Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen



"Come on Brett", Matt urged. Brett pulled the barbell up to his chest one last time, letting out a last gasp. MAN that was hard. His biceps were pumping hard now - from the effort. -"Great", Matt said. Except it wasn't really. They both knew it. They were the smallest guys in the gym - it didn't help that they were the youngest. It was a small gym in a small country town, and the big guys, though not astounding were BIG, 'cos there was no-one to compete. They loved flexing in front of the small wiry teens, showineg THEIR power and muscle. No matter how the guys worked out, the didn't grow - they were two preoccupied with impressing the bigger guys. They were lifting too heavy weights, and hadn't developed a proper routine.

They discussed this on the way home. They had both been working out for a few months, and apart from the initial hardness that comes from working out, they hadn't really grown. -"We need our own weights man", Matt said. "We need to work out where we're comfortable, go to the gym when we can lift good". Brett nodded. The problem was, they didn't have any money - couldn't afford weights. -"We could get a job - cutting grass and stuff", Matt said. "Give us a chance to build our tan over the summer holidays". Brett agreed - "Yeh - why not - save up hard and get some weights".

They walked home to Brett's place - his parents were away. They watched some shit videos, jacking off to some shit bitches in them. Brett flexed his bis as he jacked. He wasn't a bad looking kid - sixteen, thin and wiry, no body fat - but not much muscle either - looked like a young model - had a handsome face, with a crop of blond hair. Matt was similar, perhaps a little fatter, had a small gut - couldn't get rid of it no matter how many fucking crunches he did - he was jealous of Brett's flat stomach - but then his muscles were a little bigger - had some roundiness in them. His hair was black - short and spiky. The concept of 'Genetics' hadn't reached this small country town. Both guys were equal height - 5ft 8, but Matt looked a little taller due to his extra weight. Both guys were as smooth as the day they were born - with a good tan - they spent most of their holidays lying around trying to look cool. They had been friends forever - their parents were good friends, so it was inevitable.


It was greeted with surprise from their parents, when they told them they wanted to get a summer job. Matt's parents, who were keeping check on Brett while his parents were away, agreed - thought it would be good for them to get away from those videos the guys thought they didn't know about. Matt's father made sure he kept a check on everything his son watched - it was his duty as a father.

They went around the neighbourhood. Most people were glad to give them chores - cutting grass, painting the house. As they went around, they built up a decent working week. -"Wow man, we're going to make a fortune".

They came up to the Eastman place, owned by Mr. Eastman - who nobody really knew. He had electronic gates which were always closed. The guys peered through - lots of grass that needed cutting - fuck it - he was rich - he might take them on. They buzzed and waited. No answer. Matt buzzed again - longer this time. No reply. Matt pressed and held the button - Bzzzzzzzzzzz - "fuck man come on". "YES", a deep voice barked down the intercom. Matt leapt back in fright. -"Em - hi we're em - looking to do chores - have you any jobs you needed doing?" Silence "Hello?", Matt asked. Silence. "Fuck you…", Matt said. They turned to walk away, but as they did, the gates opened. The guys looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders as if to say why not - and went in. The driveway was longer than it looked. It split a large landscaped lawn in two as it approached the house. The lawns were full of statues - mainly large - mainly men - mainly naked. "Fuck me", Matt said, looking at one of the statues, that looked like a morphed David - in EVERY department.

They got up to the door, and climbed the steps. It was a large house - neo-Georgian mansion. "This guy is loaded", Brett said, as Matt pushed the bell. They didn't have to wait long this time. The door opened and behind it stood a HUGE guy - 6' 5 with a very grim face staring down at the two guys. The guy was completely naked except for a black silk thong which just barely covered a huge cock. It had little strapps to either side. He was deeply tanned. He had huge pecs, big mounds of muscle falling from his torso - and heavy broad shoulders. Brett looked at his arms. They were fucking HUGE. His bis were a huge mass of muscle growing from his arms, his tris even larger, growing from his shoulder and not receding until just at his elbow. He had a thick neck, supported by equally thick traps. He had a black silk bowtie around his thick neck to match his thong. Atop, was a face you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night - itself darkly tanned, with dark eyes and a dark stubble. Apart from this and long black hair - wet and thrown over one side, the guy was completely smooth. And huge. Below the unmissable black thong were huge thighs, deeply cut, growing out the side and front of his legs. They were pushing his massive cock and balls out from his legs.

