Muscle Nation

The Runaway Kid


By Itamuscle66

The ranger rode off into the distance. Rock and Max sat together, massaging each others huge bodies, watching the day close. Rock rubbed his hand through the dense hairs on Max's chest, his fingers working the nipples lovingly. Max had his arm around Rock - fingering the thick veins running along the smooth skin of his bi - heart pumping more slowly now as they relaxed.

Though Rock could have stayed there forever, he realised that it had been along time since he'd slept. Max told him go to his cabin - he'd follow him after taking a walk - he wanted to clear his head a little - sort out his new life. Rock agreed, although was reluctant to pull away from the muscle massage. Finally, both men stood up, and Rock headed off back to the log cabin. Max watched him go - 10 feet of huge, broad muscle, glistening in the evening sun. His lats pushed in and out as he walked - his arms swinging, making the huge slabs of muscle move.

Max went for a walk - collecting trunks from the cabin on his way. Rock was asleep on the couch as he left - exhausted from the past few days activity. Max set off on his favourite was a walk along the river running through the deep forest. As he walked, he grew and shrunk, playing with his new body. He went from being covered in hair to being completely smooth, to being covered again - he liked his body covered in the thick coat of hair - loved his muscles bulging through. Max thought about the day, and couldn't remember ever being happier.

As he walked, he raised his nose - getting a faint smell in the distance. He headed for the smell - instinct demanded it - and as he neared he could hear a sound - almost drowned by the din of the river. It was sobbing. Max came to a clearing in the trees - and upstream he could see a small figure - a teenager - sitting on the bank, throwing stones into the river. Again, instinct made Max shrink down to 'normal' size - he stopped at 6' 5 and 300 lbs, looking like a pumped bodybuilder.

Max cleared his throat, while he was some distance from the teen. The teen leapt up - in shock - and looked at Max with the greatest look of fear Max had ever seen. Max held out his hands, as if to say he wasn't going to hurt. The teen froze.

-It's ok son, Max said, as gently as he could. -Please, don't hurt me, the teen said, his voice shaking. He looked a bit worse for the wear, his clothes torn, his face bruised. -What happened?, Max asked. As he got closer to the teen, he could see he was quite badly hurt. He was thin, wiry - looked mid teens. He had fair hair, which although tussled and rough, made him look cute. He had skinny arms and legs, was wearing a loose tee, and sweatpants. His white tee was blood stained.

Max was using every muscle in his body to surpress the erotic urges he was feeling towards this teen - he needed help - that was obvious. Max slowly came closer - building hte teen's trust as he neared, by talking to him - urging that everything would be ok. The boy seemed transfixed by Max, whose red 'Baywatch' shorts looked small on the bodybuilder look he was sporting. Max had reduced his amount of hair slightly - now the hair on his chest just trickled towards his abs - leading the eye gently down his huge body.

Max got up to the teen - and put his hand on his shoulder. He knelt down on one knee before him, and asked his name.

-Mitch, the teen replied after a pause. -I'm Max, Max replied softly. Now why don't you tell me what's wrong. The teen burst into tears before him. Max put his arms around the teen - hugging him firmly - reassuring him that everything would be ok. Mitch sobbed for a while - Max just let him. He was obviously upset and scared - Max wanted to reassure him.

-I've run away, the teen sobbed, after a while. -Max didn't move a muscle. He just kept hugging - holding Mitch close to his chest where he'd be safe. -It's my dad - and my uncle - they hurt me. Max held firm. -They make me work - all day on the farm no matter how hot it is. When I come in for a drink - they beat me, call me lazy, and lock me in my room. So I decided - now I'm 18 - I'd go and get a job - but when I told them, they beat me black and blue. Mitch burst into uncontrollable sobs.

Max consoled him. -Come on Mitch - you're safe now, he said. Nobody is going to hurt you know are they? Mitch shook his head. -Nobody can hurt you now, Max continued, as calmly as possible, although inside he was welling up with anger at the thought of people hurting this guy - bullies, he thought - his veins pumping hard. Max pushed Mitch back a little - holding him by the shoulders - and looking into his eyes -Nobody will EVER be able to hurt you again - do you hear me. For effect, he flexed his bi's -See these - are your dad or uncle's arms as big as these. Mitch looked at the arms, in awe, and shook his head. -There - nobody can hurt you - cos I will protect you, always , Max said.

Mitch hugged the bodybuilder around the waist - Max brought his huge arms down around the teen's back - his eroctic urges very strong now. As he held the teen, he felt him licking his pecs as he held him there. He pushed the teen back a little.

-Sorry Max - I didn't mean..., Mitch said looking terrified. -It's ok - it's ok, Max said, running his arms through the teen's hair. He brought him back close to his chest. Mitch couldn't resist the urge to lick those huge pecs once more. As he licked, he brought his hands down to Max's cock, and started rubbing it softly.

