Muscle Nation

The Ranger


By Itamuscle66

Rock looked at the forrester in the eyes. "I want to fuck you", the forrester said again. He was breathing heavily now - lust taking over his huge muscled body. "Take me", Rock said, his own hornyness welling up again. The forrester grabbed Rock's shoulders, and held them tight, fingering the cuts between the man's huge delts. He rubbed the shoulders all over, and brought his hands down, across the mountainous pecs, indulging, for long moments, on his protruding nipples, rubbing the smooth oily skin hard but sensually. He spread his hands across Rock's torso and out to his huge lats. Clasping the huge thick lats, he brought his own huge hairy body close to Rock's - pec rubbing against pec, cock against cock. Rock brought his hands up and let his fingers flow through the mass of hair covering the forrester's hairy chest. They finally embraced - unable to control their lust for each other - unable to resist their huge bodies.

Without even noticing, the forrester thickened up, grew a little - he was now reaching Rock's new size and girth. "Mmm", Rock moaned, feeling the growing muscle underneath him. The forrester didn't stop as he reached Rock's size. Rock felt his cock harden beyond what he thought possible as the forrester grew above him, above HIS mass - he grew to 10 feet - Rock's height, and on to 12, now 15 feet. His mass and size were astounding. Still embraced, Rock was now head first into the sea of hair that was on the forrester's pecs. The forrester pulled him close, tight - flexing his huge arms that had ballooned to 50 around - veins rushing up and down - thick heavy veins which you could see throbbing under the bear's arms.

The forrester stopped at 15 feet. He was moaning loudly now, rubbing Rock's thick body all over, as Rock was massaging his.He reached down, and grabbed Rock's thick heavy full erect cock. "This is MINE!", he said - his deep voice resonating through the forrest. He lifted Rock up so there eyes were once more level - and kissed the man heavily - moving his powerful tongue into and around Rock's mouth. Still holding him up, he withdrew his tongue and kissed Rock all over - his powerful shoulders, his heavy pecs. He turned Rock and held him against a tree - not roughly, Rock grabbed on - his emotions in overdrive - clasped the huge tree with his equally huge arms - and locked his trunk like thighs around the thick trunk of the tree.

The forrester stroked his cock heavily as Rock held there, it was thick cock, but long - rising from the ocean of thick black pubic hair and arching all the way to the forresters own pecs. He fingered the end of his cock, and licked the precum flowing heavily from it. Then, flexing his whole body - each muscle rising to attention, he brought the huge musclerod into and up Rock's waiting butt.

Rock moaned with pleasure, as the cock oushed through his ass. Flesh and muscle were swept aside as the cock pushed it's way through. Bucking his hips a little he impaled the deeply moaning Rock on his ass. Rock let go of the tree. His 10 feet of huge muscle - bearing 5 0r 600lbs of solid rock-hard muscle was transferred on to the huge cock. The forrester roared deeply as a bear. Rock roared as the forrester moved him up and down his thick muscular shaft. The forrester reached around and grabbed Rock's cock, stroking it sensually - increasing Rock's pleasure to heavenly proportions.

They came. They came. Bellowing loudly, the forrester exploded into Rock's body - releasing his powerful jets of cum deep into his inners. Rock exploded - his cum spraying like a jet against the tree opposite. They both fell down - exhausted with the effort - the forrester's cock still in Rock's ass, softening gently as they slept for a while.

They woke hearing the distant sound of a man call. The could also sense the smell, pervading the air - the smell of a man. Both men raised their noses - sniffing lustily. They got up, 15 feet forrester standing like a tree and 10 feet Rock, looking like a boulder. They were nature - it belonged to THEM. They rubbed each other over again - unable to quell their lust. "It's the park ranger", the forrester said rubbing Rock's pecs. "He must have heard us". Rock felt the animal lust rising in him. "Let's get him", he said hungrily. The forrester nodded, smiling. “I'll lure him - you trap him”. "How", Rock asked the giant. As he looked, the giant was shrinking - "Don't you realise?, when I was fucking you I wanted to be bigger - wanted to be bigger than you - And it came - I just grew. Now I'm thinking about being me - as I was - so I'm returning. The power you gave me - the power you have - WE have - we can look like who we want." Rock closed his eyes, An evil grin spread across his face - all of a sudden a thick carpet of curly hair started sprouting from his body legs first then his groin - up his abs chest arms - a full and dark beard crowned his face, while on top of his head a military buzz cut appeared, completing his transformation. As he opened his eyes, his body was covered in hair just as he was imaging. "Cool", he said like a kid with a new game, while flexing his hairy body - his hands rubbing sensually over the thick dark

layer covering his huge pecs. "Let's get him", he said, with a deeper voice. He imagined himself oily skinned,

no hair again, except his goatee. He liked to hunt naked.

The forrester nodded. "I'm Max, I don't know your name" "Rock", Rock replied - grabbing the forrester's hand. The forrester was now back to his normal size. Rock puffed up a bit - just to experiment. He grew to twelve, fifteen - jesus - twenty feet! "Scale down man - he'll see you", the forrester urged. Rock came back down to 8 feet. A good hunting height.

"I'll call him over - you get up that tree - and pounce when you can". "Hey Jack - over here", Max called, in a lighter voice. "Max - is that you? - what's going on? I thought I heard a bear". Oh you heard a bear alright, Max thought. As the ranger came over, he dismounted the large black stallion he was riding. Rock climbed the tree. His huge muscles flexed as he pulled himself up, with amazing agility.

