs - their arms thickened slightly, especially around the biceps/triceps. This blended into the next image. Now there was some definition in the shoulders - they were pushing out a bit from the top of the arms. The pecs pushed out - much more than before - leaving a shadow underneath them. Their arms took some real definition - their thighs bulging a little more.

"We're getting into the main growth routine now," Mr Eastman said.

That was obvious. As the video moved on from slide to slide - each slide blending into the next, the muscular definition of both teens changed considerably. Their pecs pushed out to the beautiful mounds of muscle they now were. Their shoulders were striated, each delt pushing his neighbour - well defined. Their traps pushed up from the top of their back, up the sides of their necks. As the slides were going on, the boys changed their pose - very slowly, from just standing there to a most muscular. As their arms crabbed, their biceps really began to peak, growing nicely from their arms. Their forearms thickened in sync, and waist narrowed slightly, enhanced by widening lats. The teens were getting muscular - not enormous - but as big as a good pro - heavy , defined muscle on a sexy body. Their thighs were fully seperated into the four quads now, the cuts in between each quite deep. The jocks they were wearing at the start of the video had changed now - Matt couldn't be sure when to the teen's trademark blue lycra shorts. The expressions on the faces changed from shyness to confidence to outright arrogance - the final pic had a smile that said "I know I'm SEXY!"

Matt was getting a real big hard on now, watching this change.

"Ask the boys to come in please", Mr Eastman said to Fabian. Fabian disappeared, and reappeared quickly, followed by the two blond beauties. The two teens stood in front of Matt. Matt was trying hard to de-erect, but it was impossible - the metamorphosis video was re-playing in the background - slowly - each muscle visibly growing on each of the teen's body. Meanwhile the teen's he ahd just seen transformed stood there in front of him. After fingering themselves a little, one moved his hands from his pecs - beautiful mounds of teen muscle - slowly down his sides and pushed his extended hands under the lycra shorts - very slowly easing them down. He eased them over his thigh, pushing them down so slowly - eventually revealing the cock trapped within. It flopped out. Matt was getting very horny now - was struggling hard to keep his hands still. The second twin very slowly, smoothly fell to his knees, and worked his hands up Mark's legs, which were still sweaty from the work of the day. He moved his hands up to Matt's waist, and slowly eased the shorts down - just as his brother had done. Matt's cock flopped out - fully erect, pumping hard. The twin standing was slowly stroking his cock - every movement intense, while the second brought his mouth up to and around Matt's own rod, swallowing it whole. As one stud jacked off before him, the other was giving him the ultimate blow job - sucking slowly but intensely. In the far distance, as far as Matt was concerned, Mr Eastman was still talking.

"You see, Matt - men need release from the strains of every day life. And this facility helps them through that. We pride ourselves in offering EXACTLY what a man requests. Of course", he said laughing, "we CHARGE handsomely, but people are willing to pay."

The sucker started to roll his tongue around the top of Matt's cock - he seemed to bring Matt to the verge of erotic ecstasy and cumming, but eased off just at the last moment. The twin jacking off was getting a little more intense now - the precum dribbling from his cock onto his brother's back - trickling down slowly towards his ass.

"We get many different types of requests", Mr Eastman continued. "The twins are a popular act - most people find that idea very sensual. But with the internet, people are getting... wilder ideas as to what they want. Unfortunately , we have to turn down most requests - but a request we're getting very frequently is for a large teen - poor Fabian - he's had to deal with all of these, I'd like a substitute, as it were"

Matt couldn't hold any longer. Grasping the sides of the chair, he came, more copiously and violently than he'd ever cum before, into the teen's mouth - who eagerly gulped and sucked his cock clean. As Matt came, the second teen came all over his brother's broad muscular back, in between the lats, all over the lats, up to his traps. When he was spent, he himself kneeled down and licked his brother's back clean, while his brother kept sucking Matt's spent, still erect cock. Matt was in heaven.

"So what do you say?", Mr Eastman asked. Matt looked up, as if woken from a dream. "What?- yes - yes absolutely", he said, confused, not wanting to be distracted from the sight of one hunk licking the other. The second slowly withdrew his mouth, letting his toungue sit momentarily on the tip of Matt's head, which was still erect. He eventually pulled away and stood up. Offering his hand, he said" Hi - I'm Luke, this is Colm". Matt was reluctant to take his hand, not wanting to be humiliated as earlier, but had to accept. This time, Luke shook his hand warmly. "Let's show you around".