"YES" - that same deep voice again. -"Em - Mr. Eastman?", Matt said. "Hi - em - we're looking to do some chores - cut some grass and stuff - have you - em - any chores?" Matt couldn’t speak proplerly, he was so amazed by the wall of muscle standing before him. The man just stared at him as he spoke.

-"Let the boys in Fabian", a voice said behind the wall of muscle. The giant stood aside, his silky black thong sticking half way across the doorway. Behind him was a much smaller man - beaming smile across his face. 'Smaller' in the sense that he was normal. About 40, 45 he was 5-8, 5-9 and reminded both Brett and Matt of Matt's dad. A normal looking guy - looked like he worked out - but nothing as amazing as the muscle stud in front of him. "Please excuse my butler boys. I haven't trained him fully yet". As he said this he squeezed the massive rod trapped in the black thong and smiled again - "please come in"

The boys stepped in, passing the huge guy who looked so annoyed that he might crush them between his huge thighs. They stepped into a lagre hall, again adorned with statues, this time all men, all huge, all naked. -"Come out ot the pool boys, it's such a nice day", Mr. Eastman said cheerily. They followed him out. -"Fabian, bring us some drinks - boys would you like a soda?" They guys nodded, not daring to suggest anything else. Fabian disappeared, and they headed out the back. As they neared the back door, they could hear splashing and laughing. They stepped out onto the patio, which ran along the side. They couldn't believe what they saw.

The pool was full - about twenty bodies jumping around - playing laughing - throwing a beach ball around. More were lying on deckchairs around the pool. 'Bodies' doesn't describe what they saw properly. Most of the guys around the pool were huge - not as big as Fabian - more model like - but huge all the same. They had big, cut muscles, all beautifully tanned, all glistening in the sunlight. Most of them looked very young - same age as the guys. As they stepped out, the noise died down and everybody looked up.

The guys were suddnely VERY self conscious. As twenty pairs of beautiful eyes belonging to beautiful young bodies stared up at them, they felt very small, very pathetic. The noise picked up again. -"Ah - here's the drinks." Fabian came out with three sodas on a silver tray. He placed them in front of each of the three, his cock rubbing heavily against the guys as he put the glass down in front of each. -"Thank you", the teens mumbled nervously. Fabian grunted, and stood, with military like stance behind Mr. Eastman. He donned a pair of wrap-around sunglasses, that made him look EXTREMELY sexy. He glared at the guys as they sipped their soda. -"Now boys, what can I do for you?", Mr. Eastman said. The completely in shock, and for a moment, forgot why they were here. -"Em - we're trying to make some money - and were wondering if you needed some help with grass cutting and the like - but you obviously have lots of help", Matt said looking out towards the pool once more. -"Really", Mr. Eastman said, as if Matt had said he had flown to the moon. -"Yes - yes I could do with some help - the boys are far too busy - FAR too busy at the moment - lot of bookings you see." The boys didn't see.

-"And Fabian", Mr. Eastman, "Poor Fabian has being trying his hardest to keep up with the maintainence, but it's really not fair on him - he's very busy running the house". Mr. Eastman turned and glanced at Fabian - and squeezed his huge cock again. Fabian didn't move.

The guys dared a glance at him. He didn't look poor or busy - he looked massive and sexy.

"Yes- that's really fantastic - shall we say three days a week for the summer - $150 dollars a day each? Is that enough - I'm not sure of the going rate these days - it's very hard work I'm sure."