-Do you want to do this Mitch?, Max asked. Mitch nodded. Max couldn't control his urges anymore. Pulling down his pants, he sat back against a tree.As Max sat there, Mitch came down to the ground, and crept up to the erecting cock between Max's huge legs. He let his tongue roll up Max's leg - very lightly as he crept, like a tiger cub approaching prey - shoulders hunched. He was at Max's thigh now, his licking becoming more intense. He let his tongue run up the groove in one of Max's huge cuts - up towards the waiting cock. Max shuddered with pleasure - this guy was good!

Mitch was now at Max's huge balls - his tongue licking htem generously before letting it roll up Max's huge cock. Tickling the top for what seemed like eternity, he eventually opened his mouth and rolled the very tip of Max's waiting rod around the inside of his lips. He moved his mouth further and further down Max's rod, swallowing a large portion of the huge cock. Max couldn't control nimself anymore. His thighs started growing - squeezing Mitch's head gently as he licked Max's crotch. Max grabbed Mitch's head gently.

-Good boy, keep going - this will feed you and make you strong, he said, as Mitch started sucking.

He moved Mitch's head up and down a little - to heighten the pleasure. Mitch started sucking more intensely now. He seemed to know what part of Max's cock to rub for maximum sensation. Max put his hands behind himself and let himself be sucked - the sensation was heavenly. He arms behind his head exploded with sexual power - the bi's forming huge peaks, the tris becoming thick and heavy. Veins pumped thickly up and down his hairy arms, and across his thick hairy chest. As his cock oozed precum, he could see Mitch's shoulders broaden, his back thicken. Mitch was grabbing his thighs with greater intensity now, partly because he was himself reaching orgasm, but mostly due to the increasing strength in his arms. He rubbed Max's thighs his hands running through the hair. Max could feel himself about to EXPLODE. All the while he himself was growing, veins pumping so hard now they looked as if they would burst. Max was reaching full height now. Mitch had stopped growing - now had the look of a junior national bodybuilder - beautifully smooth, defined muscle. Max's huge legs either side of him pumped and flexed raw animal power. Max could hold no longer. Brining his huge arms down he held Mitch's head and came - violently and hard down Mitch's throat. Mitch, lying between Max's huge thighs swallowed eagerly, still massaging Max's thighs as he swallowed. As Max came, Mitch came, his little cock spurting out cum against the earth underneath him.

They stayed like that for a while, Max sitting back against the tree - massaging Mitch's shoulders, which had grown into sexy little ball shapes of muscle. Mitch wouldn't receive the full powers until he had been fucked up the ass. Mitch kept lolling Max's softening cock in his mouth. He eventually surfaced from the sea of pubic hair amd looked up to Max - his blond hair as ruffled as ever, his deep brown eyes open in earnest

-Did I do good?, he asked, eager to please.

Max laughed - laughed loudly. He looked at the teen - he looked much younger - had a boy's face on the huge teen body.

-Yes Mitch - you did superb - fucking superb, Max said, rubbing Mitch's boyish face gently. Mitch lay against Max's thighs for a while, contemplating the moonlight. Their bodies reflected the blue light - enhancing their beauty. After a while, Mitch shivered.

-Come on, Max said. Let's go home.

Mitch's huge brown eyes opened wide in fear. -Please - no I can't go back - they'll kill me...

-Don't worry, Max said. I mean my home - you'll live with me now. He stood up and shurnk back to about 8 ft, and pulled up the muscleteen. -That's if you want to of course - I'll look after you - care for you - love you, Max said, caressing the teen's now unblemished face and thick blond hair. Mitch nodded happily. They went off into the woods, towards the cabin. As they walked, Mitch chattered, asked how big Max could get, how hairy, how smooth, what is was like to be big - eventually Max stopped him and said -Mitch - soon you will know all the answers to these questions.

Mitch's mouth dropped. He was silent until they reached the cabin.Max enjoyed the walk, enjoyed the cool breeze brushing his muscled body - the wind rippling in every curve and cut.

They got to the cabin, which was in a small clearing, lit only by moonlight. They went in quietly, Max wanted to surprise Rock. Rock was asleep on the couch, where Max had left him earlier. They stood there, watching the hulking body for a while - which was morphing continuously - growing, bulging muscles. -He must be dreaming, Max said. Look at his body change. Whatever we imagine our bodies to be like - they change to it.