"Not so fast, boys", Mr Eastman said laughing. "Boys - don't be disappointed, but Matt is going to be working with Fabian on this one - he's in Class I I'm afraid." "Aw Mr Eastman", Luke said. "You promised that after Phil, we'd get another Class III". "This is different Luke", Mr Eastman said smiling, but with an edge in his voice." Luke looked subdued. Not as subdued as Matt. Working with Fabian - what did that mean - that monster would kill him. Fabian stood as if he hadn't heard anything. He just kept glaring into space, cock semi erect, neck muscles bulging.

"Let's get started", Mr Eastman said. "We've three weeks until our first 'Big' order comes in. We'll see you later boys" The boys took a longing look at Matt, and left the room. Mr Eastman started talking - more business like now. "Matt - you will train for 12 hours per day with Fabian. What you do here, you will divulge to no-one. NO-ONE. You must sign a confidentiality contract. You must report here every morning for 8.00am, and will work for 12 hours precisely. What you do outside those 12 hours is your business. I presume you will have to sleep at home. If the boys are not working, you may... play with them. Your wage is $1500 a week. I usually don't pay recruits that much, but if you're going direct to Class I, you'll earn it. Any questions?" As Mr Eastman finished the small print talk, he smiled again. It was a disarming smile, as if to say I'm putting on this eccentric act - but don't fuck with me. Matt had lots of questions. What was Class I, what would he be doing with Fabian, did he say fifteen hundred dollars???, how was he going to grow so big, what would his job be and even did he still have to do the garden job.

But he nodded - "No - that's ok"

"EXCELLENT!", Mr Eastman said, almost running over to shake Matt's hand. He shook it excitedly, and then moved his hand up arm to his bi. Squeezing it, and then rubbing his pecs gently, he said "You know you're going to be great. You're in much better condition than the twins were. This is going to be great."


Matt had gone home the night before soon after shaking Mr Eastman's hand. He was shaking himself. Brett was asleep in bed when he got home - and was still asleep when he woke up the next morning when he got up to start his 'new job'. Fuck it, Matt thought - I'll tell him this evening.

He headed up for the Eastman place. He had his own key to a side gate now, so just headed in. When he got up to the door, it was open. He could see two guys in the drawing room with a client - not the twins, a tall dark-haired guy and a fairly muscular short guy - both of them 'working their client' at either end of his body. He went through, out to the deck at the back and could see the twins in the pool. He waved - they were on their own. They waved back, and hopped out of the pool. "All ready?", Colm said. Matt nodded - "Not really - what's going to happen?" Colm opened his mouth to reply. "EXCELLENT - I like punctuality". Mr Eastman appeared behind them. "Now boys - between 8 and 8, Matt is Class I - you are Class III - you know the rules" Both boys nodded humbly, and jumped back in the pool.

"Ready - let's go upstairs". He headed off. Matt gulped and followed him. He went up the grand staircase, with statues of more muscular men - some with animals in 'unusual positions' in recesses in the wall. Mr Eastman opened a set of double doors, into a room that was probably the original ballroom of the house - big - double ceiling, very ornate. The near half was completely empty, the far half was a very well equipped gym. "Welcome", Mr Eastman said. "Now before we start - can you just sign this - paperwork - so annoying but have to gt it out of the way! - Still - it'll get your cheque through..." MAtt was staring around the huge room. Mr Eastman pushed the paper under his nose. Matt signed the line - still staring at the room. The ceiling was painted - depicting huge naked men in some sort of huge orgy - some were robed, but others - the muscular ones were naked.

"EXCELLENT!!", Mr Eastman said. Now we can get started. A pair of double doors along the side of the room opened. Out came Fabian. He was buck naked. Matt's jaw dropped. The thong hadn't done justice to the massive peat of man meat that hung between the huge thighs. "I'll leave you in Fabian's capable hands - he has the required details - good luck!". Matt didn't even here them. "Oh, before I forget - better give you this - won't get very far without it". Matt felt a sting in his arm. He looked down to see a needle there. He looked up, about to say something, but HE was heading for him now. When he looked again, the needle and Mr Eastman were gone, doors closed.

Fabian and his swaying cock were coming towards Matt. He gulped - not knowing which part of his huge body to watch. Fabian came up to him - Matt's face level with his huge pec-nipples. He put out his hand and opened it.

"DRESS ME", Fabian said, in his deep purring voice. In his hand was his thong, tiny compared to the size of his huge hand. Matt took the piece of silky material. It consisted of a small sac, and a piece of string. Matt wasn't quite sure where to start. Fabian stood dead still. Matt pulled open the sac, and after much approaching and about to touch, finally grabbed the huge man piece and pulled the sac up along it. When he had got it up some distance, he grabbed Fabian's huge balls, and pushed them into the silk sac. Gulping, hoping he wouldn't do wrong, he took the two pieces of string comind from the silk material and pulled them around Fabian's waist. Although the waist was amazingly thin, Fabian's pecs were pushing far out, and Matt had to work his head around them to get close enough to tie the bow at Fabian's tight butt. He was right up against the hulking mass as he tied the knot. He could feel Fabian breathe, hear his heart beat, smell his rather exotic aroma.