The ranger came out of the clearing, and started walking up to Max. A man in his mid-forties: under his green uniform, a little tight for his bod, the contours of each well exercised muscle showing well through his

thin shirt. A tuft of hair crept up over his shirt from his chest. He had a small black moustache, just across the top of his lips.

"Hey, Max, thought I heard a bear - did you hear this loud roaring?". "What did it sound like?", Max asked, secretly grinning. Before the ranger had a chance to reply, he heard a mammoth roaring from above. He turned, just in time to see a huge man hurtling before him. The man landed on his feet, and was standing before him, naked. He was slightly crouched, as if preparing to pounce. His cock was drooling precum, and he was staring at the ranger, strutting about, waiting for his moment to pounce. The ranger froze - momentarily, but the heard a deeper roar behind him. He turned and saw that Max had turned into a ten foot bear man - huge and vastly muscular, also strutting as if about to pounce.

Rock the panther and Max the bear circled the whimpering prey. The muscles flexed, their hearts beating loudly. The ranger was whimpering, trying to find an escape but everywhere he looked, there was a wall of muscle. The ranger didn't know where to turn. He backed up towards Max, away from the frightening sight of the lust driven Rock. The forrester, grabbed the ranger and plunged his cock up his ass, his cock ripping through the ranger's pants. The ranger roared as the cock ripped his ass apart. Rock came closer, as the ranger froze for seconds in disbelief: the man in front of him was rapidly growing. Muscles exploding all over, getting more and more pumped. His pecs were bulging now, his arms flexed and pumped hard. The muscle monster was rapidly morphing, expanding in all directions, reaching unhuman - SUPERhuman dimensions. The ranger saw him approach, closer. Rock's cock was erect, pointing straight at the ranger. He was completely naked - skin completely smooth, except for his goatee. He came up close, walking - strutting slowly - deliberately up to his prey.

"Take it", he ordered, as his huge cock pushed against the ranger's mouth. The ranger had no option. He opened his mouth and Rock pushed his mammoth rod in - deep and hard. Rock reached around the ranger, grabbing Max's powerful shoulders. The ranger was now trapped between the two musclefreaks, the giant in front of him, his cock deep inside his throat, the forrester behind him, his huge cock was up his ass. It was the ultimate musclerape.

Then the ranger felt himself being lifted clear of the ground. The forrester was beginning to grow!. The forrester expanded behind him, his body swelling and bulging - muscles exploding with raw power. The ranger was now being squashed between the TWO giants, as they started to embrace and kiss above his head. Then both started pumping. Rock fucked the ranger's face, the forrester bucked his hips, moving the ranger up and down his cock. All the while, the two muscle gods were embraced around him, the muscles squeezing the very air out of the ranger's body. He could feel nothing but pain. He was so tight between these two gods, he thought he would be crushed as they came closer to orgasm. He could feel his body, being squeezed - but then, he felt his veins, pumping back - pumping out against the immense pressure coming in. The ranger moaned and grunted with new and unexpected pleasure. He felt stronger now - he felt he could resist this huge force pushing him in. He pushed back, as Max fucked his ass and Rock fucked his face. His pecs pushed out - there - he could breathe again. His arms grew - releasing the pressure - bulging out making space between the two gods. He grew up, pushing Rock back, who grew to accomodate this new size and hold onto Max. The two musclegiants either side of the ranger came together - feeling the huge musclebeast growing between them as they did. Their cum spent, they fell back a little and admired their new creation. In fornt of them stood the new ranger - who was now 8ft tall and growing - pecs bulging, arms and legs pumped and pumping. He flexed a double bi for his creators, and they came again at thesight before them. The veins in his arms - all over his body pumped with their new found strength, with their new found eroticism. The ranger stood up - 12 ft tall now. He had ripped all his clothes completely off - and was standing in front of his creators buck naked. His height only heightened his appeal. His hair - short, black and cropped in military style covered a beautiful face, where a thick bushy moustache had grown above his upper lip. This face rested on a beautiful body - rippling with thick heavy muscles.His pecs burst out in front of him - his shoulders broad and heavy, supporting huge arms - big bulging arms with mountainous bi's and long heavy tri's. In his dark eyes you could see but one thing - MUSCLELUST...

The ranger finished flexing. He went up to the two guys and one hand on each, started fingering each. "Guys - masters - thank you - I am fucking huge - I feel so horny". He fingered their pecs, rubbing their nipples, moved his hands down the chest, along their ripped stomachs to their cocks grabbing each firmly. He jacked both his masters off together, while the flexed and massaged him and each other. the three lay back, in a pool of their supercum.

They slept for a while, the sun beating down on their huge naked bodies. When they woke up, they were once again filled with a great lust. Rock and Max asked the ranger how many lived around the forrest.

"About 100, outside the military base", he said. "'Bout 50 of those are forresters, working of the summer". Max nodded in agreement - that sounded right. "I want them", Rock said deeply. "I want each and every person around here to become a muscle god".

The guys nodded. "Well let's get started", the ranger said, jumping up and shrinking to his normal size. "Got any clothes I could borrow?", he asked the forrester. "I have a surprise I can bring to you..." •

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