Rock stirred with the noise. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. Mitch looked at him in awe - this fucking HUGE guy was sitting htere before him, as he rubbed his eyes his biceps were literally pumping off his arms, he wasn't even FLEXING!. Mitch looked Rock up and down - and liked what he saw. He went over to Rock and knelt before him. As Rock pulled his hands from his eyes, he looked down to see a beautiful, fair-headed teen looking up at him with large brown eyes. Rock didn't waste anytime. He knew nothing of what happened in the forrest - this guy was meat as far as he was concerned - and he was a hungry animal. The overwhelming scent in the room was this kids sex-sweat - Rock couldn' t smell or think of anything else. He stood up at 9ft tall towering over the 6ft kid - and picked the kid up. He licked his teen pecs, licked the glorious sweat under his armpits, and shuddered with the erotic taste. His dick was growing, hardening, lengthening to a foot long steel fuck-pole. After licking the boy for a while, he let the teen down, and started stroking his own cock. The teen bent over, just slightly, and toyed the cock with his tongue. Rock shuddered again with pleasure. This guy was good. Max came up behind the teen, and let his lengthening cock rub against the teen's newly formed muscular back - letting it loll against the lats and then down towards his cute bubble butt.

Mitch sucked Rock's cock for a while - but pulled away. Rock awoke from his pleasure, and looked down. As he did, he saw the teen turning and offering his beautiful butt to Rock, and had started to lick Max's abs and cock. Rock wasted no time. He grabbed the teen firmly by his pecs, and brought his rod up the teen's hole. The teen moaned in pleasure, and sucked Max's cock with even greater intensity. He rubbed Max's dark pec hair as he sucked heavily on the cock. Max was torn between running hishands through the teen's beautiful blond hair and face, and grabbing Rock's huge shoulders for support. He managed to do both, increasing the pleasure for everyboby.

Rock started bucking his hips. Squeezing the teen's pecs, the teen moved up and down Rock's fuck-pole, moaning LOUDLY. As he moved, Max was fucking his beautiful face. The three shouted and moaned in absolute eroticism. Rock could feel himself about to blow. As more and more precum flowed from his cock into the teen's ass, he could feel the pecs he was holding tightly push back against his palms, the back he was riding broaden out, with thicker, denser mounds of muscle. As Rock approached cumming, he grew even taller - to twelve - fifteen feet. Max responded, squeezing the teen beween them. But not for long. As Rock morphucked, the explosion in the teens ass precipitated him to make Max cum finally in his mouth. Fed by two sources of supercum, the teen grew quickly - rapindly pushing the guys back to make space for HIM. His pecs ballooned out, his shoulders broadened, and capped huge ball like delts. Thick arms that were holding onto Max grew in strength - the bis pumping high'nhard - dense veins pumping through like snakes around a fire.

The teen grew up - beyond Max and Rock's fifteen feet. His head was pushing against the ceiling now. His thighs bulged with the pressure - the pressure of Rock who was now swinging from his butt and Max who was swinging form his mouth. The ceiling pushed hard against the three men - and especially Mitch's huge thighs which were bearing all the weight. The outer thighs ballooned out with the pressure. Finally the ceiling could take now more, and Mitch took the two men with him through the top of the roof. He opened his mouth and Max fell to the floor. He released his grip on Rock's cock and he fell to the floor. HE brought himself down to 12 feet again and looked at his two musclebuddies.

-Wow - that was great, he said, like a kid after an amusement ride. Mitch's voice was deeper now, changed as his body had changed. The only thing vaguely familiar of the old Mitch was the young boyish face - topped with blond hair. Rock and Max laughed. -Yep - you sure know how to have a good time, Max said, rubbing his cock. Mitch covered his body in fine blond hair as Max spoke. -WOW!!, he said again. He shortened his hair, to a military buzz. Going over to the mirror, he looked at the beautiful reflection -Look at me guys, I'm a MARINE - I'm a super soldier. Rock and Max came up beside him, the three huge bodies competing for space in the mirror.

The three of them flexed before the mirror, competing to see who could be the biggest - most muscular man in the room. One would shout a pose, and all would do it, - double bi!, Rock would shout, and all three would pull their arms up and reveal the most amazing pumped sets of biceps possible. -"Hair all over", Max shouted, and all would become covered in a thick coat of hair - Rock in his dark brown fine hair, Max with his deep black thick hair and Mitch with his beautiful blond. Their muscles pumped through, no hair could prevent the size and definition of these muscles from been seen. -"Smooth most muscular", Mitch shouted. He himself was quickest to go smooth, and pulled his clasped hands down to his waist. His bis popped up on command, pecs ballooned out, lats spread thickly, and thighs expanded on command. The others followed. Eventually when they could take no more, they started massaging each other - stroking each others' long cocks intensely, and licking each other all over. Before long, they were fucking each other again, a trio - Rock fucking Mitch who was fucking Max up the ass. Rock reached around and jacked Max off as they fucked. More of the ceiling destroyed as the burst through it again. They came, and fell back together, exhausted. They slept as a trio - their softening cocks staying in each others bodies. They slept for the night, and were woken by the sounds of horse hooves approaching. •

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