First order obeyed, Matt stepped back a little to survey his task. Not bad... given the inherent difficulties. The cock was oushing the silk material out far from his waist. Matt was quite proud of himself.

Fabian turned and headed over to the weights. He loaded up a bench barbell - 200lbs. Matt gulped. His biggest ever max was 90lbs, and that was with Brett 'helping' him.

"BENCH", Fabian ordered. Matt wondered if this guy ever said a sentence. As he thought about how he was going to explain that his best ever was 90lbs, but could only really do 80, the voice boomed at him. "WHEN I GIVE A FUCKING ORDER - YOU OBEY IMMEDIATELY - NO FUCKING QUESTIONS - CLEAR?" Matt gulped. OK - this guy could say a sentence. "Clear", he said. Fabian turned, his dick swaying after his turning torso. He came right up to Matt and said quietly in his face - "Clear what?" "Clear Sir?" The muscled monster shook his head. "Clear... Master?". Fabian smiled - a smart smile that reminded Matt of the smile Luke had given him that day. A you better fucking right it's master. Matt sighed silently - he was going to earn this money. "BENCH" "Yes Master".

Matt got down, grabbed the bar and closed his eyes. He lifted it off the rack, and waited for his chest and neck to be belted by the plummeting bar. But it was light. Not paper weight - but light as in Matt could press out, lower press out - he could fucking bench 200lbs. He got so excited about this that he nearly did drop the weight, but Fabian's glare made him concentrate. He repped 12, before Fabian nodded. Standing up, he could feel his pecs PUMPING. "Wow - that was good", he said but Fabian ignored him. He turned to the barbell and added another four plates. Matt looked in horror - his math was bad, but that was 380lbs.

"BENCH", the master boomed.

MAtt got down, and again pumped out a rep - jesus two, three, four - fucking hell 8 reps of 380lbs. Standing up, he thought his pecs were going to pump off they were so sore. He looked in a mirror, and could see them pumping. This continued, until Fabian had loaded on so much weight that Matt could just pump out one rep - despite Fabian's orders to the contrary. He racked and stood up. "I ORDERED FOUR", Fabian said. "Look man - I couldn't fucking do it - it's too fucking heavy." Matt forgot himself. Fabian stepped up to him, picked him up and threw him across the room, slamming him against the wall. He came over to him again. "BENCH FOUR".

Matt stepped up, his back sore from impact. This guy was a fucking monster. "Fuck YOU", he shouted. Fabian picked him up again, his biceps bulging now. He lifted him in the air and then simply dropped him.

The doors opened, and Mr Eastman ran in. "Oh dear - is there something wrong?", he asked, as if someone had spilt milk. Matt picked himself up off the floor. "This fucking MONSTER is throwing me around". "Oh dear - Fabian you mustn't.", Mr Eastman said, scolding as if the muscled hunk were a child. "I'm very sorry Matt - Fabian is under a lot of pressure - time pressure you understand.Only three weeks. We really need your cooperation. Maybe another dose." Before Matt knew it, there was another needle in his arm. Matt calmed a little - his pecs not hurting as much. "Now Fabian - be nice to Matt - and Matt - try and do what Fabian asks - he's very good, and if you do, you'll be very good too - Very good". After sorting the schoolyard scuffle, Mr Eastman retreated. Fabian sniffed as if to say 'fuck you'

Matt knew he'd have to obey. He had gotten into this, wanted more than anything to get big. "BENCH", Fabian said. "Yes master", MAtt replied.

He pushed out the weight - one two, three... "SIX" Fuck - fuck fuck

Four - five, fucking hell come on one more fucking hell - yes six - YES. Matt racked the bar and jumped up. He stood in front of the mirror and flexed his pecs. "Boom boom, OH YESfucking HUGE pecs". They weren't really, but they had grown considerably. They were also extremely pumped. They spent the rest of the morning doing chest - every possible exercise was completed and recompleted with amazing weights. Finally, after Matt felt his chest was literally going to collapse, Mr Eastman came in. "Anyone for lunch - my my, what have we here?", he said walking up to Matt's pecs. He grabbed the newly formed mounds - easily a handful of new muscle that was there since this morning. Matt proudly pushed his chest out - he literally couldn't flex - it was too sore.

