Muscle Nation


By Itamuscle66

Monday 10 September 1400: Remote Island in Pacific Ocean: US Military Advanced Research Center

"Step in Sgt.", the captain said. "Sgt. Hudson reporting for duty, Sir", the young soldier said, stepping into Capt. Maddock's office. "At ease, son", the captain said. Rock - so called cause he was into bodybuilding, and his friends said he was as hard as a rock - obeyed and stood at ease. "You have been chosen for a special assigment son. You were chosen because it is obvious you like working out - we needed a strong recruit - someone who is willing to - em - develop their body". Rock looked at the captain. We was big enough himself. He filled the large shirt he was wearing, short sleeves revealing fairly big arms. He looked about 45, was probably closer to fifty. Looked fit. He had a thick crop of black hair - echoed by a heavy black moustache. Rock just noticed some hairs creeping over his shirt from his chest. "I work out myself son", the captain said - noticing Rock take in his body. "But, unfortunately, they said they wanted a younger recruit", he continued, sighing a little. "A lot of money is being invested in this program son - 30 was the required age."

"What exactly is the assignment, sir?", Rock asked. "All in good time - have you been shown around the compound? - no? - Bridges - show the sgt around - report to the initiation centre at 1800." Bridges stepped forward. "Sgt. Bridges", he said saluting Rock. Rock saluted. They left to walk around the campus.

Rock had flown in this morning. He was told he had been chosen for an assignment - Top Secret. He was reluctant - his girlfriend was reluctant. However, they knew that being in the army would mean seperation sometimes - it would make his return all the more - special. The night before he left, they had had passionate sex, followed by Jill's favourite ritual - body shaving. She liked Rock to be completely shaven, except for a tight goatee he sported. His head was completely shaved arms, chest underarms, crotch! - everywhere as smooth as baby's skin. In uniform, the Sgt looked very sexy. Today, he was wearing army issue shorts and tee shirt. He was fit - that was obvious. Nothing amazing - you'd know he worked out. The tee was just a little tight - the way most bodybuilders wear it after they have gained a bit of muscle. He could see Bridges taking him in - fucking faggot. But secretly he liked it. That's why he worked out. So HE would be the one spotted in a crowd.

Bridges took him around the compound. Nothing special. It was in a thick of tall tropical trees that surrounded the island they were on. At least Rock thought it was an island. He asked Bridges about beyond the walls. "Oh - yep - it's a state forest fairly large - Defence just owns inside the walls. Rest belongs to state department. Forresters work on the island from now until October" Bridges chatted on idly. Rock lost interest. He looked around - this place was weird. A small army compound in the middle of nowhere - why?

Rock had a quick shower before he had to meet the captain. He gave his pecs a quick shave and tidied up his goatee. Looking at himself in the mirror, he flexed a bit. "You're GOING places man", he said to his reflection

Initiation Center: 1800

Rock met up with the captain at 1800 on the spot. The captain brought him into a lobby. It had a big screen on it. A labrat came in - and turned on a projector. "Son - what you're about to see is top secret - no-one must ever hear of this" Rock nodded - duh - that was obvious.

The scientist put on the projector - a picture of Rock - naked came up. "Hey, where'd you get that", Rock protested. "This is you now, Rock.", the capt said. "Not a bad specimen if I may say so". "This operation - what we're going to do here is this". The scientist pressed the projector on another slide. Another pic of Rock came up. It was a little distorted - arms looked a little bigger - thighs thicker. "The army has recognised that we need to create a new type of soldier for the 21st century. Our scientists have come up with a - a formula - to help us do that. We will increase your muscle density somewhat - increase your strength and stamina. If it works, we can increase it a little more - create a superman in effect." Rock said nothing. He knew he was going to be used, exploited as a guinea pig. But the captain's words were going around in his head. "We're going to create a superman". He even had visions of himself in a blue suit. The scientist took over. He started spouting shit about DNA and how Rock's matched a profile, stuff about mice and monkeys. Rock ignored him - those words 'create a superman' were all he needed. He imagined Jill shaving his huge body, and that was all that was needed.

"Son - I've got to tell you - we don't really know what's going to happen here - but we've some of the world's top boffins working on this", the captain said, as the labrat finished his speech. "I'm game - sir", Rock said. "Are you sure?", the capt said. "Don't ask twice", Rock said smiling. He wasn't sure, but what the fuck - this was the army - he was here to be challenged.

Tuesday 11 September

Initiation Center Medical Room:0800

"The doc here is going to give you an injection now Rock", the captain said. Rock looked up at the labrat. He was holding a large syringe, filled with a viscous liquid. Rock was hooked up with tubes and wires - measuring every body function and condition. He nodded his final assent.

The doc felt around his arm a little for a vein. It wasn't hard - there was a nice thick one riding over his bicep. He inserted the needle slowly and looked at the captain. The captain nodded. Slowly, the doctor pushed the plunger and injected the fluid into Rock's body. Rock gulped a little. The doc and the capt looked at Rock closely. "Rock, you must speak all the time - tell the doctor every feeling you encounter."