Matt gulped. That was $900 a week between them. That would buy a fucking gym! He nodded, unable to speak. -"Excellent, excellent", Mr. Eastman said, standing up. The boys stood up also, Brett gulping down the last of his soda. -"Yes that will work very well, won't it Fabian? We've some guests arriving on Friday I think - so it'll be nice to have the place looking tidy. We have all the equipment here of course. Now if you'll excuse me boys, Fabian will show you out. I have some people to call. We're very busy here, as you can see." Mr Eastman laughed. -"Is this a hotel?", Brett blurted out. Matt could have killed the fucking idiot on the spot. Even Fabian broke his gaze to look at him. For the first time since they'd arrived, Mr. Eastman stopped smiling. He looked thoughtful, as if contemplating the answer to a difficult math question.

-"Yes", he said smiling, "Yes I suppose you could call it that - a special hotel - a health farm - where men come to - well come to relax I suppose. - Of course a condition of your employment is that you don't discuss this - operation - with anyone - not even amongst yourselves."

Brett was silenced by Fabian's glare, and didn't ask the million questions in his head. Fabian showed them to the door, his cock sticking out - pointing the direction. As he opened, Matt said "Cheerio", as cheerfully as he could manage, but Fabian looked grim - his beautiful face unflinching, his beautiful body pumped. "See you tomorrow", Matt said, door closing.

The boys ran down the avenue. -"What do you think goes on there?", Brett asked. "Who gives a FUCK - $900 dollars a week - YIPPEEEE!", Matt shouted, ignoring his friend's questions.


Matt and Brett got up early on Friday morning. They both wanted to 'groom' themselves before starting at the Eastman place. All those young hunks would be looking at them, with their fucking huge muscles. And Fabian - who needed a security dog with someone like him around. He terrified both of the guys - his menacing cock flopping around in it's huge thong.

They headed for the Eastman place early - wanted to make a good impression. Matt buzzed the gate. Again no response. Matt buzzed again. -"YES", Fabian's voice came over again. -"Hi Fabian", Matt said - trying to sound calm even though his voice was shaking. "It's MAtt and Brett". Silence. Fabian had obviously forgotten them. -"The gardeners", Matt suggested helpfully. There was a grunt, and the gates opened.

The boys headed up the long drive. This time, there was no sign of Mr. Eastman, and Fabian was outside waiting for them - like a rottweiler ready to pounce. Again dressed only in thong and bowtie. His neck muscles bulged around the tie - it looked as if it would rip off at any moment. The guys went up, scared shitless, but trying to look cool. As they approached the hulking mass, he started walking around the side of the house to some sheds. He opened the door - inside was all types of gardening equipment - tractor lawnmower, lawnmowers, strimmers - it was like a hardware store. Fabian spoke. "The grass needs cutting - clean around the pool - BEFORE lunchtime, then tidy up the avenue. His voice was deep, and resonated around the shed, and in the guys' ears. It was a velvety voice - deep, purring and sexy. This guy was a sex god.

The guys nodded - not wanting to make Him talk any more. Fabian went off, following the semi-erect cock swaying in front of him. Brett said what Matt was thinking: "I wonder does his cock ever soften?" They both watched the hunk head back for the house - not walking but STRUTTING - legs wide apart to accomodate the gigantic thighs, lats rocking up and down as he walked, huge but tight butt flexing with each step. The guy would take on any Olympian, and probably win. His whole body pumped with muscle, and each muscle led the eye on to the next - eventually and inevitably leading hte eye to his centrepiece - that COCK!

Matt shook his head, as if trying to wake from a day-dream. He hopped on the tractor mower, and Brett took the push mower. They went off, cutting the main lawns - got a system going quickly. Brett cut the grass around the huge statues - Matt cut the main swathes of grass. By ten, the sun was shining down - and both guys stripped down to their shorts. They kept going for another hour or so. As Matt was cutting, he noticed Fabian standing at the door of the house. Fabian was standing there, and as he saw Matt look up - he beckoned them up - his huge arm commanding attention and subsequent obedience.