They went downstairs, and Fabian served lunch. It was just Matt and Mr Eastman - noone else. Matt ate everything infront of him so quickly that he didn't even know what it was - didn't see that it was a well designed meal. Mr Eastman smiled to himself - this guy was going to be good.

They spent the afternoon doing biceps. By the end of the afternoon, Matt thought his arms were going to fall off. Twice during the afternoon, Mr Eastman came in with an injection. Matt accepted it without question - just wanted to get back to pumping muscle - back to obeying Fabian. He looked disappointed when Mr Eastman entered the second time. He was just finishing his last rep of 8 barbewll curls with 90lbs on the bar. His biceps pumped high and hard. It hurt him to hold them out straight - hurt him to bend them. The only thing he could think about was Fabian's voice - his orders - obeying - pumping.

Dinner at six was a noisier affair. Matt at this stage could hardly sit up straight from exhaustion. He ate the huge meal in front of him - enough for a squad of hungry men - ignoring the fun and laughter at the table. Had to eat, Fabian would be asking him to pump after had to eat get strong for Fabian.

He barely acknowledged the twins at dinner. Just nodded - no smile - Fabian was there - he could here his voice in his head - must pump - must obey - Fabian is ordering.

After dinner, he headed for the gym again. But Fabian turned off before entering, and went into a room at the side. Inside was a huge room - not as big as the gym but pretty big. Matt followed him in. Fabian closed the door. He spoke. Fabian is speaking - must obey. "TAKE ME" He's ordered - have to obey - what does he want - God I have to obey, take him - take him where. Fabian pulled out the bow that had miraciously held the silk thong on all day. "TAKE ME" Matt understood.

He went up to his master - to the muscled god before him. He placed his hands on the huge pecs - they commanded it - and rubbed his hands against them.

"NO -LIKE THIS". God his voice was so sexy. He took Matt's hands gently and using only Matt's finger tips, toyed with his masive nipples. He then pressed his palms against MAtts - and pressed MAtt'spalms against his huge pecs. He rubbed his pecs with Matt's palms - hard and blistered now for holding metral bars. The sores grated gently against Fabian's skin. Still holding Matt's hands, he led his palms down his pecs, bump bump over his abs one - two - tree - fourrub the cut on four -five SIX - jesus seven eight defined peaks of ab muscle, with equally defined cuts. Down to above his crotch. He pulled Matt's hands along his HUGE cock, rubbing it now - the sores rubbing against it catching the skin and veins gently. Fabian increased the frequency, massagin his cock with Matt's hands. After a while he removed his hands - and Matt kept going. Fabian put his hands behind his head - "OH YES - GOOD BOY", he said, but not as controlled as usual. Matt was fully hard himself now, and wanted more than anything to make this monster blow over him. He increased the frequency still more - massaging the cock with skin moving intensity - Fabian started moaning deeply now - god yes keep going - and here it comes.

Matt kept pumping as the huge cock spewed cum all over him. It went everywhere - against his torso, down his legs, against his jocks, his head, face, hair... He came with the sensation of being covered in supercum. As the supercock stopped speqing, Fabian brought his hands down and lifted Matt up onto the bed. Ripping of his jocks, he brought his huge body down on Matt - and started licking his pecs - his nipples - licking Matt all over - sucking up his spent cum. Matt lost count of the number of times he came - his master - this muscled hunk was licking him clean. Each time he came, Fabian licked that up too, around the abs. He especially concentrated on Matt's newly formed mounds of muscles - his pecs and bi's. He took particular pleasure in letting his tongue run along the vein at the bi. Finally, he moved his mouth down to Matt's erect cock - still erct after cumming so much. He swallowed it - no hesitation - nothing and sucked it hard. Matt came againquiclky down Fabian's throat.

Fabian stood up, releasing Matt's cock from his mouth. He stood there in front of Matt. Slowly, he bent over, and crnched his abs hard. He kept bending around, his mouth was at the tip of his cock now. He bent further still now - his mouth taking his whole cock - literally. The muscles bulged under the pressure as Fabian started to suck his own cock. Matt jerked off at the sight. Fabian came into himself, stood up, smiling, with cum dripping from the side of his mouth. He leaned over to Matt, stuck his tongue and lots of cum into Matt's mouth. MAtt swallowed both, willingly. Fabian stood up, flexing crabbing - huge arms bulging, thighs, and finished with the most amazing double bi Matt had ever seen. He came again looking at it.

He lay there for a while - sleeping on and off with pure exhaustion. When he woke, Fabian was gone. He pulled on his shorts - his jocks were destroyed, and went downstairs. It was dark out. The house was dark. He found his tee, pulled it on, squeezed his pecs that were now pushing it out a little and headed for home. Tomorrow was going to be another long day. •

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