"Feel a bit dizzy", Rock said. The doc scribbled in his notepad as Rock spoke. Rock stood up and faltered a bit. The capt caught him. "No, no it's clearing now", he said as the capt tried to reseat him. "I feel my veins - I can feel them all through my body - it's weird - they're pumping - pumping hard." Doc checked the pulse monitor. Pulse up 25 he said to himself, noting it down. Rock shook his head. "Wow - they're pumping really hard now" The pulse monitor started bleeping. Pulse up 50 "Rock lie back" - the doc said. "No - it's ok - look!", Rock said pointing to his bi where he had the injection. The vein was pumping thickly now - making his arm vibrate. Except the arm flesh was trying to encase it - cover it up. The vein kept pumping through though, no matter how how much the growing bicep tried to encase it. Suddenly, all over Rock's body, veins started pumping hard. Through his pecs, you could measure his fast heart beat - just by looking at the the thick throbbing veins. All the while, the flesh was trying to catch up - trying to recapture the veins - but again the veins kept pushing through. His body was now visibly growing. The captain stood back. "Come on Rock - keep talking", the doc said. "I can just feel my veins throbbing - pulsing hard.", Rock said, looking his arms and body over. His biceps were now stretching the limits of the sleeve in his tee. His arms down straight, he bent his elbow slightly. Suddenly a huge mound of muscle formed as he bent the elbow up - his bicep exploded into a peak. The tee ripped up the sleeve to accomodate the new muscle. Further up his arm, the shoulders were pushing out, preceded by the throbbing veins. Both shoulders were widening thick and fast. His pecs were pushing out. His nipples looked as if they were going to pierce the tee, it got so tight. "Fucking hell", Rock said. "Look at me - I'm growing - I'm fucking exploding". This was an understatement, as the capt and doc both realised. He was growing - but growing thick and fast - way beyond computer models and animal tests. The capt looked at the doc as if to say "When's it goin' to stop?!". The compound must have binded better in human cells". The capt ignored him. He hated when that fuck talked science talk.

Rock was showing no signs of stopping. His pecs kept pushing the tee out. His shoulders kept pushing it sideways. As if that wasn't enough, the capt noticed his lats pushing the tee out under his arms. "Oh man this feels good - feels really good", Rock said rubbing his body over. He started to swear a lot more - his voice was getting deeper - started talking violently. "Going to fucking crush any fucking thing with these huge fucking muscles" The muscle was growing wherever he touched - everywhere, muscle was pushing out. Finally the tee had enough. It started to rip at the neck line - having managed to contain the pecs thus far. Whatever about his spreading shoulders, which were pushing the tee up, revealing an emerging six-pack, the pecs were pushing fast out thick mountains of military muscle - the tee was not designed to contain a body this size. It ripped down along his chest, and up his arms as Rock lifted both his arms into a double bi. "Look at these fucking bi's". he shouted - "They are POWER!" The torso it revealed was astounding. This mounds of muscle bulged from everywhere - his pecs, still covered in thick veins were still growing, the flesh still trying to recapture its veins. The broad thick lats behind tapered down to a narrow waist, and were still growing - pushing the now thick heavy arms, with voluminous tris and mountainous bis out further from their natural position.

The torso was that of a perfect man, a superman. As Rock flexed, he looked down. "HOLY FUCK", he bellowed. The others looked down. They had all been so preoccupied with the growing arms and torso, thay hadn't noticed the action downstairs. Rock's thighs had thickened out - were still thickening - each quad as big as a man's leg. They were lengthening too, making hte military muscle hunk taller - growing at least two foot over his body. The muscles were so vast, so large, so thick that his new height seemed natural - suited his gigantic body size. Rock rubbed his quads - running his finger along the deep grooves that were the cuts between each quad.

His shorts had been pushed right up his leg, the material trying to escape the growing muscle. Soon however, there was nowhere for the material to move. As well as that, inside the shorts, Rock's huge cock was pushing down and out hard and fast. It eventually ripped through the material. As it did, Rock reached down and ripped off the pathetic constraints - releasing his essence of manhood. And how big that essence was. I t was semi limp, and was as long as a man's arm. Thick too, with veins running up and down. Veins ran all over Rock's body, pumping hard, ecstatically, having escaped the growing muscle.

"Rock - Rock - how do you feel?", the capt asked the 8 ft muscle giant. Rock turned to him. "HOW DO I FEEL?". His voice had deepened, and resonated in the room. "I FEEL FUCKING HOT!". "Body temp is 5 over normal", the doc noted. Rock grabbed the doc by the throat. "NOT THAT TYPE OF HOT - YOU FUCKIN' GEEK - I'M FUCKING HORNY AS HELL. AND CAPTAIN HERE IS GOING TO BE MY FIRST RELEASE" Turning to the astonished captain he said:"I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU SENSELESS." The captain gulped as he tried to take in the HUGE muscle-cock and imagine where it was going to go. He didn't have to imagine for long. The super-soldier picked up the captain and rammed his steel rod up the captain's hairy ass… •

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