The boys turned off the machines, and headed up. Fabian had dissappeared by the time they got up, so they headed into the house after him. Going through the huge hall, they went out back. This time there was no laughter at the pool - all was silent. They were just about to step out, when they heard Mr. Eastman call them. "Boys - I thought you might like a break". The boys nodded - they were both thirsty with the heat. Fabian came up with sodas on a tray, and the boys took one gratefully. "Oh dear - is it VERY hot?", Mr Eastman said sympathetically. "Look your all covered in sweat. Covered, all over in hot sweat". The guys felt a little uncomfortable as Mr Eastman looked them over, seeing where they were covered in sweat. As if that wasn't enough, he came up to them and peered closer, taking a look at their front and back - looking htem all over!

Both guys went very red. To make things worse, two of the studs came running through the hall. They were identical, both about 6'5 with boyish faces - blond hair looking a little tossed. Their bodies were pumped up - not huge, but low bodyfat showed them off very well. "BOYS", Mr Eastman said, a little sharply. The two stopped dead. "What have I told you about running in the house" The two boys mumbled an apology. "Now say hello to Matt and Brett - they're our new gardeners". The teen-hunks cmae up to the two guys and offered a hand. As they shook, the teens squeezed hard. Matt could see the bicep bulge in the guys arm, and felt the pain in his hand. The guy shook his hand - sneering a little. Matt went red again. He could see Brad shaking his hand a little when the guy released his hand - he'd obviously been 'squeezed' again. "Hurry along boys - Mr. Cummins is waiting". The boys hurried out - walking as fast as they could without running. Matt and Brett watched their tight little butts wobble through the blue lycra shortpants as they walked out to the pool area.

"They're the twins", Mr Eastman said proudly. "Some clients have very specific demands - VERY specific". He said this last point, as if to himself, and looked the guys up and down as he did. "Boys - don't be embarrassed - but did you ever consider working out - you have exceptional bodies if I may say so - and they'd really benefit from some extra muscle." MAtt went red. He didn't consider his body exceptional. "Oh yes", Brett blurted out - that's why we want money - to save for weights. Brett chattered on - telling Mr Eastman their history of working out. Matt thought of ways to kill him - painfully. Mr Eastman nodded and hummed as Brett talked - Matt thought he must be feigning interest - nobody could be that interested -especially in what Brett had to say. But on the contrary. Mr Eastman nodded, and asked Brett questions when he had finished ranting.

"Boys - I don't know if you'd like to - but I'm always looking for new - em - new models to join me here." "You mean look like THEM", Brett said excitedly. Matt thought death by ripping his throat out. "Well, yes and no. As I say, some clients have specific requests - very specific. And poor Fabian - he's been run off his feet - the poor thing has had to do all the 'large' orders recently" "You mean - look like him?", Brett said - in shock. This time Matt could only agree. That - between the lines - was what Mr. Eastman was suggesting.

"Oh well", Mr Eastman said, almost dismissing it, "better get back to work". As he walked through the large hall he turned - and unusually wasn't smiling. "Think about it boys - you have great potential - I have the capacity to change you - to whatever you want to be - WHATEVER you want to be". He said this solemnly, as a man who meant every word. He miled, turned and left the room, followed by Fabian's cock and Fabian.

Brett turned to go back out. "Wait", Matt said. He went out to the pool area. The twins were there, with some guy - not nearly as big as them and older. One of the twins was flexing his beautiful body in front of the guy - who was lying back in a pool chair, while the other had his head in the guy's crotch . Both guys had seen enough videos to know that he was giving a blow job. The guy was panting and rubbing the teen sucker HARD. "Ugh", Brett said. "Horrible"

"Mmm", Matt said, pretending to agree. But his dick was getting hard, and he knew his answer to Mr Eastman was going to be a definite 'YES!'. •

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