Coach, The

By MuscleTeen

Coach Hudson burst through the doors of the high-school gym. "All right you fucks - I've had enough". All the guys sat up. "We're doing our best coach", Gary, one of the bigger guys and self-elected spokesman said. "The other teams are just too strong. It's like their on drugs or something".

"They're just too strong", coach said mockingly. "More like you're too busy fucking that bitch of yours". Gary went red. It was well known that he and Jean were 'together', but he didn't realise to what extent before. "Anyway, I've been given something that can change our luck - something that you can all take. Be in the med. room in 20."

With that he stormed off. He was in a bad mood. The team were at the bottom of the league. The board of the school wanted to know why a coach they were paying so much to wasn't producing the results required. The team had gone way downhill in the last few years. But coach was going to change all that. He'd been approached by an old friend of his - a scientist who'd developed a derivative of creatine - but with no side effects. At least no side effects on mice. The mice tested grew in size, had increased strength and concentration span. Coach agreed to use his team as human tests. Fuck - he thought - they couldn't get any worse...

The team lumbered into the med room, some of hte guys in their jocks, others in training gear - shorts and tees. The bigger guys had tank tops on, fatter ones had tee shirts. "All right you lot - shut up and listen. This here is Dr. Graham - an old friend of mine. He's going to give you a quick jab" "What is it coach", Gary asked. "It's a ", coach paused. "It's simply a derivative of creatine", the doctor said in a reassuring voice. "You all know creatine - don't you?" Everybody nodded. "This compound is simply a derivative, modified slightly to lessen side effects." "Has it been used before?", Gary asked. Coach was about to hit Gary, with all his stupid questions. Why couldn't he just take the fucking thing and be done with it. God knows we hadn't time to waste - had to get back into the gym. "Oh yes, all the big teams use it", the doctor said, listing off some names of famous players. The guys looked around. "Ok", Gary said, after getting positive signs from everybody. "We'll take it".

They'd queued up awkwardly to take the injection. One by one, the doc gave them a small jab of the viscous, clear liquid. When he got to the last one - he looked around. "Everyone ok?", he asked. Everyone nodded. Strange, the doc thought. The mice had gone a bit crazy after the injection. "All right you fucks, let's get back to the gym", coach said. "thanks doc", he said. "You don't mind if I monitor them for a while", doc said. "Work away", coach said. It's a good lesson in social behaviour - of apes". Doc laughed and follwed them all into the gym.


They got back to the gym. Gary and his mate Brett were on the bench. "Load it up Brett", Gary said. Brett loaded on 120lbs. Gary was a strong enough guy. He could bench 8 easily of this weight. He pushed out 8, quickly and efficiently. "Put on another two", Gary said "I'm feeling good today". Brett did so, and Gary pushed out 10 - again no problem. "Fuck me", Gary said, "load on another four - get ready to spot though". Brett loaded the weight on. "Gary pumped out 10 as easily as he had done the first one." "Fuck me", Gary said, a little louder this time. The other guys looked around. Gary stood up and flexed his pecs in the mirror. "Is it just me, or are they bigger", he asked. Brett didn't say anything - he looked at the huge pecs bulging out of Gary's tank. "Fucking hell Gary - what have you done - they're enormous. Coach - come over and see this." Coach came over, and was followed by the doc. "What did you do", the doc asked. Brett explained the sets Gary had done. Gary at this stage was busy rubbing his pecs, they were really big. "It seems the serum injection requires exercise to stimulate muscle growth", the doc said. He looked around at the others. They all looked blank. "In other words", you thicks, coach shouted, "the more you pump, the bigger you get".

The penny dropped. Guys rushed over for weights and started lifting and pushing - pumping any muscle possible. Coach looked around. It was amazing - fat guys were shedding weight and gaining as much in muscle. Athletic guys were gainming muscle fast. Gary was back on the bench, pumping out all the weight that would fit on the bar. His pecs were ballooning out, his tris getting bigger also. He let Brett have a go on the bench, while he moved to shoulders. Shoulder presses, side arm raises, anyhting that would get his shoulders pumped up. He moved systematically around his body - from his huge pecs to thick seperated shoulders. From shoulders to bis. From bis to thighs and legs. After about an hour, he turned to coach, who was getting a huge hard on looking at the transformation before him. "Are we strong enough now, COACH?", he said, his voice deeper and sexier.

Coach looked at his star player. The eigtenn year old boy had transformed to and beyond any bodybuilder's dreams. He pecs boomed out from his chest, having ripped his tank through. His shoulders, beautifully striated between the main heads were about the size of coach's head. From these hung huge majesitc arms - thick heavy tris and peaking bis. His waist had narrowed, and his broad lats created the classic V. His neck was enclosed by thick traps - exploding either side of his head.

The teen's thighs wre huge - each quad heavy and with deep cuts between them. While coach was admiring the mammoth body, Gary pulled a double bi and flexed hard. His biceps rose impossibly from his arms, veins pumping over them. "I said - ARE WE BIG ENOUGH NOW _ COACH?", he boomed. Coach looked around past the huge teen. All around the room, the guys had grown from reasonably sized athletes, to supermen. Most were stroking their huge cocks, which had grown in proportion with their huge muscles.

Gary walked over to coach, who still hadn't replied. The muscleteen picked him up by the neck and threw him across the room. "Lock the doors", he ordered one of the others. They obeyed, for although big, Gary had outgrown them all. "Well, coach - we're going to see who's the boss now." With that, he realeased his huge sanke like cock from it's lycra prison, and stroked it into an erection. "No - Gary don't - please", coach said, looking at the huge cock in terror. "come on coach - we all have to do things we don't like - that's what you alwasy told us".

Gary picked up the whimpering coach and ripped off his shorts with one hand. He turned him around and plunged hs superteen rod up coach's virgin ass. He pumped, hard, in unison with coach's screams of agony. Around the room, the others were getting in on the act. Some went into duo, some trio. Brett clamped the doc down to 'thank him' for his serum. He raped the doc violently.

Nothing was as violent as Gary in the room though. As he pumped the coach, he stroked his cock - making the coach cum several times. When he came himself, coach screamed in pain as the huge cock released the hot lava inside him. Gary pushed him off his cock, like a spent toy.

Pulling a most muscular over the quivering coach he said "Now - WE decide how to run this team - and YOU do what we say - CLEAR?" Coach whimpered a yes. "I SAID IS THAT CLEAR", Gary boomed. "Yes - yes that is clear SIR", coach shouted, as Gary pulled his huge double bi. Turning to the doc, he said - "You better get some more of that injection ready doc - you've twenty hungry masters to feed". The doc gulped, knowing he had no choice but to obey his new master.

The End. •

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