Muscle Nation


By Itamuscle66

The captain was screaming in agony. Rock's thick steel rod was ripping his ass apart. Rock felt a jab in his ass as he was pumping the captain. He turned around - the doc was injecting him. Enraged, he lashed out at the doc, who flew across the room, smashing shelves of chemicals. Rock began to feel woosy. The doc had obviously time to plunge the syringe. Rock felt dizzy, and collapsed to the floor. The doc stood up - bruised from his flight. The captain was still roaring in agony. "Get this fucker out of me", he screamed. Doc pressed the alarm. 4 soldiers ran into the room. One of them was Bridges. "Holy fuck, man", he said looking at the musclegiant beneath him. And rock was a musclegiant. Naked now, he was a sight to behold. He was 8 ft tall - pecs easily 100, thighs as thick as a man's torso. "Would you faggots stop staring and get the fucker out of me", the captain roared again. It took the four, with help form the doc to lift and pull Rock up and out of the Captain's ass. His cock was still Rock hard. Bridges shivered, cumming at the sight of the huge rod.

"What do we do with him?", Bridges asked. "Kill him", the captain said. "Captain - can I remind you that the army has invested many millions in this project. We can't abandon it because of a small setback". "SMALL??", the captain roared - almost laughing. "Do you call that freak SMALL?". However, he knew he was right. Anyway, he hadn't the authority to terminate the project. "Fuck him in the cell", he said, rubbing his sore ass. "And guard him." The captain continued rubbing his ass. Man that was sore. But somewhere, deep inside, he felt a desire for the cock to be inside him - to be giving him more. He could feel his veins throb a little.


Rock woke up. He turned over and opened his eyes. Feeling groggy, he tried to work out where he was. The first thing to hit him was the sting of where the doc had injected him. It all came flooding back. He looked at his body - yes it was true - he was a fucking muscle lord - jesus look at those pecs - look at the bi's - they must be 25 inches - not even pumped up... Rock looked at his cock and forgot all emotions but one - he was horny - not just horny, but an overriding need to fuck and fuck violently. He wanted to plunge his rod up ass after ass - that's all he could think off. He looked around, realised he was in the camp cell. Behind the bars to the left, Bridges was asleep with his hands down his jock, pool of cum around the floor. To his right, was a window - barred. Rock looked at his bis - they were strong - he could rip that window out.

He went over to the window. Grabbing the two bars with his hands he flexed and pulled against the bars. He arms bulged with the tension, back spread. He pulled hard. As he was pulling, Rock noticed that his arms were actually growing to cope with the pressure. His body was responding to the challenge. He pulled with all his might and his arms grew - 25 - 30 at 35 the wall holding the window started to creak. Rock had grown a foot, his body was growing all over - his pecs bulging out - competing against the might of the wall.

The wall hadn't a chance. Rock ripped the bars through, together with a chunk of the wall. He turned around and could see Bridges waking from his wet dreams. The hole was big enough for Rock to scrape through. Pulling his thighs out, he jumped down. He was outside the compund now, looking back, he could see Bridges staring and shouting from the window. Fucking idiot - he heard more voices coming into the room. He left the scene, with the pleasant sounds of the Captain giving Bridges an almighty bollicking.


Rock ran through the thick of trees. The forest was dark - even though it was daytime. Rock felt the erotic urges sweeping through his body again. Except this time he couldn't quell them - his bigger body demanded he satisfy the cock - demanded that the muscle god be worshipped. Rock flexed his huge bod and roared. He ran through the forrest, naked, a hunter looking for prey. But what prey? Rock remembered Bridges spouting about forresters. They had to be around somewhere. He raised his great head - sniffing the air like a wolf - oil - he could smell chainsaw oil. He headed for the scent. The hunt is on. Rock ran through the forrest - pushing small trees out of the way as if they were mere twigs. Nothing could stop him - NOTHING could hold back his desire. As the smell got stronger, Rock could hear a chainsaw. Excited now, he sped up, running through the forrest, getting closer - closer to his prey. There it was. Rock stopped momentarily and looked. A forrester had just finished clearing the last tree in a clearing. He was a good catch - big - about 6' 5, had a gut, but big shoulders and chest. A man's man. Thick black beard, Covered in hair - at least his arms were, covered in black hair. The straps on his overall held in a fairly large chest. He turned to Rock. Rock stepped out of the darkness into the light of the clearing. The sun shone on him as he stepped in - lighting him up glistening off every muscle in his HUGE body - deeping the cuts, heightening the peaks. The forrester just had time to scream before Rock leapt on his prey his steel blue eyes focussing on it's catch - a starved wolf looking for food - a muscled monster desperate for sex. Ripping the forrester's clothes off, the forrester was certainly hairy. Covered in it. On his pecs, down his back. This only heightened Rock's desire - increased the animal in him. He was going to fuck this bear - HE was going to make this man his.

The forrester fought. He surprised Rock with his strength. But it was useless. Rock's body responded again, growing to meet the challenge before him. As he plunged his muscle rod up the forrester's ass, he held him tightly by the shoulders. His own arms and shoulders bulged and grew, constraining the man kicking and flailing - suspended from his cock. Rock started pumping. OH YES that was good. His body responded - this is what it desired - this is what it NEEDED - it wanted to fuck to grow to overpower anything that came in it's path.

The forrester kicked and punched the air as Rock pumped his body with his supreme cock. Eventually he tired - nothing could overcome Rock's power. As Rock pumped, he realised that he could release his grip on the forrester - who was now beginning to moan. As Rock bucked his huge hips, pushing the forrester up and down his ass, the forrester began to moan louder and louder. Eventually he was begging for more - begging for Rock to be rougher - begging to release him and unleash his ecstasy. Rock also noticed that the forrester's back in front of him was beginning to widen - and widen quickly. The top of the back pushed back, as his traps grew thick, the sides widened as his lats pushed out. Rock brought his hands around to the pecs. They were growing in his hands - quickly and uncontrollably. Rock tried to hold them there, hold this growing might with his power, but the pecs pushed - grew, grew - as the were fed by HIS power. Rock rubbed all over - arms - growing thickly, underneath the coat of hair Rock could feel the arms thickening - bulging as if going to burst. He could feel the veins pumping - as his had pumped - pumping fast and thick around the body. The forrester was roaring now, bellowing with raw power. His voice had deepened, and his roar want far through the woods.

Rock continued rubbing his hands over the muscle forrester - down his chest, over his thickening abs on his thinning waist, down - down to the might that was growing below.

Rock grabbed the pulsing cock - grabbed it with both hands and ubbed it hard - up and down - feeling the veins pumping under his powerful grip. The forrester could take no more. He came, spurting cum around the clearing as he bucked on Rock's cock - bucking with ecstasy and pleasure and relief. This sparked Rock, he delivered the rest of his cum in the forrester's ass, delivering a final spurt of growth on the new muscle body. Rock pushed the bear off his cock and fell back, exhausted with the exerting muscle fuck. He looked at his creation. The hairy man before him had grown 2 ft, put on about 200lbs and looked very sexy. He stood there naked, covered only by his thick black matt of hair - which was impossibly trying ot cover the huge body underneath. Except it couldn't. Nothing could conceal that might, that power. The forrester looked up to Rock - looked him directly in the eye - steel blue meeting steel blue and said slowly and deeply: "I want to FUCK you". •

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